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ebooks                             Guitar Shop 101 by Barry Lewis       *A Lewis-Riggs Publication.FRET LEVELING, FRET CROWNING, FRET POLISHING, GUITAR SETUP (PART 1), GUITAR SETUP (PART 2), Truss Rod Adjustment, String height adjustment, Pickup Height Adjustment, & Intonation are covered in detail for anyone to be able to work on their own guitar. Quarterly updates and revisions are included with this ebook!     $10.95 -
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 For Technical Service or any questions about this product:customerservice@lewis-riggscustomguitars.com  *In keeping with ClickBank policy, we are able to refund transactions for 56 days (8 weeks)!       Jamorama  WHO ELSE Wants To Learn Step-By-Step How To Play Guitar Like The Eagles, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Guns 'n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and more?Why do YOU want to learn how to play guitar? Do you want to play for personal pleasure? Maybe you have always wanted to play in a band or write and perform your own songs? Whatever your reasons are, I've designed my cutting-edge guitar learning method with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST.Who is Ben Edwards? I am a highly respected guitar teacher. I'm the former lead guitarist for the popular down-under band "DegreesK", who I toured with internationally.Before joining the band I gained a Bachelor of Education. My passion for teaching others, especially guitar, sparked me to develop Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit...Jamorama is available via instant download.  
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  My Iron-clad, 100% RISK FREE Guarantee I want you to feel absolutely certain there's no way you can "get taken". That's why I went to the trouble of becoming a member of the Fair Trading Authority. After all, I'm a respected musician and my reputation is on the line. So go ahead and order Jamorama today. Read the lessons, follow the step-by-step instructions and video lessons, play the games, jam with the Jam Tracks and learn how to play your favorite songs and impress all your friends and family. Now let me take this guarantee one step further. Don't feel like you must "use" my techniques in order to get a refund. If you find that you don't have time or lose interest or find another course that you like better, then I'll happily refund your money. Will any other guitar course or guitar teacher give you THAT?
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   Jamorama Acoustic GuitarAcoustic Version Of The Fast Selling Jamorama.   "Do you want to play for personal pleasure? Would you like to play in a band? Play in a Club? Perhaps you want to write and perform your own songs! Whatever your reasons, I have designed a cutting-edge acoustic guitar learning kit with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST."Jamorama is hands down the easiest system to follow for learning how to play acoustic guitar. It comes with two high quality books FULL of step by step video lessons, Acoustic Jam Tracks in a wide range of musical styles for you to play along with and practice what you're learning IN CONTEXT with your lessons. You also get 1,000s of lines of tabulature, and step-by-step instructions train you to read TAB AND play guitar by ear, so you can play virtually any song that you ever hear on the radio. Once you can read TAB you'll be able to learn any of the THOUSANDS of TABed songs available on the net. "This is truly cutting-edge material and the BEST way to learn acoustic guitar! "With Jamorama Acoustic Guitar, you'll also discover how to read music, how to recognise chord shapes and how to transcribe songs from the radio and CDs, simply by playing my fun and sophisticated software games. Thousands of people worldwide, just like you, have used this unique multimedia course to fast-track their guitar learning, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?"   Jamorama Acoustic Guitar is available via instant download. For more info and to purchase:
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    Jamorama Lead GuitarDo you want to play for personal pleasure? Would you like to write and perform your own songs? Perhaps you want to play lead guitar in a band?Whatever your reasons are, I've designed my cutting-edge guitar learning method with YOU in mind, so that you will get immensely satisfying results FAST...I designed Jamorama Lead Guitar to be a complete learning system and the easiest to follow guitar learning method available. It comes jam-packed with information, including 43 powerful video lessons, 29 of the broadest range of Jam Tracks available anywhere, 1000s of lines of tablature AND step-by-step instructions training you to play by ear, so you can play virtually any song that you ever hear on the radio. This is truly cutting-edge material!With 29 Jam Tracks for you to jam along with in a wide range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues, hip-hop and dance you can jam with the Jamorama Band and immediately put the things you've learned into practice. Watch your guitar playing skills sky-rocket!With Jamorama, you'll also discover how to recognize lead patterns and shapes, and how to transcribe songs from the radio and CDs simply by playing my fun and sophisticated software games. Thousands of people, just like you, worldwide have used my unique multimedia course to fast-track their guitar learning, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?For more info & to purchase:
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or CLICK HERE! Music Master Pro - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano And Violin Video Lessons!  Are you looking for music instruction? Welcome to MusicMasterPro.com, the biggest music school on the net!   *Complete Drums and rhythm *Learn how to play Guitar *Intensive Bass guitar YOU GET ALL 3 COURSES WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP!  How to Order:1. MusicMasterPro.com is a "package deal" of all of our Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums lessons. The Lessons come in hundreds of instructional videos and ebooks, Mp3 lessons and charts for you to download and use. This package deal is also a lifetime membership to our database all for $34.95. We also upload new beats every month as well. You can also preview samples of the videos and lessons, so you know exactly what you are getting into.  When you are ready to order, click on "join" and you will then be on a page that gives you the option of purchasing the membership with a credit card, debit card or Paypal.  2. After you pay $34.95 dollars with a credit card or check, you will be given a username and password immediately by the payment processor "clickbank." At this moment you will also be given all the necessary information as to how to download, and where. You will then be automatically directed to the members section where you can download all thelessons, videos, ebooks and resources, as well as access our recently updated links and extras!  3. We upload new lessons and videos every month and you can contact us for any reason whatsoever! -or if you have any questions.   You Are Going To Receive the entire Music Master Pro program! All this for a ONE-TIME fee of $34.95 $29.95! No catch, no recurring fees and NO LIMITS!!! YOU WILL GET THE ENTIRE MUSIC MASTER PROGRAM AND MEMBERSHIP FOR ONLY $29.95! AND THAT'S A ONE-TIME FEE!   ONLY $29.95! 
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setTimeout('HtmlControlJS.loadFrame(\'ctl00_IWS_WH_CPH_Content_HtmlControl21\', \'\\x3Ca href=\\\"http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-2564577-10456525\\\" target=\\\"_blank\\\"\\x3E\\r\\n\\x3Cimg src=\\\"http://www.awltovhc.com/image-2564577-10456525\\\" width=\\\"120\\\" height=\\\"240\\\" alt=\\\"Rent The Secret\\\" border=\\\"0\\\"/\\x3E\\x3C/a\\x3E\',1033, \'1.05.1344.0\');', 0);
    Beginners Bible To Techno Music Making And Selling   "The most complete guide to techno music making that you will find anywhere"The best aspect of this techno music making ebook is that YOU can do it, just like me. It doesn't take long, you do not need super kit, you do not need music theory, and all jargon is banned. On top of all the tips and underground secrets, everything is backed-up with an extreme amount of examples, how-tos, pictures, and guides. The ebook is written with you in mind. Over 250 music building pages come complete with all the relevant, laser targeted information that you will need to succeed. The Internet is gasping out for people who can make top techno songs, there is a huge desire for music that just can not be quenched. Grab this opportunity now! With 1 250+ Page Ebook, 5 Bonus Ebooks, 100+ Loops, And 4 Hours Of Video Tutorials. Excellent Customer Service. For as little as $9.95 (original price: $24.95) you can be knocking out your own professional electronic music with ease- creating your own CDs...and selling them!  *If for any reason you don't agree that this is the most complete and useful guide you've ever received on the subject of making top techno songs , just email me within 8 weeks from your date of purchase - and I'll issue you a 100% refund immediately.* *You have 8 full weeks to read and apply every success tip, strategy, and secret I've discovered over the past 20 years of my own techno music making. If you're not completely satisfied with this comprehensive guide, just ask for (and receive) an immediate, 100% refund.* All bonuses, All Videos for just $9.95!  
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    Accordion Tutor EBook(R)   The Only Accordion Course For Beginners EBook(R) On The Net!    "With today’s technology we are able to create "talking books". This allows for an author to incorporate sound and video in the book so as to allow the student to read, view and hear the exercises within the book." The eBook incorporates text - pictures - sound files and video files.The eBook covers all aspects of learning to play the accordion. (See Summary)These features have been incorporated in a PDF eBook to make your learning experience as easy as possible.How Do You Get The eBook? Direct Download: Once you pay for the product, ClickBank will notify us of your purchase. We will within 24 hours email you a download link.  ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Enzo Giribaldi  Enzo began learning to play the accordion from the age of five years old from the local parish priest in a small northern Italian town. He soon was introduced to formal lessons from Maestro Carlo Ferrero.  Enzo won his first competition when he was six years old. At the age of nine years old his family emigrated to Australia where he continued his studies with a German teacher, Otto Weiss located in Sydney.  At the age of 17 years old he continued his studies with Maestro Dante Simonelli who had also emigrated to Australia. Maestro Simonelli had produced Italian and World Champions and under his tutoring Enzo improved immensely, so much so that he was destined to become one of the best accordionists in Australia.  Maestro Simonelli was not only a great teacher of accordion but was himself a world class accordionist who was a close friend of the great Gervasio Marcosignori. Enzo was fortunate to have met Marcosignori during his frequent tours of Australia and in fact was invited by Marcosignori to take part in the tour as a support artist.  Aged twenty, Enzo began to teach accordion under the supervision of Maestro Simonelli. During this time Enzo had been playing in Australia’s largest Italian club, Club Marconi with his quartet. Enzo also completed a Theory of Music course at the Conservatorium of Music - Sydney.  Aged twenty four Enzo opened his first music school and in a short time he had a total of four music schools with twenty two teachers working for him teaching about 600 students of which about half were learning the accordion. During this time Enzo produced local, state and Australian champions.  The reason for his teaching success was that Enzo invented new teaching techniques which helped his students learn quicker and at the same time making the learning experience pleasant and enjoyable. He basically broke away from traditional teaching which was too stringent and lacked the "fun" in learning an instrument.  To list all his achievements would be too lengthy, but one achievement Enzo is very proud of is that his dance band was nominated for Australia’s most prestigious award, (The Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards) in the category of "Best Accompanying Band Category" no less than SIX times in consecutive years, winning the award TWICE! What was special about Enzo’s win was that no other band before or since had won the award with an ACCORDIONIST as the band leader!Enzo Giribaldi’s "Accordion Course for Beginners" is to our knowledge, the only accordion eBook available today!In this book Enzo puts his immense experience in teaching and playing the accordion to the fore.Unlike other authors, Enzo can be heard playing the exercises and also includes some of his favorite tunes for the student to listen to. This is both designed to inspire students and also to reinforce the ability and credibility of the author.  Accordion CourseFor BeginnersAccordion CourseFor BeginnerseBook©2005 Accordion Course For Beginners eBook ®All Rights ReservedHow Do You Get It?   
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 $35.00  or:  
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          Violin Makers And Collectibles  Violin Makers Data And Unusual EBooks.A Computerized Reference for Violin Collectors! Baxters Database of Violin Makers Spreadsheet Version Baxters Database of Violin & Bow makers is now available in a downloadable spreadsheet form for PCs and MACs.This massive collection of data (over 20,000 entries!!!) is an invaluable aid for violin collectors, violin lovers, buyers and sellers alike. Contains Names, Places, Dates, Notes, and where available, Values.Violin Maker Reference Books are very expensive.And there’s so many of them."I’ve been collecting books on Violinmakers for years. Every time I needed some information I’d have to decide which book to start with. One has German makers. One has many different countries. One has auction values, but no other information. One has good information, but incomplete dates. One has better dates, but less information. What I needed was all the good data, all collected into one easy to use, computerized database.It’s taken me many years to collect all this data, but it’s ready for you to use…NOWDon’t be fooled by titles that talk about ‘known violin makers’ or ‘Contemporary’ or violin makers of the ‘past and present’. This Spreadsheet version ofBaxters Database of Violin & Bow Makerscontains 20,693 entries… that’s more than any other violinmaker reference."*Data includes: Lastname, Firstname, Country worked, Primary city worked, Work period, auction price range (where available) and notes.**Many people have been asking (for years) me for a version of the Database that will run on a MAC.**This Spreadsheet version of Baxters Database of Violin & Bow Makers will run on any PC or MAC that has Microsoft Excel.Click the ORDER button now. This is trial sales test, and the price may increase soon!I have paid THOUSANDS of dollars for Violin Maker Reference volumes.One of my references alone retails for $995! This collection of the same data can be yours for only $69.95GUARANTEE: If this Violinmaker data collection is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.
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 <-$69.95! Available for Immediate Download to your Computer.     How To Independently Produce Your Own Cd by Norman Lasiter This Is An Ebook To Share My Personal Learn-as-you-go Experience Of Producing My Own Music CDs As A Guide To Make It A Simpler Process For Others.Norman Lasiter independently produced his own Music CDs. Learn from his experience of the process. Don't you want your music to be on CD's to hand out to friends and to sell to those that can't live without your music? He gives you great tips and sites to find the information he struggled to find. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Story of his music life and the reason he wrote this book. *Decide your Budget. *Choose a music genre, theme, and a Musical Director. *Find the sheet music and charts. *Find a Recording Studio and estimating the time needed for each size room. *Find the musicians and rehearsing the band. *Understand what happens in the Studio: Recording, Mixing and Mastering. *Create the CD Package: photographer, graphic designer, and title. *Get the license for your songs, choosing your photos, and choosing the label name. *Find a manufacturer. *Go the deluxe or budget route. *Get the CDs available for customers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------PDF Format of the twenty page book answers your questions.
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 <--Buy Norman's book for $7.00        StageStud  This Handy EBook Provides Stage Lighting Technicians With Quick, Digital Material Relating To Their Craft. Topics Include: Stage Terminology, Electrical Safety And Theory, On-site Lighting Techniques, Practical Skills, Interactive Industry Links And More!    The most comprehensive technical handbook for professionals of the stage lighting industry is now available in digital format -207 Pages!Topics Include:*Electrical theory and safety*Stage terminology *Practical skills click for preview*Conventional and automated lighting *Comprehensive industry links Available as a download in .pdf format for $5.99
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       Play Piano Tonight Multimedia eBook  Your Guide To Play Piano Effectively To Play Songs Your Hear On The Radio And CDs! You Will Learn to Play Piano Tonight!  How To Turn Yourself Into A Non-Stop, Lean Mean Piano Playin Machine! Practical Piano Lessons For Beginners Up To PROs!Learn to Play Piano - Step By Step You see, I'm going to take you by the hand and show you - step by step - exactly how to play the piano! You're going to learn in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace. You're even going to practice and learn songs that you want to hear and play. Who am I?"I'm a "real live musician." Not some fictional personality conjured up just to market a website. Oh yes, that's me on the right (Ron Worthy) (pic unavail) with the "late and great," Cab Calloway! I play and TEACH piano for a living. And let me tell you this: I love what I do. Sure I tried other jobs. (What musician hasn't!) But I've always come back to music. And for the last twenty years or more, - music has been my permanent home. During that time, I've found that there are a lot of people wanting to learn to play piano. They've been wanting to learn how to play piano for a long time - but because of jobs and kids and mortgage payments - they just never found the time. Our Multimedia eBook will change your life forever! But more about that later."This is Just a Sample of What's in Our 36 Chapter eBook:Major, Minor and Dominant 7th ChordsShell Voicings "Falling in Love With Love" Lead sheet and Beginner Accompaniment How to Use Scale Tones to Improvise ii-V7-I Progressions to Develop Your Ear ii-V7-I Scale Melodic Study in F Major and "Alice in Wonderland" Jazz Waltz Case Study "Autumn Leaves" Lead Sheet and Left Hand Accompaniment Video Clip The 7 Modes of the Major Scale and an E minor to F minor Chord Progression Study with an Accompaniment Track "Just My Imagination" Lead Sheet, Video Clip Instruction and an Accompaniment Track "Killer Joe" Lead Sheet, Video Clip Instruction and Accompaniment GETTING STARTED With Playing Two-Handed 7th Chords - The Chord Building FORMULA Scale & Chord Study in C and F MajorNow Don't Worry About Knowing Any of that Stuff Right Now... I Don't Expect You to KNOW IT!But you WILL learn it soon and know it well!Lemme break it down for you really simple here:Step 1: If you are a beginner, I'm going to teach you how to play correctly, "right out the gate!" I don't want you to "mix and match" as other students have.Step 2: If you are an intermediate to advanced player, I'm going to show you how to take your playing to the next level. Step 3: You will learn technique-specific practice models to play ANY Style of Music.Step 4: Beginners up to PROs will learn how to create music any time you wish!Beginning Piano Students MUSTHave the Opportunity...Pianists MUST have the opportunity to EXPERIMENT with touch and phrasing while practicing, and there is little chance of boredom when so many exciting elements are introduced to the practice session.YOUR Play Piano Tonight Multimedia eBook offers beginner, intermediate and advanced EXERCISES with background music to assist you in acquiring this level of keyboard performance.You will hear the DRUMS, BASS and an unobtrusive piano accompaniment that provides a harmonic "backdrop" for YOU to practice your course material!Now, when your order our Multimedia eBook, you will also receive:FREE BONUS: A Lifetime Membership to OUR Digital Sheet Music Lessons!!!A LIFETIME Membership to my Digital Sheet Music Lessons!You will have access to: Free Digital Music - Over 400 free public domain titles in PDF format and 100 free public domain titles where you can transpose to any key and print! And, because the sound is sent as MIDI, it will play your keyboard or digital piano when you have it "hooked up" to your computer. Retail Value: $2,500 Copyright Digital Sheet Music - Thousands of your favorite songs in digital file format from Hal Leonard Corporation and Warner Brothers Publications! Print the first page FREE! Retail Value: $5,000 Free Music Lessons - 24 lessons designed to teach anyone how to read music.? Learn the lesson, then watch, listen and play along with the sheet music! Retail Value: $720 Music Resources - Need manuscript paper in a hurry? How about a scales book or a Hanon exercise? Just go to the provided link and print it out! Retail Value: $45 Music Dictionary - Look up the definition to that music term using an online music dictionary. Retail Value: $25 My Original - Songs, lesson plans, exercises and worksheets to develop accurate timing and bilateral hand movements. Retail Value: Priceless! I'm Going to Teach YOU How to Play Songs You Hear on the RADIO and CDs."Time-Sensitive" Offer There's No ShippingIt's a Digital Download!
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setTimeout('HtmlControlJS.loadFrame(\'ctl00_IWS_WH_CPH_Content_HtmlControl8\', \'\\x3Ca href=\\\"http://successbz1.rworthy.hop.clickbank.net/\\\" target=\\\"_top\\\"\\x3EClick Here!\\x3C/a\\x3E\',1033, \'1.05.1344.0\');', 0);
 <-To Order - $97.00  P.S. When you ORDER our Multimedia eBook, you'll get our Karaoke Piano to Download -ABSOLUTELY FREE! Actually see - in real time - the actual keys being played for your favorite song! This program is yours to keep. It's our way of saying "Thanks!"        GuitaraVision - Guitar Scale Mastering System   GuitaraVision Is The Ultimate Guitar Scale Book! It Features A New Way To Learn That Is Much Faster Than The Norm. Our Flagship Product For Guitarists. Both Left And Right Handed Players Love Our Unique Copyrighted Ebook Format! Do you want to play the guitar better?We created GuitaraVision™ because we felt that traditional tablatures are just too much of a pain. The average guy spends more time figuring out where he is on the chart than actually playing. Our unique system allows your mind to construct a path so you can learn faster. You navigate in GuitaraVision™ just like you navigate on your guitar. You see the same fret markers and same tapering shape that your guitar has! There are no complicated grids and dots with symbols like XII, IV, III etc. There are no string and fret numbers as in common tablature. There are no lines representing strings to "cross". Each string is shown as a row that is easy to track visually. What you see on screen is directly related to an actual guitar so perfectly that a child could understand it! You get the entire two octave fret board and every note on it. It is so simple it’s ingenious. Your eyes translate it to your hands and you know where you’re at. It is simply the most amazing system for learning scales and modes (the basis of all music). When you use our method your mind will lock the patterns in memory and you will become fluent.Imagine ripping up and down the fret board without even having to think!It’s entirely possible, you just have to know where you are going. GuitaraVision™ is how you learn. *At Play Concepts™ we believe learning the scales and modes like the back of your hand is the foundation necessary to be a successful guitarist. Once you know your way around the guitar like we show you in our system you can open your own musical doors! *We spent months on end compiling over 350 scales in our flagship GuitaraVision™ system and you can access any one of them in seconds. This is exactly the tool beginners and advanced guitarists need to bring it to the next level.With a little practice this is a killer tool for melody creation and improvisation because it can keep you from getting trapped in patterns taught by traditional guitar teachers. You gotta ask yourself, “Do I want to learn to sound just like everyone else or do I want to develop my own style?” With GuitaraVision™ you learn to set your hands free on the whole guitar not just a little section of the guitar. Due to popular demand we have now given you the ability to print from your PC or MAC. Now you can print the fret board patterns that you are learning and hang them on the wall where you jam. We also made you guys the blank chart you’ve been asking for. If you previously purchased GuitaraVision™ please contact us and we will hook you up. NOW STOP THE EMAILS PLEASE!!Left handed players……….this is one learning product that didn’t leave you guys out in the cold!Left handed guitarists get the same GuitaraVision™ treatment as their right handed counter parts. After all…some of our best friends are left handed! We are proud to offer you guys a system that goes the extra mile. With this product there is no confusion because you lefties do not have to“translate” anything!  BUY IT NOW and download it instantly for only $29!With your purchase of GuitaraVision™ you get:**180 of the most popular scales and modes for Rock, Country, Punk, Blues, Classical and Metal. All laid out on our unique Virtual Fret Board™ that allows easy visual tracking in both right and left handed views.**A grand total of a whopping 367 Scales, Patterns and Modes rendered in GuitaraVision™.**You will learn the five things you must know to master the modes. The modes are like different “feelings” and once you master them you will be able to create and relate to popular music.**The ability to print out GuitaraVision™ Renderings to view while improvising (a huge help for guitar teachers).**A blank Virtual Fret Board™ in both left and right handed configuration so you can make your own GuitaraVision™ renderings. All of this for only $29Buy today and we will includeInstant Guitar Notes™ This is a note recognition system based on GuitaraVision™ that will have you identifying notes in seconds. If you think you know what it is you are in for a big surprise! This system of note training and recognition will blow you away!This is an absolute must for anyone who doesn’t know a guitar note just by hearing it. Instant Guitar Notes™ can help you learn to recognize notes by ear! This is a limited time offer. Once IGN hits stores it will no longer be available on our website.The choice is yours.Learn the old and slow way or get with the times. You can get the whole thing right here online and download it to your computer in a matter of minutes.Best of all there is no subscription fee like those other educational web sites. We give you all the stuff you REALLY need and it is yours to keep. We don’t bill you with monthly fees. This is a one time purchase and you own it for life. If you ever remove GuitaraVision™ from your computer by accident you can download it again. One more thing.......... If you try GuitaraVision™ and for some reason don’t honestly better your ability and become more comfortable on guitar, we will give you your money back!!!! That’s right. There is absolutely ZERO RISK!100% Money back Guarantee! Try it for 8 weeks!Are we insane? Absolutely not. We just think we have the most efficient scale learning system that money can buy! If you use the system and devote 1/4 of your practice time to it, your scales ability will improve dramatically in 8 weeks provided you practice a few hours a week ! System Requirements:Macintosh computer or a PC running Windows XP. Adobe Reader is also REQUIRED and available for FREE here. Delivery time will vary depending on the type and quality of computer equipment and internet connection.Get started on your path to guitar mastery today and learn why everyone loves GuitaraVision™!
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 All of this for only $29!      Buy Ebooks!Our site has got a HUGE, great collection of the best ebooks sold on the Internet, but at a lower price than on any other site.CLICK HERE to see CATEGORIES/BROWSE Buying ebooks (digital books) is a great option to buying a printed book:*You can buy ebooks online without leaving home, or from any computer. *You get ebooks via immediate download to save on your computer, flash drive, disk, print, or all of the above. *No need to make a trip or wait on the mail.*PLUS, you can literally carry around hundreds of books in a tiny space to read on your laptop, PDA, etc.*You can quickly choose the ebook you need with the help of our search engine - only enter keywords. In a bookstore it could take you half the day.   *Ebooks don’t take up space on your shelves. They don’t get dusty or worn.   *Your computer can read ebooks to you, since many ebooks are audio, and you can install software as well. Browse the ebooks on our site. We’re sure our catalogue, with 50+ categories, and over 1000 ebooks will help you to find the one you need. We have massive, high-quality database search engine.CLICK HERE to see CATEGORIES/BROWSE          Guitar Building eBook(R)s  eBook(R)s On Building Electric Guitars And Lap Steel Guitars.
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   *Not a Lewis-Riggs Publication.            Webspirit New Age Resources And eBook(R)  New Age And How To Make It eBook(R)s Plus How To Make Your Own Bamboo Flutes.
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           Guitar Shop 101 by Barry Lewis       *A Lewis-Riggs Publication.FRET LEVELING, FRET CROWNING, FRET POLISHING, GUITAR SETUP (PART 1), GUITAR SETUP (PART 2), Truss Rod Adjustment, String height adjustment, Pickup Height Adjustment, & Intonation are covered in detail for anyone to be able to work on their own guitar. Quarterly updates and revisions are included with this ebook!     $9.95 -  
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  For Technical Service or any questions about this product:customerservice@lewis-riggscustomguitars.com     *In keeping with ClickBank policy, we are able to refund transactions for 56 days (8 weeks)!  Lewis-Riggs Custom Guitars, Inc. - 2007 

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