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     Fly fishing tips and techniques in this resource will have you catching more fish because...

"Whether You've Been Fishing Since They Invented Hooks, Or Just Starting Out, 
You'll Be Amazed At What You Can Still Learn About Fly Fishing From These Two Dead Guys!"
Secrets that will help you land that trophy fish...
   "This is unlike anything you've seen before. I'm not going to tell you it's like fishing from a barrel, but it's one heck of a way to increase the number of fish you catch the next time you go fly fishing, in less time and with seemingly less effort." 

  "I've discovered out-of-print fly fishing books written by two master fly fishermen in the 1900s, that reveal tips, techniques and advanced strategies, you can use to catch more fish and bigger fish, the very next time you go out!"

If only these two fly fishing buddies were alive to see that fly fishers, not just from here in the U.S., but from Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Austria, Spain and Chile (just to name a few places) are learning techniques that just aren't talked about in modern day fly fishing books....

"WOW!!! Thanks! "
I recently purchased the ebook versions of "Dry Fly and Fast Water" by George M.L. LaBranche; "Practical Dry-Fly Fishing" by Emlyn Gill; and "Fishing Flies and Fly Tying" by William F. Blades.
These books are great!  They give in-site into the history of fly fishing as we know it today as well as supplying time-tested tricks and methods for the modern fly fisher.  I have found all three volumes easy to read and informative.  At times, it was as if I was getting advice from a long lost great uncle, or grandfather I never knew.
The information I gleaned from these books is as fresh and relevant as anything you will learn about fly fishing and fly tying today.  I can't recommend these books enough; they should be on every fly angler's bookshelf.
Larry Simpson
Belle Plaine, Kansas

In Fact, You Too WILL Be As Excited as Larry Or I'll Give You These Classic Fly Fishing eBooks!

From: Don Berthiaume
New Hampshire,
Saturday 9:30am

Dear Fellow Angler,

Yes, even though George La Branche and Emlyn Gill are no longer with us, their fly fishing tips and techniques continue to provide for some exciting fishing and are fast becoming sought after from around the world. You see, LaBranche and Gill are considered to be the "founding fathers" of American dry-fly fishing. And if ...

     There were fish to be caught, these are the two hot-shots that would sneak up and almost magically catch them. No matter what the time of day or stream conditions.

     Their stream side savvy and unsurpassed technical know-how took dry-fly fishing from a sport very few practiced on American waters to being one of the most popular sports and greatest weekend pastimes of our day.

     Yet, their most effective techniques, responsible for their outrageous and now legendary successes, were nearly lost from existence...until now.

What Does All This Mean To You?

     Everything! Because if you ever wanted to ...

Instantly cause fish to rise even when there

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