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Softwapreneur.com - Creating Software Entrepreneurs Daily


Creating Software Entrepreneurs Daily

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Today is
YOUR Day ... Get

Custom Software
Master Reseller Rights



Ask yourself the
following questions ...


Ever wanted to own a Software Company?

Ever wish you had your own unique
software to sell or give away?

Ever wanted a truly unique opportunity
to make money and/or increase website


If you answered
YES to any of
the above then this offer is for you ... we have
already written the
software ... it's ready for your
to used in any manner you see fit with
Master Resell Rights.


Master Resell


If you are unfamiliar with Software
licensing, here is a quick tutorial:

Default Rights: is
typically how software is sold from most retailers. You
have the right to use the software, but you can not sell
or give it away.

Reseller Rights: is when
the owner of the software has given someone else the
right to sell their software. The reseller CAN NOT give
the software away, they must sell the software and
usually at a fixed price.

Master Reseller Rights: is
when the owner of the software has given someone else
the right to sell, give away or distribute the software
in any manner they want.

As you can see,

Master Reseller Rights is the
ultimate in reseller rights. The
problem with most Master
Reseller Rights software is

 The Software has One
Most Master Reseller Rights software have the original
name given the application by the software owner. The
software's name never changes,
thus you have
multiple copies of the same
software all over the internet.
In this scenario, one person is selling the
software and another person is
giving it away. Even a half way savvy internet
user can search on a software name and find the free
source rather than pay.

Owner's Name is all Over:
Most Master Reseller Rights software owners, use the
software to get
advertisement. The owner places their
company name and web links all
over the application to entice the end user to
bypass the resellers and
come directly back to the owners.




This is where
Customization overcomes the problems of the Master
Reseller Rights. So, what is Custom Software?
We will customize a version
of the application to have all of the following
totally unique information:


File Name:
You tell
us what you want your custom
version of the application to be called.
name will be the file name for your


You tell
us what you want your custom
version of the application to be called. This
name will appear at the top of the application.


Custom About Window:
You tell
us what you want your custom
version of the application to be called, tell us
Company Name and
website and we will place all of this
information on the About window for your user's
to see.


Custom Software make the application unique and very valuable to

Every version of the
application has a unique name, allowing one person to
sell the application while another person gives it away.
Unlike typical Master Reseller Rights, the unique names make it virtually
impossible for the paying customer to find the free

YOUR name is everywhere ...
attached to the file name in File Explorer and in the
About Window.  To anyone else this
application is uniquely YOURS!

!! NOTICE !!

Every version of
this software will have it's own unique name. The names will
be assigned on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE bases. Get your
version TODAY, your application name might not be available tomorrow!.


Your Software


Keyword Scramble

Affiliate Income

Make the most of your keywords.
Find all the possible variations, which could help
elevate your website.

More Information ...

Keep track of all the affiliate
programs being used on your website to generate
income.COMING SOON ....


File Four Pack


Don't settle for just one, get all FOUR.
More Information ...


File Analyzer

File Backup

Take inventory of any drive, folder
or directory. Complete reporting of all the files,
file size and date last modified of all files.

More Information ...

Backup all of your important files
with this easy to use and intuitive file backup
Information ...


File Sync

File Diff

Keep two folders/directories
exactly the same. File Sync checks both
folders/directories and copies any differences.
More Information ...

Not sure what has changed between
two folders/directories? File Diff will compare and
report any differences from both locations.
More Information ...


If you have any problems
during the ordering processing please contact us at



To report a technical
problem with any application please contact

support@softwapreneur.com or use our
Technical Support Ticketing


Copyright (C) 2007 Softwapreneur.com, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


lower = better; 1 = best

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