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Do you want to slash your Adwords costs and discover the back-door secrets of a full-time ClickBank affiliate? Revolutionary step-by-step guide reveals…

"How To Super-Charge Your Adwords Earnings, Slash your costs overnight… And Crack the Google Affiliate code with advanced 2007 trickery..."

Yes! Now you too can get this insider information that exposes a group of "loopholes" in the Google system ... and discover the same system the smart affiliates are using to profit each day...

"Incredible material: I saved $6,000 with one trick..."

I know for a categorical fact that any affiliate who applies these revolutionary methods will profit: because I have been applying two of the tactics silently for about two months now. One of your techniques has already saved me over $6,000, and another one has allowed me to set-up Adwords campaigns that generate hundreds of dollars each week for me....

The stuff that you discuss that I am not doing? Well,... it all sounds pretty damn unique, and I am off to setup my new "Reloaded" campaigns right now. Any affiliate who wants an edge over their Adwords competition needs this now..."

Chris, author, Affiliate Project X & "The Million Dollar Affiliate".

From: Anthony Joshua
Written: Tuesday 9:19 a.m.

Fellow wealth-seeker,

If you are an Adwords user, or a ClickBank affiliate, you have to agree with me: in 2007, your success boils down to two things.

One, you need to keep your Adwords costs as low as possible. Two, you need to ensure you are making masses of sales from your clicks. That’s the bottom line - just like it was back in 2000 when Adwords was launched.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple in 2007 - and it's only going to get worse....

The game has got far more competitive, with tens of thousands of Adwords users, and hundreds of thousands of affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar game, and the best in the game routinely pull in thousands each day. But the majority continue to fail.

Most new affiliates lose their shirts by picking the wrong products to promote, choosing the wrong keywords —or they plain just don't know the advanced back-door tricks that make the winners in 2007. The game is always changing... that’s what makes Google Adwords so tough.

To cut a long story short, it's not enough to know "the fundamentals" any more - not with everyone using the same methods to choose products, pick keywords and write their ads. The truth is dawning on affiliates everywhere: you need access to covert tricks that Google very probably don't like. You need to follow a different set of techniques that your competition don't know about... a back-door entry to a billion-dollar industry.

In short, you need an Adwords edge: you need to accept that there is a revolution whether you are pumping out $400 a day with this closed-door formula, or sitting with the losers...

And for those who are willing to take action and apply these covert tricks, the end of wasting endless dollars on Adwords —and not making a dime in your ClickBank account is over. You’re about to get the exact information you need—fully detailed, with examples—revealing just how to make Google work for you.

You're about to discover how to make the Adwords revolution come to you...

You’ll be shown established  best practices for making money selling other people’s products with Google Adwords—delivered in an easy to learn… and even easier to apply format. 

It’s only when you know how to avoid the hype and learn the real way to become a full-time ClickBank affiliate that things get easy and the money can get ridiculous...

Adwords Reloaded - 2007 Insider Blueprint for Google Domination

• Discover the truth about ClickBank & Adwords in 2007: the unknown tricks to slashing your costs and tripling your conversions... instantly

• The Advanced "Back-Door" Loophole that Google tried to close (hint: it could well allow you to double your affiliate sales)

• Learn how to pull in 45% CTR - by only changing one letter in your headline. In fact, Google don't like this one - so be careful...

• Simple, step-by-step methods: while my techniques are devious, and super advanced, the whole thing is explained in terms so simple that even newbies can ride the wave to profit...


Here’s How You’ll Use These New Tricks To Suck Piles
of Cash From A Billion Dollar Piggy Bank...

Let me be straight: The internet is full of B.S. I know because I fell victim to it myself. I was so hungry to achieve success as an affiliate marketer, I bought every single ebook and course I could get my hands on.

They all led me to the same place. I didn’t have a single success strategy or tactic I could use. I was frustrated by the promise of “stay at home and make money while I slept”. I wanted to succeed but didn’t have the knowledge.

I kept at it. I thought a strong will would get me through. Not true at all. A strong will and bad guidance isn’t worth its weight in salt. You can push and push but if you’re pushing in the wrong direction it’s completely useless.

Depression kicked in.

I knew there was nothing different between me and those that succeed online. I knew I could do it. But what I didn’t know was…

The B.S. About Adwords -
What We All Bought Into...

After investing over a thousand dollars on useless outdated Adwords information, I came to a simple conclusion:

“Either I’m going to make this thing work myself… or I’m going to call it quits.”

That’s when success finally happened for me—but it didn’t happen overnight. Why? Because I had to figure out how to make myself successful with Google’s new visitor experience algorithms… and not break the bank in the process.

Trial and error were my new friends—we became quite acquainted. There is something to say for learning by experience. But not when you’re losing money in the process.

It’s my experience of never getting anywhere with those outdated ebooks and courses about Google Adwords… and my months of experience in the trenches making it work that’s qualified me to reveal the exact strategies I’ve used to finally put my earnings on autopilot.

Heck, I never even wanted to teach this stuff. The pain is what pushed me. What I went through in order to make a buck online is what edged my conscious into this position.

If I can help you drastically short-cut your learning curve and get you on the road to autopilot profits… I’ll have done my job. I’ll be happy.

That’s what has brought us to this moment. In just a second, I’m going to share with you exactly how you can make it as an affiliate marketer using Google Adwords—the right way!

You’ll get a complete road map to success. It’s a guided tour, by me, showing you how to generate the “right” traffic to the site you’re promoting. Traffic at a cost guaranteed to make you money.

Introducing: The Breakthrough Adwords Guide guaranteed to slash your spending…

“How To Slash Your Adwords Costs
By 20%, 30% or even 50%”

I'm about to share with you the most effective Adwords practices known in 2007. Advanced tricks to slash the costs of any Adwords campaign, pick the hottest products and uncover the keywords that quietly pull in cash for the competition. And the best part is you’ll only be introduced to strategies and tactics guaranteed to work today… not some rehashed information that worked in the “Gold Rush” days of Google—before the big corporate stock launching and the game got tough.

Here’s a peak into this breakthrough guide. You’ll discover…

How To Boost Your Click-Thru Rate By 40%... or more!
(The Key To Profits As An Affiliate Marketer)…

Here’s where most new Adwords buyers make their most costly mistake. If you don’t get this one point down… you’ll never make a dime as an affiliate marketer.

The big mistake is: you are promoting the wrong product on the wrong keywords using the wrong techniques!

Simple… yet complicated.

To crack the $100/day level, and generate job-killing income, you have to cast away your current methods and do things differently. And when you get these things right, everything will be far easier: your ad will pull in double-digit CTR, your costs will fall and you will convert ten times as many buyers. In short, Adwords winners have it even easier than ever, while it's never been hard for the majority of "can't succeed" affiliates.

If you “crack the code”… you’ll profit. If you ignore it—you’ll fail.

That’s why “Boosting Your Click-Thru Rate” is so darn important, and why it's discussed in full detail inside this breakthrough material. This one section alone is worth the investment today. Plus you’ll discover…

"Micro-Targeting" Secrets Of Google Adwords
Most Six Figure Pros Don't Even Know…

I stumbled onto this secret. And now you’ll get it, profit from it, and secretly “tap into” your prospect’s inner thoughts.

I’d already spent thousands by the time I accidentally came across this push-their-button secret. Imagine knowing exactly what your prospect is thinking before they click your ad. Imagine what that would mean to everything: the product you promote, the headline you use... and especially your bottom line. How profitable would this be? Well, the bottom line is: if you can generate super-relevant ads every time, you will never fail at Adwords again.

Picture this: You know I’m in the market for a new car. Let’s say a Porsche. A Black 911, drop-top turbo. And I’ve really wanted it for sometime—but I’ve just been so busy, I’ve not been able to make it to the dealer to purchase one.

But, when I’m walking to the office from the parking lot, I see a billboard along the street. It reads, “Get Your 911 Twin Turbo Today Delivered To Your Door. Just Call 1-800-DriveNow For More Information”

Would that raise curiosity enough for me to call? Would it get my juices flowing? Would I be in heat? Of course I would- and that's the exact kind of micro-targeting that generates job-killing income for the handful of top-level affiliates who know it. It's the exact method that you will be using once you download your Adwords Revolution blueprint.

“You're about to learn why you need to completely rethink
all of your Adwords campaigns in 2007..”

Keyword Seek and Destroy: why 90% of your keywords are losing you money - in my experience less than 10% of keywords are profitable. The trick is knowing which ones convert before you launch your campaign. You will be stunned when you learn how I do it (it has nothing to do with looking at your competitor's campaigns, or any outdated keyword research methods)

Achieving 45% CTR - the Reloaded way: once you apply the Reloaded method to choose your product and pick the hottest keywords, you'll want a cascade of profitable clicks to come, which means one thing: you need double-digit CTR across the board. Learn the one trick I apply to ensure this happens. It's so damn simple, and yet I have never seen anyone ever do this. It was unmined gold, up until today...

The Definitive Adwords Tool-Kit for Affiliates in `07: Reloaded is a complete rethink of how to profit with Adwords. The tricks are completely original, unique... and most importantly of all, they offer a genuine edge over everyone in the game. Whether it's a revolutionary insight into how to locate the hottest products, or the special chapter on slashing your Adwords costs by as much as 70%, this cutting edge manual represents your best chance at success in 2007...


So you’ll uncover the secrets to getting double-digit CTR… getting into your prospects head to generate maximum sales with minimal costs, and the…

The Strange Reason Why Some Keywords Convert —
And Why You Could Be Losing 90% of Your Sales

Have you ever promoted a product on Adwords, and only sold a few copies... and when you look to see which keywords are generating sales, you're shocked. Sometimes it's easy to work out why keywords convert, but if you only go for the obvious keywords, you are leaving as much as 90% of your potential earnings on the table. Inside the Revolution, you will learn exactly how I seek out the hottest keywords - the ones I know will convert, the same ones 90% of my competition ignore...

And you’ll also discover…

What to Steal From Your Competition - and When NOT to Steal it

Reinventing the wheel would be a complete waste of your time. So would “thinking up” exactly what your ad should say.

There’s an ethical way to “borrow” a tested and proven theme for your ad that’s guarantee to increase click through rates. In fact, you can swipe keywords, headlines, the products they are promoting... but how do you know you are taking the right parts from a winning campaign? I discovered the answer to this the hard way, and now my $300 loss can be your gain. Once you get this secret under your belt, you’ll whip through adwords and rake in the profits in no time.

This is where it gets easy and the money gets ridiculous. And you’ll also get…

Advanced Tricks for Adwords advertisers: Which Products Always Convert, The Truth about the Google Content Network, and much more...

While most of the Adwords users are promoting the same ClickBank products and losing cash each day, there are a number of techniques that will catapult you above the competition. Inside Adwords Reloaded, you will discover how and when to use Google's content network (get this wrong and you are doomed to fail), how to choose the hottest ClickBank products everytime (the answer is so obvious, you will kick yourself), and far, far more…

The Big Darn Secret Google “Won’t” Fess Up To—
How To Sneak “Awful Grammar” Into Your Ads
For 50%+ Click Through Rates!

Once you jump into marketing with Adwords, you’re going to get some great ideas. Ideas you just know will get your ad clicked on. You’ll get all excited, you’ll log in to your account and start writing your new ad and then… Bam! Your ad gets denied by some grammar correcting algorithm!


Your idea goes down the tubes. There’s nothing you can do—no reconfiguration of the ad seems to work. It’s hopeless.

Well, not quite. There is a way to sneak high-selling “bad grammar” into your ad… but you must know this one little secret. And you must know how to do it right.

This is exactly what you’ll get today when you get your copy of “Title”. Plus you’ll also learn… 

How Eliminate Wasteful “Charity Giving” To Google

Google’s making more money than ever. The last time I checked, their stock value was something like $490 a share. So the last thing they need (but really like) is unaware Adwords customers giving them “Free Money”.

But that’s exactly what most Newbies do. They fork over unnecessary amounts of cash to Google—all based on one simple avoidable mistake. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know this… there are thousands making Google shareholders happy with this gross overspending.

With this strategy and a few simple clicks, you can cut your Adwords cost in half! And you’ll also discover…

How To Get Google To Feed You
Back Door Search Secrets Even The Feds Can’t Touch

Imagine tapping into Google’s databases that reveal exactly what search phrases people use. If you had access to this vault, you’d have permission to print money! But they guard this like FortKnox .

Heck, even the FBI tried to get access and they were denied.

But, there’s a little known and hardly used way to get Google to give you a helping hand with your campaigns—using the information from their data vaults. And the best part is they’re happy to share it with you!

There’s no extra fees—but your profits can be staggering when they give you this extra little push. And you’ll also discover…

Why Most Newbies Lose Their Shirt
On Google’s Content Networks

Don’t allow your ads to show up on Google’s content networks until you’ve read “Title”.

Why? Simple: If you don’t set up this part of your Adwords campaign right you’ll lose your shirt. But if you do it right, the content network will generously hand you over many qualified leads.

The mistake people make is simply fixed. But if you don’t know how to do it, you’re losing out both ways. You need to advertise on the content networks… but you’ll be forced to grossly overspend.


And most importantly, you’re going to learn…

How To Coach Yourself To Success With Adwords

Everybody needs a coach. Everybody needs an outside entity to analyze their productivity and give kick them in the butt when needed. But when you’re starting out, you haven’t made enough money to justify investing in yourself for a coach.

But there’s a way to get Google to coach you into the most profitable affiliate marketing position. Better still it’s built right into the Adwords program.

But the average Newbie doesn’t have a clue how to use this tracking approach to profit from their Adwords Campaign! They wind up paying way too much for their keywords. So instead of pocketing the extra cash… they give it to Google in charity!

You’ll get the keys to successful tracking inside “Title”. And you’ll also get…

Included: Multiple Examples Of Proven To Work…
And Easier To Steal Ads…

You’re getting the keys to the kingdom today.

You’re getting all the insider shortcuts I had to figure out the hard way in an easy to learn package. Better still, unlike most “Guru” programs that tell you what should be done, but don’t tell you how to do it, I’m also including…

Real life examples of successfully applied insider techniques.

Inside “How To Slash Your Adwords Costs By 20%, 30% or even 50%” you’ll get these breakthrough secrets AND you’ll get examples you can study and use for yourself. It’s simple when you see how these secrets are actually applied.

Are you beginning to see how powerful this is?

How Much Is Adwords Slashing Worth To You?

Imagine achieving the success you deserve online. The average new affiliate marketer doesn’t make a dime. There’s a host of reasons for this, but most importantly it’s not knowing the right strategies, and not having the right tactics in your arsenal.

They walk away frustrated having never achieved their goal. Don’t let this happen to you. There is a way to be successful. You just need the right knowledge… and the right guidance. You’ll get both here.

Before I share how you can get “How To Slash Your Adwords Costs By 20%, 30% or even 50%”, take a look at what some people are already saying about the pro-level skills I share. There’s no difference between you and them. Not one bit. The only thing that separates you from them is knowledge, useful knowledge and its application.

"..Recouped twenty times the cost of the manual already..."

Without a shadow of a doubt, Adwords is a cyclical game. One moment, you discover a new trick, and the next mment everyone knows it. I can say with all certainty that Adwords Reloaded is worth every penny, and it covers some of the most cutting-edge Adwords tricks in the game. One of the methods Anthony uncovers saved me over $2,000 this month.."

Steven Lee Jones, ClickBank Super Affiliate &
acclaimed author, Adwords Confessions.


How The Heck Can You Get Your Hands On
“How To Slash Your Adwords Costs
By 20%, 30% or even 50%”?

Actually it’s quite simple.

You’ll be able to learn all the lessons you’ve seen above. After this training you’ll be completely independent. You won’t have to spend another dime to be successful with Google Adwords. 

By now you’re probably wondering how much this training costs. It’s really underpriced!

I had some friends in the industry tell me I was crazy for lowering the cost so much. They thought it was some new charity I was running. No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just my way of giving back to a system that’s really given me everything I want.

To get this Adwords training guide today, it will cost you just $77. That’s it.

Have You Gone Crazy?

No. Not in the least.

Not only am I practically giving this information away, I’m going to include my…

Cast-Iron Money-Back Investment Guarantee
100% Cash-Back, No Hassles… Not Questions Asked

Here’s my personal guarantee to you…

I guarantee, if you take this guide book and apply the lessons learned to your affiliate marketing campaigns you’ll save 10 times what you invested in the first year alone. In fact, you’ll probably save a heck of a lot more. You will discover an entire world of Adwords trickery that you never knew existed and will finally see how a small minority can generate as much as $1,000 in a single day....

But, I want you to be completely protected - it's important to me that you have that piece of mind.

And, if you do not achieve everything you ever wanted, you are protected by my 56 day full, money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy at at any point in this 56 day period, just contact me for a full, unconditional refund. I know you will be stunned with the simplicity and power of the techniques inside Adwords Reloaded, but your piece of mind is important to me, so I want you to feel 100% confident that you are protected by my cast-iron guarantee.

And, I want to say this before it’s too late…

This Guide Book Isn’t For Everyone!

Let me be upfront here. Let’s not waste each other’s time. I don’t have time to waste… and neither do you.

So if you’re not serious, please don’t bother investing in “How To Slash Your Adwords Costs By 20%, 30% or even 50%”.

Don’t get your copy today, if you’re not serious about making easy money online. I’ve spent thousands of hours learning this craft. I’m giving you the shortcuts I wish I had when I first started out.

I only want people serious about making it with Google Adwords online. You can be one of those. But you must do one simple thing: act! Act on the information I give you. If you feel you’re one of those people, ready for success…

Then Click The Link Below That Says…
“Yes! Anthony, I Want In”

You’re in the valley of decision. You’re at a fork in the road. Ahead of you are two paths with a sign that stands between.

The left arrow points down a path and the sign reads, “Leave now, go home, experience only what you know.”

This path will take you off this webpage, back to a comfortable place. You’ll wake one day in the future and talk about what you coulda, woulda and shoulda done. You won’t ever fulfill your dreams because you’re afraid.

You’re afraid of success. I used to be the same way… but I walked on water, had faith, and now I enjoy the fruits of my faith.

The right arrow points down the other path and the sign reads, “This way to achieve the dreams you feel so desperate about.”

Only the brave travel this road. There’s always room on this path. It’s practically empty. Every now and then, you come across someone on this path. You bow your head in respect because to be on this path is a privilege.

Only a select few ever make it here. You can make it here. You can achieve your hearts desire. But you must have the necessary knowledge in the field you desire to be successful in. And I’m going to give it to you.

How to Download Adwords Reloaded


You can buy Adwords Reloaded for $147 $97
the discounted price of $67

Remember, you are fully protected by my
cast-iron unconditional eight-week guarantee.

And whether you order or not, understand this: the Adwords game is only going to get more difficult for the masses, but far more profitable for the few who know
how to game the system. You must act fast.

And at $67, you cannot afford to miss out on the revolutionary tactics inside Adwords Reloaded...

[Order Adwords Reloaded NOW](http://1.awreload.pay.clickbank.net/)

Instant download in PDF format
.. even if it's two in the morning



Don’t Wait Another Second… Today Is Your Day

Now you understand what it’s going to take for you to succeed online. You’ll have the guide book for success.

Seize the day. It’s your time to shine.

Napoleon Hill said, “Those who come to decisions slowly are equally as slow to move out on them.”

Don’t move slowly. Dive in the deep end, the water’s fine.

Seize the moment and click the link now…

[[Order Your Copy of Adwords Reloaded Now](http://1.awreload.pay.clickbank.net/)]


Anthony Joshua

P.S. Mastering Google Adwords has never been this easy. Now you can be led by an established, affiliate marketer who’s sharing and revealing Best-Adwords-Practices. You’ll be given the knowledge of achieving success as an affiliate marketer.

 [[Download Adwords Reloaded Instantly](http://1.awreload.pay.clickbank.net/)]



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