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Any Bible teacher can use these real-world tested questions to turbo-charge Bible study ministry - no matter how much or little previous teaching experience you have!

Need Questions for a Great Bible Study Lesson?  No Problem!

Great Bible Teachers ask great questions from the Word, about the Word, and for the glory of Jesus.  I've surveyed thousands of Bible teachers and everyone agrees that great questions are at the heart of interactive Bible study.  But it's not easy to ask great questions, consistently, that will help people to learn!   

Bible teachers like you need a toolkit of questions that are re-usable, portable, can go-anywhere on the planet, and support teaching to any group about any passage of Scripture.  

You can adapt these 52 model questions to every Bible study situation:

All ages from elementary through adults
Groups sizes from 1-on-1 to 1-on-500
Seekers, new believers right up through spiritual mature believers
Any format of Bible teaching, even if it's not on Sunday morning
Any Christian denomination
Any size church
Any country in the world


With 52 Model Bible Questions and your Bible, you can confidently teach lesson after lesson, year after year, and see the power of great questions create changed lives.  You don't need a seminary degree to use them well.  You won't need to buy a new study guide every time you want to move to a different book of the Bible or topic.  

For each question I explain exactly:

How to adapt it to your teaching situation

How to use the question with different age groups

How well the question works with believers and not-yet believers

Example Bible passages where this question is effective

Tips from my experiences of using the question, so you can avoid pitfalls or be ready to take advantage of new opportunities the question is going to create.

In short, this information that makes it almost ridiculously easy to include great questions in your teaching ministry.  You benefit from the hard work of others!

"I thought your description was complete hype and expected to prove you wrong.  You've done it, this is really amazing.  I told the other teachers at my church to get this today."  
-- Mark Smith, Nebraska


Joel Wesseldyke, youth pastor and co-founder of [AllYouthMinistry.com](javascript:na_open_window('win', 'http://allyouthministry.com', 0, 0, 800, 600, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1))

"Your questions are a lifesaver, Glenn! They shorten my preparation time and give me a launching pad for discussion with my teenage students. Because of the way the questions are phrased, I can use them straight "out of the box" or use them as the framework to think of and ask different questions that really get my group talking -- which as you well know, is where learning really happens. I keep a copy of 52 Model Questions in my Bible and tell all the Bible teachers I know to do the same." 


Every one of these 52 questions has been field-tested in the real world!  I've tried hundreds of questions on different classes over many years.  These are the most effective, the cream of the crop.  I've been using some of these questions successfully for over twenty years.  Until now, these have only been available to a handful of other Bible teachers I know personally.  I expect to keep using them effectively till Jesus bids me come home. I'm convinced these same questions will be effective throughout your lifetime, and beyond.

[Click here to order now.](http://www.52biblequestions.com/52Order.htm)

52 Model Questions comes as a electronic Acrobat PDF file that you can download immediately.  You'll be able to read this book on almost any computer system.

Asking good questions will do more to improve your teaching effectiveness than anything short of prayer.  Good questions help people learn, because they challenge our minds.  Active minds - from analytical perspectives to using the imagination to "experience" the story - are learning minds.  

Physiologists and psychologists tell us our brains are "wired" for learning in two specific ways: through stories, and asking & answering questions.  

Even if we didn't have experts to tell us this, we have the example of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Master, Teacher, Friend, and Lord.  The Gospels are studded with accounts of Jesus asking questions.  And sometimes he answered questions with a question!  Of course Jesus already knew the answers.  He didn't ask questions because he needed information.  Jesus asked questions for our benefit!

The secret power of Great Bible Teachers is the ability to ask great questions.  Great questions lead to excellent group discussion, get people engaged, and get them thinking.  Great questions lead to real learning, high levels of retention, and genuine life change.  (And that's why we teach the Bible, right?  To change lives!)

The best teachers ask the best kinds of questions.  Not the questions that make everyone stare at their watch or the floor.  Not the questions that you'd have to be a theologian to answer correctly. No, the best teachers ask the kind of questions that get people excited to learn.  These 52 model questions will have people interrupting one another in their enthusiasm to join the discussion!  

The best teachers also ask questions that ordinary people can respond to.  These are questions that are challenging (hey -- there's no learning without some challenge), but don't cause people to freeze up or mumble.  These are the questions that help people get new and deeper insights in the Word of God!

This is a complete toolkit of questions that any Bible teacher will be delighted to have.  I'm providing all the how-to-use-it-now information with each question so you can start using them confidently TODAY.   

I've seen even very inexperienced teachers launch a wonderful discussion just by asking one or two of these questions.  And the feedback from experienced Bible teachers has been incredible, also.  

"Your book is better than 20 store-bought study guides."
-- Jill Huesen, Illinois

"I've been teaching for 14 years now, and was surprised how much I learned." -- Bob Duertes, Great Britain


I'm offering this collection of 52 Questions for only $19.  This is one of the best small investments you can make, because  any one of these questions can transform a boring lesson into an eye-opening, soul-catching, life-changing experience. And you can use these over and over again for years to come.  

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Our 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee:  

Don't decide now if 52 Model Questions is for you. Take 60 days to discover how you can use these questions for great Bible teaching. If you're not delighted with the way these questions work in your teaching situation,
we'll refund 100% of your money-- no questions asked.  


52 Model Questions gives you the tools to help people each and every time.

[Get 52 Model Questions now](http://www.teachtochangelives.com/52Order.htm) and start using them in your next lesson.   You'll be amazed at how much easier it can be to teach to change lives!

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