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If getting into a Private or Independent School is important to you, then your child must ACE the ISEE or SSAT Exam.

Let's face it, just an average score will probably not get you into competitive private

 You only get one chance to excel on these very critical tests. Don't 
regret not doing everything you could to give your child the advantage that they needed.


With PrivateSchoolExam.com 's online tutoring program you will gain a strategic advantage and maximize your
child's chances to score high, write "The Perfect Essay," and get accepted into the finest private schools

Dear Friend,

Only 25% of students that apply for some very competitive Private or Independent schools are admitted. Yes, 3 out of 4 applicants
are rejected. Don't let this happen to your child. You must understand the process and gain an advantage over your competition. Let's face it,
your child's future is at stake.

PrivateSchoolExam.com online ISEE & SSAT tutoring program will give you
the tools you need to get into your dream school.

Yes, that's a bold statement, but we can back it up. We guarantee that we will give your child that maximum advantage and the upper hand to
out perform the competition. PrivateSchoolExams.com's Maximum Advantage program will arm your child with the tools that they need to ACE the ISEE
or the SSAT. They will learn all the essential secrets to maximize their score and gain that strategic advantage over the others in the field of

Guiding you through the Verbal, Essay, and Strategy sections will be Heather Spiegel. Heather
is a legendary Test Prep guru, professional writer, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude (Dartmouth), and Rhodes Scholar
candidate. Heather is a master instructor of the ISEE, SSAT and SAT exams, and will also guide you through the hundreds of
interactive test prep sample questions. Click Here to take a quick peek at Heather giving an introduction to the ISEE and SSAT - Just
1 of 20 videos. (Internet Explorer Required, DSL or Cable Modem recommended).

Dr. Ralph Georgy, MA, PhD UC Berkeley will guide you through the Math sections covering
over 100 topics including Algebra, Solving Word Problems, Geometry, Graphs,
Fractions, Percent, Decimals, Prabability, Statistics, Distance, Volume, Measurement, and so much more (See Topics). While Dr.Ralph is a brilliant Mathematician, he is a reknowned tutor
because of his ability to make Math simple. With over 20 years experience, Dr. Ralph commands up to $200 per hour for his private
tutoring assignments in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Newport Beach, California. Dr. Ralph's students are typically accepted into the
finest middle schools, high schools, Universities and graduate schools in the country. Dr. Ralph provides over 4 hours of Math test
prep video tutoring. 

Despite the stellar credentials, both of your guides make learning fun and easy.

The PrivateSchoolExam.com program includes hundreds of sample test prep
questions in both the ISEE & SSAT formats. Your child will have weeks of practice in math, reading comprehension,
sentence completion, analogies, and synonyms. And your child will not be all alone when practicing for the exam. Each question has
a moderated explanation so they will learn not only the correct answer, but how the correct answer was arrived at.  Each segment
is graded so the student can assess where they are strong and where they need more practice. Visit our demo below and sample some of
our practice material.  


Sample some of our interactive practice questions. PrivateSchoolExam.com includes hundreds of practice
questions with complete explanations. Available 24/7.

Click an image below to try. (Adjust Your Speakers)



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 Why did we create PrivateSchoolExam.com? Because my wife and I spent a bundle on private tutors. We started with six
one-hour sessions at $95 per hour. And just to be sure our daughter was really prepared, we found another tutoring company and ordered 4
more sessions at $97 per session. So when you add in the cost of books we spent over $1000 for test preparation. And to our surprise, we found
out that some families had spent thousands more on elite pivate tutors. But when our daughter wanted to review the material, the tutor was gone.
Time was up.

Well, we knew that there had to be a better way. A less expensive option that was perhaps as good or better than a private tutor.
Don't get me wrong, we have nothing against private tutors - ours did a great job. But, we wanted to create something better at an
affordable price point. So we thought, what if we could take the collective genius from a group of educators and team them with the best
ISEE & SSAT tutors and create an engaging high tech product that would give students an almost unfair advantage. What if we could
reveal all the secrets and strategies that these experts typically share with only a select few high-paying clients? We could help level
the playing field and bring high test scores within the grasp of many more deserving students. We could help hard-working families
realize their dreams, and give some wonderful children an opportunity to achieve their goals.

Thanks to the collabarative efforts of a dedicated team of professors, professional educators, writers, mathematicians, content
developers, editors, technical masterminds, presenters, and a few geeks, we are able to provide you with and incomparable test prep

Here's what you get: 

The most coveted
ISEE & SSAT test-taking secrets to maximize your child's test scores.

Step by step techniques for writing "The Perfect Essay" that will WOW the school selection

Hundreds of
interactive sample questions for actual ISEE and SSAT practice

Eight hours of instructor directed learning by prominent test prep tutors

Every question answered by our experts in detail so that
your child understands the CONCEPT and can apply that concept to other problems.

In depth discussion and expert advice on
Math, Reading Comprehension, Analogies,
Synonyms, Sentence Completion and Vocabulary strengthening

A vault of sample
test prep content developed exclusively for PrivateSchoolExam.com by an amazing team of experts with impeccable credentials,
based on information provided by the test makers and releases of actual exams.

Vital strategies
in time management that will allow them to successfully answer more quesitons

24 hour
access for an entire year. Your child can watch the videos, or practice their skills any time they want to. No need to wait
for a tutor - they have one anytime.

A low, low price
point that makes elite tutoring available for any budget.

Complete and total satisfaction - Guaranteed.


Don't get boxed in with an average test score. This is your chance to separate your child from the crowd of
other applicants. Help your child distinguish themself from the others and score high on the entrance exam. Your child will be
absolutely confident once they have completed our course.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with PrivateSchoolExam.com or we will give you a complete
refund. We also guarantee that if your child uses our program, tips, and strategies, that they will maximize
their score. Your child's success is our goal.
You can buy it, you can use it. And if you call us in up to 2 months and say you are not 100% satisfied with our
product, we will issue you a complete refund. In fact, if you are not satisfied with your child's performance on
the test, you are entitled to a refund.

That makes your purchase today completely risk free.


And just one more thing. Don't Wait!

You only have one chance to take the ISEE or SSAT and get into the school of your dreams. Don't sit on the fence and let this opportunity pass
you by. This is not something that you want to regret years down the road. Order PrivateSchoolExam.com's Maximum Advantage online tutoring
program now.

$199 is a small investment that could pay lifelong dividends. Place your order today and your child will master the ISEE or SSAT exam
- Guaranteed.


Yes, We Want To Have This Incredible Package!

Now Only   $199 $99... 

Limited Time Only


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* A high-speed modem (DSL or Cable) is highly recommended. While our programs will work with
lower bandwidth, the video quality may prove unsatisfactory. 

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In

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