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Meso-Guide.com is finally here. I've been pushed to make this guide for some time now by fellow players. I made this guide for people who are tired of not having enough Mesos in MapleStory and are struggling to level at a fast rate. If you're always short on Mesos and confused on where to level then you've come to the right place.  
Professional Mapler Shares Amazing Strategy!
For the first time the MapleStory Billionaire is sharing his Meso making Secrets! This is a screenshot of my level 80 Ranger. I've had him for a little under a year. When I first started playing MapleStory I instantly feel in love with the game and was addicted, but like most Maplers I ran around with little to no Mesos all the time. In my guide I show you the best ways to become a MapleStory Billionaire and level faster then you thought possible legally. None of my guide involves hacks or bots, all the methods are legal and are not against any of Wizet's Policies.  
  Learning to make Mesos
Having enough Mesos is extremely important in MapleStory, like every other MMO on the market currency in the game is key. The ability to make an overwhelming amount of Mesos will help give any player of any level an advantage. When I first started playing MapleStory I like most people ran around with very little Mesos always just trying to find something that I can sell in order to upgrade my armor.

From now on you never have to deal with the frustration and anger of not having enough Mesos to buy better armor or weapons. You no longer need grind away for hours on end just to try and earn enough cash to buy your new gear.

The entire guide will walk you through step by step of what you need to do in every spot. You will learn the very best places for Mesos, the rare items and where they drop from and some of the best secrets in MapleStory in order to become a MapleStory Billionaire.

- Questing

We all know if you just run around and grind in the same spot it gets very old. Questing is a great way to make Mesos quickly and having fun while doing so. I walk you through all the top quests that give you the most amount of Mesos. You will get a step by step walkthrough of all these quests telling you where to go and how to complete each one. You can start doing some of the high Mesos reward quests as early as level 10 and continue to do quests every level. The key is know which quests to do and how to do them.

- Grinding

Grinding is the term of killing monsters over and over in the same place to gain mesos and xp. For there are hundreds of different places to grind for each level but how do you choose? You want to make sure you pick one where the monsters drop high amounts of Mesos and have a high drop rate for rare items. I show you the very best places to grind for every level that will pay out the most Mesos. You will learn where and what monsters have the best drops to help you get the extremely rare drops to then sell at the market for millions. You all know a single rare weapon or piece of armor can bring easily 30 million plus when sold in the market place.

- Merchanting

You will learn on of the most valuable skills to make Mesos not only in MapleStory but in anything you do in life and that is merchanting. You will learn all the tricks to be able to start buying items and reselling them for profits. I will teach you the very best ways to go about doing this how to get your items noticed in the Market Place. You no longer have to sit in channel 1 and spam your items hoping that someone sees it among the crowd of hundreds doing the same thing. You will learn how you can buy items from other merchants at cheaper price you though you could ever get it for.

- Running the Business

One of the main keys in becoming a MapleStory Billionaire is being able to run your own MapleStory business. You will learn how to interact with other Maplers to how to swing a profit from them. While working together with others on your server you can start your own MapleStory empire with all the goods that everyone has to offer. I will teach you how to quickly turn a profit and whether you don't have any Mesos to being with or already have a few Million you'll quickly be able to start hundreds of millions of Mesos.

- Avoiding Scams

While playing MapleStory your going to come across a lot of people who will try and scam you in one way or another. You will learn every Scam in the book that fellow Maplers will try and pull on you so you can be ready and avoid them. By knowing them all upfront and being able to avoid them you'll be able to save a lot of time and Mesos.
  Mastering the Game
Knowing your class inside and out is one of the best ways to become an all around player. The ability to master your class will not only help you level at a faster rate but also make more Mesos while doing so. My guide includes a complete class mastery of all 4 classes and of their subclasses.

I walk you through each class from the very begging on how to create him all the way up to level 120 on where to level, how to use your Ability Points, and what to use your Skill points in for each level for every class.

  Warrior Guide I teach you how to master the Warrior Class with a complete break down of the class. You'll learn everything from the start with charts showing the best ways to use your Skill Points and Ability Points. You'll learn where to level from the very start and I walk you through each job advancement showing you the pros and cons of each subclass and where to level and make Mesos with all of them.   Magician Guide When it comes to Magicians you have the ability to be one of the most powerful classes in the game. My complete Magician guide section will teach you from the very start on how to harness the power of a Magician and set you on the right track on how to spec your Magician from the very beginning. As I walk you through all three of your job advancements and showing you how to utilize the Magician class to make millions of Mesos while leveling.   Bowman Guide As a bowman the ability to stay at range from your enemy is crucial. Learn from the start what it takes to be a bowman. You'll learn from the start how to use your Ability points and Skill points as a bowman. You'll learn the pros and cons to each of the bowman's different job advancements and how to complete all of the quests to advance as a bowman. Most importantly you'll learn how to making billions of Mesos as a bowman to keep up with the high cost that the bowman life leads.   Thief Guide You will learn from the start as a thief the very best ways to spec and use your skill points. Learn as you level the pros and cons about about each of the thief's job advancements and walkthroughs for each one. I've provided detail charts of all the possibilities as a thief in each sub class. As a thief you will learn the key strategies to make millions of Mesos as you level and advance as a thief.  
  Leveling Guide
MapleStory has been known to have steep leveling curves. This is all designed to keep players playing longer and not being able to reach the max level in a short amount of time.

By the steep leveling curves I mean the amount of XP required to reach the next level and how it exponentially jumps up a lot to reach the next level. It generally starts off allowing you to level very fast and then at a certain level the XP jumps up at a faster and faster rate until you're grinding for a week or more just for one level.

By doing so you end up putting a lot of time into leveling while instead you can be out making Mesos and showing off your new cool gear. This is why I've made a leveling guide in my ultimate Meso Guide. I want players to be able to level fast and not spend all their time just grinding in one spot just to reach the next level. I teach you the best ways to level with each class and show you the very best places to do it.

Guide Recap

This guide is a digital guide. You will be able to download upon payment in the members area. It is a one time fee with FREE updates for life.
  The Guide is 100+ Pages and growing. With every update to MapleStory I'm adding more information and more Mesos strategies.   Receive complete walkthroughs on how to make millions of Mesos starting at low levels and continue as you level past 150.   Complete Class Guides. Receive complete Guides for all 4 class and all of their sub classes.   Complete charts and strategies on how to spec each class. Learn how to use your skill points and ability points.   This guide is 100% Legal and Legitimate. It will NOT get you banned. Nothing in this guide involves you to use hacks, bots or any other type of cheats in MapleStory.   This Guide is for all Maplers of all levels and of all skill levels. No matter who you are this guide will help you out.   Whether your trying to just make enough Mesos to buy your next armor upgrades or looking to buy the best weapons and armor in the game this guide will get you making Millions of Mesos quickly and efficiently.   This Guide is available online to view and in PDF format. You can print this guide out and have it right by your side as you play the game.  


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