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Use these order form ideas to get rich, get promoted,
or just beat the pants off your competition!

Now you can –

Who is Mark Everett Johnson & how can he help you?

Mark Everett Johnson has been writing breakthrough direct mail for 26 years.

Results of the first direct mail donor acquisition letter he ever wrote were reported on the front page of The Wall Street Journal on August 29, 1984 – "13 million mailed, 300,000 favorable replies, $3.6 million in donations."

His success in two decades of writing direct mail for publishers has been equally spectacular. As copy chief and creative director for Rodale, he wrote ten newsletter and magazine circulation controls including DMA Echo Award-winning subscriber acquisition packages for Prevention and Scuba Diving, as well as many successful customer retention pieces.

As a marketing communications consultant since 1992, he has amassed an elite client list that includes Mayo Clinic, Harvard Law School, Boardroom, Condé Nast and more. He is author of possibly the most successful newsletter promotion ever created with more than 2.7 million subscriptions sold by direct mail (and a winner of The Newsletter on Newsletters' coveted Promotion Award).

Much more than a top flight creative writer, Johnson is a veteran direct marketer who helps his clients discover full value and tap overlooked opportunities. He gave one publisher a price test that increased revenues by millions of dollars with no additional cost and no erosion in response. He has created scores of creative tests from evolutionary to revolutionary, helping his clients keep response strong quarter after quarter, year after year.

Mark Everett Johnson writes such successful direct response that the results of one campaign were reported on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Use proven success tactics – for online & for print

Avoid tactics that have bombed

Plan what you're going to do with all that extra cash in your pocket!

"Mark – Congratulations on a stellar performance for your new copy, by far and away the consistent winner (40%-50% bump). We used Revenue per Letter as our measuring stick to take into account that your copy not only improved response but generated more 3-year terms, consequently more revenue. Thanks for all your help!"

--Frank MacKay, Executive V.P., Oaktree Systems
Dear Direct Marketer,
You probably already know that offer, price and other elements of your order form can have a greater impact on response rates than any other element of your creative.

To get an idea of just how big a lift you can get, we asked a group of newsletter, magazine and e-book publishers the results they've seen from changing their order forms. Here's what they said–
82% lift from an offer structure change for a $39 consumer newsletter 31% lift from an installment offer for a $27 consumer magazine 45% revenue increase

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