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Get your special FREE gift, two reports
by marketing Guru Jay Abraham on Australian dentist Paddi
Lund.  Also
get access to our MEMBERS ONLY Yahoo

Buy it now:
:Practice systems templates
:Effective Dental Sales system
:A-Z of drugs and solvents
:Medical Emergency Management System
As of 1st April 2007, 50% of the profit from all products will be donated equally between the Dental health Support programme and the BDA Benevolent fund.
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Up Live The Life You Love
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Our New Website
are people saying about GDP Resources?
there is a website whose sole aim is to improve the working lives
of all Dentists. 

GDP Resources proposes sensible philosophies
for modern dentists, that challenge current working practices borne
from working in a system designed in the second world war. Ie. you
don't have to work six days a week, be three months booked up and
stressed out in order to make a living.  There is always another
way and Steve Hudson regularly  tries to explain why it's a
better way.

You should at least get his excellent free newsletters."

Amarjit Gill

As a young
GDP, fed up with not conforming and refusing to bash the
nash, many thanks for the direction you have given me over the last
few weeks through your website. Having purchased all I can and learnt
a lot, I am going to a PDS practice soon and am looking forward
to implementing your
systems/way of thinking and hopefully doing some damn good dentistry
on the NHS and offering alternatives for patients to be free to
choose other
treatment privately.

It may seem lame these days, but I just wanted to say ............thank

Kind Regards

- Gareth Jones





out of 10 dentists don't enjoy the job they do.  Are you one

of that 80%?

is a difficult job at the best of times.  It is even harder
for those who aren't enjoying what they do.  You get out of
bed on a Monday morning, and drag yourself to work knowing that
really you don't want to be there.  But you feel you have no
choice, because you have bills to pay and hungry mouths to feed.
  Your patients don't seem to appreciate what you do, and neither
do your staff.  Some dentists withdraw into themselves and
say "this is how life is".  Others lose their temper
regularly and have a high staff and patient turnover.  This is not living,
this is surviving.  And like with everything, there is a better
way.....and it isn't found in the bottom of a bottle of red wine. 
Nor will it be made better by nGDS/nPDS.  If you were working
on a treadmill under GDS, things will likely now only get worse.
The following are examples of my articles in the dental press
BDJ          Probe 1        Probe 2
We live

in one of the most exciting times in all of human history, and yet

so many of us aren't enjoying our lives. The improvements brought

by technology are expanding at an exponential rate. As such, there

have never been so many opportunities in dentistry as there are

now. It is an amazing time to be alive and to be in our chosen profession. 

Unfortunately many people don't see it like that.

like in Star Wars, there is a Dark Side. There have never been as
many threats to our profession as there are now. We now live and
work in an environment of increasing patient litigation, unjustified
employee tribunals, and inescapable and indecipherable government
legislation. Disability law, clinical governance, CPD and rising
indemnity costs add to the increasing burden of the average GDP. 
And if you work in the NHS, you now have the worry of what happens
should your PCT suddenly run out of money, as well as worrying about not meeting your UDA's.  In 2009, when the money for NHS dentistry is no longer ring fenced,
where do you think the PCT will take money from to plug the gaps
in say Cancer or coronary care. 

So you
have two ways to view our present environment. Are you an optimist,
or a pessimist? Will you rise to the challenges
placed in front of you, or will you allow yourself to be cowed like
so many dentists before you? You get to choose, but you need to
choose now.

The purpose of this

web site is simple. It is a tool for the busy GDP

to help him or her deal with the every day challenges of running

a dental practice.


am not here to tell you how to run your practice, or how to do dentistry. 

I am merely giving you my philosophy.  For all I know I could

be completely misguided, even idealistic.  That is for you

to decide.

This site
is written by someone who has been there and done that. It is written
by someone who understands the problems that the average practitioner
faces, day in and day out. I wake up every morning and see the increased
legislation, the increased costs, and the increased hassle of running
a SUCCESSFUL dental practice.  And in response, I choose
to be an optimist.  I choose to see every challenge we are
faced with as a potential opportunity.  Do I have all the answers?
No, of course not. But I would hope that I have some useful insight
that you can use to enhance, not only your business, but your personal
life too.

Click to join GDP-Resources Yahoo
Available only to our FREE Newsletter subscribers

FREE stuff

will find what I hope are many useful resources here.  The
page has web links to numerous dental web sites.  The recommended
reading page has a list of books that we
strongly advise you read.  Ideal
Dental Practice gives you an insight into
what I feel can be done to improve most dental practices. 
Remember, this is my insight, and may well differ from yours. 
I am not telling you what to do, simply giving you ideas that you
may or may not choose to use.  On a further note, why not sign
up for our weekly newsletter.  It's
free, and can be stopped at any time.  You also get a free
interview with marketing GURU Jay
Abraham about our old friend Paddi
Lund.   And don't forget to check out nPDS
BLOG page to help keep you up to date with
the changes to NHS dentistry.  This was originally
meant as a blog of my PDS experiences, but it has warped into "look
how strange things have begun" blog of other peoples experiences
with PDS......only to see PDS cancelled for nGDS/nPDS. 


Of course, not everything in life is free. 
All the products
are aimed at making the running of your dental practice a little
bit easier.  We use Clickbank
to allow you to purchase them safely, and download them directly
to your computer in either word or PDF file.  It's easy to
read the product descriptions and decide on which one you want to
buy today.



who am I anyway?

Hi, my
name is Stephen Hudson, a practice owner working ‘Up
North’ in Chesterfield. I qualified in 1995, and bought my
present NHS practice in the year 2000. Despite loosing an associate
late 2001, we have seen the practice gross increase roughly 20%
year on year. In 2001 I gained MFGDP.  In 2005 I gained the
the Eastman’s Diploma in Restorative dental practice. Previously,
I have been a GDPA council member. I am also a Master practitioner
in Neuro-linguistic programming.

I realised

something early on.  The job was not worth my health (and I

had to suffer health wise to realise this).  I therefore decided

to enjoy my job by building what I call the Ideal Dental

Practice.  I have slowly and steadily moulded my practice

so that is not only profitable, but also fun to work in.  And

what many people are surprised to hear is that we are an NHS practice. 

With the help of the systems I have developed (some of which are

available for you to buy via this web site)  I have created

a practice:

Where Both partners work

a 4 day week with 6 weeks holiday

Where my associate used to get paid 55% of his

NHS gross and 60% of his private ..... but then as associates aren't likely to be self employed for much longer, he bought in.

Where my staff receive a bonus every

year equivalent to one months income

Where we treat patients we want to treat

- as is your legal right

Where the maximum number of patients

seen a day is rarely over 25

Where we work no late nights, early mornings, Saturdays or Bank Holidays

Where we run the practice both clinically and in a business sense following the principles of Constant never Ending Improvement.
Where, whilst we are still an NHS practice, we are already lowering the lifeboats to leave the great ship NHS



     I am not telling you this to impress you. 

I am telling you this to IMPRESS UPON YOU that

the only thing holding you back is yourself.  And people will

say "well you obviously rip your patients off" or "Well

it's all right for you, but you don't have my outgoings/expenses/situation". 

When I hear people say that, it makes me smile.  I am nothing

special.  What I have done can be done by anybody in any part

of the country.  And it can be done ethically. 

these short 6 years of practice ownership, I have learnt that
practitioners cannot do it alone. Even the best of us ask for help
now and again. The help is out there.  If you are a practice
principle, and if you feel that you are struggling, I strongly recommend
you give Chris
Barrow or Kevin Lewis a call.  They helped me, and they can
help you.  You just have to ask.









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