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ebook is not just a bunch of clever recipes that you'll never use.  It has
basic recipes and tips that you'll use and pass on to the kids.  Grandma
left some great advice from the Depression.


  It has links to
some frugal recipes too.  A shopping list to save by buying the things that
stretch then be able to easily print it.  No matter if you bought this ebook
months ago or right now, it will always be the most current information for
cooking and bulk buying with tips by others and us.

I have hundreds of cooking
ebooks I'll ad 1 every week.

  The next generation of
this book is being worked on as we speak.  You will automatically get the
updated pages when you use this ebook no matter when you buy it.  We are
making video instructions for the next version due out soon!  
I love this tech stuff!

Great tool for that
student, son or daughter that just moved away.

Unique Christmas or
birthday gift!

Great family gift

New recipes every week

Read what others recently had to
say about the new ebook.

Dear TTF,

I had no idea I could save so much
money and the recipes are perfect for my busy life. Thanks so much.



, (privacy reasons)

Detroit, Mi

Dear David,

  Your book is great, I have
seen the new pages three times now.  Keep up the good work.  Do you
have any new books yet?  What a wonder idea!


(privacy reasons)

L.A., CA

  This is the next
generation of technology in ebooks. 

Did you know you should never
throw anything away? 

Read about making broth and freezing in 2 cup
containers to use in place of water when cooking.

Yep that's right, as poor
as it gets. 

However you will be surprised at how good the meals are, 
how much you save and how far they stretch your tight budget.

  It still sells for
only $25
and you'll be helping a family. 

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  This cooking e-book is for the Unemployed, Bachelor, Divorcee, Underpaid, Bankrupt,
Student, Disabled, Homeless, Burned out, Broke, Down and out, Poor Gal, Guy or
Family that needs or wants to save money.  

  We have already sold
thousands from 2003 through 2007!  before we decided to use


lower = better; 1 = best

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