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Male Balance and Female Balance.

The Key to your Evolvement is Finding this Balance.

Do you Know Where your Male/Female 'Split' Lies?

(Guided Meditation Included)

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Internationally renowned Clairvoyant and Metaphysician Natasha Lakaev describes how each of us has a male/female split which needs 'sorting out'.

There is no denying that most of us tend to lean more towards either masculine or feminine traits, regardless of whether we are male or female.

Learn how to truly balance these differences out...
Can we become so 'neutral that we can fully function within our world and that of others around us?

The answer is 'Yes'!

Many times we wonder to ourselves "what is wrong?" "There is something 'missing' in our lives".

The fact is that the answer could be as simple as realising and adjusting the fact that our male and female selves are not balanced, therefore we are not complete, fully One.

It is necessary to get a grasp on what our male self and what our female self are truly about so that we may develop both to their full potential, thus enabling us to fully evolve and 'integrate'.

All your feminine emotions and all your masculine emotions exist at the same time with equal velocity and equal intensity, regardless of your gender.

For this reason it is essential to ensure they remain in equilibrium.

However, within today's society there are such disparate differences between the genders that we are literally making ourselves and our planet ill.

This includes creating for ourselves specific male and female related illnesses such as breast problems, PMT, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.


I have now read this in conjuction with the other reports available through the Natasha Lakaev website and I'm enjoying piecing the puzzle together.

I feel much more comfortable with my gammit of emotions knowing they are all relevant and can create balance within myself as well as improve my understanding of what is going on for others.

Andrea S


What you Learn in Male Balance and Female Balance:

Emotions associated with Male Self and Female Self
Left/Right Split
The Role of Femininity/Masculinity

In reality, males are emotional, if not more emotional than females and females are strong, if not stronger than men.

In view of this, it is imperative that we gain a clear perspective on where we are at as a society and to do something about changing the age old beliefs we have about each respective gender.

Once we do this, we may evolve past these male and female imbalances to become 'neutral' - able to experience life and the people around us to the full.

This is what we can promise you with this Special Report - short, concise information which is backed up by experiential exercises - a Worksheet Questionnaire and Meditations to kickstart your balancing process.

Once an understanding of the importance of this particular balance within the body is achieved, true healing can take place and a balancing of your whole 'system' can occur.

We have been teaching what we know best in both book form and via programmes for over 20 years in Australia and internationally and during that time this information has impacted on thousands of people.

And the fact is, you already know all the information, its just that at some point you chose to forget what you know.

Well, now it is time to remember

You have the right to remember this information and regain your most precious birthright.


Benefits Gained from Male Balance and Female Balance:
Realise the Potential of your Evolvement and 'True' Self Reassess your Biases and Judgements in Relation to the Male and Female Gender Begin Balancing your Male and Female Self through Awareness and Meditation

Nothing is gained from remaining imbalanced on any level within the body whether that be physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

Gaining the ability to not judge and accept everything that is happening for you is the first step to complete awareness and adjusting those traits within yourself which are no longer needed.

Take the step toward balancing your male and female selves so that you can become clear and fully functioning and able to better interact with other males and females around you.


This gave me a new dimension to my understanding of what it means to be a male and how to relate and share a meaningful connected relationship with other males. 

It has allowed me to identify my issues and patterns with the opposite gender and begin to integrate them into my life. 

It has been a truly amazing process and one I will treasure.

David M


Our Offer to You - Special Bonuses

1. As well as the powerful and succinct information you will receive in this Special Report Male Balance and Female Balance , you will also receive FREE another Exclusive Report on a world first state of the art subject Cellular Memory.

The concept of Cellular Memory is still almost unheard of.

I discovered the key to cellular memory cleansing very early in my life and I have been experimenting and exploring the possibilities of this phenomenon ever since.

It has enabled myself and others to find answers to who we are and why we are the way we are and to actually make evolutionary changes to ourselves, our children and the direction or our planet.

I have spent over 30 years testing my theories on Cellular Memory and I have proven they do work!

My three intelligent, handsome, healthy and successful teenagers are a testament to this work as well as all those who follow the principles advocated.

Each student who comes in contact with these techniques and applies the methods of Cellular Memory cleansing soon realises the validity in this work because they test the process themselves and it works!

2. We will also provide a FREE Worksheet - Male Balance and Female Balance for you to immediately put this theory into practice.

So sit quietly and go through the steps to achieve a sense of where you are sitting currently in regards to this subject.

3. In addition to this, we offer a FREE Audio CD - Chakra Alignment Meditations, which guide you through meditations to help balance your whole system and realign any male and female imbalances.

This Meditation CD can be downloaded to an MP3 format.

Alternatively, we can send you the Meditation CD in the mail.

A full list of the Meditation CDs we offer is available at [www.natashalakaev.com.](http://www.natashalakaev.com)


The process has enabled me to see my life, relationships and family experiences in a totally different way. 

There is a level of gentleness, calmness and acceptance that I have not felt before. 

I feel clear and more capable of moving forward in my life.

Caron P

The Male Balance and Female Balance Package:
Special Report - Male Balance and Female Balance valued at $29.95 USD Exclusive Report - Cellular Memory valued at $29.95 USD Worksheet - Male Balance and Female Balance valued at $19.95 USD Information and Meditation Audio CD - Why Meditate valued at $29.95 USD

Total Value Art of Meditation Package - $109.75 USD

Total Cost to you - $17 USD




Just remember, if you buy this Special Report, Male Balance and Female Balance right now, you can read it within minutes, even while you are still sitting at your computer and in the comfort of your own home.

Utilise the meditation to relax with tonight!

You will feel refreshed and balanced and inspired to live your next day to the fullest.

Within the next few hours on a deeper level, a sense of connectedness will be permeating through you.

You will find that that empty feeling will dissipate as your need for an external fix disappears.

You will come to rely on your internal voice, your inner self (your Higher Self) to fulfil your needs and wants.

You will find that you feel an anticipation, an exhilaration about the information shared with you in this Special Report.

What one human being can do, all can do.

This maxim is one to keep in the forefront of your mind as you aim to live every day to its fullest.

The ability to love life and work at making every moment memorable and enjoyable, no matter what the situation or circumstance that is going on, good, bad or indifferent is a sensational gift to generate within oneself.

There is always a funny or lighter side to every obstacle, problem or issue.

With Male Balance and Female Balance you can learn the key to balancing these 'splits' within you easily and simply moving closer to your personal evolvement and filling the void that we sometimes feel - the feeling that there must be something more out there and thus the latter two points become your everyday reality.

This information will generate a feeling of happiness and contentedness throughout your daily life as you attach yourself to the source of knowledge that is your right to recapture and find within your life.

You will feel motivated, happy, excited, purpose-driven and find you crave more information and knowledge about these subjects and you will feel a deep desire to 'change'.

Once you step on the path of evolvement you cant step off, you will begin to experience and move through amazing things and they just keep going.

All we can tell you is it is worth the journey and no matter what the journey holds, in the end you will come out more awake and alive than ever!


The process has had a positive and profound effect on my life and my relationship.

Mari Smith


What Other People Say!

Those who read our Special Report on Male Balance and Female Balance maintain that it is a clear, concise, accurate explanation on the male self and female self within us.

It gives you an understanding of the balance that we need to achieve and an explanation as to why.

If you would like to read further testimonials, please click here [Testimonials](testimonials1.html) or at the top of this page.

Should you purchase our Male Balance and Female Balance Special Report, we would love it if you could also write in and let us know your experience.

Order now through our Secure Server to download your personal copy of your Special Report and Bonuses immediately.

All Audio files are in digital format and fully downloadable.

You can follow our easy instructions on the following page.


With the knowledge you will gain in this Special Report, plus the experiential know-how to make real, permanent changes, you will find you will want to learn even more.

If you do, please feel free to visit [www.natashalakaev.com](http://www.natashalakaev.com) to see what other books, reports and special features we have displayed and on offer.

We are sure there will be more to discover than you could ever dream of!

Again, if there is anything you would like to know or would like further clarification on, please feel free to send in your questions via our [Contact Us Form.](contactus.html)

There has not been any other time in history where we have had access to so much information.

Join us in the ride of a lifetime and consume as much knowledge as you can while you are here on this wondrous learning plane, planet Earth!

Well, we hope to hear from you soon as we journey forward to our common goal which for me personally is integrity, total responsibility, complete happiness and the positive evolution of our planet!

Happy Reading!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Natasha Lakaev
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