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"Discover How Thousands Of Motocross Racers Won More Races Than Ever
Before, Using a Proven, Easy-To-Follow System!"

"Are You Getting Maximum Results From Your Workout Now! If Not Why
Are You Wasting Precious Time With Your Training And Not Getting
Anywhere! Why Are You Losing The Race? Why Are Your Lap Times Lousy!
Do You Want To Know Why You Can't Seem To Win? I'll Tell You Why..."

"... Your Problem Is You Failed To Apply Our System To Get The
Greatest Results To Your Workouts So You Have The Power And Energy To
Finish Strong."

From: John Melin
May 15, 2007

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you something right now:

Whatever you are doing right now I want you to stop for about five
minutes and read through the rest of this letter for it will literally
change your life.

Pay attention to something that will bring you maximum results to
your training if you apply it fast.

If You Find You Can't Wait To Improve Your Training And Get Into The
Winners Circle Now? Then Listen Up..."

If you are tired of finding yourself not getting the results you
should get from your workouts or your training is below par, I have
something that will change all that and fast.

Do you want to see yourself at the finish line as the winner more

Do you want to have more energy and stamina so you can finish a

Have I gotten your attention yet? If so good. I want to give you a
wake up call! I want you to experience something that you have never
experienced before in your life.

How would you like to control your workouts and know exactly what
you are doing from one workout to another so you can gain the greatest
and more optimum results from your workouts!

Impossible you say! Well I can prove it to be true. How? Bare with
me and I will expose the truth that will open your eyes.

For the first time in your life you will have access to a unique
system that is so profound, so captivating, so invigorating that once
you use it, you will see immediate results and won't be able to stop.

Why waste so much time training. Get your act together. Get your
training and get in the race and win.

What am I talking about? I am talking about a revolutionary new
system that takes training to a whole new level. A system that will be
the answer to your training regimen. A system that will guarantee you
excellent training results each time you use it.

Do you want to know how to better your training to gain maximum
results? This system does it.

Do you want to know the proper way to eat for maximum endurance and
energy level while you training and race? This system does it.

Do you want to know how best to ride your bike for the best riding
experience that will increase your chances to win race after race?
This system does it.

Do you want a system that will guide you along and keep you on track
at all times so you will remain a winner? This system does it.

Do I still have your attention so far? Good. There's more....

If you follow this system you will always know when you are doing
better and getting stronger, and quicker and becoming a consistent

In fact, this software will provide you with constant reminders as
to how you are doing so you can always adjust to gain the maximum
output from your workout, training, and racing.

Why settle for anything less!

Don't Waste Another Minute Training That Will lead You Nowhere

Instead take control of your training and take back your life by
simply following a proven system that will guarantee you better
conditioning and much better riding.

* You will face no more wasted energy. Instead know exactly what you
are doing and where you are with your nutrition so you can maintain
your energy level.

* Stop worrying whether you will be able to meet the demands of your
racing schedule.

* Stop spending money on worthless courses or books on how to
maintain your weight, nutrition, or training sessions.

Get This Unique Software That Will Guide You Every Step Of The Way
To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts And Races!

Our software will do the following:

* You can make a training schedule so you can keep track of every
workout and practice you have each day.

* Keep track of where you practiced and how you practiced so you can
repeat it over again.

* Remember how you set up your bike so you can establish the same
set up over again. This way you maintain the same equipment that
fostered in you winning races every time.

* Keep track of your progress as you train so you can increase your
output per session.

* Keep track of your progress on the track so you will know which
routine gave you the greatest success, thereby repeating your success
every time out.

* Enter your data once and it is done. Never have to repeat your
data more than once.

* Search your previous workouts to find the maximum workout sessions
you had and repeat them everyday.

* Keep track of what you eat so you stay on course with your diet
and nutritional intake. This way you stay at peak potential at all

* Keep a schedule of training so you keep up with your training so
as to maintain your level of conditioning.

* See the results of everything you do in graphic layout in front of
you within seconds. Now you know where you stand at all times. Compare
your results.

You get all this and so much more. This system has been used by so
many people with tremendous results. Just read some of the comments we
received from people who tried our program to your right.

Why wait and keep on your current path to mediocrity. Instead get in
gear and get our system. This way your training sessions will become
optimum and you'll become the envy of your friends.

If you are really serious about changing your training sessions and
about becoming a better racer, then you owe it to yourself to get our
software that will ensure your success instantly.

In Summary, Here\'s What You Get:

A Complete, Revolutionary, Unique System That Will Give You Better
Training, Better Lap Times, And Better Races. Our Software, MX
Training Journal Is Not Available Anywhere Else. It Is So Unique That
Not Too Many People Know About It Yet. But The Ones Who Have Tried It
Found It Worked Marvelous For Them. Imagine What It Can Do For You.

So You Get Our Complete Training System For An Unbelievable Low Price
Of Just 39.95$ What A Value You Have For The Powerful Features This
Software Can Bring You, And You Need To Act Quickly To Get In On This
Offer Before The Price Goes Up, So Click On The Link Below To Order

But Wait. You Are Not Only Going To Get The MX Training Journal
Software, If You...

Since I Know It\'s 100% To Your Benefit To Act Right Away, I Want To
Sweeten The Pot And Give You Every Possible Reason To Say YES Today!

If You Respond Immediately, You\'ll Also Receive The Following:

Strength Training For Motocross Racers - An E-book About Physical
And Mental Training That Will Help You On Your Way To Become A Winner.
This E-book Will Show You Examples Of Fitness Exercises That You May
Perform To Get A Strong Body, And It Will Also Show You How To Psych
Up On Race Day.

Here\'s How To Order our Amazing System right Now!


After you order you will get instant access to the download link.
Just click the link and you are on the way to install MX TRAINING
JOURNAL. The file is an EXE-file, about 7.5 MB, and will take about
1-2 minutes to download with 1 Mbit/s Internet connection.


Use the software as much as you want for 8-weeks, if you somehow
don't think that this software will help you to improve your MOTOCROSS
TRAINING results please tell me and I will give you your money back.
No questions asked, no hassles, 100% refund.
On the other hand, if you think that MX TRAINING JOURNAL has helped
you in your training then please write me an email with your success
story, and be sure to tell all your friends about it too.

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee




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