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" Finally, a way to gamble and make a profit!"


Tired of seeing others win while you keep on losing?

If you are like me, you have spent months, maybe years trying to beat the casinos. You have heard over and over again that it cannot be done. .

But the problem is, you know that there are people that are doing it...
I am a prime example. I too used to struggle with casino games and wonder why it was that I seemed to always be behind.


And no matter what I did or how I adusted my strategy, I just couldn't put it together.

And Then I Found The Secret...


I didn't find it overnight. It actually took years to totally develop this method and I have been using it ever since. Let me back up here for a minute and tell you who I am and how this all came about. My name is Tony Mancuso and I currently live in upstate New York. Before I moved back to this area, I lived in Las Vegas for 16 years. Of that 16 years, 10 were spent in the casino business. I was employed at different times as a dealer, boxman, floorman, pit boss, assistant casino manager, and even a dealer instructor. When I first got to that town, of course the first thing I did was to try to make a living at gambling. I knew all of the games, at least how to play them. I had a good teacher, a gambler who never seemed to win, but sure knew his stuff! Well I knew that I was different and with my limited knowledge I could beat the casinos. How long do you think that lasted? If you guessed not long at all, you would be correct. I got killed. I couldn't understand it. I knew how to play! Why did I keep on losing? Well, I stopped gambling (temporarily) and thought I would try the casino business. I moved up quickly in the business and found myself watching casino games 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. I watched and learned. What I began to notice is that I was watching many losers and very few winners. This certainly piqued my curiousity, so I began to watch closer. I started noticing some common traits among the play of the rare winners. So I watched some more, and learned more. It wasn't long before I decided to begin gambling again, this time with my new knowledge and a new method. At first it was hit-and-miss and I still had a lot of fine-tuning to do. As I played, and I played everything, I began to formulate what I now call "Betting For Profit". This is not a "learn-to-play" lesson. For that, you will need some of my other e-books. This was a gambling method. One that could be applied to any casino game played against the house. (This then will not work with poker and yes, I have an e-book for that too.) I started to play regularly and found that I was now winning. I was now what would be considered a professional gambler! I'm not saying that I would go out every time and win. This my friend, is not possible. No respectable pro would ever make that claim. If anyone tells you that they can guarantee that you will be a winner every time you play, run away as fast as you can! It is just another scam to take even more of your money. No, what I will teach you is to cultivate a winning trend... in other words, you will have winning days and losing days. But what you will start to notice is that your losses will not be as much as your winnings. That is the key to all gambling. Yes, it is really that simple, but to achieve it is not simple at all. Like I said, it took me years! So for my last few years in Vegas, I was able to support myself with gambling. When I finally left Vegas to return to my hometown in upstate New York, I knew that I was leaving behind something very important. So I sat on what I had learned and had shared with only a few people in Vegas. As luck would have it, casinos started popping up in New York State and soon I was back in business. Of course my method worked just was well here. I was soon teaching classes on how to gamble for profit. I made just as much doing that as I did actually gambling. Those that I taught are still using my methods successfully. It was so rewarding to send them to the casino and have them come back with a full report of how much they had won, and the majority of them did! But it wasn't until the advent of On-line Casinos that I decided to write my "Betting For Profit"That's right, this will also work with on-line gambling and while you do have to give up some of the advantages of live play, there are also advantages to on-line play. Do you want to know how this can work for you?

The answer? It lies among my seven cardinal rules of gambling and my money management system. You must learn to graduate from the recreational player to the professional, with professional habits and behaviors. I can safely say that until you make that transition, you will in all probability, never be a winner in the casino. Oh sure, you may go out some night and put together a lucky streak and leave with some winnings, but in the long run you still maintain a losing total. It is a story that has been told over and over again. I know, I have been there. Never again! Don't be taken in by any of the so-called "systems." I will mention again that my method is not a "system" of play. None of those really work. There is no system anywhere in the world that actually works as well as my betting method. There is no way to predict where the roulette ball will fall, how the dice will fall, or what cards you will be dealt. Remember, you are getting this from one that has been on both sides of the game and I am telling you that when I was working in the pit, we laughed at system players! And card counters? We just shuffled frequently and completely nullified their efforts. So I will repeat, there is no strategy or system of play that can guarantee winning in a casino.

There is good news though. You too can learn how to play like a professional and play to win! All you will need is a copy of my e-book "Betting For Profit" This is not a "how to play" manual, although I do sell that type of product too, this is a method that you can use on any game (except poker. I have a special guide for poker) and even sports and horse betting!

You get this short, but incredibly powerful e-book for only $49.95. The entire book is a mere 19 pages and it is filled with nothing but instructional text. You see, I didn't see the need to use any pictures, large type fields, or other space taking technique. "Just the facts Ma'am" You will not be paying for any fillers or added nonsense. Read it, use it... and then come back and tell me how much you won and how my method worked for you.


Learn how to graduate from amateur to Pro...

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(Buy now for just $39.95 and instantly receive my e-book as a downloadable PDF file!)


People just like you are gambling for a profit!

They are coming back to me with one success story after another. I can't tell you how rewarding it is to hear that my methods are working for others.

Here is what some of them have to say about "Betting For Profit"...


George tells me, "It worked just as well in the casino as it did in your class. I'm sold."

He actually won about $400 his first time out, armed with my method.

He has returned to the casino many times since then and has had both winning and losing days but he is far ahead of the game.)

"When I have a losing session, I realize that it is part of the process"

I met George in one of my classes and came to know him quite well. He was a fairly seasoned gambler and thought he had very little to learn. After my course, he realized just how much he didn't know. Now he makes regular trips to the casinos around the state and tells me that he is way ahead with his play. He uses my method invariably and has also educated his wife. I can honestly say that he now plays like a pro.

He still thanks me every time I see him.


Nick Says, "I never really thought that I could actually win at that game. (he played blackjack) I am primarily a poker player but that has changed a bit. I play all of the games now and I use your method with all of them"

Hey Tony,

Went to the casino last Saturday -- Won another $500! I had a losing day the week before but only lost $100. I am still way ahead! I'm trying not to make this a habit but I keep making money! Your class was worth tens times what I paid for it.


P.S. The casino employees, especially the pit bosses are starting to recognize me. Even though I am not what you would call a high-roller, they treat me with respect.


If you intend to continue or begin to take part in casino gambling of any kind, you need to order my "Betting For Profit" before you bet another dollar or before I raise the price! Click the buy now link to get your copy instantly:

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Do it now ... and within a few hours you will be ready to take on the casinos with confidence!

Imagine if you came back tomorrow and this page was gone...

I am going to stay with this offer for as long as I can, but I believe that the price will go up in the future. Order today!


Listen, as I sell more and more copies of this e-book, the laws of supply and demand will enable me to raise the price. Get in on this offer now while the price stays this low!

"Yes Tony ... I want to learn how to make a steady profit with casino gambling!"

If you order right now, I'll kick in a bonus book by Wallace D. Wattles --"The Science of Getting Rich." You'll learn how apply this knowledge in every facet of your life and get what you desire!

This bonus ebook plus "Betting For Profit" is an extremely valuable combination -- and when you apply them they'll be worth a fortune to you...

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Here's more proof...


"...this is awesome!"

"You were right. I just applied what I learned in your book and didn't vary from your instructions. I actually made money! "unbelieveable, this is awesome!"

Rick Lupinetti



"My eyes are finally open..."


I read your book last night and all I could say was "WOW". I really enjoyed learning what I was doing wrong for all these years. I have read a lot of books on gambling and yours is the only one that actually worked. My eyes are finally open. And thanks to you, I am finally learning how to profit from casino gambling.

Thank You,
Jim Byrd



"Highly Recommended..."

I can vouch for Tony's method too. It's very well written and with a bit of gaming knowledge and what he has to say in his book, you will quickly go from amateur to pro in the time it will take you to read and digest what he has to say. It's no wonder it was so highly recommended.

Actually, if you use this method, you will be able to maintain a steady positive cash flow with your casino gambing whether it is in a live casino or on-line.

Highly Recommended.

Janet Lynbrooke



"One of the most valuable things I have bought in a long time..."

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the great advice! It's one of the most valuable things I have bought in a long time, I didn't even have to change any of my basic strategies. I just had to apply your methods to what I already knew.

Cindy Miles



"Well done!"

Tony -

This is amazing - thanks for your guidance - You have definitely changed the way I play!

Well done!

Mike Ahern


See what everyone is raving about!

[Click here to order now!](http://1.dootzer22.pay.clickbank.net)

Order now for just $39.95 and instantly download this short but powerful e-book!


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Download this e-book, read it and try it. I guarantee that you will find that you are suddenly on the winning end of your game! But if you are unsatisfied with my method, tell me within 60 days and I'll give you your money back. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order now risk-free!


Kris says, "I play blackjack now just as I have for years... but now I find that I am staying ahead and actually making money! I am truly Betting For Profit... "


I just got done reading "Betting For Profit ". I was absolutely amazed.

I didn't know who you were at all when I bought it. I thought for $50 it'd be worth it to see what knowledge you had. It was more than worth it. In the 60 minutes it took me to sit down and read your book, I got more insight than I ever got from any of the so-called"systems" that are out there. I understand so much more now about what it takes to win in a casino. If I hadn't bought your book, I'm sure I would still be on the losing end.

This is totally unbelievable! I find that no matter what game I am playing, if I apply your methods I always seem to be in control and I no longer suffer those big losses like I used to. $50 to get this info? I'd pay for it again in a heart beat! You've now got a VERY loyal customer. I am ready to buy all of your books on gambling!

Awesome job!

Henry Viola

P.S. Also loved the bonus book.
It has literally changed my life and the way I think about gaining wealth! Thanks!!!"


Questions? email me -- Tony Mancuso -- at: Tony_Mancuso@NousBleux.com


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