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Can YOU answer YES to any of the following questions?

Are you SCARED when your children go to visitation with the other parent because you can't trust him or her to take proper care of the children or worse, fear that your children may actually be harmed during visitation?

In the middle of a child custody battle?

Co-parenting with someone diagnosed with a mental illness or with an active addiction?

Feeling like YOU are going crazy from dealing with your co-parent's craziness?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, then this guide will help you navigate the treacherous waters of dealing with the absolutely "impossible" co-parent. This ebook is NOT intended for the average divorced parent.

You NEED this ebook if your co-parent is:

diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or other personality disorders bipolar and untreated or inconsistent with treatment an active substance abuser abusive (physically, emotionally or sexually) certifiable but just hasn't been diagnosed yet.
You just want your kids to grow up happy and healthy and to have a life for yourself. But, you're co-parenting with someone who seems to be determined to cause as much trouble as possible. You may feel as if you're at the end of your rope and wonder how you'll get through the years until your youngest child turns eighteen. This ebook will teach you strategies to co-parent with a "crazy" parent and most of all, give you hope as you learn ways to minimize damage to your kids and get your life back.

In this ebook, you'll LEARN how to: Take care of you Help your kids to cope Protect yourself and your children legally and physically Choose a lawyer and a therapist Deal with common "crazy" co-parent behavior Communicate with an "insane" co-parent And Much Much More
Even better, you'll get ANSWERS to your questions like:
What happens if I find a new significant other?

What should be included in the parenting agreement?

What records do I need to keep if I think there could be a child custody dispute or challenge to the parenting agreement?

What behaviors should I display or more importantly, NOT display in order for the court to give me the most possible time with my kids?

What should I do to keep myself and the kids safe at visitation exchanges?

You will learn strategies to KEEP YOU SANE in an extremely difficult situation.

The author is a parent who is living the co-parenting nightmare, not a mental health professional or lawyer who may mean well, but can't truly understand your struggles.
Only $29.95!

This book will pay for itself many times over. You'll save time by not pursuing dead-end strategies, learn to parent your children more effectively, and get ideas that you can use to navigate the family court system.

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