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Insider Power Roulette System

There are many roulette system writers out there that claim to work miracles with their products but no doubt you will know that most if not all exaggerate their claims; or just blatantly they lie. I have discovered that a great system is extremely rare; this is down to 2 reasons; many people believe it is impossible to create a profitable roulette system and so don’t actually try finding or using one and those that do try, do so around the outside bets i.e. the evens chances (red, black, highs, lows, odds, evens or even the dozens bets).This can be foolhardy action, as most of these types of systems have you using progressive staking; when you are dealing with groups of numbers that are 12 or more the risks become very high very quickly. In fact some strategies will have you betting hundreds or thousands of units in order to make a profit of just 5 units or so. This is the wrong approach, full stop. If a progression system like these busts, you run the risk of losing thousands with virtually no chance of ever getting this money back.

The best and most productive way to bet is to place inside bets, or single number bets as these do offer the best odds and the greater profit per unit outlay. This is a very important point when playing roulette and should never be forgotten.

I discovered this strategy one day after going over numerous ideas of how to target the inside numbers effectively. I wasn’t sure whether targeting just one single number was the best way to go or whether to target a specific group of numbers; all I did know was that this was certainly the right way to go when compared with the dozens and evens chances.

Eventually I did notice something that seemed to be happening and it was reoccurring over and over. I used many hours worth of real spins and online spins to further test my initial ideas; this probably equated to 1000s of spins and the effort was worth it.

The systems are both born of the same premise, that although we know we cannot exactly predict where the ball will land we can make an educated guess based on past results. This is now getting into the realms of probability and as we all know over the course of a 1000 spins each section of the table should receive approximately the same amount of hits. This is not always the case but for the most part and for the purpose of my research this has proven to be extremely accurate. Using my test runs I found that looking at certain factors I was able to accurately predict wherebouts on the wheel to target and only on the rarest of occasions would an unusual set of numbers occur. The thing is, if you can find a table that is ‘behaving itself’ i.e. all the numbers drawn in a certain amount of previous spins are falling randomly then you can really take advantage of the ‘Insider Power’ systems.

For the purpose of my system you will only need to observe the previous eleven spins; these will influence where you place your bets. Observing eleven spins online takes only a few minutes and in a live casino about 10-15 minutes, so there is no time wasted.

Another important element is the staking and this is what drives this method to success. Using my staking charts you will discover how you will be able to bet to a maximum of 26 spins each round and amazingly, any one of these spins will give you a profit at any time throughout.

What kind of bank roll do we need? Well anyone who tells you that all you need is 30-50 units in order to win 1000s on a regular basis is not telling you the truth. An honest system will need a good reserve to cover any lengthy stale periods but hopefully not needed too often. For this system you will need at least 760 units if taking the chart to its 26th spin (An extremely rare scenario). This equates to $380 if playing with 50 cent chips, or double if playing with $1 chips. If playing with 20 cent chips then it is $152. This is certainly a good place to begin with.

I recently tested this system over 11 separate sessions; the results were superb to say the least. They will blow you away. To see them right away just send me your email details below:

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These results are 100% accurate and show a very healthy profit of 3,739 units. Sessions 7 and 9 were very brief sessions, this was to test it on a shorter time scale; yet again it showed a good profit. Session 4 was my only loser but I do believe had I pursued the system a bit longer this loss would definitely have been recuperated. What is even more amazing is that all these trial runs were completed within one week only! Who knows what a whole year could produce?

As you can see ‘Insider Power’ is not a system to be taken lightly. It is extremely logical as it relies on proven mathematical premises. If you are serious about making a living from those wealthy casino owners then this will definitely not disappoint you.

With just one purchase it will be yours to keep and operate forever.

Clive, England – "Hello, I hope you are all well at your end. I have been using the ‘Insider Power Advanced’ roulette system on the net for about a month now. To say it’s the best I’ve come across so far would be a gross understatement, because I’ve seen nothing to touch it."   Simon, England – "Hi Roger, just wanted to say that I have been using the ‘Insider Power’ system online and so far have not had 1 losing session. Great stuff so far, thanks a lot." (This message was 3 weeks after purchase)   Mark, England – "Just a quick message to say thanks for what has been a revolution to my roulette playing. I finally have some discipline and am actually starting to make money! Keep up the good work Roger"
Insider Power Advanced Roulette System

This is a follow up system to ‘Insider power’. I thought I would see if it was possible to improve on the previous system and make something that was even more potent. Insider Power Advanced is an extension of the first system but has a few notable adjustments. The strike rate on the previous version was a little too slow for some punters and so with this in mind I worked on increasing the strike rate time; this would mean fewer spins and an increase in the profit per spin figures.

After some minor tweaks here and there and many more hours of testing I eventually did have another great strategy. This time around users would have 16 spins as opposed to 26. The minor tweaks were a combination of the initial system and a new approach to the table and its past results. The reduced amount of spins did not matter because the strike rate was vastly improved upon. The minor tweaks here and there basically had devastating effects. I thought I would work this sequel over the previous trial runs to see what the effect if any would be. A good way to test any system is to use real spins and so that is what I did. This system do not forget now only gives you a maximum of 16 spins to hit your target, so I was dubious as to whether it would fair well and make any profits. The results as you would have already seen were brilliant.

The previous trial figures were nearly doubled to just over 6000 units. I was so excited I continued with further trials, 7 more test sessions in fact. These further trials took the profit figures to over 11,000 units. This was now out of a total of about 3,200 spins. I was and am totally convinced that this could be the holy grail of roulette systems and most importantly could be a great way to earn a living, a very good one at that.

It is very easy to operate and can be memorized within 10 minutes. You could of course play for $2 per unit if you wish, or have the resources. This then could have netted you a total profit of over $20,000 and all in the space of only 2 weeks! That is the length of time I have taken to test these strategies.

This is more accurate, more reliable and more profitable than any other form of gambling you may be interested in. Although the gamble won’t necessarily give the same entertainment value as say a horse race or a football match, it is the profit figures that concern me and no doubt you as well.

Also, if you were making great profits as above, then it would be a good idea to incorporate a stake increase with every x amount of profit. This could see your profits rising at an ever increasing rate.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get hold of 2 exclusive roulette strategies and also a great money making opportunity.

Use the discipline of a decent roulette strategy and stop throwing money away recklessly on crazy and emotional bets. Those casino bosses love an emotional player. Make the change now and get your copies to keep and use forever.

The price for these exclusive strategies is a fair $57.

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Roger Cuthbert


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