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"STOP Losing Money To The Forex Market Right Now!"

"Discover 3 Extremely Profitable Forex System's That Guarantee To Cut Pip's Out Of The Market Every Day And Change The Way You Trade Forever!"

"Stop Wasting Time On Complicated Over-Priced Programs And Discover 3  Powerful Step By Step Strategies That Even A 10 Year Old Could Understand and profit from!"


From: Dean Saunders
Subject: Get real trading results
    Dear forex trader,   If I gave you 3 trading systems that cut pips out of the market every week with very little draw down how much money could you make?
I want to tell you a little secret that very few people believe or even want to admit.  Most FOREX traders Lose Money I realise it is hard to believe but I've seen my fair share of traders losing money. You don't need to be a genius to know that consistent losses in a leveraged account will wipe you out in no time. 95% of traders lose money consistently while the other 5% are making piles of it!

Would You Like To know What The Top 5% Of Traders Know?

After years of trading and perfecting my trading system's I have reached consistent profitability, but it wasn't easy. Before I set out to develop my own trading systems I like everyone jumped from system to system, I bought just about every single system for sale on the net along with seminars and online courses. You name it, I probably bought it and tested it.

Most systems out there are just too complicated to work, they have a rule for every situation and no matter what you do you still lose more than you gain.

I have developed and traded 3 systems that the average Joe can easily understand, implement and start turning a daily profit with straight away. In fact my systems are so simple that you will practically wonder why so little people are making money in the forex markets!

"Now here's the crazy part that is going to keep you awake tonight!"

Once you know all my trading strategies, you will have a major advantage over most people trying to make money in the forex market. With a little practice you will be way ahead of 95% of the traders out there. So what does this mean?

You will be able to exploit the market for profit  again and again.

I will show exactly how to make a consistent income from taking trades based on a sound winning edge. There are no tricks or schemes, just a tried and tested framework that will grow your trading account at a steady rate with little drawdown.

Introducing... The Blade Forex Strategies


  5M Scalping System Value $149.99
The 5M Scalping System Is a extremely simple and profitable scalping system to trade the 5 minute charts on pairs with low spread like the EUR/USD.

This trading system requires more consistent monitoring, stops are always very low at 5 pips and profit targets at least 10 pips. You can expect to have around 3 days suitable to scalp in a week, each session can have up to 3 trades.
4H Breakout Value $149.99
  The 4H Breakout System Is a truly amazing and simple system for position trading off of the 4H charts. This system requires very little monitoring and rewards you with awesome win% and risk reward on each trade.
Most trade's are catapulted into profit within the hour and tight stops ensure all losses are kept to a minimum. If you are looking for a simple system to grow your trading account then this is it!
  Divergence System Value $149.99
The Knife Divergence System pinpoints market turning points with amazing accuracy. This system can be used on any time frame and  requires very little monitoring while trades are setting up.
Again Losses are cut shot while profits run. This system is not only simple it is very enjoyable, capturing these market turning points is also extremely profitable!

Total Value= $449,97


Here's A Quick look What You'll Discover Inside the Blade Forex Strategies.

A high probability and low risk entry setups with detailed coverage on how to enter... it's so simple!

Easy to follow step by step instructions on all aspects of the 3 trading systems.

3 amazing systems, whether you 8 minutes a day or 8 hours a day to trade you will find a system to fit your needs.

Less is more, gaining 15-20% monthly on your trading account is not as hard as you may think.

Discover which currencies are ready to make a huge move.

Advanced money management rules, disregard these and prepare to loose you trading account.

No complicated rules at all, if X happens you do Y simple as that.

How you can predict what the big dogs next move is before the herd gets on board.

How to scalp the 5 minute charts for profits day after day.

One thing you can change in you trading that is guaranteed to improve your results.

How to add to your winning trades and build enormously profitable positions to run with the longer term trend.

Where to place your stop, this is critical to your success.

How to add to your trading technique slowly over time.

Discover why risk reward is so important in the long run and why your odds of success are attached to this.


These systems are so affective, that you'll wonder why I don't charge 2, 3 or even 4X more for it!


Why My System's Blows Away the Competition?

You are probably wondering why The Blade Forex Strategies work so well? Well I will let you in on a secret, listen carefully because the guru's don't want you to know this.

The reason will surprise you.. Almost all professional forex traders pay very close attention to key support and resistance levels along with certain moving averages. This is the foundation of my 3 trading system's.

To further improve my trading results I use these key support and resistance levels combined with my entry techniques this results in very high probability trade setups!


"Proof That The Blade Forex Strategies Have Already Dramatically Changed The Trading Lives Of Countless People Around The World! The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"


'I Cant Believe This'


Thank you for your great trading system's I have already made some great trades using your entries.

I was not sure if you know this but the M4 Knife system works great on futures markets also!

Thanks again

Bill NY

'I gained 400 pips'

Hello Dean

When I received your system I couldn't wait to put it to the test. I have now been testing it for 1 month and I am way ahead. I gained 400 pips on your 4H Knife system and 70 pips on the M5 Scalping system.

You have really opened my eyes to a simple way to profit in the forex market. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone planning on trading the forex market.

Chris UK


Hi Dean

Thank you for checking up on me, all I can say is WOW. Your right forex doesn't have to be complicated. You showed that to me and I am forever grateful.

Right time to get back to the charts.

many thanks

James FL

'At Last'
Hi Dean,

I wanted to let you know that at last I am starting to see consistency in my trading. I love the 4H Breakout system it has been the one I've been using these past weeks with great success.

Thanks for everything.

Liam UK


Every day a few select people in the know are putting $10,000's into their bank account by trading forex. Are you wondering how they do it? Well they don't get there by sitting around!

They got there by learning a truly profitable system that is easy to implement every day! They got there by taking action!

Now Its your turn..

" There's no reason why you can't do the same!"


Take My 100% Risk FREE 8 Week Guarantee!

The Blade Forex Strategies


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