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Dear Fellow Adventurer,

You know, I always feel kind of embarrassed everytime I tell someone that I'm returning--yet again--to Quepos/Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  I know they're thinking:  Why don't you ever go somewhere else? But, I just can't help it.  I can never decide if it's the I-don't-give-a-damn-about-the-Jones' attitude that best characterizes this culture, the undeniably sexy language, the even sexier population of men they breed down there, or, of course, the insanely gorgeous beaches that were at my doorstep.  Sometimes, I wondered if it was just me . . . that is, until friends of mine started visiting.  My suspicions were confirmed--they were just as impressed with the area as I was, and more so!  Before I knew it, I was receiving emails and phone calls from people who wanted to take a trip there and I found myself shelling out piece of advice after piece of advice.  After all, I had spent nearly a year living in Quepos--I knew all of the little insider tricks and the best places to go like the back of my hand!  But it was after the last email I answered on the topic--actually from my lawyer who is going this fall--I got to thinking:  Maybe this would be easier if I just poured out my brain onto paper!  And so the idea of creating this eBook was born. 

Unlike your typical cut-and-dry travel guide, I wanted this to be a supremely unique and personal book filled with the straight-up and dirty truth about everything based on what I had experienced.  I racked my brain and came up with ten chapters designed to help ANYONE feel less stressed, feel more safe and--most of all--spend less time planning and more time doing!  You can relax and know ahead of time exactly what to expect and even be able to walk the walk and talk the talk after reading this eBook.  Furthermore, you won't have to worry about being taken advantage of, because you'll already be privy to all of the common tricks!  (I'll never forget when I planned to spend last summer living in Quepos again . . . during the very first week, I got my wallet stolen on the bus--and that was after I should have known better!  All of my credit cards and drivers' license were gone . . . and nothing spoils a trip faster than not being able to have access to your money!) 

Most importantly, you will guarantee yourself a FUN and HASSLE-FREE TRIP by learning all of the stuff that it took me months to figure out, and even hear straight from the mouth of two locals what their biggest pet peeves are about tourists that visit (so that way you won't make the same mistakes) and what advice they have to offer YOU.

Take a sneak peak at Manuel Antonio for yourself!

Inside this exclusive tell-all eBook, you'll learn:

-How to choose the right form of transportation for YOU to get from the capital city of San José to Quepos/Manuel Antonio, depending on your own specific needs

-The reason it's a bad idea to rent a car

-Why you should NEVER EVER pull over on the side of the road if you do rent one and get a flat tire

-The best of the BEST places to stay in Quepos/Manuel Antonio, divided up into categories ranging from super budget conscious all the way up to extra luxurious (including which ones have hot water!)

-Specific names of persons to connect with at each destination, complete with phone numbers, websites and rate/reservation info

-One of Costa Rica's best kept secrets:  Una cerveza michelada!  Find out what it is, and how to get your hands on one immediately (trust me, you WILL want to)

-Where to hit the town!  In Quepos/Manuel Antonio, the place to be changes every night, and so do the prices i.e. Thursdays are ladies' night at a bar called The Lounge, where women can drink for absolutely free!

-Costa Rican etiquette:  What you need to know before heading out of your hotel to avoid unexpected misfortunes and/or look like a fool

-The low down on what prices really are; sometimes tourists get taken advantage of because a local vendor knows that he/she doesn't know the real scoop i.e. beach chair vendors on Manuel Antonio beach are infamous for this

-Which restaurants you should ABSOLUTELY block out time to dine at, in both Quepos and Manuel Antonio

-How to look like you know what you're doing when ordering food, eating food and paying for food

-The surefire secret way to get a taxi home in Manuel Antonio and pay a quarter of the price!

-The ONLY foolproof way to keep the mosquitoes off you, while everyone else is getting bit! 

-Things you MUST do while visiting.  Tour companies offer such a wide variety of activities such as ziplining, four wheeling through the rainforest, whitewater rafting, etc . . .  but not all of them are worth the money!

-What not to do EVER. With tourists being the primary target for petty crime, it's important to know how to ensure your safety

-The scoop on "the shot" they offer at the pharmacy--what it is, and why I encourage you to go get one!

-Recent scams that have occured in Quepos/Manuel Antonio, and what to do if you think one is being run on you

-Dealing with the ever-popular stomach illness . . . where to go, what to say and what to expect

-Other nearby towns worth visiting if you've got the time

-Some common Costa Rican slang that's sure to impress the locals!

-THIRTY full-color pictures relevant to each topic at hand (yay for visuals!)

-Personal anecdotes of my own unfortunate mishaps following each chapter that are sure to make you laugh!

                           . . . and much, much more!

And now, an added BONUS!

-Two full-length interviews with Quepos/Manuel Antonio locals in which they offer their opinion on the subjects of their biggest pet peeves regarding tourists that visit, what to look out for, what they love about living there and even what they don't like about the area (Interviewee photo included!  Why is this significant?  Well . . . Latins are hot!)

-Two additional full-length interviews with Americans who have visited Quepos/Manuel Antonio in which they discuss what they wish they knew before going, what surprised them the most about the area, what they found to be most different/similar about the Costa Rican culture in comparision to that of their own, and--of course--what they loved and hated, and why.

-A map of the town of Quepos indicating key destinations

-A list of important contact information, such as that of the embassy, police station and doctors

-An author bio, discussing how in the world I even got there in the first place

I am so honored to be able to provide you with such exclusive insider info and be able to offer it to you for less than you'll spend going out for dinner tonight!  So before you make another move, get your copy of Become a Costa Rican in 30 Minutes Flat:  Insider's Tips to Visiting Quepos/Manuel Antonio now! Because of its convenient eBook format, you'll have instant access upon payment, and you can either print it out, save it to your computer for later reference, or even email it to your buddy who's going with you! 

So what are you waiting for?

Order now and feel confident that your trip will be a success! 

P.S.   Right now it's . . . oh, about                                          in Costa Rica!

Insider's Tips to Visiting Quepos/Manuel Antonio That Only the Locals Know




Become a Costa Rican in 30 Minutes Flat:  Insider's Tips to Visiting Quepos/Manuel Antonio That Only the Locals Know provides a whooping 64 pages of raw, unedited insider information for visiting Quepos/Manuel Antonio that took the author nearly a whole year of living there to acquire!  As we all know, traveling to a foreign country can be quite an intimidating experience, and Costa Rica is no exception.  If you're planning to visit this unspoiled Central American paradise, (and if you're not, you should be!) specifically Quepos/Manuel Antonio, don't make the same costly mistakes as your fellow tourists; instead get armed with the info you need to ensure that your travel plans go as smooth as  possible--without getting ripped off or, worse . . . ticked off! 

CliceBook: Become a Costa Rican in 30 Minutes Flat


"I didn’t expect the locals to be as friendly as they were.  I could meet one person one day and then the following day I’d see them on the street and they’d greet me and stop to talk for a few minutes and then be on their merry way."

--Matthew Treible, visitor to Quepos/Manuel Antonio in June 2006

"This was seriously the experience of my lifetime.  You never know what you're missing until you find it.  Manuel Antonio was the perfect combination of local tradition mixed with modern tourist conveniences to make for a really interesting trip, but one where I could find a good old-fashioned American hamburger if I wanted one!"

--Brea Dibble, visitor to Quepos/Manuel Antonio in March 2006









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"For young people, it’s a perfect place to have a good time with your friends (party—but boys don’t drink too much liquor or you’ll get yourself into trouble!) and for the families there are miles of super beautiful things to do out in the nature."

--Malena Del Maso, long-time resident of Quepos



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