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Written by Pastor Simon Measures



This 179-page ebook contains all the 18 classes of Pastor Simon's
foundational Bible Study course. This means you get all six stages of
the Bible Study in one handy ebook. It is superbly presented with a
contents list and "How to use this book" section at the front and a
complete detailed index at the back.

This Bible study course ebook is in PDF format for easy and pleasant
reading in Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar.

You can fully preview the ebook before purchasing it by clicking on
the Bible Study tab on the site menu. This takes you to a linked
contents list and course description.




You can download this beautifully presented ebook for a contribution
of just US$10. In the UK and elsewhere this sum is converted into the
equivalent in your currency. European residents are charged VAT.

The payment is made via a secure online banking service called
ClickBank. ClickBank accepts credit cards, US check accounts and
PayPal. The link below transfers you to the ClickBank banking service
page. You can select your payment method there and fill out your
payment details.

As soon as your payment transaction is successfully completed you
will be transferred back to this site where you will be given
instructions on downloading your ebook. Bible Study Course Ebook -
US$10 [2]

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Welcome to the Study Books section of the Teaching Pages Book Shop!
Below is a list of the booklets to purchase online. The booklets are
all made immediately available to you to download and print as soon as
you've completed the secure online payment transaction.



Stage One: Laying Foundations [12] Stage Two: Discovering Security
[13] Stage Three: A living relationship with God [14] Stage Four:
Living and loving in Christ [15] Stage Five: An overcoming lifestyle
[16] Stage Six: Your equipping as a Christian [17]



Bible Study Ebook - "High Impact Christianity" [18]



Book Extracts "Jesus knew well of all that we would be up
against in these days we now live in. For this reason He asked His
Father to keep and protect you in this world..." Quote taken from 
\'Discovering security in Christ\' [19] "The most everyday way - the
every moment way - God communicates with His people is by the voice of
His Spirit in the quiet of our hearts..." Quote taken from 
\'Developing a living relationship with God\' [20] "What could have
motivated the Almighty God creator of heaven and earth to bring us
into such a covenant with Himself as this? It was His love! God by
Jesus brought you and me into covenant with Himself..." Quote taken
from  \'Learning to live and love in Christ\' [21] "There is a blood
that overcomes the devil. It is the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus
declares our victory. His blood sealed the devil\'s defeat..." Quote
taken from  \'Entering an overcoming lifestyle\' [22] Send a

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Teaching Pages is a ministry with the encouragement and prayer
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