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Rock Climbing Essentials -

Warning: Don't Visit Another
Web Site About Rock Climbing Until You Read Every Word On This Page!
Below are the Most Up-to-Date And Valuable Success Tips for Rock Climbing
Available Anywhere!

At Last! Everything You Need to Know
to Rock Climb Safely and Successfully is Revealed in One Convenient,
Inexpensive eBook!

From the desk of: Rick Philips

Dear Rock Climbing Friend,

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Whether you've never rock climbed before or you're
a pro climber, I've got the tips, techniques
and secrets you need to know to fully and safely enjoy
one of the world's fastest growing activities - rock climbing!

Hello, my name is Rick Philips and I've been rockclimbing for years!

Now I Want to Share All the Benefits of My Vast Rock-Climbing Experience with You!

That's why I've spent the past several months researching and writing
my new ebook, "Rock Climbing Essentials".

This ebook contains up-to-date, cutting-edge information on rock-climbing equipment, techniques and training methods.

This comprehensive guide also includes sections on:

Traditional climbing

Indoor climbing


Anchors and belays

Sport climbing

And much, much more!

It is without a doubt the essential how-to book for
rock climbers everywhere!
Whether you're a beginner bouldering a low-angled
face or an experienced climber going "solo", "Rock
Climbing Essentials" will help you explore one of the world's
fastest growing activities safely and successfully.

For example, "Rock Climbing Essentials" covers the basic techniques
involved in seven types of rock climbing:

Traditional Climbing

Sport Climbing


Solo Climbing


Ice Climbing

Indoor Climbing

The book also includes numerous photos and diagrams demonstrating correct rock climbing and knot-tying techniques - everything you need to maximize your fun and ensure your safety!

Here is just SOME of what you will learn by reading this amazing ebook:

Climbing Classifications - different climbs for different people!

Types of climbing - all the popular types, including traditional, sport, solo and more, are all covered in depth.

How to choose the best clothes and equipment for your climb

How to prepare your body for your next climb

How to prepare for hazards and accidents

Key things to do before climbing

And much, much more!

"5 Types of Rock Climbing & How to Determine Which One is Right for You!"

This special, free mini-ecourse discusses five popular types
of rock climbing and provides you with the information you
need to determine which type of climbing is right for you!
(Plus, this material is drawn straight from "Rock Climbing
Essentials" so you can see firsthand the quality content this
ebook contains!)

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Reading this eBook is Your Chance to Begin Fully Realizing the Many Benefits Associated with Rock Climbing!

"Rock Climbing Essentials" offers many benefits, including:

If you practice rock climbing you never get bored, because there are so many routes to climb.

This is the ultimate physical challenge. Each day on the rock is an opportunity for you to push your limits, go beyond the skills you already have and explore more difficult routes.

Adventure and freedom. Most climbers are also searching for adventure and freedom. The feeling that you are free to choose when and where to go is great

Extraordinary nature and scenery. When the climber is looking for new routes to climb, he inevitably will come across unexpectedly beautiful scenery and nature. And also when you've reached the top of a climb you have a breathtaking view that not many people will ever get to enjoy!

Unfortunately, getting the information and instruction you need to fully enjoy rock climbing - while remaining safe - has been difficult


lower = better; 1 = best

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