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Dear Internet Friend,
y name is Rick Beneteau and among other things I'm the author of the top-selling ebooks, The Ezine Marketing Machine and Success: A Spiritual Matter. Please stay with me here because I'm going to prove to you how you too can earn the kind of money, and, get the great reputation that the Big Name Internet Marketing Stars do!

You might be reading this wondering why your great product or opportunity isn't selling on the Internet. Maybe you're frustrated with the precious few hits you're getting on your website. Or, you could be totally confused about how or where to even start your Internet business. You might even be thinking that it's only a lucky chosen few with money, resources and perhaps the "golden touch" who are able to reap cyber-riches.


Here's some grit truth. A few short years ago I was broke. In fact, I was more than broke. I was drowning in divorce debt! I made my decision to change that and be successful with nothing more than average intelligence, a little character and a dial-up connection! And I knew nothing (nada, zero, zip, zilch) about the Internet, long after 'other' known names (most of these 'guru's' now  endorse me:-) were well-known!

How did I do it? I used a very simple but powerful concept called Personal Branding! 

Now, you've probably heard all the buzz about 'branding', but I'm not talking about branding your products, or your service, or your website. I'm talking about branding the one thing that's more important and far more powerful  - I'm talking about Branding YOU! 

I'm also not talking about spending any more of your hard earned money on marketing products or expensive Internet advertising and promotion. Not one red cent! You can be dead broke like I was, and within months, be on the fast track to Internet fame and fortune! 

Most important, I'm not talking about stopping anything you're doing and starting from scratch, although you'll certainly reconsider a lot of your marketing efforts after reading my book:-)

What I am talking about is the single most powerful Internet marketing concept known today, and not applying this concept is exactly why SO many entrepreneurs are frustrated or floundering or even giving up. I'm going to prove that if you [Use] my Personal Branding methods you will: 

Quickly become a Popular Internet Personality 

Earn Great Recognition as a Respected Expert

Enjoy a tremendous Increase in Targeted Traffic to your website

Quickly Build the most valuable asset you will ever own on the Internet - your opt-in list

Quickly Build a list of powerful Joint Venture partners who will promote your products to their large opt-in lists. You will also be invited to participate in reciprocal JV's where you can earn a massive amount of income promoting their products

Receive truckloads of FREE Publicity - your articles will be featured all over the Internet; you will be invited to be a guest on tele-seminars, web-interviews, ebook interviews, radio interviews; you will be mentioned often in large web-boards and discussion lists; you will be invited to speak at conferences, and on and on

Save a ton of money on, or even totally avoid expensive Internet advertising, and, most important . . .


Look, you can learn all the latest tips, tricks and tactics to attract attention, but if you do NOT have the status, respect and large contact base that the Big Marketers do, and that only Personal Branding can bring you, then what's the point? Think small, stay small, right? 

What I am about to teach you I guarantee will change your Internet life as you now know it - in a big way!

In the name of saving you precious time, here's the bottom line:

If You  . . .

have at least average intelligence and common sense

truly want to improve your lifestyle by doing business on the Internet

have a little 'personality', and

a desire to help other people

. . . then I will show you how you can become one of the upper 1% of online entrepreneurs and start earning the kind of money that will blow your cyber-socks off! I won't insult you and put a ridiculous dollar value on that claim ie: "Make Six Figures in 30 days" (like, sure:-) because only you can decide how much time and effort you're willing to invest in your Internet future. I can only guarantee you that if you follow the simple and practical methods I have used, you will dramatically increase your Internet earnings. Big time!

I want to hand you the keys, the roadmap and the vehicle for your quick ride to Success on the Internet:

[ ](http://1.byabb.pay.clickbank.net)

Now, if you're wondering why you should trust me (I'll totally understand considering all the scam artists and self-proclaimed "gurus" on the Internet), you can [click here right now](http://www.brandingyouonline.com/testimonials.htm) to read that I am endorsed by most of the top marketers on the Internet (whose names you know and trust), as well as review scores of personal testimonials from people from all walks of life that I have helped. 

The reigning queen of Affiliate Program Marketing and author of the best-selling


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