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FINALLY... an eBook Cover Design Tutorial That Shows You How To Create Your Own Ebook Covers Anytime You Want To $29
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Create Ebook Covers Fast With This Ebook Cover Design Tutorial
[ORDER NOW](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?link=amaboxcov/1/Amazing_Box_Covers&seed=7W2Fxo6WzAkCA2)   -   [Affiliates earn %50 Commission](http://www.amazingboxcovers.com/affiliates.html)
Create Ebook Covers Fast With This Ebook Cover Design Tutorial

*Brand New*
eBook Cover Maker Tutorial
 Turns Your Graphics Program Into
a Real Ebook Cover Generator

"Wow, what a great product! Your ebook, `Amazing Box Covers` was just what I needed, and will save me many times the cost!

Step by step, your instructions show me everything I need to know to create my own cover graphics. What was once a daunting task that I paid hard-earned money to someone else to create for me, is something I can now do myself!

You've helped me work smarter, and I like that, thanks!

Barry Richardson, easytoolbox.com"

Save your money, I'll show you how to create your own eBook Covers, header graphics, & Backgound images!

...Only 30 pages long

... Create as many ebook covers,
headers, & backgrounds as you want

If I could show you how to create any type of ecover graphic, any style, If I gave you all the secrets, how much would that be worth to you?

What if I gave you 12 FREE ecover templates and a 30-page tutorial that will show you precisely what you have to do, step-by-step, to create amazing ebook cover graphics within the hour, would that make you happy?

I want to tell you everything  I know about designing...

ebook covers,

software box covers,

CD covers,

website header graphics,

 webpage background graphics,


I have to share it with you because I really want you to save money.

I have absolutely nothing to loose by sharing this information with you because I am an internet marketer just like you and I an not in the business of creating ebooks covers and ebook cover generator softwares.

Let me tell you a secret about ebook cover design...

If you have no idea how to create an ebook cover; you may think it's complicated.

It's not.

When you see other people's ebook covers that look so amazing, you may think you have to pay someone to do it for you.

You don't have to.

You may think you have to be a WIZ KID to use graphics programs like Photoshop and Fireworks to design your graphics.

You don't have to.

You may think you have to invest hundreds of dollars in software.

You don't have to.

You are so afraid of doing it yourself that you keep thinking of reasons why YOU JUST CAN'T DO IT.

Oh! Stop that nonsense!

Let me tell you what a friend of mine told me:

"Stop telling yourself what you CAN'T do"

Instead invest half an hour of your time to discover how easy it really is to create your own Amazing Box Covers.

Half an hour, that's all I ask.

Give me half an hour of your time and I will show you how to create amazing box covers.

Design your own ecover templates.
*The Big ecover Secret* Although I give you pre-designed templates that you can edit, I still want to show you how I did it, That's the big secret)

Discover how easy and exciting it is to do it yourself.

Create your own graphics.

Discover the Amazing tricks the professional graphic designers use to make the graphics look so pretty.

Turn any flat graphic into an amazing ecover graphic in 5 minutes flat.

Here's another secret a friend of mine told me:

"They pay me money for something they can do themselves because I read the installation manual and they didn't"

Do you want to make money?
Find out how ebook covers done,
download Amazing Box Covers
and you can charge the other people
who are just too lazy to do it themselves.

Instead of going on and on about all the amazing things you will discover in this step-by-step guide.  I figured it's best to tell you page by page what you will find inside once you click the order button.

Here it is... Page by page:

Page 3 - Discover where to download Fireworks for FREE and use it long enough to create as many ebooks covers as you need.

Page 4 - Find out the proper size, background color and resolutions you need to start with to get an amazing box cover.

Page 5 - See for yourself what a template looks like.

Page 6 - Discover the four (4) pieces that make up the Amazing Box Cover template.

Page 7 - You will create these 4 pieces.

I will tell you exactly what color, what tool, width, height, and everything else you need to know to make the process so easy a child can do it.

Page 8 - Discover a very special tip for creating any graphics among other things.

Page 9 - find out how to turn these 4 pieces into an amazing box cover.

Find out exactly (with detailed snapshots) how to do it step-by-step. It will be...

So clear to you that you'll think
I'm standing right behind you.

I am... Every step of the way!

Page 10 - By the time you hit this page, your template is complete. And you're ready for phase 2.

In just 8 pages, you will discover the biggest secret behind this ebook cover design thing.

Is this amazing or what?

"Amazing Box Covers" makes it easy to create your own ebook covers and headlines.

Saves me time and money. The tutorials are easy to follow. If you can count you can do it. Just follow each step.

Bill Thatcher, digitalkeymaker.com

The next few pages are loaded with special tips, tricks, and details just to make sure you truly understand what you are doing.

Page 13 - find out in 5 steps how to create that little shadow you always see behind all the ebook covers on the Internet.

Trust me, it's simple!

Page 14 - see a visual snapshot of regular graphics being applied to the template you just created.

You basically create the template once and every time you dress it up, BANG! You have a new ebook cover.

That takes 5 minutes


lower = better; 1 = best

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