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      Teach your baby how to read early. It is possible.              

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                               Unlock the keys to your child's intelligence


 Have you ever wondered if it is possible to teach your baby how to read?

             Have you ever wondered if it were possible, how you would do it ? 

         Have you ever wanted your child to have the advantages of being an early


                                  Wonder no more.    It is possible


  What you need to know to teach your growing child early reading 

         can be found in the e-book,  "READING EARLY"   by  J. Grout

              -- it shows you in a comprehensive way, how to teach

                          your baby or toddler how to read  

              -- the ebook is easily and quickly downloadable.

              -- you can read it on your computer immediately.

              -- you can order from the secure order page

              --there are no unexpected exorbitant shipping costs

              --the information in the book also serves as a parenting resource

              -- the ebook is easily and quickly downloadable.



                                                  A great gift


        One of the best gifts you can give to your baby or young child

or grandchild is to teach your baby how to read. Reading

is the foundation of the expanding universe of a baby. It is possible

to enable very young children. With some direction most children can learn 

                         to read while they are quite young.   

Reading  opens doors, not only in childhood, but throughout entire lives. 

                     It's a gift that keeps giving year after year.



                                            Who can benefit

        If you are the parent of a baby or small child, or you are expecting a

baby, and if you want to teach your child reading in the early years, this site and ebook will be of interest to you. If you are a grandparent or you have a friend or relative with a small child, you can give them this ebook to show them the opportunities that are possible. If you're looking for great baby shower gift ideas, this ebook can fill your need.

                     Our children are investments for a healthy planet

          and for our future.  Each little person is entitled to the best start we

                                        can give him or her.



                                         Hands on method


    Some methods of teaching small children use television or computers

as the main source of stimulation and learning.  In our society of highly

advanced technology, some elements that have gotten weaker are

intimacy of one-to-one attention, sense of community and close

social interaction.        

      A primary benefit of this comprehensively laid out method is that, unlike

 a machine, it fosters a close relationship between you or another significant

adult and your child. Your child benefits enormously from the strong parenting relationship that develops, as well as from the learning which is acquired.



                             A method for your very young child


   Many of the reading programs that I have encountered in recent years  

have been primarily for school age remediation. Some of the current thinking

still clings to the idea that very young children shouldn't learn before school age.

It's our children who suffer from this thinking.

     This method is for your very young child from baby to age four or five.



                                         Cognitive leaps


    Jean Piaget was the founder of modern research into early child development. He recognized four distinct periods of cognitive leaps in a child. They all have to be conquered and in a fixed order, but the speed at which they are developed can, in fact, be accelerated.



                            Opens Doors to Untold Riches


        Reading exposes children to untold wonders. It launches

inquisitiveness; it builds confidence; it builds strong self esteem;

it expands brain development and intelligence; it opens doors.


       I like to think of a long hallway full of closed doors, and 

observe that as a child learns how to read, the doors swing open

one by one all down the hallway, to untold riches and fulfillment.


       Numerous studies show that before the age of four a child has

 developed one half of its total adult intelligence. This optimum time

is  valuable. It is possible to tap into the reservoir and give your child

 the gift of reading.



                                 What this ebook tells you


      The ebook explains my method of teaching very young children early reading.


           -It is a progression method.

           -It builds and accumulates the skills of a young child with enriched   

                   toddler learning activity.

           -It intricately and closely involves a parent or other significant adult

                    or grandparent. It fosters time for close bonding. 

           -It is possible, with some direction, for most young children to learn 

                   and for most parents to learn how to teach them. This method gives

                   you the direction and parenting advice you need.

           -It shows you how to cue into the various developmental

                   phases of infant development, it helps you determine when the

                   time is right for your individual child, and then gives you step by

                    step directions as to what to do.

            -It's forty-four pages that tell you why, where, when and how.



                                 The e-book is called "Reading Early"


                                                  by   J. Grout

                                                    Published by Willow Publishing    

                                            ISBN 0-9737514-0-1 


                      You can learn more about it in the read more or FAQ

                          (frequently asked questions) sections of this site.


          Please feel welcome to browse around and have a cuppa virtual tea  :-)



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