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    Make your beginning fly fishing trip a great success. In preparation for these first

trips, I have included in this book, everything that you will need. Your first trip can be

 enjoyable and rewarding because of this added knowledge and practice.

You will catch the elusive trout!

Hi.  My name is Dan  and I've strived to make this book informative, interesting 

         and a true step by step guide to your fly fishing experience.You will  know trout,

        think  trout, find trout, catch trout and speak trout lingo when you've  finished

        reading these chapters. You will soon be decked out in the fly fisher's  gear, rod in

      hand, knee deep in a Montana River, casting to those beautiful trout.




 This guide has six informative chapters covering these  fly fishing topics.


Montana Trout Species Senses of Trout
Sight- Sound- Smell

Reading Water

Finding Trout Lies

Trout Food

Casting Technique Casting Drills Essential  Fishing Gear Choosing Rod- Reel- Line-Leader Choosing Vest- Waders
Fly Patterns and Fly selections
Dry -Fly Fishing Wet- Fly Fishing  Nymph Fishing Trip Preparation Montana Rivers




Perhaps  you have fly fished a time or two.

Maybe you just dream of the sport but are reluctant to try it

 because of intimidation or lack of knowledge.

 Well, you've come to the right place for starters and

  the time is   NOW  for this most enjoyable

 pass time.

Yes, it is true that fly fishing is an art and a craft and it does

 require practice and observation.


Spending hours on the world class rivers and streams of

 Montana in serenely perfect settings.


   The  " Montana Fly Fishing Guide"   is designed

 to guide you through the basics and the essentials

of fly fishing for trout. You'll  be ready to join us on the river

in persuit of the wily trout.


 Although this book makes reference to fly fishing for Montana trout, the  information

 and tactics described in the book apply to trout in any waters they inhabit.


Order a Copy of this new book now. The " Montana Fly Fishing Guide"

 is downloaded in PDF format for reading and printing. Once you pay online,  just  follow

 simple instuctions to download your new digital book directly to your computer. You'll be

 enjoying reading the book in less than five minutes. No mail delay and no shipping fees.

ORDER NOW and discover the great value of the " Montana Fly Fishing Guide"

This new guide is priced at just $6.95 as an introduction to this prepatory guide.


 Now I know that's not  much for all the information and knowledge that you can have

 in your hands in minutes.You don't have to spend hours researching--- it's all right here!

 So let's go fishing for those trout!  Success in trout fishing for you is near at hand.

The valuable information and techniques are in this book and they can be yours now.

If your not completely satisfied with the information and knowledge gained in this book,

just request a full refund  within 8 weeks of purchase and I will honor your request with

 no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Good fly lines.

Dan                              [Click Here To Order](http://1.dbmontana.pay.clickbank.net)[    ](http://1.dbmontana.pay.clickbank.net)

[introductory price of $6.95](http://1.dbmontana.pay.clickbank.net)


   BONUS:        Purchase  the "Montana Fly Fishing Guide" today

 And I'll include a free PDF download of

 "The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton 1653".

An early English writing on fishing trout, salmon and other species. A historical

angling saga, in 15th century English, compiled by The Gutenberg Project.


 For More Information On Fly Fishing:

    Fly Fishing Art-Fly Fishing Gear-Fly Fishing Guides -Fly Fishing Books

     Fly Fishing Maps Rivers :      [www.ontheflymontana.com](http://www.ontheflymontana.com/)


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