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There is a cure for your insomnia and its fast easy and doesn't involve taking sleeping pills...

You know how sleepless nights sap your energy, but did you know that insomnia, which is sleeplessness, can damage your immune system, making you more prone to illnesses, that being sleep deprived causes serious accidents, and that it can contribute to those extra pounds we all hate so much?

Finally there is a surefire natural way to beat insomnia. Its fast and easy and you can use it tonight.

This insomnia treatment isn't new knowledge, although being able to use it yourself at home is new, but it is a very effective sleep aid that even your doctor has probably never heard of. It was first discovered in the 1930s and numerous studies have been done using it ever since. The results have been consistent, it works.

Its a sound technology called brainwave entrainment. The Sleep Sound Audio program uses brainwave entrainment as well as relaxation techniques to overcome your insomnia and send your to sleep.

 "I can't recommend Sleep Sound highly enough."

I've been a poor sleeper all my life. I've tried many things to help me sleep and by experimenting and trial and error I thought I had my insomnia pretty well under control.

However in the last few months I've had problems with menopause, stress and lifestyle upheavals. I seemed to lose the ability to sleep again.

Liz, you seem to have managed to combine the effectiveness of science with the beauty of music. I don't know how you've done it and I don't care. It works!!

Thank You!

Wendy Owen
The Insomnia Connection
[www.insomnia- connection.com](http://www.insomnia-%20connection.com/)

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Your brain uses electrical signals to communicate with all the systems in your body. The electrical pulses vary in the their rhythm depending on what you are doing. When you are wide awake your brain waves pulse faster than when you are relaxed. 

This electricity can be measured using an EEG (electro-encephalograph) machine and when printed out it looks like waves. When we are alert and busy the activity in our brains is faster and  the waves are closer together. When we are relaxed the wave pattern is much slower. When we first drop off to sleep it is slower still. 

 Brain Waves From EEG

Beta Brainwaves
This is the pattern our brain waves make when we are wide awake and busy. Your brainwaves are usually in beta when you go to bed.

Alpha Waves
As you relax your brainwaves slow down and move into alpha. This is also the rhythm that people are trying to achieve when they meditate..

Delta Brainwaves
This is the brain wave pattern when we first fall asleep. You can see how much slower it is than beta waves.

If, when you go to bed you are tense and anxious, or perhaps trying to solve the problems of the day, your brain waves will be fast like the beta wave pattern shown above.

Relaxation causes your brain waves to pulse more slowly. You need to be relaxed for sleep to come, and yet that can be very hard to achieve sometimes.

Brainwave entrainment uses sound to change the rhythm of brain waves to a more desirable rhythm. When this is used for insomnia the idea is to get the brain waves to slow right down to alpha and then slower still to delta waves. 

Gradually the brain's rhythm synchronizes with the pulse that is being played and as this happens your body and mind relax and you drift down into a natural sleep.


The Sleep Sound audios use this to slow your brain waves to the relaxation state and then down to sleep.

Scientifically Proven Sleep Aid Ends Insomnia 

This process is backed by a mountain of scientific research over more than 70 years. Much has been discovered since the initial work in the 1930s and work continues. Let me quote from just one of the scientists working in the field:

"Its difficult to try to responsibly convey some sense of excitement about what is going on...the field is wild and intriguing... We are at a frontier, and its a terribly exciting time to be in this line of work"

John Kiebeskind, UCLA neurophysiologist

Stress Is The Major Cause of Insomnia

Most of us who can't sleep are overdoing things and we can't quite see how to stop. It soon becomes a vicious cycle as we get more and more exhausted and less and less able to cope with our workload. 

We develop a habit of not sleeping, even dreading going to bed knowing we will have another night of tossing and turning...Lying in bed, glancing at the glowing red digits on the alarm clock, dreading the alarm going off in the morning and the start of another miserable day ... barely coping because of exhaustion and increased stress.

Perhaps you have tried to end you insomnia by changing some of the things you are doing, not drinking coffee in the afternoon and evening, warm baths, regular bed times, massage and perhaps meditation. These are useful and important to do but sometimes they are not enough. 

Maybe you have had to resort to taking sleeping pills. If you have ever needed them for more than a few days you may have found that the sleep they give you isn't as refreshing as normal sleep. That's because they interfere with the natural sleep cycle. The sleep they give is a relief, but it isn't the type of sleep that nature intended.

Using brainwave entrainment your sleep is completely natural and normal. You go to sleep easily and quickly and you wake up in the morning feeling rested and invigorated. 

Some of those who have used the Sleep Sound Audio emailed me :

"Thank you so much for creating something that can help me to relax!!!! " .. recommend it to others?: yes!!
Joanna Marie

"...my pattern is never having trouble falling sleep initially, but rather waking at 4am or so and not getting back to sleep. Your program supplements other behaviors I'm trying to incorporate religiously to get me back on track...
I am very happy I stumbled on your website."
Philip B

"...Last night I took a pill to fall asleep, I'm too nervous to try without it when I have to work and need to be a sort of productive human being.  I used the 2nd program to go to sleep, woke up at 3, 4, and 5 o'clock and fell asleep again each time without it. WOW! 
Thank you."
Diane B Atlanta

I would lie awake at night, very tired, but my mind would not shut down.  From the last TV show I watched to all of the days conversation, I would keep playing them over and over.

This program helped me let go and let my mind rest.  If I would wake up in the night, I just popped the sound portion back on my headset and drift back to sleep.  I now awake very refreshed. Thank you !   

Karen    Westerville Ohio


Why Sleep Sound Is Different From Other Brainwave Entrainment Programs

 Includes Guided Relaxation. If you are very tense when you are trying to sleep you may need more than brainwave entrainment to help you to become calm and relaxed. Because this can happen we have included a 20 minute guided relaxation at the start of the first Sleep Sound audio. This helps you to consciously relax so that you are receptive to the brainwave entrainment that follows. 

You can use it without headphones If you have tried brainwave entrainment before you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that you can use Sleep Sound without needing to use headphones. Just about every other program requires you to use headphones. If you don't like to wear headphones in bed you can listen to Sleep Sound without them and it will still effectively send you to sleep. 

It sounds pleasant. Some of the brainwave entrainment programs on the market sound horrible, they can sound like a helicopter taking off in your head. Sleep Sound sounds good. It uses music and nature sounds to mask the embedded beats.   

What The Sleep Sound Program Includes: 

1.  Sleep Sound    

Sleep Sound 1 begins with a  20 minute guided relaxation that includes visualization and hypnotic suggestion. Once you are comfortably relaxed the brainwave entrainment begins.

The whole program takes 60 minutes, but most people fall asleep long before it ends. 


2. Sleep Sound 2

Time To Sleep is a 40 minute brain wave entrainment session that guides your brainwaves down into the rhythm of sleep. There are no words, just pleasant sounds to lull you to sleep.

This may suit you after you have used the main audio and are able to relax without additional help. 

(note: These images are of the CD version of the program)


Special Limited Time Bonus

Relaxation Audio

An audio to help you to relax. This is a 30 minute MP3 that uses brainwave entrainment with binaural beats to take you into a relaxed alpha state. It then brings you back up to an alert but realxed state before it ends.

This is particularly useful for anyone who is under stress. It will also be a lovely rest that will refresh you and make you feel better.at anytime during the day. I am sure you find this audio useful. This audio sells on its own for $12. [You can see it here](http://www.magneticsounds.com/relaxation-MP3.html)


"Go To Sleep Secrets" A Guide To Getting A Good Night's Sleep

This ebook complements the Sleep Sound Audios. It gives all the information you need to prepare for a great night's sleep.

This 60 page e-book, "Go To Sleep Secrets" will lead you step-by-step through everything you need to know about sleep and how to beat insomnia.

Even the Sleep Sound audios can't send you to sleep if you drink gallons of coffee all day or do other things that stop you falling asleep. You may be doing something which you don't even realize is preventing you from sleeping. 

No matter how much you know about sleep you will find something new and helpful in this e-book.

Go To Sleep Secrets will help you to manage other aspects of your life and put you in the very best position to sleep well every night.

NEW: An Audio version of Go To Sleep Secrets so that you can listen wherever you are.  

Some of the important things you will learn from the book: 


How much sleep you really need and the serious danger you are in if you don't get it.



What really triggers us to sleep at night and wake in the morning.



How, just by doing one very simple thing you could be sabotaging your own sleep without even realizing it  



What melatonin is and why it is dangerous for some people to take it. 



6 effective and simple techniques to help you relax enough to sleep



An easy way to stop yourself thinking about your problems when you go to bed



Lots of natural home remedies for sleeplessness



Why sleeping pills can't give you a good restorative sleep and should never be used long term



And lots more besides...Sleep is natural but we are doing things that prevent it. Find out what those things are and fall asleep easily and naturally again.

With this and the brainwave entrainment audios, you can finally beat insomnia and get to sleep easily and quickly every night. If you wake in the night all you need to do is switch the audio on again.

Free Bonus 2

How To Eliminate Stress & Anxiety
In this eBook, by life coach Svetlana Bankova, you will learn:

Why we are so stressed out 
How to block behaviors that keep your stress alive  
How to calm yourself with visualization  
How to use music to beat stress
Self hypnosis for stress
Stress Management
How to stay relaxed at work
How to deal with panic attacks 


"You really did a lovely job with this program, and I’ve loved getting the emails. 

The nicest thing, and whether it is psychological or not, is that the sound entrainment has really helped as much as I could expect (I have apnea problems and am still dealing with claustrophobic reaction to a CPap).  It really does help me get back to sleep much faster, thank heaven."

I’d be very interested in further sounds.  Wanted to know if that was your voice in the first one?  It’s soothing all by itself!"

 Liz Wade  New Jersey USA

Download The Program Today And Sleep Tight Tonight 

Special Offer Sale Only $27! Down from $37. This week only- Sale ends 

 For less than a dollar a day for a month you can buy a good night's sleep for ever.

Money Back Guarantee

This insomnia program works like magic for me and many others, and I am sure you'll find it helps you. But if for any reason, you aren't happy with our product just return it within 8 weeks and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. 

This program really is the easiest and fastest way of getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up feeling refreshed.

 You could be sleeping like a baby tonight!



Slow internet connection? Sleep Sound Audios Are Available On CD  

These are big files that need a broadband connection for downloads.If you would like to get the program on CD you can buy the whole program on two separate CDs. To get the Go To Sleep e-book and Alpha Relax audio once you have purchased the CD just send a message to me with your name and purchase receipt number: [Contact](http://www.better-nights.com/contact.html)[](http://kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=111067)

[Buy Program On CD](http://kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=111067)

[Contact Us](contact.html)  

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