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Supreme Trading System

If YOU are
satisfied missing out on thousands of winning, profitable trades,
and watching as some other punter beats you to the punch, then there's NO need to read any

if you want more
than your usual share of winnings
on the Betfair Exchanges then...
Give me just a few minutes and I will show YOU how the Supreme Trading System can beat the Betfair competition and send the profits your way, for a change.

best part is how often you use this system to cash-in is
completely up to you! You can do it over and over again following this
easy to deploy system. It's as simple as that.
You've tried to imagine a
step-by-step system that guarantees you winning trades every single
time you hit the exchanges. Well, you can stop imagining, because
with the "Supreme Trading System"...

know exactly which bets to place, and which ones aren't
profitable enough to warrant your attention... 


You take out all the uncertainties over which races to trade on...


You will be told exactly what to trade, and when to trade, a child could follow this system and profit. 


The Supreme Trading System software runs in parallel to the Betfair exchanges 24 hours a day and picks out the exact trades you need to make for the day..


The software then assists you with these selections, and informs you how to obtain the elusive "Green Screen" that we all want - at the touch of a button.

You making money trading on Betfair? I mean real money. The kind of money those "select few" Betfair punters seem to make every single week. Or does your strategy involve jumping in head first and losing trades more often than not?
If you don't know the first thing about trading on Betfair...
If the words "system" and "software" don't even ring a bell...
If you're not using a system... then I'm not really sure why you're still spending money on Betfair,
because... ...I
promise your 'strategy' is only going to lead to you losing more money.
Or... maybe you're part of the bleeding
heart "Blame The System Sellers" crowd, crying because there are
people who make successful trades every day while you end up relying on luck, and not much else. 
If you're part of this crowd, I have something better than an excuse for you. I have the reason professional gamblers win consistently...
Ready? Write this down... 
Professional Gamblers are prepared. 
Deal with it. If you can't, then...You too need to get out of here... log off... and turn the PC off - because with this software, there's no room for losers. Okay... now that the amateurs are gone...
If you've tried making money trading on Betfair, but failed. Or even if
you've made some money, but know there's a lot more out there for you...
...then you better be grateful that you
were sent to this website.
Because as you read
every word on this page, facts will emerge that will make
you question why you ever wasted time trading with no plan.
You ever wonder what allows ONE betfair trader to consistently win, while the other 99 fail more often than not? ... The answer is simple... 
It's all in the plan.
Average traders... the ones who make no real money... go out there half-cocked... without a winning strategy. 
They try 1 or 2 tricks they picked up on a forum somewhere...
...then something that feels good from page 12 of the latest e-book... 
...and maybe a supposedly "cutting-edge" tip they heard from a guy - who knew a guy -  who read an ebook 2 years ago.
Nice going! You just developed the perfect strategy for failure. Give yourself a pat on the back and buy yourself a beer with all the profit you made on Betfair last week.


My small team and I spent months developing and testing this brand new Automated Trading Selection Software... AND what we came up with was mind-blowing. We came up with an easy to use piece of software which tells you exactly which races to trade. Exactly which horses to trade and when to trade them. 
The Supreme Trading System helps identify potential trades and gives you the best selections for the day. It calculates bet amounts and tells you exactly what to bet when closing the trade.
The software displays potential profit and allows you to optimize your trading potential
this plan really work? 
If by "work" you mean shooting
lesser traders out of the market every single day,
and watching them crash and burn while we sit back counting our winnings... then I'd say, yeah it works. 
get dead serious here...
I refuse to waste my time putting this kind of powerful
intel in the hands of just any old lazy wannabe trader.
So let me ask...   
Do you have what it takes to implement the perfect trading battle plan?
One that strikes each trade with military precision?
A multi-pronged, sneak attack that sucks the most profit out of each
trade in the fastest time, all while you risk almost nothing out of
your bank?
How'd you like to charge into battle on Betfair with a full-blown guarantee that
no profitable trade goes by without you getting
a nice, healthy piece of the plunder...
If you're not scared yet, then you're just not paying attention.
Because everything you've been taught about how to earn the big money
through trading on Betfair is about to be stamped
As you consider
joining the ranks of the truly profitable, you need to
know this is not like any other system you've seen...
Never before has anyone put together a complete step-by-step battle plan and automated software package for winning the trading war. 
I'm talking an attack
strategy to catch 'em by surprise... 
An occupation strategy that keeps you firmly planted on conquered territory until
that ground is stripped
AND an exit
strategy that gets you out and onto the next product
launch before the enemy even realizes you were there... And who is the enemy?
The enemy is everyone!
Every part-time gambler who calls them self a trader. All the
half-cocked amateurs. The newbies who don't know the first thing about
fighting a trading war.
The sad-sacks who whine and complain... The ones who don't give enough
of a damn about trading on Betfair, to learn how to do it with
military precision.
But the system sellers aren't the enemy?
to any greater degree than anyone else. They're your
competition, but so is the guy making 2 trades a month! 
The Professional Gamblers are really your allies.
Why? Because the system you will soon deploy to make successful trades, every single week... is based on what works... over and over
again, for the Pro's. 
If not for these Professional Gambler's selling their secrets, the only choice you'd have is keeping that
day job and continuing to wear those ugly ties.
Trading on Betfair is a great way to make money online with almost no investment on your part and you can start with a very low bank amount.. 
You don't have to risk huge sums of money like traditional backing and laying... You don't have to trade every single day... You don't even have to trade during the week while you are at work if you don't want to. Still you can pick up successful trades at the weekends or whenever suits you. And
every time you do, you make a healthy profit.
Okay... most of you know this stuff already. Most of you have already
made some money with trading on Betfair.
But none of you have ever made the kind of profits I'm talking
about here... 
never had a sure-fire battle plan.
At least not until now. 
The best part is... this "perfect plan" is just minutes from your
The plan that doesn't require any financial investment beyond the initial price... doesn't require you to spend hours researching form.. and doesn't require
that you know more than what I'm going to drill into you.
...yet it guarantees you'll fill up your Betfair account so fast... and so
consistently... the competition are going to be left way behind.

Supreme Trading System is for you if any (or all) of the following apply....

If you've bought systems in the past and struggled with the selection process...

If you don't have the time/energy to pick your selections each day...

If you hate studying form and working till your eyes hurt making your picks...

If you're sick of gambling alone and want some ongoing advice from a real human being from time to time...

If you're just too lazy or unmotivated to pick and place your selections each day...

Or you just want the most efficient and least time consuming way of making a second income from online gambling...

Then the Supreme Trading System is for YOU.

I’d like to offer you the Supreme Trading System risk free for the next 8 weeks, so you can fully test my software and system for yourself. During these 8 weeks you can get a feel for the system, the software, ask as many questions as you want and ultimately find out if gambling for a second income interests you.
If you decide to stop using the Supreme Trading System you can opt out at any time and go back to your day job. But I doubt you will want to, but the options there if you want to give up the opportunity at any time.
Because this has got to be one of the fastest, easiest, and most efficient ways of generating a second income from horse racing that I've ever seen.

With the Supreme Trading System...
You need NO prior betting experience – Just the ability to place simple bets on Betfair, or any other online Betting Exchange.
NO tricky selection processes, over-complicated methods to follow, or time consuming form checks to complete.
NO expensive equipment – everything can be done on the internet at the click of a button.

NO need to feel alone - unlimited 24 hour ongoing support and discussion with a pro-gambler, ask any question you want and we will help you out.

Features include...
Selection Window - lists the best selections from all events of the day

Strength Indicator - shows trading potential for each selection

Starting Prices - supplied for all selections
Betfair Trading Calculator - Green Screen calculations for trades
Two way action - works for both backing first and laying first

Stake indicator - calculates closing bet amounts

Profit reading - shows profit on trades at a glance

Full information - everything on one screen, allows you to act quickly

The Supreme Trading System is the future of Betfair Trading... If you want to keep up-to-date with the results of the system then sign up to the newsletter and check out some of the recent results below...
Supreme Trading System: Results Day One (16/9/07)

16 Sep 2007 Supreme Trading System Results






Square Mile


Le Corvee

Dont Dili

Soul Mountain


Cape Stormer




Day one results saw buyers quadruple their outlay for the Supreme Trading System, with green screens in four races giving a total profit of £156.50!
Supreme Trading System: Results Day Two (17/9/07)

17 Sep 2007 Supreme Trading System Results



Tudor Court




Grand Heights





Day two continued with the two winning trades (and one small losing trade) netting a total of £71.80 profit, almost twice what they system costs in the first place.
Take a look at some of the recent Supreme Trading System green screens and subsequent profit to £500 stakes...
2:50 Musselburgh - £60.50 Profit!

5:10 Redcar - £15.00 Profit!

If you haven't joined the Supreme Trading System newsletter yet then sign up now to receive regular results updates, green screens and much more...

The Supreme Trading System RESULTS!

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I offered five of the leading Betfair profiteers a trial run with the Supreme Trading System to see how they found the experience, the software and most importantly the results. Here's what they had to say about the Supreme Trading System service....

Supreme Trading System TESTIMONIAL
"This software is on the money. Its so simple to use almost anyone can pick this up and start selecting and profiting from trading on Betfair within 30 minutes. I've been using the Supreme Trading System for a few weeks now and i've already had 34 winning trades come in."
Chris, EasyTraderPro.com


Supreme Trading System TESTIMONIAL
"Its about time the marketplace got some software like this. For too long now trading systems have been stuck in the 20th century, talking about Weight Of The Money and a like and enough is definitely enough. With this software you can throw all those other trading manuals in the trash can, because you won't be needing them anymore."
Steve Davidson, LayingPro88.com


Supreme Trading System TESTIMONIAL
"The Supreme Trading System software has been running on my laptop for three weeks now, informing me of all the trading opportunities I can handle, and then some. Its nice to take the donkey work out of searching for trades on Betfair, and even better knowing they almost all come in."
Kristian Jackman, RacingSecretsExposed.com


Supreme Trading System TESTIMONIAL
"There are four major reasons why trading is better than backing and laying. Its 1) Smarter, as you are not relying on one winner of the race. 2) Easier, you can select a potential trade from the whole field. 3) Quicker, as trading is completed before the race starts 4) Safer, as you secure your profit regardless of the outcome. I suggest you pick up this software today, it really makes the difference."
Shawn Jacobs, 3MinuteSystems.com


Supreme Trading System TESTIMONIAL
"Three weeks of beta-testing this superb system and software package and I have no reason to look back to the old manual ways of finding and successfully completing winning trades. This Supreme Trading System software is now THE way to trade on Betfair."
Stephen Brookes, RacingInvestmentFormula.com


Now YOU can purchase the Supreme Trading System, receive your selections and start making money from Betfair straight away.

Spaces are extremely limited, because I don't want too many members! I really am limiting the number of Supreme Trading System copies sold to 100 to keep the system from being over-exposed.
The Supreme Trading System package comes with a step-by-step user manual and the advanced Betfair Trading software. Bundled with the package comes a comprehensive guide to betting, laying and trading on Betfair for all you newbies out there.
Sports Betting Manuals offers full and unlimited members support, answering each and every question put to us in a 24 hour timeframe. If you have any questions before joining then please don't hesitate to ask here.
You have to ACT NOW if you want to snatch one of the few copies available. I wish I could offer more copies, but I'm sure you'll understand I have to keep places limited.
You don't have to take my word for it. Prove it to yourself without risking a single penny of real betting money! So you can check out if what I say is true at my risk and not yours!
Read your 'peace of mind' no-quibble ironclad guarantee.


I fully understand some of you reading this may be skeptical so I'll make this opportunity completely RISK-FREE for you with my 100% ironclad personal guarantee!

If, after using the system at any time 8 weeks after your purchase you don't believe it is everything I say it is then simply email me and ask for your money back and you'll get a 100% refund. That means you get 8 weeks - that's a full 56 days to profit from using this method.

I Want You To Be Absolutely Satisfied!


We should be charging $297...
That's 75% off the normal price!
You will have instant access to the Supreme Trading System and the competitive advantage you need to get ahead of the pack on Betfair!
Buy my system and use it for a full 8 weeks - if it does not do what I claim it to do then at any time during those 8 weeks I will give you your money back - no questions asked!
Once your credit card is approved, you will be immediately able to download the system/software and start profiting from Betfair straight away. VAT will be added to the price for UK users.

Get The Exclusive Supreme Trading System
Winning Trades On Betfair!


P.S. -- There's a real opportunity to make a second income from betting online and you'd be crazy to miss out. Online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, making shrewd people thousands of pounds in months rather than years. You'd be crazy to pass this opportunity up, the chance to be taught by the best. You won't make a better investment this year.
P.P.S. -- The bottom line is: If you pass up this offer, you may never know how much you could have earned from Betfair? Will you be any closer to your dream of financial freedom? Will you magically uncover the methods that the real Betfair money makers use? If you apply now, I guarantee that you will.
P.P.P.S. -- Remember, you can check out the Supreme Trading System for yourself with absolutely no risk, safe in the knowledge that you aren't risking a single penny of your own money until you are utterly convinced that the Supreme Trading System system is the one for you.
Act now! Join now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
To your success!

Click Here For Instant Access
Get The Exclusive Supreme Trading System
Winning Trades On Betfair!
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