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Highly Responsive Sales Letter In A Flash


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When I Ask This
Retired Internet Multi-Millionaire How To
Generate Traffic, But When..."

( Hack it! Why Do He Laugh? Isn't
This The Most Important Question
Ask By Most Internet Marketers?


From The Desk Of: Yew
Heng, Chiong
Location: Sunny,
Dear Internet Marketer,
I was on a plane to Los
Angeles last week when something truly amazing happen.
Sitting beside me in the first class cabin is
a plumb and weird looking Chinese guy.
He is my friend and a
multi-millionaire Internet

They Call Him
'Words Become Money or WBM'...
He has make his multi-million dollars
marketing online
and have since retired just two weeks ago.
Being weird but filthy
rich, he seldom talk, even among friends, like myself.
Right at that moment, he
start to open up more and talk (maybe the boredom at the sky or
air sickness is the reason, i am not sure).
seize this rare chance to ask him the "multi-million dollar question" that i
always wanted to know.
This is what i ask him...

My Multi-Million Dollar
Question To 'Words Become Money'
"Hey WBM, if there's something I should be working on, a skill I should start developing right now that will help
me to make my million dollars online, what should it be?"
Traffic generation, SEO
yada yada... float up in my mind.
That's where i ask
"Traffic generation?  Every internet marketers want more traffic to their
He laughed but reply promptly in
short sentences, as usual.
"The answer is
really simple.  It's knowing how
to write a sales letter that convert prospect to customer, my
Then he continue... (to my surprise... )
"Learn to write effective sales copy. Why? Because if
you do not know
how to write sales copy, it doesn't just affect your sales, it affects your lead generation, the response to your ads, your resource building, your profits, the quality of your products,
There was a short silence before WBM
"You know that I dropped out of school at
age 17 and can't afford to pay a copywriter $3,000+ to
write a sales letter every time I wanted to sell a product. I really don't have a choice, do I?" 
He said in disappointment, "That where i started to
learn copywriting the hard way, from the street,  using direct
response method, the hard way..."

WBM's Million
Dollars Principles..
Later, WBM revealed to me
his copywriting experience  that he has mastered from the school of hard knock in the
street. All of his copywriting experience can be sum up in 6
simple copywriting principles.
Out of instinct, i jot down all the
copywriting principles that WBM has revealed to me, the very same
principles that WBM used to make his million of dollars
What lay on my hand right now is the most previous
copywriting principles that you will not be able to get
it anywhere else, but only from WBM's years of
copywriting experience.
He has perfected this
copywriting principles in his 10 years marketing online.
Amazingly, the principles
are easy to understand and can be used by anyone to write
sizzling hot sales letter (as long as you can read English, you
can use them)
WBM has make life easy for
you and me, only if we get access to his copywriting principles.
All you have to do is follow
WBM's simple
copywriting formula.

Here's your glimpse of *exactly* what he has showed me..

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}Simply enter your
first name and primary
email address below to get a glimpse of WBM
simple copywriting secret
formula that transform him to be an online
millionaires delivered right to your inbox,
yours absolutely FREE!

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(Click on the
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possibly be the most important letter you'll ever read in
your life...)




Quite Frankly, If You Lay Your Hot Little Hand On...


WBM's "Writing
Effective Sales Letter", you will learn...

What make a
prospect listen to your sales copy ( regardless of
race and age ) pg 14
Two important elements
essential for a winning headline pg 10
The one lead-in principle
that give your visitor reason to continue reading
your sales letter after reading the headline 
pg 18
A power way to
get people gripped and increase your visitor
stickiness by 350% (you can get them to keep reading
until you're done talking)
pg 24
How a lesson that you
observe from fishing enthusiasts  can increase
your sales letter conversion rate pg by 200% pg 28

This two psychological
triggers that will increase the 'buying confidence'
of your unsure and doubtful readers pg 30

One great mistake that most
sales letter commit (you are practically leaving
money on the table if you make this mistake) 
pg 33
A method to create an
impact on your reader in a positive way (motivator
that bring them to seal their buying decision
faster) pg 36
The one important
psychological trigger the you must use to grab your
readers by the throat and give them enough reason to
buy your product pg 57
How to assure your
readers to take quick action to buy your product
(man, you should not miss this one...) pg 59
The one psychological word
that start with a 'I' and end with a 't' that
hypnotized your readers on the Internet pg 62
This is the most
important part in any sales letter (miss this part
and you will kick yourself in the ass) pg 63
A sneaky way to diminish
the price element in your reader's head when asking
for payment (smart marketers often use this trick)
pg 64
The two crucial elements
that you need to put together in your PS to bring
your readers to click on your order link pg 67
The finer art on
copywriting than master copywriter know that most
internet marketers simply failed to understand (no
wonder their sales letter conversion is so low) pg
A common question on
copywriting that most internet marketers ask is
answered by WBM here (I have been hearing this
question being ask again and again in all the
copywriting seminars that i have attended) pg 73
Four elements of a
successful sales letter (miss them and you are
practically losing your customers through the holes
in your sales letter ) pg 75
Never make this mistake
in writing your sales letter because your readers
will feel sarcasm, irony and slang (you do not want
to make your readers angry, right?) pg 77
Nothing kill your readers
more than if you miss this part in your sales letter
(you absolutely MUST get this inside your head if
you want to writing sizzling hot copy) pg 79
Never incorporate
'upside down' in your sales letter or your readers
will click on the exit button of your browser when
he scrolls down to the second page (master
copywriting will never do that) pg 82
This is the most thing that
all master copywriters will tell you to do (this is
the exact same thing that they will be doing to keep
them in the 'safe' side) pg 83
And many many
more... WBM copywriting multi-millions dollars
copywriting experiences are yours to keep!

Download WBM's Multi-Millions Dollars Copywriting
Experience Now!

"I wish I'd have started buying your stuff when I first got into online marketing. I spent almost $30,000 and 5 years of my time trying to figure out what you just told me in your course"
K. Krys


"There is no problem
to which a great sales letter isn't the answer."

The Late Gary C.Halbert



WBM's Effective Copywriting Principles At A 'Quick' Glance...



Step by step sales letter creation.
WBM will  not just going to give you a bunch of
examples here and say 'copy this and your stuff will sell'.
Instead, he is going to define a set of rules for you that will take you right from the very first word, to the last letter. No need to flail blindly in the dark anymore.
WBM will take you through each step to, and by the end of the manual,
completion of a
power-packed, proven to sell sales letter.

It works for everything. You know,
when WBM started out developing these copywriting methods, before he even started in online marketing,
he sell computers offline. You don't have to be selling a how to make money product to take advantage of this. In fact, if you're not selling such a product, you'll soon be giggling at the competition who have poor sales processes, or even no sales letter at all, which is extremely apparent outside of the make money niche. This is
your chance to get ahead before they realize what's going on.

Snap your readers out of their daily grind trance with attention grabbing headlines then slowly ease them into your sales letter
with a hypnotic introduction, flowing right into the sale of
your product. WBM covers proven sales letter techniques from start to finish. No special skills required.
If you can read and write
English, you can do this.

Writers block solved in a split second.
Never again be stuck for something to write, or have trouble getting started on what is the most important piece of your business. One simple method that allows words to flow right onto the page will save you from any more frustrating blanks that come with standard copywriting territory.

How to give your headlines meaning. Any part of your marketing material is useless unless it really means something to the reader or listener. Learn not only how to create meaning in your marketing material, but how to have your audience immediately visualize what you're saying, drastically reducing the chances of them leaving or being distracted. (Responsible for
helping WBM to make his million online)


2 ways to grab the attention of your audience that will not only have them sticking around for longer, but wanting even more (This amazingly even applies to sales material).

3 methods of cementing yourself in your prospects mind, so much so that not only will they be far more likely to buy from you multiple times, but they'll spread your brand for you even if they decide not to buy.

The downfalls of the newbie sales material writer.
Learn what others are doing wrong so that you can do it
right. Are your sales being effected by these as you read
this? I'll bet at least one of these negative points is
present in your material right now. You need to remove it, because you're losing sales.
WBM shares his experience with you here. This man goes
through it all and can
help you to avoid
those copywriting mistakes that could possibly save
you a lot of times and money.

Five elements of all successful sales letters.
If you find any sales letter with a decent visitors to sales ratio written by a professional copywriter, you'll see they have all of these elements in common. The kicker is
don't need to spend $2000 per letter (sometimes even more) to create sales material every time you launch a product. WBM will show you how instead, right now.

Touch your readers and they will pay you for it. This
material is packed with means and methods to touch your readers, not in a corny way, or an unethical way, but several
triggers that you can use to create a strong bond with your audience are waiting to be taken advantage of. If you won't, the profit will go in your competitions pocket instead. It's your choice entirely.

proven ways to seal the deal. You know, it's the first rule of sales in real world business, but I rarely see marketers taking advantage of it online. This one aspect
from WBM alone could double your sales.
Gimme Me WBM's copywriting principles now!




Why WBM Allows
Me To 'Give' Away His Copywriting Secrets?


Yup, his reasons are two-fold.


The Internet
marketing industry is ENORMOUS.
Everyone agree that there are a lot of money to be make
online (there is enough room to be shared by all).

WBM is retired and is not active in conducting
his business online.  He is more concern on
improving his golf game, lowering his handicap than any
other things. He has done it all, see it all.

Now, he passes on to me, which i am about to  pass
on to you, an opportunity
to make
lot of money writing effective sales letter based
upon his proven principles.
WBM realizes that many Internet marketers are lacking
this essential skill to write compelling sales letter. 
He wanted me to market this principles to as many
Internet marketers as possible to get them "up to speed"
in making money online. 


Understand You!

He understand your pain.  He
started up just like you, struggling to make his penny
online until he perfected his copywriting and marketing
Those skills brought him wealth and free
time, time to do anything he want without tolerating
any 'bark' from the boss (he is his own boss)
He is in control of his life now.

It's pain him to see that
many internet marketers do not understand this simple
formulae that bring him many successes.

Here is the formulae:


High traffic +
Poor Sales
letter  = Pathetic profit

What does this mean to you?
Understand this...
If you work on driving traffic to you
website but do not focus on writing sizzling hot sales
letter that will convert prospects to customers, you
will have pathetic sales result.
No wonder so many internet marketers on
the face of planet earth failed to make a descent
income online.
They did not focus on the right thing
and the right thing is to learn how to write an
effective and sizzling sales letter.
You do not need to me tell you that
learning how to write sizzling hot and persuasive sales
letter is
your missing link to success in your business, today
here is your chance to acquire this important skills
right at the comfort of your home.


WBM's Million Dollars Principles..

And it's fair to say that you will never able to get
your hand on WBM's  "Writing Effective Sales
Letter" principles, if not through this webpage or me.  

Simple, WBM is not accessible to you.

So how much
do you think WBM's copywriting principles cost?


I could easily
ask for $975 for the WBM's copywriting principles.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you over
$975 for this amazing opportunity to instantly
supercharge up your sales letter with cash.

You get to lay your hand on WBM's "Writing Effective
Sales Letter" for

only $147!

Only $17 $9.97

It defies belief but
your investment for this manual is only

At this point
you probably thinking... Yew Heng, this is way too
good to be true, and it is too good to be true.
Here why i am
doing this.
I have make an
agreement with WBM
to make his copywriting principles available to as many internet
marketers as possible.
However, i also do not want to give
it away for free as i know that people do not treasure
things that are given for free.
Yet, i want to
make it affordable to everyone.
So i have
decided on the $9.97 price
tag to make it affordable to you and at the same time, give
you a strong enough reason to apply what the WBM's
copywriting principles to your online business success.
>>>   Whow! What's a steal.  Gimme the
WBM copywriting principles now.


Listen to what other have to say:

"Finally! For 9 months I've been scouring the net, reading all the info products I could get my hands on, and not until today when I read yours did I actually increase my income from one within 24 hours of my purchase. It's worth ten times what you're charging for it if you ask me.."
M. Cook

"I'll be honest with you, I didn't need your course, because I've got all the successful tips and tactics that I need, and I'm already making enough money. What I did get though was a great spark of inspiration from what you're writing. It was a very refreshing experience indeed"
T. Rieper


"People will never change their
human emotions or basic desires, only their dress and their
tools will change."

- Joe "Mr Fire" Vitale
throughout time have been motivated by the same
desires and emotions. The top three goals
of everyone alive are food, love, and money.
They were the same in the 1700s and will be the same in the
2700s. What changes are customs and technology. Humans
remain human. Appeal to their basic self interests---help
them achieve food, love, and money, for example---and
they'll help *you* get at least one of your goals.


heard all the usual. Persistence, determination, desire,
goal setting, yada yada yada.
the discovery and direction that changed my life and has
made me financially independent isn't any of those things.
All those other things have been useful. But THE ONE THING
....has been cultivating the ability to put words on paper
that compel people to give me money.
became obsessed with this, and the obsession has paid off




Your 56 Days 100% Full
Money Back Guarantee!



Your 100% 'The Risk Is All Mine'
Take a test drive and see result now!.



You might well be wondering: what if it doesn't work for my business? What if I already know all of this? What if I'm not 100% happy with the course and it's another poor excuse to make a quick buck out of me?

Here's my answer. If you take this course away and give it a shot, and find for any reason you are not satisfied that the results push you towards a very profitable future indeed, fire me an e-mail and show me you've put the information into action, and if it really doesn't work for you (I've not found a business that it doesn't work for to date) I'm going to send your money right back to you, plus you get to keep your whole download package free of charge to say thanks for giving us a try.
The risk is all mine,
there is absolutely No risk on your side.

So you really don't
have to decide right now.
Just get your set for
a mere $9.97, and satisfy yourself that's it's worth every



I Want To Take A Test Drive Now AS I Understand
That I Have 6 Months Money Back Guarantee!


Here are more testimonies from satisfied customers:

"Wow. I thought I knew it all until today. I learned something on every single page, and hey, here I am 3 weeks later using your tips that for once do exactly as advertised and really did double my sales. That's proof you know what you're talking about. Expect more sales too, because I couldn't help myself and went ahead and told all my contacts about your products"
M. Veil

"That had to be the most down to earth read I've had this year. You really do tell it like it is. Blunt, easy to understand and information that doesn't contradict itself every two lines. That's a rare gem of an info product in my experience. I'd buy it a hundred times over"
C. Tin

"Phew, am I glad I bought your book before I decided to launch my product. I was heading for disaster just like you said. I can't afford to be sitting here with the same income next year, and by the looks of my sales figures after just a week of putting your knowledge into action, I won't be"
D. Pepper

Kill Like A
You see...

A tiger in the wild
has to do one thing if it want to eat, and the one thing
is to kill. 
If you are reading
this, it is obvious that you want to make more money
online.  And the one thing to make more money is to
how to sell effectively.
Ask any successful
businessman out there and if they are honest with you,
they will tell you just that.

Ask best selling
author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki,
and I am sure he will also tell you the importance
of learning how to sell.

WBM's "Writing
Effective Sales Letter" will
you to sell in print, guaranteed.
I don't know if you
realize the immense power that are place on your
hot little hands when you get hold of WBM's 'Writing
Effective Sales Letter'.
See... you do not
need to see your prospect in the eye (whether you are
shy person or not).  You can
simply hide behind a piece of paper and 'make that sale'
with just a pen.
Would you like to
make money online?
I Want To Empower Myself With Effective Copywriting Skills To
Make More Money Online, Gimme That Skill!





"YES Yew Heng! Gimme WBM
Effective Sales Letters Principles NOW!"

I can't
wait to lay my hands on this incredible
copywriting manual!

I know
that with the "Writing Effective Sales
letters Principles" at my
fingertips, I'll be able to write
sizzling hot sales letter that convert
prospect to customer in no time.

powerful principles on copywriting as
revealed in the "Writing Effective Sales
Letter" will help me to claim back all
those moneys that i have left untouched
on the table in my internet marketing
business (i understand that if my sales
letter cannot convert prospect to
customer, then i have a problem).


On top of all this (it is
unbelievable but it's simply
true), I have a 56 
days risk free guarantee when
i make my investment on
"Writing Effective Sales
letters".  Before the
end of 56 days, i can ask
for a refund if i am not
satisfy with the product for
whatever reasons, even if it
is because i am not in a
good mood.   Yew
Heng will pay me back all my
money, no hard feeling and
question ask.

I have everything to win
and absolutely nothing to


 On that
basis, here's my $9.97!




Purchase Online with
Credit Card by Secure



Download The Writing Effective Sales
Letter Now! >>>



***Important: When All
500 Are Sold This Product Will Be Pulled From This Site, Never To Be Seen Again. Don't Wait, Or You'll Miss It!



Powerful Quote From The Late Prince Of Print, Gary
Just listen to what the late
Gary Halbert, known as the prince of print, has to say on the
importance of acquiring the skill on copywriting:
"True Wealth, the only wealth
that really exist, which is the wealth between your
ears. Somebody can take your money away, but if you have it between your ears, you can
never be poor. You can only be broke, that's always a
temporally situation..... In my opinion, there is no
more valuable skill in the world than to be able to
write a written sales message....the
skill you ever learnt."
I know you probably never admit
but deep down inside, there is a part of you that always
wanted to achieve breakthrough in your online business.
This will be the breakthrough
that you have been looking for in your life... take it or lose it!
As we all know, successful
people make the right decision at the right time.

I Want To Take Home The Most Valuable Skill In The World So That
I Can Achieve True Wealth!
You see, i don't have to be doing this...
Your decision to buy or not to buy
do not affect me one bit. 
However, your decision to invest
in this product right now could profoundly
impact your life in the future.  I will still
be making my million writing effective and sizzling hot
sales letter the WBM way, regardless of whether you
invest in my product or not.
Imagine yourself writing
sales letter that convert visitors to your website to
customers like crazy...
You can make more money from
your website...
People will notice you and offer
you a lump sum to help them to write their sales
Your life and your family life
will never be the same again.
People can, you know,
make the right decision at the right time.
I'm sure you KNOW better.

Make The Best Decision Of Your Life Now!



To your copywriting Success!Yew Heng Chiong


PS.  Missing!!! Suck up and place in front of the headline. Scroll up to see it if you miss it.

PPS. Remember, this is 100% risk free. If for any reason you don't believe that you got your money worth, just contact us within 56 days, show us how you put these techniques into action, and we'll give you a full refund. That's how confident we are that this really does work. Take WBM's copwriting principles for a test drive now.
PPPS. If you've read all the way up to here, and you haven't reserved your copy of the WBM's 'Effective Sales Letter" principles yet, all I can say is, this will be one of those things you will look back on, and say "If only...", "Why didn't I...", "What was I thinking?"
>>> Download Your Copy Of WBM's 'Effective Sales Letter' principles here!





You Snooze, You Lose!


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