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Alert: You should only have arrived at this page because you have received a special "invite" from...

1) Myself

2) Or an existing member of our club.

Please do not share this page with anyone as you are about to become part of a very exclusive, closed door community.

Dear Future Super Affiliate Marketer,

Chances are you've tried to make money as an affiliate and ended up falling flat on your face...

You've probably joined countless numbers of affiliate programs, spent money on advertising , followed the latest "guru's" advice but still haven't made any REAL money.

Every day more and more people become 'trapped' in this vicious circle, while your credit card bills continue to rack up at an alarming rate.

You are not alone!

"Before We Go Any Further I'm Going To Show You CONCRETE Proof Of How My Mysterious Affiliate Formula Has Provided Me With A Lifestyle Most Can Only Dream Off..."

Recently the amount of websites that have been surfacing with "income" screen shots, coupled with wild claims has been absurd.

Do not let yourself get SUCKED IN by these tricks!

I've been generating a full time living online for over 8 years and screen shots like this are worthless.

In fact, in some cases people are spending $30,000 on 'Pay Per Click' Advertising, then showing an income of $10,000 and claiming they are making money. Well it's actually the opposite! They are actually losing money and deceiving you.

So be warned...

"I Guess Your Busting To Know How I Generate Such MASSIVE Profits From Affiliate Marketing?"

Well I will let you in on one little secret.

It will most likely surprise and upset a lot of people out there

"Absolutely ZERO of this Affiliate Income Is Generated Using 'Pay Per Click' Advertising And Hyped Up Software"

You've probably bought the latest "Google Adwords" software to give yourself the competitive edge and stake your share in the fortunes affiliates are making online.

But are you fighting a losing battle?

Recently you will have noticed the FLOOD of pay per click software infiltrating the market place.

At the start it was highly effective but times are changing...

Everybody now has the 'secret pay per click software' which in turn creates a "saturation" problem.

You no longer have the competitive edge when every other affiliate marketer is using the same tools.

"I noticed this trend several months ago and decided to reverse engineer an affiliate formula SO POWERFUL that it created affiliate earnings beyond even my wildest dreams"

PROOF CASE STUDY 1: $70,782.27 Commissions
in 7 Days selling Access To The 'Marketing
Main Event 3' Membership Website.


My name is Jeremy Gislason.

In June 2007 my business partner, Simon Hodgkinson and I released our Marketing Main Event 3 website.

We had a ton of partners on board and some of the biggest names in the industry, including guys with offices, big staff and very tough competitor's

Andrew Fox came burst straight out of the gate as soon as the website was live, leading the pack. His conversion rates were off the chart and he was able to generate $134,000 in sales in less than 7 days.

His final commission was $70,782.27 which is truly un believable.

He is the best at affiliate marketing without a doubt. Any chance you ever get to learn from him, grab it with both hands.

- Jeremy Gislason



Jeremy Gislason


PROOF CASE STUDY 2: $29,813.00 Promoting
Google Cash Detective Software

Hi my name is Chris Carpenter.

In June 2007 my business partner Steven Scott and I released the software GC Detective. We had several affiliates promoting the product. But there was one who REALLY taught everyone a lesson.

That guy was Andrew Fox.

In fact we closed the doors after one hour as we were only selling a limited number of copies. Andrew sold well over $100,000 gross sales in less than an hour!

If we kept the website open for longer who knows how many commissions Andrew could have made. He really is an affiliate like none other and was a pleasure to work with.

- Chris Carpenter



Chris Carpenter, GC Detective

PROOF CASE STUDY 3: $90,388.85 Selling Clickbank affiliate products so far this year (This is only one account, I have several)

This is just one of my Clickbank accounts.

On the right hand side, the green figures are the pay checks I receive every 2 weeks.

As you can see some have been as high as $35,469.43. This is the NET PROFIT I keep after promotions.

I've made regular $4000 - $6000 paychecks when I'm not carrying out any big promotion.

As soon as something big happens I can generate $10,000+ pay checks in an instant.


"The Industry Was In A State Of Shock And Confusment As I Dominated Every Product I Promoted, Generating MASSIVE Commission Pay Days..."

My email box was getting SLAMMED with requests from top marketers BEGGING to share my secrets.

"Andrew, how on earth are you generating these MASSIVE affiliate commissions?!"

Several were offering to Paypal me $10,000+ to reveal my methods.

At a recent seminar held in New York, one expert marketer was willing to write me a blank check on the spot!

- Brian T. Edmondson
Internet Marketing Expert

"My name is Brian Edmondson.

I've been generating a good income online now both as a product owner and affiliate for quite some time.

In New York 2006, I had the chance to meet Andrew Fox in person, a guy who dominates affiliate marketing like no other.

I've never seen ANYONE consistently rank so high in any affiliate promotion he takes part in.

[Click there video to the left and press play to hear what Brian said](http://www.brianedmondson.com/foxytest/)


I turned down every single offer...

I wanted to refine and the test my methods to make them duplicable for ANY affiliate marketer.

"My Mystery Affiliate Formula Was Causing Chaos All Over Internet . At The Age Of Just 26 Years Old I Was Generating More Profit Than Some Multi Million Dollar Corporations"

As you can see from the PROOF above I've managed to leverage the Internet to create an extraordinary lifestyle at such a young age.

And I can assure you of one thing...

- It's NOT from promoting the latest 'dish of the week' product

- It's NOT doing battle with Google Adsense attempting to create false search engine listings.

After 8 years of generating a full time income online, I'm FINALLY laying down the gauntlet.

If YOU want to learn how to generate massive affiliate income, from the comfort of your own home with one full time employee your answer lies here

It's time to announce my FIRST TIME EVER 'hands on' coaching program.

"Introducing The 'CB Affiliate Formula' Insider's Club - My Personal Inner Circle That Will Show YOU How To Generate Massive Internet Wealth And Affiliate Commissions On Demand"

Inside this "invite only" club you will be able to turn yourself into an Internet Profit machine.

You'll learn the formula I've used to sell TONS of different products on Clickbank, bank massive affiliate earnings, grow my email list every day without fail and create multiple STEADY income streams.

These tactics will put you light years ahead of the competition as I share my latest 'insider results' on an ongoing basis every month.

I guarantee this will be one of the most elite 'no holds' barred coaching programs of it kind.

If you don't have a product, website or email list then consider this your 'fast track' to success.

If you are already a successful marketer, you'll learn a TON of new advanced tricks that will 'hands down' BOOST your profits.

Do you need to get to the next level where you can casually buy a new Ferrari without even caring about it?

Here's a 'Step-by-Step' Breakdown Of The Exact Cutting Edge '7 Component' Training Material You receive every single month as part of my Elite Inner Circle...

CB Affiliate Formula Component #1. Two Business Building Joint Venture Case Studies Per Month (Value $10,000)

As part of my inner circle, 2 members will be selected per month for an exclusive Joint Venture with me.

My team and I will help create a brand new or modify an existing product you have , revamp the sales copy, set up everything you need to EXPLODE your profits.

After this process is complete, we will announce the product to our whole subscriber base AND affiliate base which will generate $1000's of income.

As a member you will see each step of the process in full motion video, screen cam, tutorials and PDF guides
Case Study September 2007. How A 15 Year old kid from Florida Joint Ventured with me and created over $6500 in sales in the first 7 days

BJ Dolla. The 15 Year Kid From Florida I Joint Ventured With.



I was introduced to this guy by Lisa Diane, owner of a mulit million dollar enterprise.

BJ was her 15 year old son and even at such a young age had generated income and actually bought a $70,000 Hummer H2 a year before he had his driving license.

I decided to accept the challenge of working with BJ to create a product on Clickbank, about the law of attraction.

He wasn't going to get let off lightly. BJ was going to have to prove to me that he could create sales copy, find a target niche, understand how to broadcast emails.

The results were remarkable especially considering his age!

It's PROOF anyone can succeed on the Internet with a little help.


Critique Element #1: Screen Cam Tutorial Video

In this video critique I run through the whole sales letter explaining what elements are done well, why it will make people want to buy.

I touch upon certain things that MUST be stressed (factors than can lose you a lot of money) and how to correct them.

This is invaluable information that you can apply to your own website or affiliate marketing efforts.

If you are still needed to create your own product this will be an excellent quick start guide.


Critique Element #2: Background "Insider Tactics" PDF

This PDF guide will explain WHY this product was chosen and what made it stand out in the market place.

You will see the EXACT way I approached the promotion, the email copy used.

I will reveal number of clicks, sales, conversion rate, how much profit.

You gain KILLER inside information that is normally kept in my secret marketing vault



CB Affiliate Formula Component #2. Quick Start Affiliate Guide Crash Course Video Introduction, 'Step By Step' PDF Blueprint & Flow Chart (Value $297)

If you have tried affiliate marketing and failed miserably before you will LOVE this guide. It's like nothing you have ever seen before.

Confused about Pay Per Click, Blogs, Landing Pages? You won't be after this.

First step is to download your "No BS cut-through-the-crap" action plan.

Second you will watch an introduction where I will talk to you in FULL MOTION video.

Inside you will discover..

- The #1 Secret Of I've used to make fortunes with Affiliate Marketing

- Is Pay Per Click still a viable way to generate good affiliate profits?

- Why having your own product can boost your affiliate profits by 537%.

- Why it's important to build an "Affiliate business" as opposed to a 'hit & run' promotion.

- How one of my insider spies discovered why 90% of the Guru Affiliates are not making anywhere near as much as they should

- The MISTAKE most affiliate marketers make that destroys their campaigns (while people like me CASH IN on their mistakes)

- Why using a combination, of audio, video and email can quadruple your affiliate profits

Alongside this full motion video I have created a flow chart to help aid your learning which are very popular.


CB Affiliate Formula Component #3. Intermediate Training Giving You The Steps I've used to create HUGE Affiliate Pay Days. Presented PDF And Full Motion Video(Value $497)
This section is aimed at intermediate to advanced affiliate marketer.

If you've been affiliate marketing but feel you should be earning a lot from your promotion, prepare to have YOUR eyes opened.

You will discover why I generate tens time more than affiliates with similar size email lists....




CB Affiliate Formula Component #4. "The Secret Testing Lab". You will see a full breakdown of my TOP affiliate promotions and insider numbers previously never available (Value $997)
IF you want to become a HYPER affiliate that makes HUGE money online this section is critical.

This section shows exact break down's of my biggest pay days such as $70,000+, $29,813, $15,434 and many more.

Discover my finely tuned methods...

- How you can use my "Affiliate Geiger" counter to tell whether an affiliate promotion is worth promoting.

- The under looked power of using the "soft promo" method to rack up MASSIVE residual income.

- The EXACT metrics for every promotion. Amount of clicks sent, amount of commissions earned.

- The EXACT emails I used, follow ups sent, how I use audio and video and when is the right and wrong time to use each one.

- What you MUST ask any affiliate before you carry out a promotion for them (or they could end up stealing your profits - be careful)

- How to "catch on" to the best series of products to promote and cash in on affiliate marketing the "lazy" way.

I guarantee any affiliate can boost their profits by 5 - 10 times their current earnings by using this single guide


CB Affiliate Formula Component #5. Interactive Support and Private Mentor Forum. Strictly for Members Only

Contained in the "CB Insider Forum" is the support you need.

Featuring full time mentors this will be your #1 resource for affiliate marketing.

Included in the Forum sections where:

- You can ask any questions to qualified affiliate mentors that have been hand picked by myself.

- Announce your products and get help and support as you develop them

- Get advanced notification about "hot promotions" that you can take part in as an affiliate

- Always be kept to date with my most advanced methods in affiliate marketing

- Network with the 'best of best'. I can assure you now several top affiliate marketers cannot wait to contribute to this forum.



CB Affiliate Formula Component #6 Access To Classified MP3 Recording of Experts Who Have Used The Affiliate Formula With Colossal Success
Interview #1 - Mike Filsaime

Mike recently launched his Butterfly Marketing Manuscript product through Clickbank.

Using special tactics revealed in this Internet, Mike has made over a million dollars as a result.

Before I released one of my products called Dominating CB, I consulted with Mike and found his advice to be priceless Since then I've sold 2000+ copies of Dominating CB inside 3 months.

This interview is dynamite and most important will HELP YOU make more money

Interview #2 - Jeff Mulligan

Jeff owns the #1 Clickbank search engine called CBMall.com

It has never had a traffic ranking on Alexa below 10,000 which is totally incredible.

Jeff revealed how you can boost your Clickbank rating in the market place for no extra cost at all.

What you should have in your search title to make even more sales

How he boosted his profits by 38% for something that took 5 minutes to add to his website (This one *REALLY* shocked me.)

"Do You Understand The MASSIVE Amount Of Difference A Charter Membership To "CB Affiliate Formula" is Going To Make To Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts?"

To date I've never seen a 'hands on' coaching club dedicated to affiliate marketing ever released.

"The CB Affiliate Formula" is so powerful that it can only be offered to a limited number of people.

So how much is a membership really worth to you?

Before we answer that listen to a few more PROOF comments about recent affiliate promotions...

PROOF CASE STUDY 4: $29,846.80 Gross sales within a few days for Keyword X Ray


When I released KeywordXRAY you easily generated almost $30,000 in commissions and you had a late start. Based on your efforts, I'm sure you would have done at lease $60,000 had you been one of the first to promote XRAY!

Truth be told, I was shocked when I heard you decided to release your ClickBank Affiliate Marketing secrets to the public.

People have been begging you for a years to share what you know and you have said no every time.

I'm very excited to see what you reveal as you're one of those guys that everyone wants to join their affiliate program because you completely dominate!

- Wesley W.
Creator of KeywordXRAY.com



PROOF CASE STUDY 5: $12,544.00 Sales For a
$77 Info product


I remember when I released my "11 Days to List Profits" product in February 2007.

You told me "I'll easily be one of your top affiliates". In fact if I'm not in your top 3 don't even pay me!

I thought that was a bit of a bold statement considering the competition you were up against.

So launch day came and never once did you leave the top of the leader board.

I really don't know how you do it so consistently.

Quite frankly I'm stunned at your affiliate marketing methods.

- Michael Cheney


"The Important Question Now Is Do You Qualify For One Of The 1000 Charter Memberships To The Most Powerful Affiliate Coaching Club On The Planet?"

By now you've seen undisputed PROOF of how I've generated $100,000's this year alone just from affiliate marketing and taught my students with great success.

You've seen that affiliate marketing can be one of the fastest, profitable and most exciting ways to generate income online.

It's not luck, its a special formula that I've perfected after 'trial and error' over 8 years that has produced ,massive pay days on multiple occasions...

But do you qualify?

1) You must be willing to apply what I teach and promise to send me your testimonial when you make your first $1000 using my methods.

2) You will be required to keep what you learn to yourself and may be required to sign a "Non Disclosure" agreement.

3) If you join my "CB Affiliate Coaching" coaching club today and drop out you may have to wait as much as 6 months to get back in (When spaces fill up I expect this to be a very closed door community)

To 'sweeten the pot' and make this club truly irresistible I'm also inlcuding the following fast action bonuses,

Fast Action Bonuses Up For Grabs For Those Who Take Action Right Now...

Action Bonus #1- Private Audio MP3 Interview between Corey Rudl and Andrew Fox including PDF Transcript ($97 Value)

Corey was one of the greatest pioneers of Internet Marketing of our time before he sadly passed away.

I was lucky enough to interview him on how he created such a huge, loyal affiliate army. This is very important to help build a CB army for your own product.

Corey charged $2800 an hour for his consulting and his company now grosses $19 million a year in sales!

Action Bonus #2- Private Audio MP3 Interview between Jonathan Mizel and Andrew Fox ($77 Value)

Jonathan Mizel has made a lot of money on Clickbank as an affiliate for people's products.

(I've seen his pay periods as high as $50,000+ for 2 weeks earnings on Clickbank!)

I grill him in this interview as he talks live from his Hawaii palace what the Internet Lifestyle has done for him.

You will learn A LOT about affiliate marketing on Clickbank from this interview...

"Here's a final re cap about the MASSIVE Value A Charter Membership To The 'CB Affiliate Formula' Is Really Worth...

Detail of Product
Real Time Value
2 Joint Venture's Will Be Selected Per Month From Members Database.

Video Tutorials and PDF Results Will be Posted For ALL Members To See Every Month,


(My Joint Venture For September produced just over this amount in the first week) Quick Start Affiliate Guide Crash Course Video Introduction, 'Step By Step' PDF Blueprint & Flow Chart
$297 Intermediate Training Giving You The Steps I've used to create HUGE Affiliate Pay Days. Presented in PDF And Full Motion Video.
$497 "The Secret Testing Lab". You will see a full breakdown of my TOP affiliate promotions and insider numbers previously never available
$997 Interactive Dedicated Training Forum featuring mentors
$197 Access To Classifed MP3 Recording of Experts Each Month Featuring Clients using the CB Affiliate Formula With Colossal Success
Everything featured in the "CB Affiliate Formula" website is FRESH, cutting edge material.

You cannot get your hands on this ORIGINAL material anywhere..

As you can see from the table above the value equates to at least $12,285.00

If you broke that down to a monthly cost it would be $12,285 / 12 = $1023.75 per month.

Remember I generate $10,000+ PROFIT commission from most of my affiliate promotions and am giving you the step by step blueprint.

But $1023.75 might be a bit too much for many struggling affiliates....

So I thought about this.... what would be a fair asking price?

In my mind I was thinking of a BARE MINIMUM of $297. Even at that it was far to low..

After Much Consulation I Have Decided Upon A Special "Charter Member" cost that can increase at any point...

I figured it was time to give back and offer the 'fast action takers' something they had NEVER seen before.

So instead of the ROCK BOTTOM pricing of $297 per month I've decided on something ANYONE can afford.

This will not last long and it only open for a limited period only.

The charter membership investment [ is just $97 per month.](#order)

Forget trying to justify that price any further. There is NOTHING that can compete with the 'value for money' factor.

And trust me , its not going to last long as these trial spots will be snapped up quicker than ever before. [Click here to secure your spot](#order)

I Guarantee You Multiply Your Investment Several Times In 56 Days... Or You Get Every Penny Back!

Click the play button below to listen to my personal guarantee

I am so overly confident that you are going to be absolutely thrilled with your membership to the CB Affiliate Formula', I'm going to reverse all the risk.

That's why I'm offering to let you try the program and then decide, give it a 56 day 'test-drive'.

Go ahead and review my "CB Affiliate Formula" program in it's entirety (that's almost 300 minutes of information-packed hours in total ) without risking a single dime. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied and think this is worth every penny-- I will be happy to refund every penny of your purchase.

I personally guarantee that -- within the next 56 days-- you will be delighted with this information

... or I'll promptly refund every dime of your money! -- even if you decide to return it just before the last day. No explanation is necessary. This is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation to keep the program if you're not 100% satisfied.

All the risk is on me. I cannot be any more fair than that

All you need to do is click the order button below to be taken to our secure hassle order form.

We process through Clickbank, one the world leading secure and most trusted credit card processors

'CB Affiliate Formula' Membership
Order Form

YES! I Want To Secure Membership Access Immediately For The All Time low introductory price of Just $297 $197 $97 per month.

Andrew, I am ready to learn the 'tried and tested' secrets of making money as an affiliate using your step by step video and PDF blueprints

I understand that I will gain immediate access as soon as my I make payment[]

I understand you will hold nothing back and show me the exact same tactics you have used to generate massive affiliate paydays.

I understand you will teach me via cutting edge videos material that you have never shown before every month.

Finally I understand memberships could sell out at any moment and I must order now to secure my spot.



[Click here to order now for just $197 $97 $97 Special Price ](http://1.formulabd.pay.clickbank.net)

Wishing you the very best of success!

Andrew Fox

PS: Remember, this is one the fastest growing market places online today. Do not let this opportunity pass you by and regret it later. [Order now](#order)

PPS. There is [no risk to you at all](#order). I offer a full 56 day money back guarantee. If you don't feel these my membership site is worth every penny contact my help desk and I'll personally refund every penny.

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