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Experience the new business technology of RaW Stems (TM)...

How ANYBODY Can Become A Published eBook Author
In 10 Easy Steps
And Never Face
Writer's Block Again
or Your Money Back!
Dear fellow Online Information Business Builder,
If you'd like to become a published eBook author, leave a written legacy globally 24/7, make a difference globally, and create a successful information business online that earns you passive, residual income then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.
Please Do Not Continue Reading this Letter if...
Stop reading this letter NOW if you are not in touch with your BIG DREAM. Or if you do not want a "Walk-thru" map of the process without stagnating your creativity and energy. Or if you do not mind facing writer's block every time you begin to write.
Here's why You Want This:
This is the only Guide which focuses on the process of eBook authoring and is written for anyone with a dream of authoring a success book that will create an instant source of passive income. In fact this Guide is your personal self-help Guide that will make the process of authoring your eBook the best personal and professional development of your career.
You Simply Can't Beat This No-Risk Investment Opportunity...

I am so confident of this bold promise, that I am giving your my iron-clad, 100% guarantee at the outset. If you do find after reading this Guide that writing your own book is easy, that it is not the best personal and professional development of your career and that you will never face writer's block after following this "walk-through" blueprint Guide, than I will gladly refund your money with absolutely no hassles.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three excellent reasons we can back up what we claim:
Three Reasons To Believe What I Say:
Reason one: I'm a teacher by profession and passion. At Awakened, we know how to teach and our aim is to continue to put teaching back on the Internet. Especially when it comes to authoring and writing.

"The 10 Steps to eBook Authoring" process uses an Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge approach within its steps, techniques and reflective exercises to assist authors in writing their book. This unique learning approach could only originate in the minds of master classroom teachers who understand what needs to be taught and how best to learn it.

Reason two: We both are successfully published eBook authors who have gone through the process ourselves. As the global leading eBook authoring expert, I have personally coached people all over the world to author successful eBooks. I understand the busyness of your life and the desire you have to leave a written legacy. My clients have also realized that a long check list of items to complete is not the way to simplify the process of writing and authoring.

Reason three: Professionals and non-professionals globally have found our eBook authoring material saves them time and energy. In fact many eBook experts consider our authoring material to be the best on the Internet. Who else to help you Awaken the Author Within You™ then teachers who love teaching and who know how to offer the best meaningful personal and professional development?

"Everything old is new again" certainly applies to the proprietary process employed by AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com to enlighten individuals on the process of authoring an eBook. Thousand of people have been taught how to write a book using many methods and just when you think all possible approaches have been used along comes another one that sheds additional light on the authoring process.

"The 10 Steps to eBook Authoring" process uses an Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge approach within its steps, techniques and reflective exercises to assist authors in writing their book. This unique learning approach could only originate in the minds of classroom teachers who understand what needs to be taught and how best to learn it.

Awaken The Author Wit hinT takes a rather unconventional approach to authoring an eBook. A framework of the process is provided for the attitudes, skills and knowledge you will require to successfully author an eBook.

Within this framework it is YOUR domain! YOU create it. YOU shape it. YOU personalize it. YOU learn from it. The journey is a reflective one. The focus is your self-image; your self-talk; your self-discovery; your self-work and your accomplishments as an author. This is a personal adventure.

Throughout the learning materials, eBooks, teleseminars, coaching, workshops and Book Camps™ provided by Awaken The Author Within™, the realization is that YOU, the AUTHOR, are in control. It is your personal journey. The power is in you and you have what it takes to become a published author.

The process is simple and straight forward. It's adaptable enlightening. It's doable and rewarding. It's an end (the published eBook) and a beginning (a catalyst to upsell speaking, training, eBooks, teleseminars, coaching, workshops.). It's personal and professional development. It's a gateway to YOUR greatness!

Most importantly, it is an opportunity to make a dream come true of authoring a book, make a difference in the world, leave a written legacy of your expertise and begin creating another source of income.

What's holding you back? A journey begins with a single step. Take yours and enjoy! You will discover it was the best personal and professional development of your career. Each time I author and publish another book, I am reminded of this.

This book is your guide; it will show the way.
--Dan Poynter, New York Times' Best Selling Author,
The Self-Publishing Manual

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

You will accomplish your dream of becoming an author.

You will demonstrate your passion, skills, and expertise to people who need your expertise world-wide, even while you are enjoying life with your friends and family.
You will receive help with the process of eBook authoring.

You will save time, making this an excellent personal and professional growth opportunity for yourself.
You will receive realize the advantage of delivering your how-to, non-fiction book in digital format.

You will author and publish your expertise from the comfort of your own home. No shipping and handling charges. You will gain instant access to launch you immediately into the process of writing and authoring.
You will utilize this self-help Guide to help you personally reflect on your greatness--the skills that you have discovered from the "School of Hard Knocks." Remember, you have greatness that others want and are willing to pay you money for what you have gained from experience.

You will receive ongoing help when you need it. The Guide was written with you in mind to walk you through the entire process at a pace of your choosing.
You will gain the peace of mind from a learning experience written by teachers--this is not another How-to check-list system to overwhelm you.

You will discover how to author your own successful eBook and share the attitudes, skills and knowledge which will ensure the success of your eBook. You will ensure your success in authoring an A+ eBook.
You will garner the necessary framework and action plan to help you help yourself as you complete the eBook authoring process.

You will develop realistic time frames, especially for a busy person like yourself.
You will learn using a revolutionary teaching method to steer you clearly during the entire eBook authoring journey. You will use these RaW (TM) Stems--Reflective and Writing Stems to move your forward confidently.

You will gain the focus using the reflective nature of authoring to ensure your success as an author and as the best personal development activity of your career.
You will receive your material in the format that is exactly becoming the wave of the future. You will gain the understanding of how to use the latest in technology as you become a published author easily and affordably

You will be seen as an innovative leader among your colleagues. Your eBook provides you the opportunity to earn a profit even while you sleep.
You will receive help with writing, editing, formatting, goal setting, organization of your material and marketing of your eBook

You will not have to worry about wasting time trying to figure out what to do next. You will act on a Guide which takes the guess work out of the process. You will see clearly what you have to do. You will actually laugh at the whole notion of Writer's Block. In fact this Guide will create a compelling desire for your to write.
You will gain the ability to have others help you, ensuring your success.

You will appreciate first hand seeing your vision become a reality with the help of other people.
You will share your passion, expertise, knowledge and skills with a hungry market.

You will jump-start your career, launch a professional speaking business or workshop career. You could also begin a second career. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination. And of course your eBook is the launching pad for your print book.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

At AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com, we believe that, "There is a book inside of everyone and we help to get this out."TM The most inexpensive and quickest way to be published today is with eBook technology.
Can You Picture This?
Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you will have when you have completed your first eBook. Think of the benefits you can offer to others. You can make a difference in the lives of so many people globally.
There's An Author Within You!
Your personal experiences--both successful and unsuccessful-- make you both a person and a potential author. Often little research needs to be done as you already have a great deal of knowledge and experience.

In writing your eBook, you are not writing a thesis. eBooks are more informal in their demeanor, more conversational in tone, and more user-friendly in their presentation. The ease of updating information in eBooks is an important selling feature.
What are some possible eBook topics?

A workshop;
A speech or keynote address;
A committee report;
A teaching experience;
A life-long interest;
An article or series;
A research project;
A thesis or formal paper;
A perceived need;
A professional need;
A personal need;
A personal experience;
A significant emotional event in your life;
A tragedy, disaster, problem...; and/or
A personal dream or vision.

AwakenTheAuthorwithin.com's eBook written in eBook format and entitled, "Awaken The Author Within(TM): A Definitive Guide to eBook Authoring," focuses on the process and the "how-to's" of authoring and publishing in 10 easy steps.

There is no need to be a computer expert to use this eBook. This material is published using Adobe Acrobat. This means that you don't have to purchase any software to read the eBook. All you need to do is to download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

eBook technology is the future of publishing and communication of as it capitalizes on the visual and interactive nature of the world in which we live using the latest in technology.
Three Benefits of eBooks
The three features of an eBook that are carrying it to the forefront of common usage are portability, interactivity, and versatility:

Portable--Information can be transmitted at the speed of light.

Versatile--Knowledge can be easily updated with changes being made seamlessly.

Interactive--Readers are finally engaged in their learning experience.

Still in Doubt? Consider this...

According to eMarketer.com, Online sales of eBooks will account for 10% of all consumer book sales by the end of 2004.

eMarketer.com also states that in 2003, 42% of people bought online content since it was the only place where they could get it.

A report by Forrester claims digital delivery of books and related material will generate 8 billion in sales, which will be almost 20% of all publishing revenue by the end of 2008.
Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what a few of our many satisfied customers and clients say.

"In this highly complicated world it is always refreshing to find an industry expert who can take what seems to be an arduous task like writing an e-book and simplify it to become more of a common sense no-nonsense project. That's exactly what Glenn Dietzel has done with his amazing system for creating your e-book. I cannot give a recommendation any stronger than the one I am giving Glenn. If you want to create an e-book, you have found the right resource and it is Glenn. Look no further...he is a master who can help you as he's helped me and hundreds of others! Thank you Glenn for what you do so well!"
--Tom Beal, Founder of www.THESalesChampion.com


"I have no doubt in my mind that everyone who has a big dream needs a coach. Not because you don't know how to make your dream come true - but certainly because dreaming alone is often not enough. Glenn Dietzel shared his knowledge and the benefit of years of experience without reservation during our coaching sessions, and as a result sliced through months and months of trial and error that could have cost me thousands of dollars. He hit right onto all the issues I needed to address to become a successful publisher on the internet. Glenn is very approachable, he cares, and he has all the right connections--an aspect that can take years to develop on your own. Glenn's service is fast, proficient, and personal. I highly recommend you consider no to waste money but to straight to an expert such as Glenn."
-- Elfreda Pretorius, Author, "Rules of the Game: How to overcome struggle and start living."


"I worked with Glenn as my coach in laying the foundation for my ebook. I was impressed by both his knowledge and dedication. Glenn is one the people who will always go the extra mile for his clients, and I would strongly recommend his services to anyone wanting to move forward quickly and efficiently......"
-- Judi Finneran, Author, www.sevenstrategiesforsuccess.com


"I am so happy to tell you Glenn has coached me through my dream come true, writing my first book. What an empowering and exciting experience!!! Glenn is the teacher, principal and coach all rolled up into one outstanding and motivating person!! I would highly recommend his coaching services to anyone looking to make their dream of writing a book a reality!

He will get you on track, focused and moving down the path to make your dream come true and then show you how to market your book and yourself."

Cheers to my Coach Glenn! I couldn't have done it without you and continue to learn something powerful in each coaching session.
--Deborah Ann Guido, Author, www.WhoHasYourPower.com


"Glenn's coaching is impeccable. He's not only an expert in teaching the success formula to ebook writing, he's also incredibly astute with bringing the best out of me. When you start to think you're ready to build your cash flow sign up with Glenn. He'll take you to where you can truly flourish!"
-- Fawn Christianson, AMS Marketing


"Glenn Dietzel is the worldwide, undisputed leader in eBook authoring systems. Glenn's method's allowed me to start publishing a book that I had inside me for years. His easy mentoring style and expertise in the eBook publishing arena has made my book on 90 Day Goals a reality". Thanks Glenn."
--Frank Gasiorowski, "Mr. 90 Day Goals", www.90DayGoals.com


"I really enjoyed the teleseminar this evening! I learned so much!! I was amazed at the information you gave to us. I have been to many seminars before and never received so much inspiration and information as I did tonight! Thank you so-o much for giving me this chance to renew my faith in myself and the chance to really believe that I CAN do it!! I have wanted to be a writer all my life and now I know I can! Thank you for giving me the inspiration and the knowledge to continue with my dream."
--Judith Briseno, Corcoran, California


"Glenn gave me a roadmap for developing an e-book. Glenn's help shaved considerable time from the process and has helped me to avoid a lot of mistakes. A definite must if you are even considering writing an e-book."
--Najeeb Siddique, Atlanta, www.sidd8.com


"If you have ever entertained a thought about writing an ebook then Glenn's system is for you. You will learn what you need to know to get it done--and get it done quickly. Wow!"
--Don Steele, San Antonio, Texas

"Your coaching me to publish a book went extremely well. You delivered what was set out at the beginning of the engagement. Your commitment to see me succeed was notable. You kept all your coaching guarantees and in fact delivered more than you promised

My second draft of the e-book is complete. The media release and the sales letter are in final form. You have truly set the course to make my book a resounding success."
--Philip Rochford, Author, Live a Life of Virtual Success: Choose YOUR Personal Success Strategies

"I have had five coaching sessions with Glenn and I have found them invaluable. I never would have been able to make the progress I have without his help. He has kept me on track and kept me much more focused than I was before.

I have learned an incredible amount about myself. I have learned what I do that sabotages my progress and what I do that keeps me heading in the right direction. I have realized that I am the type of person that needs to have one thing done before starting another and how that can hold up my progress. Glenn also has valuable connections so I haven't had to worry about finding people to do my book cover, web page etc. because he was able to give me names of people that were very reliable and do excellent work.

Glenn has also recommended several books to read that have been terrific as well. I feel I can ask Glenn anything and since this sales and marketing is all totally new to me, I ask lots of questions. Glenn takes you from where ever you are and moves you forward quickly. I now need time to consolidate all that I have learned in the five weeks, and then I certainly hope to do more coaching with him. It is money very well spent, as I have learned an incredible amount and I can't put a price on the time I have saved (to say nothing of the frustrations) from not having to struggle through the process on my own. If you decide to do coaching sessions with Glenn don't expect to sit back and go at a leisurely pace. He makes sure you make as much progress as possible in the time he works with you.

You definitely get your money's worth. Glenn always answers my emails promptly and has helped me through my thought process as to where I was heading. He also made me think of other directions I might go and keeps me thinking "outside the box". He has had me working outside my comfort zone a lot which has been challenging and exciting. As you can tell, I highly recommend his services."
--Dianne Dillabough, Author, www.ReadingWritingGenius.com

"I have been closely following Glenn and Paul as they've developed their Awaken The Author Within Teleseminar Series and I've been truly impressed with what they've developed thus far. Recently I listened in on a couple of their Teleseminar sessions and I was blown away by the high-energy learning atmosphere that Glenn and Paul create, and the value-added interactive participation that goes on among the seminar participants. Just listening-in, you can tell that these are two seasoned veteran educators that are really excited about showing people how to find and unleash their hidden writing abilities. If you even suspect you've got a book or ebook inside of you AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com will definitely show you how to make that become a reality."
--Shaun Fawcett: author, business consultant, journalist and publisher. http://www.writinghelptools.com

"What did my decision to have Glenn coach me to write my first book do for me? Well, let me paraphrase the famous ad copy John Caples wrote 75 years ago, by saying, "They laughed when I said I was going to write an e-book. But then I showed them my work.

Back in 2001, I startled my family, friends and clients by announcing that I was going to "re-invent myself as an e-book author." I told them I had several books inside me; and that I saw my becoming an author as a satisfying path to significant extra income, the personal recognition I sought, and a more satisfactory lifestyle. Not to mention the opportunity to leave a legacy.

Sadly though, for three years I did nothing to make that dream happen -- despite the fact that I dearly wanted to make changes. I was stuck in a rut and just kept on living my usual day-to-day life, never making any real effort to write. I didn't even find time to choose a topic! Oh yes, I did PRETEND I was going to do something: I bought books about how to write, subscribed to newsletters and ezines designed to motivate me, and even attended a few seminars and workshops where I hoped to gain inspiration. To no avail. In fact, I'd gotten to the point where I couldn't even focus on ANY work-related task for more than about 15 minutes... I was floundering. Then I heard Glenn speak on "How to start, finish AND publish an eBook in 29 days or less." He claimed he could help busy people focus and actually get things done; so I sent for his free e-book on authoring and signed up for coaching. And to say my life has been radically altered as a result would be a raging understatement. Sort of like saying that Madonna is a blonde singer. Or that a Ferrari is a sporty car... Now, I don't want to sound too dramatic, because if I'm too "hype-y" you might not believe me. So let me just give you the facts: Since we began, roughly a month ago, I have picked a book topic, researched it, drafted its full outline, planned a series of follow-on e-books and programs and even come up with an idea for an ancillary member website. I'm deep into developing the marketing, while writing the book itself, daily. I am energized, focused, and excited. The first book will be done before the month is out--and yet I'm still getting my "day job" done, too. Talk about the benefits of being able to focus! No one is laughing behind my back about my writing dream anymore. They're merely amazed and astounded at the progress I've made. And more than a little envious.

I heartily recommend that you sign up to have Glenn coach you. But only if you actually want to write a book. And let me warn you right now, as a reformed "malingerer" and procrastinator: Glenn will expect more from you than mere "active listening." There's homework - and it involves a lot of thinking and introspection.

Once you start the sessions, be prepared to work hard. But isn't that the way it should be? After all, you won't get much of anything out of your investment of time and money if you just "audit" the calls. If you aren't also willing to do the assignments, you're cheating yourself. But, do the work, and you'll have fun in the process. Not to mention having something to show for your time, or that the lessons will "stick with you" better..

In closing, let me stress that the training methods Glenn uses have really clicked with me. Maybe it's the neurolinguistic programming techniques, maybe it's that as an educator, he understands how the mind works, and uses that knowledge to help the lessons "stick." In addition, his enthusiasm is totally infectious.

Sign up today. Based on my experience, I promise that if you do your homework, you too will see wonderful things result."
--Anne Holmes, Davenport, IA, www.AnneHolmes.com, www.Boomerpreneur.com

"Glenn, I just wanted to let you know how proud I was to be a part of your excellent educational eBook course.
Congratulations on creating such a valuable resource for beginners and believe me, even experts could learn a thing or two as well!
Keep up the great job and I'll definitely be recommending it to my subscribers..."
--Eva Almeida, Publisher, eBooksnbytes.com

"Glenn and Paul´s eBook eCourse is an absolute gem! Highly recommended reading for any prospective e-book author. From start to finish, the course is packed with detailed information which is clearly written and easy to follow - not only that, it´s a very enjoyable read! Great stuff, and I´ll be featuring it prominently on our web site."
--Paul East, Publisher, eBookworld.de

"Packed with practical wisdom and a caring, confident teaching style, Glenn and Paul simply over deliver. Not just more information but exercises in reflection and self-questionings. With a great interactive flow that empowers self-reliance. Your self-publishing empire is destined to mature. You will not only awaken that one book within us all, but fast forward unleashing your natural creative juices. You are one click away from 'living your dream,not dreaming you are living'."
--David Brydges, Blue Apple Press

"eBooks are fast becoming the Industry standard for exchanging information.
Glenn and Paul's authoring material is the first of it's kind in helping educators and other prospective authors self-publish their way to success using their unique approach.
Topics like pedagogical considerations in writing and 35 eBook formats help focus on what you want to write and how you want to write it. And to top it, you get insights and articles from experts from a variety of fields. Your eBook eCourse is a must for anybody wanting to author a successful eBook."
--Pooja Srinivas, President Want2learn.com

"I'm very very impressed by your course. With my first book (published by the traditional offline means), I definitely went through a lot of the things you mention in your first two lessons. I certainly could have used it to focus my thinking and writing a lot better."
--Marjan Glavac, speaker, Author, www.Glavac.com

"To Glenn Dietzel and Paul Jackson I owe a special debt. You taught me the value of eBooks, and showed me how to write them. Your web site, AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com, is a new and valuable resource in the publishing business: a boon to everyone alike."
--Gary Screaton Page, eBook Author, "Easy Ways For Getting A's--A Success Guide for Students"

"My name is Jemimah St.Hilaire from Toronto, Canada and I am very excited about the eBook course. I have just completed Book 3 of the course and find it very informative and helpful. Paul and Glenn have done a fabulous job in writing this guide. I have already written a book and plan on re-issuing it as an eBook. My book is on job search strategies. I believe the ebook method is a great vehicle to get the message out to a wider audience. I look forward to finishing the rest of the course and launching my book. Thanks Glenn and Paul for your support and guidance."
--Jemimah St. Hilaire, Author, Conference Trainer

"Glenn, I just wanted to let you know how proud I was to be a part of your excellent educational eBook course.
Congratulations on creating such a valuable resource for beginners and believe me, even experts could learn a thing or two as well!
Keep up the great job and I'll definitely be recommending it to my subscribers..."
--Eva Almeida, Publisher, eBooksnbytes.com


"Your eBook e-course is terrific! It's really good! Easy to read and well laid out. I've read a few of these and this is by far the best. "
--Debra Kimbrough, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author,

STOP NOW: Before your purchase any eBook authoring material I want to give you 5 criteria you absolutely, positively must look for.
This includes the following:
1: Not just a list of how-to's but a detailed guide on how to reflect, and analyze why you are doing what you are doing. The enemy of your success is too much information. What you don't need is another long list of "to-dos." Trust me...this doesn't work. If it did, why are many of my coaching clients purchasers of some of the best information on the Internet.

Understand this once and for all. The enemy of your success is too much information. What you need is a Guide which will takes into consideration the needs of you the learner. There is nothing else on the Internet which does this! Nothing!
2: Realistic understanding of how to effectively deliver a learning experience that will maximize your learning and account for your own learning style. Who better to help you than experts in the authoring field who know how to teach you to author and publish a successful eBook.
3: Ongoing support throughout the entire process. This eBook authoring Guide is your personal mentor.
4: A learning experience that provides you with exercises like RaW StemsT, personal reflective exercises and a Journal to allow you the opportunity to learn about eBooks on a personal level. "Helping you help yourself." What better way to create a meaningful learning experience as you quickly and easily author an eBook and leave your written legacy.
5: Educators, numerous eBook experts, writing, authoring and publishing experts have had the opportunity to analyze the authoring material, ensuring the highest teaching quality. Who else but Dan Poynter, the world's expert in self publishing, to promote AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com as the best teaching material in the world when it comes to eBook authoring. That is one reason Dan Poynter is now working with AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com to deliver the world's first BookCamps™.
You get at least 10 times your money's worth!
This eBook has been three years in the making. Paul and I have spent thousands of hours putting together a writing and authoring system which is now rated as the top authoring material on the Internet by many eBook, writing and publishing experts. It is our culminating effort at ensuring that this will meet your individual needs and learning style. I challenge you to find anything on the Internet that even comes to the value you will find in this eBook. There simply is nothing else.
This eBook is in a league of its own.
This eBook will provide you the peace of mind to confidently and successfully author the book that is within you, waiting to come out.

In fact, our material has been field tested and in the many workshops, teleseminars, and busy personal coaching that I conduct.

Consider that other e-courses are more money, but do not help you with the process, have un-realistic time frames, do not provide on-going support and do not provide a "walk-through" detailed map of the process without stagnating the creativity and energy of the writer.

We've made the costly mistakes so you can save time, prevent frustration, and boldly go where few people have gone before. How do you put a price on the time and energy you will save?

Here's a summary of what you will learn:
Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview

A Written Legacy.

You will make your dream of authoring an eBook come true by successfully starting your adventure on the proper foot!.
How to use this Guide.

You will create perfect synergy for you and your mentor. This is a learning adventure for you and a mentor.
Examine the "look" and "feel" of an eBook.

You will implement secrets of the super successful on how to use your time most effectively and efficiently.
What does the Guide do for you?

It's your road map for success. It's the big picture, the details, the motivation you need, a checklist, a journal, a coach and a companion.
Distinguishing Features.

You will gain a new approach which is truly unique. It's focused, analytical, reflective, personal, professional, action oriented, a journey, an adventure and a dream come true--a book by you.
Your Personal Authoring Assessment Tool--eBARQ--eBook Authoring Readiness Quotient.

Use this unique assessment instrument to confirm you have what it takes to author an eBook. Prove to yourself once and for all that you have what it takes to author a hugely successful eBook and create the information empire of your dreams.
The Three Major Benefits of eBooks.

You will utilize for yourself the portability, interactivity, and versatility benefits that make eBooks the head-and-shoulders winner over print books.

Chapter 2: How to make use of this Guide
Maximize your learning experience easily and confidently

The Binder.

A plan plus organization equals success. Despite the technological advances, paper and pen are still important. So is keeping yourself organized.
Easily Grasped Exercises.

You will write from plenty of suggested activities to get you going, keep you going, provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need and guide you to the finished product. And that are created to help you author inside of your busy schedule.
The RaW Stems™.

An invention of Paul Jackson's, these Reflection and Writing Stems will guarantee you will never have Writer's Block! That's quite a boast on our part but we will live up to it.
The Journal.

Use the journal provided for you to track your decision-making as you go through the process. This extensive journal takes the worry out of forgetting something or misplacing something. It makes duplication of your success a cinch! Stop worrying and start living!

Chapter 3: The 10 Steps to eBook Authoring
Position yourself to organize efficiently your subject area, write confidently, and stay on track with ease. Who else but teachers to show you how to use working and big picture goals to help you victoriously through the process of eBook authoring? Chapter includes the following:

An Overview.

You will see how these 10 steps fit together and how you can work with them.
What the 10 steps will do for you, the author!

It's amazing what a plan does for you and the 10 Steps is no exception. Begin the process knowing exactly what you can expect from the plan.
For each of the 10 Steps you will have a detailed description of the Steps; a collection of RaW Stems? to generate ideas; Activities to generate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you will need; Quotes to motivate you.

82 pages devoted to incredible self-help providing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you absolutely need to succeed, and succeed you will!
Step 1 Idea

Discover what role passion, experience, expertise, previous work done, dreams, humanitarianism, and business sense have to do with the topic of your eBook.
Step 2 Reflection

"Without reflection, experience is not cumulative." Use reflection to motivate, clarify, inspire, consolidate experience and reward you. Learn how best to use this powerful yet simple activity to move you to greatness.
Step 3 Commitment

"Commitment is the doing part of dreaming." Personal and public commitment must be done before you begin your adventure. Find out why. Find out how you can do it effectively.
Step 4 The Big Picture

"Begin with the end in mind," (Stephen Covey) applies here. Discover what you need to know before you realize you need to know it. Work within the Big Picture framework you will build for yourself.
Step 5 Chunking

Chunking is the organization of your thinking and your content in your eBook. Discover the importance of the Table of Contents; of the multitude of ways to organize your material within your eBook; of the features of eBook technology that can help you; of the ease of writing when you're organized.
Step 6 Writing

Finally, the writing step. With the previous steps taken care of, the writing will come easily. Discover how preparation, forethought, planning and resources help make the writing the most exciting and perhaps easiest step in the process.
Step 7 Editing

"No man is an island." Nowhere is this more important than in editing. Learn what needs to be looked at--you will be surprised. Have a plan. Recruit your help. Learn to take this time-consuming step in stride.
Step 8 Publishing

Move your book from your word processing software to an eBook format with ease. Maximize the technology. Know what to consider. Good decisions come out of good advice from experts and there's plenty of that here.
Step 9 Marketing

Celebrate along the way and at the end of your authoring journey. Plan your celebrations. Remember you didn't get to this point without help.
Step 10 Celebrate

Celebrate along the way and at the end of your authoring journey. Plan your celebrations. Remember you didn't get to this point without help.


Reflection for Personal and Professional Development

Discover the importance of reflection in turning knowledge, skills, and attitudes into wisdom. And wisdom carries you into the future with confidence.
Creating Your Own RaW Stems™

Learn how to effectively create your own RaW Stems™ specific to your personal circumstances and your eBook content. Learning this will guarantee Writer's Block will be a non-factor in authoring.
10 Reasons eBooks are Better Than pBooks

A convincing article by Michael Angier that you've made the "write" decision to author an eBook over a pBook.
The Major Benefits of eBook Technology

Besides the 3 major benefits of eBook technology - portability, versatility, and interactivity--there are many more benefits and here they are. Use them to your advantage.
Becoming a Published Author is Easier Than You Think

Examine the 20 qualities of successful eBooks as outlined for you in this article by Paul Jackson. It's both a personal checklist and a set of priorities.
Authoring an eBook in 10 Basic Steps

The 10 Steps are reviewed for you in a concise article by Paul Jackson. Easy reference and a constant reminder of the Big Picture of the eBook authoring process.
How to Make a Global Difference

Consider the Internet business environment into which you are moving as a stepping stone to further greatness and financial success. Here's how by Glenn Dietzel.
10 Simple Steps to eBook Authoring Success

Take a different perspective on the 10 Steps as outlined by Glenn Dietzel. Increase your confidence in the 10 Steps approach to eBook authoring.

In Summary, here's the nitty-gritty of what you get:

Awaken the Author Within™ is written by educators to teach you to become a successfully published author. The authoring process is a learning process...not a list of "to dos."
A complete, action oriented self-help guide in eBook format including an in-depth, practical, step-by-step "we'll hold your hand" guidance helping you author and publish your expertise. This eBook authoring guide is so practical, we not only show you the "how-tos," but we guide you in the whole process of writing and publishing.
One consultation call at no cost to yourself if you have any questions, problems or concerns. $297 USD Value. (Glenn's current coaching clients pay him $297 USD for a call).
Ongoing support--This guide was written to act as your surrogate mentor. However, it is also meant to be used with a mentor.
You become a published author.
Your knowledge is available to the world. We will see to that!
You will help countless numbers of people who need what you know, NOW! Remember, people have very focused needs when they come to the Internet and your eBook will solve their problems.
You will gain satisfaction knowing that your knowledge will benefit others.
The best personal and professional development for you from the confines of your own ______ (You fill in the blank where you work best!)
A money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. We promise. And you get to keep the eBook guide and and the special bonuses for registering today! Of course, being in digital format it will be difficult for us to take them away! :-)

This includes the following:

The Guide will provide the BIG PICTURE considerations you need to explore. Beginning with the end in mind is imperative. The Guide also provides the DETAILS to go along with the Big Picture ideas. Through a series of reflective statements and exercises, your ideas and expertise are drawn out of you. This is you "tapping" you! Powerful! Writing, Formatting, and Editing Tips. How to set goals and fulfill them. How to organize yourself to make maximum use of your time. The Guide GETS YOU STARTED and KEEPS YOU GOING. Because the Guide acts as a road map for your authoring journey, you can take comfort in the fact you have signposts along the way to keep you on track. The Guide also functions as a STEP-BY-STEP CHECKLIST of accomplishments should you choose to use it that way. The 10 Steps to eBook Authoring offers assurance that you are doing what needs to be done. Each eBook authoring step spelled out succinctly to help you in the whole process. You will never waste time wondering what you need to do next. Ideas will flow naturally allowing you to write with confidence. The Guide includes a JOURNAL, The eBook Authoring Journal to Success, you can use to record information--attitudes, skills, and knowledge--necessary to keep you moving forward. The Journal acts as a "template" for future eBooks and a diary of your present journey. Never again attempt any writing without the use of a journey to keep you focused and moving in the direction of your BIG DREAM. A Process Guaranteed to save you weeks of time! After all, you are being guided by a guide written by educators who understand how to teach and how to make learning meaningful to you and your needs. The Guide is a SURROGATE MENTOR/COACH readily available to you as a reference or to provide encouragement for you. The next goal is clearly visible and the end is always in sight. The Guide is a COMPANION to eBook authoring workshops, teleseminars, Book Camps, and personal coaching provided by Awaken the Author Within™. The Guide is equally effective as a stand-alone "working" textbook.
And much, much more!

Distinguishing Benefits

This Authoring Guide sets itself apart from other authoring material found on the Internet. It FOCUSES on the ANALYTICAL "PROCESS" of authoring and publishing. By "process" we mean that by mastering the knowledge, skills and attitudes presented in each step, would-be authors learn what they need to learn through reflection. All learning comprises three areas: attitudes, skills and knowledge. The addition of deliberate reflection provides the wisdom born of your knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

You will experience global notoriety for the wisdom you possess. You are an expert. Time to step up to the plate.

This Authoring Guide focuses on REFLECTION as a PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY. Using RaW Stems™ and Writing Activities as vehicles of self-reflection, the learning journey becomes personally effective and rewarding.

You will understand yourself better than ever making this the best personal growth you have ever experienced. Guaranteed.

This Authoring Guide emphasizes the POWER OF THE WRITTEN WORD. Writing is the action component of thinking. Writing stimulates the subconscious. WRITING IS THE DOING PART OF THINKING. Reflective thought put on paper maximizes the payback.

Begin to earn another stream of income on the Internet with your published eBook. Begin to leave your legacy globally.

This Authoring Guide is not primarily a "how-to" guide. The Guide's role is to guide you through a SELF-REFLECTION JOURNEY of the eBook authoring process. Writers are encouraged to analyze what they are doing by reflecting on the past, in the present and for the future. Reflection helps get the job done in the present and lays the foundation for future eBooks as well.

Personal Reflection is the key to YOUR GREATNESS! And personally reflect without fearing Writer's Block ever again!

This Authoring Guide is about MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE! It is about making personal possibilities, desires, goals, and dreams into realities through the eBook authoring process. The impact of the Guide goes way beyond the resultant eBook. Authoring an eBook is a life-altering activity.

Begin to live your BIG DREAM. From my own experience as an eBook author, I guarantee it is rewarding and will open up opportunities you never imagined!
Still not convinced?
Listen to what some of the thousands of people who have used the the material found in this eBook Authoring Guide have to say.

"Glenn Dietzel and his co-authoring partner Paul Jackson definitely know how to awaken your brain and guarantee your success. As an optimum performance expert, I know exactly what it takes to ensure your success. After following the exercises laid out clearly in "Awaken The Author Within(TM): A Definitive Guide to eBook Authoring" Glenn Dietzel and Paul Jackson use a system not unlike the system I use to help others lead super successful lives. It's all about creating efficient ways to break through the mental limitations of what is possible to achieve. And this eBook shows you exactly how to do this...the attitudes, skills and knowledge that you need. As someone who is both a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, this eBook will show you exactly how to do the same. You can't go wrong!"
--John Assaraf, aka The Street Kid New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, Trainer & Entrepreneur http://www.thestreetkid.com/

"Do you know what your number one enemy is? Scattered thinking and lack of focus. This is the biggest problem that I experience in the people I coach. It has also been one of the most important revelations that has been discussed with me in my interviews of some of the most successful entrepreneurs across North America in my book, "Conversations With Millionaires." If you want to unleash your greatness and build an information business online you need a book. Look no further than Glenn Dietzel. I have witnessed personally how his system has created a successful business. Glenn shows people, even with no writing experience, how to author a successful eBook. Glenn Dietzel and his co-authoring partner, Paul Jackson, have just released their latest eBook. It's unbelievable. Imagine writing a book facing no writer's block. Just think, you can join the ranks of those making an additional source of income from the Internet very easily with a system works. Take focused action now and buy their book, 'Awaken The Author Within(TM): A Definitive Guide to eBook Authoring.' Who knows, I might be interviewing you in my next New York Time's Best Seller!"
--Mike Litman, New York Times' Best Selling Authoring,
"Conversations with Millionaires"

I just finished your ebook "Awaken The Author Within" and I must say you have created a unique, logical and obviously very successful approach to ebook authoring. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. Most books stop at what you "need to know" but you take it much farther with your clear & defined start to finish process. I felt like you were both sitting beside me as my writing coaches. I was very impressed with the 10 steps to ebook authoring outlined in your book.

But, much more impressed when I began to work through your Reading & Writing (RaW) Stems. The brainstorming process coupled with the writing activities forced me to focus my actions and made the creating of content simple and painless. I was very skeptical when you stated that you "help people author ebooks with only 12 hours of writing". After reading your book and working through the writing assignments in less than 2 hours, I already have 20 pages of material so I am definitely a Believer Now. This book will go on my desk as a reference manual for all my writing projects. Great Job.
--Joe Garris Cincinnati Ohio www.ProductIdeaEvaluator.com

"This eBook is an absolute gem. Glenn, you've not only awakened the author within, you've pulled him out of bed and cooked him breakfast! This guide goes far beyond the typical course on eBook authoring. This is a handbook to dream pursuit for anyone who ever had an inkling to write for any reason. You'll go far deeper into your thought processes than you ever expected, and you'll have more fun along the way. I found myself reading this over and over, and now I'm ready to crank out a new eBook every month. The feeling you get after you've written your first eBook is indescribable, and you'll have that feeling in record time with Awaken the Author Within. Get this eBook, absorb it, answer the self-reflective statements contained in the guide, and let Glenn take you along this incredible journey. I dare you to not be a changed person at the end of this experience. "
--Andy O'Bryan, Co-Founder www.AudioMotivation.com

"I have never read anything like this before. I know Glenn Dietzel personally and know that Glenn Dietzel is a champion in the eBook authoring world. You don't have to look any further than in the track record he has created with his people all over the world. Your dream of becoming a successful author is now realized. You are in great hands with Glenn and Paul Jackson, teachers who know how to teach. If you want to know how to naturally self-reflect your way to success and all the while eliminate any chance of not knowing what to do next, make the investment and purchase this eBook. This system is created to help anyone with a dream to publish an eBook. I am totally impressed with Glenn Dietzel's and Paul Jackson's revolutionary eBook authoring program. Talk about focus. By making this investment in your life, you will be standing on the shoulders of giants in the eBook world."
--John Di Lemme http://www.FindYourWhy.com Author, Success Coach, World Renowned International Motivational Speaker

"Great e-book, every potential author will agree the you need to come from with-in, in which case Glenn Dietzel's and Paul Jackson's book is the one no author can do without. What a great learning experience!"
--D.W.Chaddock Speaker/Publisher TakingCourses.com Magazine

"Glenn ("Dr E-Book") and coauthoring partner, Paul Jackson, have done it again! This is the easiest, fastest way to get your ebook written and published ever invented! Now you can take your ideas and skills, turn them into an ebook that will help thousands of people solve problems and live better lives, and that is a huge win-win! They win because they have YOUR expertise and vital information, and of course you win with a steady stream of passive income, forever! Glenn's background as a teacher is obvious. He makes learning HOW to do this simple, clear and elegant, but the real value of the books is that in addition to showing you how, he motivates you to take action. It's so simple and so powerful! You can do this, and Glenn's and Paul's book holds the key."
--Dr Philip E. Humbert Author, Speaker, Personal Success Strategist www.PhilipHumbert.com

"If you're ready to become a full-fledged author, then you need this book! This is not just information - this is an action plan, a step-by-step manual that can take you from zero to ebook hero. If you've ever dreamed about seeing your name on a book, then this is a must-read. You can do it, and Glenn can show you how."  
--Sterling Valentine, Marketing Expert, TurbochargeYourMarketing.com

"What was the elusive ingredient that was missing in this writer's dream of getting published? FOCUS!! Glenn Dietzel and Paul Jackson absolutely got me on the right track to taking my obscure, partially finished manuscript, sitting dusty and forlorn on my computers hard drive, and taking it to eBook heaven! His system has definitely Awakened The Author in me. Thanks Glenn and Paul!!
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"Glenn knows how to bring out the author within. Glenn's method shows you how to take your idea from your mind to paper, to finished product. Do yourself a favor and let Glenn show you the process to bring out your inner author!"
-- Josh Hinds http://www.GetMotivation.com

AwakenTheAuthorWithin.com's eBook written in eBook format and entitled Awaken The Author Within: A Definitive Guide to eBook Authoring is not primarily a 'how-to' guide. The Guide's role is to guide you through a self-reflection journey of the eBook authoring process.

This eBook has been rated by eBook authoring experts, writers and publishers as the best authoring material on the Internet.

eBook technology is an important development in the publishing industry as it capitalizes on the visual and interactive nature of the world in which we live using the latest in technology.

The Guide is about making your dreams come true! It is about making your personal responsibilities, desires, goals and dreams into realities through the eBook authoring process.
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Reflection ON the PAST
Refection IN the PRESENT
Reflection FOR the FUTURE
It is designed for YOU:

To keep your mind on your work
To organize your information
To remind you of all you have accomplished
To track your progress
To encourage you to keep going

What is your eBARQ?

Are YOU ready for the eBook authoring adventure? Do you have what it takes to author an eBook? Is there an eBook author inside of you? Prove to yourself that once and for all you do. You will be 100% assured you have what it takes.

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