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News and UpdatesInsider Secrets ToShort Sale SuccessTimes Are Different!You need to enhance your skill levels to sustain yourself in a changing market. When you limit your business, you can only produce modest, incremental gains - at best.  At worst, you could easily lose ground in the business.With the growing number of active listings, limited pool of buyers, and homeowner equity losses; it's now more important than ever to seek new ways to generate income without sacrificing your hard earned money on expensive training or software programs.  "Short Sale Secrets Revealed"Offers An Affordable Solution.Short Sales can be intimidating for someone that has never done one, but you'll be shocked at how truly easy it is.  Too good to be true?  It's not.  This eBook gives you fresh eyes on the short sale process and shows you how easy the tasks can be accomplished. Run Rings Around Your Competitors!If you're attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition is not, you have all the advantage and it will show up in increased success and increased income.Knowledge guarantees you greater success!   What you're going to learn:How to prepare and package the short sale packet.How to write a hardship letter.How to prepare an Authorization LetterPotential Tax Exemptions that homeowner may seek.Maximizing your relationship with your client through the discussion of options with the homeowner.Prelisting preparation.Who to contact before and after an offer is received.Bonus: Boost your income with the Bonus BPO Vendor list.  Sign up with each and begin supplementing your income right away. And much more...In today's market, you must put out a number of fishing poles.  You need to expand your knowledge of Short Sales, REO's, BPOs, and client communication in changing times.No one is 100 times smarter than anyone else, so why do certain Super Agents seem to gain levels of success so much greater than others?It's because they take the time to learn new strategies and techniques, and they move with the flow in changing times.You are about to become one of the Super Agents by purchasing this eBook.You are about to not only become a trusted advisor working to protect your clients, but join the ranks of the Super Agents by being armed with the valuable secrets outlined in this eBook.The information you will provide your clients will be more meaningful and rewarding than you ever imagined... and you'll see your referral base grow filled with grateful clients for life.Discover and embrace the simple strategies, apply them with diligence and your final destination will be financial security and much deserved success.If you're already making plenty of money, this eBook can only fatten your wallet even more.Successful Short Sales Are Completed Daily Throughout the United States.  If you are outside of the U.S., other practices may be customary to your region, however some information contained herein may still be useful to you in assisting your clients.  Written in English.Important!!!This is an EXE format which works only with PC (IBM Compatible) and Windows. It supports all versions of Windows from Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP. Easy to install and ready to view within minutes!Please Click The Payment Link Below To Order Today!You Will Be Directed To Your Thank You Page Immediately After Making Your Payment.  Your Thank You Page  Will Contain Your Download.Flash RequiredFlash RequiredOrder Your Copy of Short Sale Secrets Revealed And Join Our Mailing List and... You'llReceive A  Free Bonus eBook "HOMESTEAD"Protect Your HomeDon't Let Creditors'Rip Your Investment AwayAgents Are SupplementingTheir IncomeBy ThousandsCompleting Vendor BPO's."Short Sale Secrets Revealed" Includes ABonus List ofBPO Vendors.Sign-up andStart Making Extra Income Today!Join Our Mailing List To Receive A Free Bonus eBook Download Link ToRon LeGrand's"No Money DownReal Estate"Major Lender Agrees To A $2000 Settlement On A $98,000 2nd Mortgage Joining Mailing List is Optional and Not a requirement to purchase!How would you like to have a Step-by-Step overview of the short sale process?If you have virtually no experience with Short Sales, you'll feel knowledgeable after reviewing "Short Sale Secrets Revealed"You are about to gain your clients respect for life.  After applying the strategies you are about to learn, you will be offering your clients solutions that make you look good, and lead to increased revenue.  It shows you how to work with your clients in a totally ethical and honorable way, by providing all the options available to them, and offering them solutionsto their current situation.Written for the real estate professional, however this invaluable information will benefit a homeowner as well.Join Our Mailing ListThe Real Estate Industry Is GettingTougher EverydayMost agents have spent their timein one of two basic areas over the past few years.Working with buyers or working with sellers through conventional listing practices.You May Have Heard The Following Simple Analogy"If you're fishing with only one fishing pole, with only one line in the water, you will be able to catch only a limited number of fish.  But if you use ten poles, and put ten lines with ten different baits in the water, your potential has significantly increased."Download Short Sale Secrets Immediately Upon Purchase. Join Our Mailing List And Your bonus ebook will be sent to you by email within 24 hours.$19.95$19.95Join Our Mailing ListORDER NOWEscrow officer indicates..."I thought it was a typo when I saw the settlement letter!"Short Sale Secrets Revealed!Web site designed & hosted at Homestead™


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