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"Simple Step-by-Step Actions You Can Take Today To Clear Your DUI Record, Get Your Drivers License Back, and Save a Ton of Money, No Matter What State You're Located In!"

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"Who Else Wants To Beat Their DUI Arrest or Conviction Record, Save Money on Insurance,
And Get Their Drivers License Back?"

Have You Recently Been Pulled Over And
Cited For A DUI or Drunk Driving Offense?

If you've just been pulled over it's absolutely critical that you learn how to protect not only your freedom but your driving privilege, future employment opportunities, auto insurance payments and criminal record as well.

More importantly there is immediate action you must take to save your license and then minimize the damage done to your personal life so that you'll eventually be able to clear the DUI from your record completely. It's extremely important for you to focus on getting through this and protecting your record.
Maybe You Have An Older
DUI Conviction Record?
If you've had a DUI Record for some time then you already know how much damage it's done to your personal life. It's like a big red "X" on your forehead labeling you for the rest of your life unless you do something about it.

Most people don't realize that you can clear your DUI record completely. Some states won't allow a formal clearing of the record for you BUT you'll still be able to keep it from showing up on background checks from every single state.

You can minimize the damage that the record has on your personal life which will enable you to move on with life rather than constantly being frustrated by
this recurring problem.

If you need help with DUI Arrest or DUI Conviction Record then read the below letter very carefully to learn how the DUI Process Manual can dramatically improve your life and save you money during the DUI Process.

    Information Association, LLC
501 W. Broadway Suite A
San Diego, CA 92101

Tuesday morning, 8:14 AM  

     We're going to lay out all the specifics that you must complete if you already have a DUI record or if you've just recently been pulled over and arrested for DUI (anywhere in the U.S.).

First, make sure you're signed up to receive the free DUI Strategies Report (enter your contact information into the form at the top of the website) where you'll get an important overview of the process at no cost. This report will come to your inbox as a 10 page content packed PDF file that will get you started with some very important DUI Law and DUI Record information.

DUI is Actually A
Common Problem
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 1 out of every 135 licensed drivers (or 1.4 Million people) in the United States is arrested for driving under the influence each year. (Source: NHTSA Annual Traffic Safety Facts)
You might feel "singled out" right now, but you're certainly not alone. DUI offenses are more than just ordinary criminal offenses... there's a tremendous amount of politics involved.

DUI is an enormous source of income to local governments and it's so easy to increase that income by simply arresting more people. 

Even Mothers Against Drunk
Driving (MADD) is Cashing In
The last published annual revenue of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) organization was listed at $47 Million. (Source: Current annual report from MADD's official website).
The point in sharing these facts with you is not to bash MADD, law enforcement, or the government but to illustrate the fact that DUI related offenses are much more involved than all other criminal offenses. 

There's several different organizations with a vested interest in keeping the number of DUI arrests up as well as increasing the penalties and fines to keep revenue up as well.

(Continued Below...)

DUI is a Political Crime That Has Been Modeled
Into A "One Size Fits All" Punishment System

Those who are charged with DUI for wrecking their cars and injuring people are punished very similarly to those who have 2 glasses of wine and happen to get pulled over. Similar punishments, very different outcomes. A very scary reality but it's true.

You will be treated as a menace to society so long as the DUI record is linked to you. When you finally get your drivers license back your auto insurance will be "high risk" and sky high draining your bank account for years and years to come.

Not to mention that you will most likely be severely limited in your employment opportunities due to the fact that 99.99% of companies will see your DUI record during an employment background check and refuse to hire you because of it.
The Reality Of This Is That Your Life
Will Be Changed For The Worse *Unless* You
Take The Necessary Steps To Help Yourself.

That's why this website is here.

To help people just like you who've somehow ended up in this unfortunate situation move on with their lives so that this doesn't become a roadblock limiting the rest of your life.

The worst part is that you're treated as if you are now 'different' than anyone else who has not had a DUI related offense.

You're singled out at the DMV, at the Court House, on Pre-Employment background checks, with insurance companies, peers, current and future employers, and generally in society as a whole.

It flat out isn't fair.

You should be able to complete your punishments and then return to being a "normal person" again just like you were before your DUI.

That's what the DUI Process Manual is committed to; helping you live your life again like you did before this DUI ever happened.

The ability to clear your DUI record is available in most every state. And for those state's that do not allow expungement or clearing of DUI records there are still other remedies available that will allow you to minimize the damage that the DUI record does to you.

So... what this means is that
No Matter What State Your DUI Offense Took Place In
You Can Clear Your DUI Record OR Significantly Minimize
The Damage Done By The DUI Record

You can do this by following the specific steps provided in the DUI Process Manual.

The DUI Process Manual is a full explanation of DUI law and DUI record clearing in an easy to follow and understand format. It explains exactly how to clear or significantly minimize your DUI record no matter what state you're located in.

It provides a wealth of information pertaining to getting your drivers license back, saving money before and after a conviction, auto insurance, and basically any other concerns that you might have about DUI offenses in general.

We've organized it into a step-by-step process that literally walks you through the exact steps you must take to get this done. But not everyone will be eligible to use the information. 

Please take note of the eligibility criteria below...
Are You Eligible To Clear Or Significantly
Minimize Your DUI Record?

Before we tell you more specifics about who can benefit from the DUI Process Manual and what it contains lets be very clear about who WILL NOT benefit from it.


The following people ARE NOT ELIGIBLE:

If your offense is related to vehicular manslaughter you are not eligible.

If your DUI offense is complicated with felony drug charges you most likely are not eligible.

If your DUI offense involves extensive property damage and/or severe accident or injury you are not eligible.  
If any of the above situations apply to you please accept the free DUI Strategies Report offered at the top of this website as our gift to you and we sincerely hope it helps you. We wish you the very best of luck, there is no need for you to read the rest of this website, and please do not purchase the information.   Ok. For those of you that are still reading...  
If Your DUI Or Drunk Driving Offense Was
Not Listed Above Then You Will Benefit From The
Information Provided By The DUI Process Manual.

DUI Process.com Featured On
The Authority Website For DUI

DUI Process has been reviewed by the DUI authority...
Ed Reither, director of the Drivers Research Institute and founder of the authority website regarding DUI (www.DUI.com) decided to feature DUI Process in the criminal record section of DUI.com after a thorough review.

  Ed Reither, M.A.
Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Director and Webmaster - DUI.com
(Drivers Research Institute)        At this point instead of telling you how much the information has helped previous customers we'll simply let you read a few of the unsolicited comments that we've received from some of the people who have had the chance to order and read the DUI Process Manual and associated publications:  
"My new license, and peace of mind, is worth much more to me than the cost of your manual."

Thank you for tip #1. I considered trying to renew my license, but didn't have the courage. I wasn't sure what was on record, and I feared being thrown out of the DPS office, or worse. Based on your tip, I now have a new legal license for a cost of only $10, plus the trip to DPS. My new license, and peace of mind, is worth much more to me than the cost of your manual."

Thank You,
Kevin Long (Wylie, TX)

"The advice regarding getting your license was invaluable"
"The advice you provide is key. In my case, the advice regarding getting your license was invaluable. I recently moved to Montgomery Co. Maryland and still had my Virginia license when stopped. The police confiscated my license. After reading your advice, I simply went to the Virginia Dept of Motor Vehicles, informed them that I ... (please see DUI Process Manual for specifics) and was handed a replacement. In my instance the police were helpful, they informed me that neither my employer nor insurance carrier will be notified so I shouldn't inform them as well."

"Thanks for having the website!"
Jeff D. (Rockville, MD)
"Reading the material alone has drastically improved my attitude"
"Thank you so much for your efforts researching and putting together the, "DUI Process" and "DMV Flow of Information" documents.

I found both documents very educational and extremely helpful. Just reading the material alone has drastically improved my attitude.

I actually got a good night's sleep after I read it!"

Thanks again!
Kirk E. (Iron River, WI)
"...Would have never been possible without your information"
"Thanks for the information and the manuals. This is quite a maze to wade thru and would have never been possible without your information. Thanks again!"

Violet Pierce (Tomball, Texas)
"The information your organization has provided has been amazingly helpful!"
"I just received your DUI tip regarding obtaining a "clean" legal license... The information your organization has provided has been amazingly helpful! Walking around with a temporary paper as a license isn't a very comforting feeling. I will be going to the Secretary of State this afternoon.

You have my blessings to include my comments on the endless benefits of your website. There is a peace of mind knowing that I can work through this with the wealth of information you have shared.

Thank you once again."
Lisa Landry (Michigan)
Ok... That should give you an idea of how people feel about the information in the DUI Process Manual. So now let's describe exactly what you'll get when you order:
  DUI Process Manual 
DMV Flow of Information Guide 
Field Sobriety Test Secrets
Personalized Email Support   [](http://www.duiprocess.com/get-it-now.htm)  
Just a little of what you'll learn:

A step-by-step, fool proof process to clearing your DUI record. This process can be followed from every state.

Simple to follow plan that will enable you to pass pre-employment background checks, even if you are not eligible for expungement!

How to legally pay little to nothing on the outrageously expensive SR-22 requirement. This one piece of information alone could literally save you hundreds of dollars per month!

"You Saved Me Thousands On Insurance
Alone During My SR 22 Time Period"
"Your information was invaluable. My probation is up Oct. 25th but I am on mail-in until then. You can use me as a reference anytime. You saved me thousands on insurance alone during my SR 22 time period."

Don Kynnsheila, (11971 S. Freeway, Houston Texas)


A complete explanation of how the courts and motor vehicles store and keep your records and the 3 things you must do to limit the sharing of your record.

How there is a lack of communication between agencies involved in the DUI Process and how you can legally use this to your advantage.

Why there is a 95% chance that the state has no record of your offense and what you must do to ensure that they never get a copy of the record.

Why private companies are buying up copies of your record and what you need to do about it to stop them from damaging you.

How the department of motor vehicles tracks your driving record and what you can legally do about it.

Drivers license strategies to help you get legally re-licensed. Several methods that have worked for many people.

"I Got My License Back!"
"By the way, I got my license back! I took advantage of the fact that the two states didn't talk to each other. Have a great Christmas."

Heidi Olsen (location withheld)


The proper forms to file for expungement and where to file them.

The simple proven process to follow if you are not eligible for simple expungement. If you're in a state that doesn't allow the clearing of DUI records then this step-by-step process will be the next best thing.

The highly secret information that reveals exactly how the Motor Vehicle Agency tracks your record, and what you need to do about it to get re-licensed!

Explanation of when and how insurance companies review your driving record and the 2 steps you can take to keep them from raising your premium.

The often forgot about Rap Sheet and how you can clean yours with a simple request.

Exactly who may be able to view your Rap Sheet.

Occupational licenses and DUI. What the agency requires applicants to possess before they grant you a license.

A breakdown of the 7 systems involved (yes there are 7 departments that you need to deal with) and what to say to them to help you clear your record.

A complete step-by-step analysis of how background checks are conducted at Fortune 500 companies and how to pass any check regardless of what's on your record.

Sample forms so that all you have to do is fill them out and mail them in.

Contact information and instructions for all agencies you need to contact.

Much, much more...   [](http://www.duiprocess.com/get-it-now.htm)
If You Have Been Arrested For DUI Or
Have an Old DUI Conviction Record This is
Truly Something You Need To Grab a Hold Of...

To further help you decide if this information will help you we've answered some of the most common questions below:
Still Have Questions?

Question #1:

I looked it up and my state does not allow the clearing of DUI records. Can the DUI Process Manual still help me?

Answer To Question #1:

In this instance the DUI Process Manual can still help you in a few ways. First, the information contains valuable tips that will save you money throughout the process as well as provide several strategies that many have used to successfully get re-licensed if that is a concern. It will reveal ways to relieve the agony of some of the punishments along with cost savings advice that can literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your DUI.

In addition it outlines steps pertaining to auto insurance policies required for DUI or drunk driving related offenses (SR-22). It shows you how to slash the SR-22 financial requirement by as much as 84% on some policies.

But more importantly the DUI Process Manual will also show you how to significantly minimize your record by explaining a simple process that you can follow to keep your record from showing up on background checks even though your state does not allow expungement.

This is a legal process that is in essence the next best thing for you since your state will not officially allow you to clear or expunge the record.


Question #2:

Will I have to spend more money after I purchase the manual?

Answer To Question #2:

This is a very good question to ask and there are a couple of minor expenses involved whenever you submit paperwork to various offices. These expenses are filing fees, etc... and none of the expenses should exceed $20 or $30 bucks or so.

These expenses are not paid to us in any way. You will not be charged for anything after you purchase the DUI Process Manual.

Question #3:

What if my offense was a few years ago? Will this information still be able to help me?

Answer To Question #3:

Even if your offense was years ago the information will show you how to keep the record from 'popping up' on record searches and point out some strategies you can use to get re-licensed if that is a concern for you.

In addition you'll learn exactly how to officially clear the DUI record from your files if eligible.

Question #4:

If for any reason I'm not satisfied with my purchase what do I do then?

Answer To Question #4:

This information is provided to help you. If you are not happy with your purchase simply send me an email and let me know. I can either refund your purchase or try to answer any further questions that you may have in an effort to assist you.

You won't offend me by asking for a refund. I want you to be happy with the information you purchase, and if you're not then I want to give you back your money.  I realize how frustrating this whole DUI experience is and I'm not going to add to your frustration.  Plain and simple.

"One Of The Best Purchases I Have Ever Made"
"I would like to say that I recently purchased your book and it's one of the best purchases I have ever made. It has given me so much information that I had no idea about."

Daniel Ebel (Plano, TX)

Okay, I Realize That This is Valuable Information But
How Much Does The DUI Process Manual Cost?
Considering how much money we've spent putting this together, constantly updating the information to keep up with changes in the law, along with the associated distribution costs we should charge quite a bit for access. Not to mention how much money this information will save you in the long run it is literally worth thousands of dollars.

If you've retained a DUI lawyer then you realize how much that costs ($5,000-$10,000) and you still won't get the whole story because some of this stuff is down right sneaky. Every single step and strategy described is completely legal but again some of it is pretty sneaky stuff that will save you a substantial amount of money and make your life a whole lot easier.

So... what would it be worth to you if you could save up to $597 dollars on the required SR-22 DUI insurance policy because of what you'll find in the information? 

How about if you could pass a pre-employment background check in regards to your DUI record to get a new higher paying job (or just any job for that matter)?

"This Could Have Cost Me This Job Opportunity"
"Thank you for this tip. I needed my picture ID to show for a pre-employment drug screen for a new job. This could have cost me this job opportunity."

Debra Bruno (Location Withheld)

What about learning all the steps necessary to rid yourself of the constant frustration a DUI record will provide over the course of your life?

...What would all of that be worth to you...?

Certainly it's worth a considerable amount of money (thousands).

Even if you 'just' consider the peace of mind the information will bring you forgetting about all of the money and time it will save you that alone makes it worth thousands of dollars. But rest assured we're not going to charge you the thousands it's worth because we understand that you are facing other considerable fees associated with a DUI offense.

Again we're not going to add to those expenses because we know exactly what it feels like to be in your shoes.

So, for immediate access to the DUI Process Manual you'll pay just a 1 time payment of $147 dollars. A very good price considering this package of information sells for as much as $997 during an in person consultation.

Right now we're also taking an extra $50 dollars off the purchase price lowering it to $147 $97 if you purchase right away because currently the information is ONLY offered as a download on your computer. (But this discount may end very soon).

Not to worry if you have no experience with downloading files online... should you purchase and experience any trouble whatsoever we will send you the information via email. But most don't have any trouble at all. So after you pay you'll get immediate access to all of the important information.

That price is absolutely the best we can do right now and we realize that some people that need this important information will not be able to purchase it at the $97 price.

We're truly sorry about that but we cannot lower the price any more for a couple of reasons:

1. We like to help answer customers questions personally and if we offered this information at any lower price we simply would not have the time to provide the level of support that we insist on providing (and our personal time is worth a lot).

2. It takes a lot of time to constantly update the information. We're periodically redoing the whole thing to ensure that it is completely accurate. We have to research and then re-write not to mention all of the associated costs of advertising the website. This is a significant demand on our time and finances and our little company like everyone else has to pay the bills to continue functioning.


"I Never Would Have Found This Out If Not For This Email !! "
"Thank you for this information. I find it very helpful! I never would have found this out if not for this email."

Stanley Roberts (Royal Oak, MI)

So that's the price, $97 dollars and that is the absolute best we can do considering the above reasons. The only way we can help anyone for any less than that is if we take away our personal time.

What I mean is that we can further reduce the price to $97 to $49.95 only if we do not have to provide any email support concerning your specific situation. Of course we'll still provide any email support necessary to ensure that you complete your order and actually get the information but nothing beyond that please.

"Great Information! I Have Had The Information
3 Days And Have Already Helped Myself... "
"Thank you for your response, GREAT INFORMATION!!! I only wish I had known about you five years ago!! I have had the information 3 days and already have helped myself more than my attorney has and he had the nerve to charge over 5 thousand dollars for going through the motions as it were."

Steven Watson (Ridgway, Illinois)


Let's Wrap This Up...
Here's what you'll get if you order at the $97 purchase price:

[Click Here To Purchase Package (#1) For $97](http://7.duiprocess.pay.clickbank.net/)

The DUI Process Manual ($38.95 value)

The DMV Flow of Information Guide ($19.95 value)

Field Sobriety Test Secrets ($27 value)

Personal Email Support To Help You With Any Specific Questions ($197+ value)    
 (I Think You'll Agree This is Worth A Lot More Than $97)

"Thanks For The Manual. It Was Well Worth The Price"
"Thanks for the manual it was well worth the price. The whole thing is all about the money. It isn't about safety. The whole thing has cost me $5,000 and I'm getting worse treatment than murderers and rapists get. It's tough. One day at a time, but reading your manual put my mind at rest. Thanks."

Scott Kauffman (Pennsylvania, USA)

Here's what you'll get if you order at the $49.95 purchase price:


The DUI Process Manual
The DMV Flow of Information Guide ($19.95 value)

[Click Here To Purchase Package (#2) For $](http://8.duiprocess.pay.clickbank.net/)[49.95](http://www.duiprocess.com/#)      

"I am Very Satisfied"
  "As a member of DUI Process I would like to tell you that I am very satisfied with the direction you took me."
Donald Lin (Mississippi, USA)

And we're also going to provide one more ordering option for those of you who won't ask for specific support and only want to purchase the DUI Process Manual for $38.95.


Here's what you'll get if you order at the $38.95 purchase price:

The DUI Process Manual

[Click Here To Purchase Package (#3) For $](http://9.duiprocess.pay.clickbank.net/)[38.95](http://www.duiprocess.com/#)
So as you can see we're bending over backwords to do everything we can to get this critical information to you at a price you can afford while still ensuring that we'll be able to help those who need it.
The Ball Now Firmly
   Rests in Your Court...
It's up to you whether or not you want to take the steps necessary to improve your situation.
This information has helped many people like you (as you've read some of their own words above). 
Remember, you have no risk when ordering because we absolutely insist on only having satisfied customers. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason just send an email and let us know why.  We will either refund your purchase or work even harder to provide the information necessary to make you happy. It's that simple.

Here's your ordering options one last time:

[Click Here To Purchase Package (#1)](http://7.duiprocess.pay.clickbank.net) $97     


[Click Here To Purchase Package (#2)](http://8.duiprocess.pay.clickbank.net) $49.95


[Click Here To Purchase Package (#3)](http://9.duiprocess.pay.clickbank.net) $38.95

***Please Note: If you plan on purchasing please do so right away as we cannot guarantee how long these discounts will last. (If the prices have already been increased please disregard).***


Best wishes to you. Just keep a positive attitude, learn as much as you can about the process and you'll get through this just fine.


The Information Association, LLC
501 W. Broadway Suite A
San Diego, CA 92101

P.S. This package of information could literally:
Save you hundreds of dollars,
Help you get rid of the problems caused by your current or older DUI offense
Help you clear your DUI record
Assist you with your drivers license
Save you time and frustration.
Much, much more...  

P.P.S.   It really is a no-brainer decision... because we're committed to only having satisfied clients and we've made it as easy as possible for anyone to afford. Click one of the order links above to begin the DUI Process and you can be reading it within 2 minutes...   [DUI Law](http://www.duiprocess.com/) | [Links](http://www.duiprocess.com/links.htm) | [Site Map](http://www.duiprocess.com/site_map.htm) | [California DUI](http://www.duiprocess.com/california.htm) | [Blog](http://www.duiprocess.com/blog) | [Affiliates](http://www.duiprocess.com/affiliates.htm) | [DUI Arrests](http://www.duiprocess.com/dui-arrests.htm) © 2007 Information Association, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
501 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101   [Privacy](http://www.duiprocess.com/privacy.htm) | [Terms Of Use](http://www.duiprocess.com/terms.htm) |  
[CLICK HERE FOR FULL LEGAL DISCLAIMER](http://www.duiprocess.com/legal.htm)


lower = better; 1 = best

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