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Give Me Fifteen Minutes A Day, And I Will Show You How To Instantly Release Stress, Boost Your Immune System, Increase Energy Levels, Remove Fears, And Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind To Get You What You Really Want"

Dear Friend,

I know what it is like to experience the unbearable stress, tension, and frustration of the day-to-day rat race called life that you may be struggling through right now. I was once exactly where you are. It got so bad at times I couldn't get out of bed. Sometimes the agonizing psychosomatic or mental stress of my social, job, and family life caused me such lower back pain I could barely walk without a cane.

And this was in my late twenties!

I had so many dreams and ambitions as I was growing up. I would fantasize about all kinds of exciting goals that I would throw myself fully into. When I encountered small obstacles in my path, the initial excitement would soon die off, and in order to avoid falling into a deep depression I would start a new project. Sound familiar?

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It all began after years of never completing my projects throughout High School and University. I took a good look at reality and realized I better try and build up some practical skills and get a "real job."

As you can imagine this didn't do very well for my self-esteem and self- confidence.

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time...

And so I eventually found myself working in a job day after day that I hated.

New forms of tension I'd never imagined began to take hold in my neck and shoulders. Soon I had little motivation to live. My life was on auto-pilot. I was just going through the motions like a walking zombie because...

...My inner conflict was destroying my body!

So much so I woke up one morning with severe lower back pain.

I couldn't walk. I could barely roll out of my bed. I was walking on my hands and knees. It was pretty pathetic.

I went to my doctor and he couldn't find anything wrong with me.

He took several X-rays and conluded that my body was very healthy. He concluded that my pain and suffering was mentally self-induced.

...And then what he said after that was astonishing...

When most doctors would of recommended drugs and continuation of the same, he told me everything was my choice and the important thing was that I knew that. I chose my current situation and I should know if, for example, I wanted to drop everything and live in the outback in Australia in a mudhut, well that was my choice.

I thought about this long and hard and came to the conclusion I had been living a self- fulfilling prophecy.

I knew then it was time for me to do something extreme...

I needed to relax and transform myself by emptying...

All the trash and past baggage trapped inside my head!

I began experimenting and practicing with all sorts of Meditation, Chi Gung, Yoga, and relaxation exercises.

I made note of those techniques which had a measurable impact on my life; techniques that gave me immediately results rather than years of hard work.

My methods involved an integration of several techniques that were far from mainstream knowledge. I had to search deeper into the esoteric underground. Even those practitioners who dedicated years to Yoga and Tai Chi had no idea what I was talking about.

Surprisingly the techniques were anything but complex. They were extremely simple, and yet totally effective!

Even though I was ready to make a choice and live the life I wanted to, I had still had responsibilities to answer to. I could not just quit my job, abdandon my family, and spontaneously do whatever I wanted.

My technique allowed me to establish my true goals, dissolve my inner conflicts and still continue on with my current situation. Only this time I no longer reacted. I was a peaceful observer, allowing me to focus on constructive action, and leave the rest behind.

I didn't understand why so many people were banging their heads against the wall year after year to get the same results I was getting in a few weeks.

And then Psychic Sleep was born!

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Your Behaviors And Choices Are Based On Your Unconscious Beliefs

All of our behavior consists of patterns. These patterns were once learned. You use patterns to turn on your computer, use a program, and type an email.

After you learn a pattern you no longer have to think about what your are doing. You put the task on auto-pilot so to speak in order to free up your mind so you can concentrate on other tasks.

If you were typing a letter you wouldn't be very efficient if you had to think each time about which finger should touch the right key. Remember when you first learned to type? You were probably very slow at it, searching for each key and poking at it with one finger at a time.

Similarly, if you learned to drive you may have been feeling awkward in the beginning. You were learning new patterns, but once the driving pattern had been established, your mind was free to think of other things.

Now, if you were suddenly transported to a different country and told to drive on the opposite side of the road, you might feel uncomfortable. Driving on the opposite side of the road is an unfamiliar pattern.

Psychic Sleep makes changing unconscious patterns easy!

Unfamiliar patterns are awkward and uncomfortable, and can even cause anxiety. This is why people unconsciously relate their limitations with safety. This is the reason why people change very little in their lives.

Patterns are a form of hypnosis. Hypnosis can be used to change behavior just as much as it can be used to condition people's patterns.

When a child is told it can't do something over and over, that belief is eventually accepted into the unconscious mind, and a new pattern of behavior is installed.

Later on in life when they have the chance to be successful in something, they unconsciously make themselves fail because they are still running that pattern.

Psychic Sleep is designed to release the built-up tension of negative patterns, bypass the conscious mind which acts as a guardian, and install powerful new beliefs and states of happiness, success, and confidence. Once installed, these states can be triggered again and again in any situation!

Once installed, these states can be triggered again and again in any situation!

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You'll Wonder How You Ever Managed Without It

3 techniques to balance your mind, body, and spirit
The secret of meditators with Zen-like calm
Instant stress relief
Boosts your immune system
Stimulates your body's own healing process
Lowers your blood pressure without drugs
Helps revive your sex drive
Makes you feel good all over
In less than 5 minutes you can experience the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of Psychic Sleep

What's Included With Psychic Sleep...

 Instant access to the Psychic Sleep guide which you can print off or read from your computer
 Step by step instructions that show you how to perform the technique quickly and easily
 The information you need to relieve stress, anxiety, and suffering fast
 50 minutes of audio that gently guide you through the technique and its sequences
 Premiere coaching, help and support
 Free Updates - guide additions, new audio, and upcoming instructional videos
 Access to the private Psychic Sleep discussion group
 How to set anchors to use in any situation to bring instant calm and confidence
 Plus much, much, more...
Upon purchase of Psychic Sleep you will instantly be directed to a webpage to download the Psychic Sleep guide in Adobe ® PDF format and MP3 audio files which total 50 minutes of guided instruction, allowing you master the technique very rapidly.


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Psychic Sleep comes in a PDF ebook and MP3 audio format and is PC or Mac friendly.

You'll be directed to our download page for instant access!

P.S: There is absolutely no reason for you to leave this page empty handed. As explained above, you have 60 days to try Psychic Sleep without risking a penny. If at any time during those 60 days you would like a refund please email me. No questions will be asked, you'll simply a receive a confirmation the refund has been processed. All I ask is that you try practicing Psychic Sleep for at least two weeks and tell me your experience. Even if you do decide to claim a refund... You can still keep the ebook and audio files of course. Which means however if my technique works...
Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again!

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