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Aurora Dating Service  

Russian Women - Russian Wives For You  

  Aurora Dating Service is dedicated to putting you in close and personal touch with single Russian women as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a demonstration of the honesty and reliability of our service we invite you to send a translated [first letter](/?page=firstfreeletter) and get a translated response from a lady of your choice at [no charge](/?page=firstfreeletter). Membership is free and the only cost to you, after you receive your free translated response, is our low-cost translation service you use for subsequent correspondence. All the contact information (including e-mail address, mailing address and phone number) is free for members. Please bear in mind that many of the Russian women have sufficient English skills to enable you to correspond freely with your special woman without any help. However, if she has problems with English our [translation service](/?page=services#translations) is always there to help.
  We regularly add [new women's profiles](/album/?latest=1). All women are real and interested in finding a husband abroad. Each of women has own private e-mail address, which she checks regularly. Correspondence with single, available and attractive women from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and CIS is the first step towards meeting your chosen women in real life! Take advantage of this inexpensive and effective online dating service today!
  Many single people like you are hoping to find that special person who'll make their thoughts race and their hearts beat faster. Their minds turn to relationships and many people make a special effort to find love. Aurora Dating Service gives lonely men and single Russian women real chance to contact each other, to know each other better, who knows how far this connection can go. Cheap and high-quality translation service (it costs only 2 cent per word) for men (services are free for women), free ladies' contact information, including e-mail addresses, personal attitude to each of our clients, all these features are for [members](/?page=becomeamember) of our service.

Aurora Dating Service 
[ info@auroradating.com](mailto:info@auroradating.com)  

I have used a number of dating and introduction agencies to meet family minded women from the former Soviet Union. Aurora Dating Service, without a doubt, has provided me with outstanding service and at a very reasonable price. I have communicated with several women from their website by email and telephone and personally met 2 of them on a recent trip to Moscow. And I'm pursuing plans for marriage with one of them.

I can say that these women are real and sincere in their desire for family/marriage. I have not met a single scammer on their site. The staff is very efficient and translates letters and replies often in less then 12 hours. Compare this to the cost of a single translated introduction letter from any other service. And consider the flexibility of a specific translated letter and not just a form letter.

All these factors make Aurora Dating Service an invaluable treasure in an industry that has so many inferior and dishonest companies.
Z i a d   Sawi, U S A
Welcome to our new website!
Aurora Dating Service has redesigned its look and is also accessible through the [E - Russian Women website](http://www.e-russianwomen.com/). You may continue to use our old service, but you can move to [E - Russian Women Dating Service](http://dating.e-russianwomen.com/) to get more features: [E - Russian Women Dating Service](http://dating.e-russianwomen.com/) charges NO additional money for any contact information of ladies, translation of every letter and photos exchange is assured. Membership fee is low and members are able to get contact information of chosen women in 5 minutes (automatically). Welcome to use [E - Russian Women ](http://e-russianwomen.com/)[Online Dating Service](http://dating.e-russianwomen.com/) website or visit [E - Russian Women Online Dating Directory](http://directory.e-russianwomen.com/) to to find other helpful quality dating websites.

Russian Wives
For You!

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