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“1,477 Law Firms and Home Offices Prove ‘The Paperless Office’ is Finally Here”

Learn How From Our New eBook,

“Be Paper-Free – The Paperless Home Office”

(The Quick & Easy Guide To A
Virtually Paperless Home Office)


"Are You Drowning In Paper?"

You started by keeping paper in file cabinets. Then you kept papers stacked next to your desk. Now you are keeping papers in your garage, your basement, your attic, offsite storage and so on. And you can’t find that particular document you’re looking for...


"Discover The Procedures and Techniques That Will
Make You 99% Paper Free"

Do you want to go paperless? Let us take you by the hand and lead you to a more productive office.

"Does This Sound Like Your Office?"

A few years ago, I couldn’t find anything in my law office; papers were on my desk, on my floor and scattered all around my office.

I was always running around looking for papers that weren’t where they should be. And I always felt about one step from missing some deadline.

I was spending way too much time chasing paper. Sound familiar?

"Slow And Steady Wins The Race"

Several years ago, our firm was chosen as one of three firms to participate in the Court’s Electronic Case Filing pilot program. We had no idea what we were getting into.

Our firm was the technological “low water mark” in the pilot program. And we always lagged behind the other law firms because they had full-time IT people.

The program’s administrative director called and asked how we were doing. I said we were moving forward like a “herd of turtles.” From then on we were known as the “turtles.”

Here’s the happy ending – just like the Aesop fable, the turtles kept running, eventually outpacing the rabbits and today we have a nearly paperless office.

Now the rabbits come see us to find out what’s new and exciting.

We tell this story to say – we know where you are now.

We know you suffer from “technology feature fatigue”. We know you don’t have full time IT people in your budget. And we know you don’t have time to study 5-inch thick tech manuals to learn all you need to know.



Before we go any further, go ahead and sign up for our free article called,  “Save $50,000 a Year: Go Digital!” It’s a detailed narrative about how our office went from being paper-based to a paperless office.

You will discover a secret – the same procedures and techniques of going paperless in a small law office apply to your home office as well.

There’s no obligation. It’s a free gift for a limited time. This article was first published in Law Technology News and re-published in the National Bar Journal, Texas Lawyer, New Jersey Bar Journal and posted on Law.Com.

This universally excepted must read gives you a clear overview of the process of going paperless. It has been used by numerous Courts (Federal, State and Local) to advise law firms on how to adjust to the new world of Electronic Case Filing.


We hate spam as much as you do. Your information will never be rented, traded or sold.

"Let Us Show You What You Need to Know"

Our eBook will take you from “This is your desktop” to a nearly paperless office. Your office will be 99% paper free.

We do it in plain English (no “geek-speak”, no “legalese”). And we help you make the transition efficiently and inexpensively.

You won’t need those prepackaged “paperless” office programs costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You will be more productive and best of all – you will save money!


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"Did You Know?"

Paper is cheaper in the beginning, but storage cost for paper is huge. A four-drawer filing cabinet holds 15,000 to 20,000 pieces of paper. It costs $25,000 to fill the cabinet and $2000 a year to maintain it.

That doesn’t include the floor space for the cabinets. The average office has over 10% of its floor space taken up by filing cabinets. Many of you have specifically designated file rooms.

None of us ever think about the costs of paper storage because it’s a gradual process; it just grows and grows.

Isn’t it time to take back that space and put it to better use for yourself and your family?

"Go Paperless - Go Green"

Here's an inconvenient truth - an "average" tree makes a little over 8000 sheets of paper. One four-drawer file cabinet contains two trees.

That's just what we keep. Put that with all of the paper we discard and statistics show the average American uses 7 trees a year in paper!

Transition to a paperless office makes you an active part of the environmental solution rather than part of the problem.

"Your Paperless Office Will Better Protect Your Documents And Data"

Some things we don’t like to think about – fires happen; floods happen; 9/11 happens. Now more than ever you must have your documents and data safe.

93 percent of companies that experience a significant data loss are out of business within five years. And 44 percent of companies that experience a significant data loss never resume business. Yet, most businesses spend very little time or money on business recovery planning.

You need a business recovery plan – Your paperless office is your business recovery plan!

A paperless office allows you to have multiple copies of your files onsite and offsite. Should the unpredictable occur, damage and disruption to your business would be minimized.

Unpredictable does happen. Last year they were doing some renovations in a floor above my office. A plumber didn’t disconnect the water main and during the early morning hours my office was flooded through the sprinkler system!

Yes, furniture and carpets were ruined, but our documents and data were never in danger; because we had a copy of our data files offsite. We worked from laptop computers until the physical damage was fixed.

Isn’t this the level of security your business needs?

"Prevent ID Theft With Your Paperless Office"

There is the growing problem of identity theft. The last thing you need is to have your personal information stolen from your computer, or having a client’s ID theft being traceable to a leak in your office.

Our techniques and procedures will move you beyond mere administrative log-ins (which offer little or no protection), to where your digital system will enjoy the highest level of protection for you and your clients.

Consider this – most of you have wireless systems on your desktops and laptops. But having your unprotected information flying around in the air is not a good idea.

Millions of wireless points are spread around the world. About 70% of these are unprotected – wide open to anyone who happens to drive by.

The other 30% are protected by WEP (wired equivalent privacy.

At a recent ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) meeting in Los Angeles, a team of FBI Agents demonstrated current WEP-cracking techniques and broke a 128-bit WEP in about three minutes.

If they can do it, you better believe the thieves are not far behind. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to protect your data to a level of security that could frustrate the Feds and the most persistent hackers (and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg).

"What We Cover"

[Click here](TOC.pdf) to see our [Table of Contents](TOC.pdf).
We’ll help you set up an electronic file room in your computer. We will tell you what you need and what you don’t need. We will cover the latest innovations like embedded signatures, electronic notary seals, hard drive encryption, fingerprint authentication and voice recognition software. We will give you tips and directions on how to make the transition from a paper-based office to an electronic office. We will tell you what you need and what you don't need (rest easy-you already have most of what you need to go paperless! Then we’ll open your imagination to the new capabilities of your electronic office. And do all of this in plain English.

What People Are Saying About
“Be Paper Free”

“The digital age is inescapably upon us. Computers now affect virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Some have embraced migration to computers with enthusiasm while others have viewed it with skepticism or downright hostility. However, none of us can avoid its influence on their daily lives.

It is not surprising that as participants in the bankruptcy court Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) Project, Milton and Mary Jones soon recognized the potential of the computer for greater efficiency, convenience and profitability for the law practice. This undoubtedly inspired the challenge to create a "paperless law office."

In "Be Paper Free – The Paperless Law Office”, Milton and Mary share and layout in plain language how to convert and establish a paperless law office. Most importantly, they bring to this endeavor an understanding and enthusiasm which should dispel the tendency of some to view such as a daunting task. In other words, the path has been set forth and it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel."
— The Honorable Chief Judge (Ret.) Stacey W. Cotton, Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Georgia


“Be Paper Free - The Paperless Home Office" was an inspiring and motivational read. I have taken 5 years of archived documents and transferred them to digital. My office is much more organized and the time it takes to retrieve old files is reduced dramatically.

I highly recommend this eBook to anyone that operates a business, and it's a must for any home office.
— Iesha M. Thompson, Metro Business Pages ( Dallas / Fort Worth Texas )


“I have used the techniques of “Be Paper Free” to put all of my files, past and present into my computer. My office is clutter free.”
— Lysander Woods, Attorney


“There are many books on the subject of paper free offices, but few can match the thoroughness and clear language used by the Authors in their latest offering, “Be Paper Free – The Paperless Home Office”.

When I started my consultant business in 1992, my first consideration was a computer, desk, lamps, printer, a box of printer paper and a four-drawer file cabinet. Paper flooded my office in the form of bills, correspondence and printer output all of which piled up in my “to file” basket.

“Be Paper Free – The Paperless Home Office”, erases the need for a 4-drawer file cabinet; and instead of a box of paper per month, maybe just a ream of paper every two to three months.

“Be Paper Free – The Paper Free Home Office”, offers practical advice and sensible tools so you can create a more efficient home office while reducing your expenses for printer ink, paper and file cabinet folders.

Take this opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on your home office expendable expenses. The information contained in this book is not theoretical but a time-tested use of this approach by the Authors in their law practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

These pioneers has taken their message around the country to law conferences and many entrepreneurs have adopted their paper free home office approach. Enjoy the book and the many savings in cost and improved efficiency running your home office.”
— Roscoe T. Mack, Jr., Efficiency Consultant ( Knoxville, TN )


“The knowledge and techniques that I have gained from this book have been invaluable. I had some initial concerns about making the transition from a traditional office setting to a home office; however the advice you provide makes the transition easy. Going paperless allows me to be mobile and gives me more flexibility. With the use of a laptop I literally can carry my office anywhere I choose. More importantly, I am not confined to a single office space and I am longer burdened with cumbersome paper files.”
— K. A. Foreman, Attorney ( College Park, GA )


“Adopting the “Be Paper Free” approach to doing business has resulted in $2000 per month savings for my fledgling business. I have reduced or eliminated expenses associated with office rental, office supplies, clerical support and (paper) document storage. Additionally my operations are more efficient and effective, which translates into a competitive advantage. Thank you “Be Paper Free” for lending a hand to a "One Man Band".
— Herbert C. Mack, Proprietor, HCM Associates ( Plainfield, NJ )


“I am always interested in new ways to improve my practice of law, but to be honest, I really did not want to get rid of all my paper! However, after reading “Be Paper Free”, I thought I should have implemented your practices years ago. It has allowed me to work more efficiently and effectively and it has tremendously reduced the amount of time spent filing and searching for mis-filed documents. Thank-you so much for sharing your knowledge and I look forward to all your updates and new releases.”
— Irenata Duncan, Attorney


“I work out of my home. As an Executive Director in a large multi-level marketing firm we have to safeguard the sensitive personal data of our clients from identity theft. New Federal Law requires that the information be kept under “lock and key”. It was difficult finding space for locked file cabinets in my home. Using “Be Paper Free”, I learned how to keep this data in my computer in an encrypted hard drive. No need for locked steel file cabinets – problem solved.”
— Dana Thomas, Executive Directory


“Without even fully implementing the procedures, I can see how the paperless system can add value to any fast-paced office environment in terms of quickly locating documents and forms when needed.”
— Virginia Brown


“I recently opened my own private firm in January of this year. I received my copy of

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