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Heading For Prison?

What Can You and Your Family EXPECT?
Are you or someone you care about heading to prison? Do you have a loved one being abused in an institution? Do you want to know what is going on behind the walls?
…Then you’re gonna want to read this book!

No one in their right mind would turn down the chance to get an inside look at what’s ahead.

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed!”

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This Book Gives You The Facts!

My name is Shawn Wolff and over several years I have collected, solidified and brought together a collection of interviews and issues many of us, or people we know face in modern life. The issue is prison. Personally I have served time in 9 different prisons in three different states.

The United States has more people in prisons than any other country in the entire world. That’s not just per capita. That’s by total number! More prisoners than China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil or any other country on the globe. The problem is it’s not slowing down. The rate of growth is simply staggering! Many prison systems report a 150% yearly increase.

If you do not have a family member or friend in prison right at this time, you would be hard pressed to find another person that can make the same statement.

And let’s be honest. Prison is not just hard on the person serving the time but also extremely hard on those who love them and are waiting for them on the outside.

Typical Visiting Room

So you can imagine my surprise when I had a close friend’s son head for prison and I tried to find some reliable information about what to expect. It just wasn’t there. We had to learn the hard way. Some of his thoughts are in this book along with dozens of other convicts. All of them wanting to keep their names out of this book so I wrote this with their information but as if it was me that did the time. That’s a total of 40 years collective experience.




“The Best Prison Guide Out There!”

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What should be expected when first entering prison?

What is the first night like?

Are you allowed to take any personal items?

Much More…


What does a typical cell look like?

How do you do your laundry?

When does your day start?

Is there a lights out policy?

Can I have a TV in my cell?

How often can you shower?

Do you shower naked?

Are you in a cell by yourself?

How do you get a haircut?

How do you buy the things that you need?

Much More…


What is breakfast, lunch and dinner like?

Can you have packages of food sent to you?

Can you have food in your cell with you?

How do you make hot coffee or tea in your cell?

Much More…


What do the guards do to calm the prison inmates down?

If you are out in the yard and trouble breaks out, what do the guards do?

Do inmates really get shot by the guards in prison?

Much More…


What do you do for entertainment?

[]Do you ever have movies that the inmates can watch?

Does prison have a weight room?

Much More…


Do I have to have a job?

What type of work do the inmates do?

If you do work, do you get paid? If so, how much?

Much More…


Can anyone come to visit an inmate?

What happens before visitations?

What happens after visitation?

How long is visitation?

Can you use the telephone to call anyone you like?

Much More…


What happens if you get sick?

What do you do if you are on maintenance medication?

If you have food allergies, do they take that into consideration?

Is it common for an inmate to contract Hepatitis while in prison?

Much More…


Tell me about the gangs…

What are the names of the different gangs?

In order to be safe do you need to join a gang?

If I choose not to join a gang, what can I expect?

Can someone just keep to themselves, serve their time and get out, without interaction with any gang?

Much More…


Do you really need to be aware of rape in prison?

Are there a lot of drugs in prison?

What should you do if there is a riot?

What kind of things are considered to be contraband?

Much More…


Are there classes for different things that you can take?

What about church?

Is there a library that you can go to?

How much time are you allowed outside?

Much More…


Can you get married in prison?

Lets talk about conjugal visits.

If a family member dies while you are in prison, can you go to the funeral?

What happens if someone is killed while in prison?

Much More…


How do receive money?

Can anyone send you money?

Much More…


Do the guards read all the mail that is send to you or that you send to someone else?

Can anyone send you mail?

Can you receive books or magazines from outside the prison?

Much More…


What can you expect if an inmate wants to harm you?

How do inmates get a tattoo while in prison?

What is solitary confinement like?

Much More…



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Lower phone rates from all State and Federal prisons

More talk time

Referral program

Auto-Replenish feature

One-Time Payment

This REPORT will allow prisoners and the family’s of prisoners lower phone rates.

2. FREE Bonus E-Book: “Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook”

Violations of Your Federal Rights

Structuring Your Lawsuit

Religious Rights

Motion to Alter or Amend the Judgment

The Federal Court System     

  This REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners regarding filing action and exercising your rights while in prison.

3. FREE Bonus E-Book: “Inadequate Prisoner Medical Care”

The Duty to Provide Medical Care

Deliberate Indifference

The Issue of Delay & Negative Results from Treatment

Relevant Resources

Cancer Treatment

This REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners regarding inadequate medical care while serving time. DIRECT DOWNLOAD

4. FREE Bonus E-Book: “Federal Inmate Handbook”

General Functions of Unit Staff

Daily Inmate Life

Programs and Service

Medical Services

Contact with the Community and Public

This REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners regarding Federal Prison Rules and Regulations. DIRECT DOWNLOAD

5. FREE Bonus E-Book: “Prisoner Rights – Diet Issues”

General Requirements

Quality, Quantity and Frequency

Religious Issues

Health Issues

“Prison Loaf” as punishment

This REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners dietary rights while serving time. DIRECT DOWNLOAD


Religious Exercise Protected

Religious Activity

Specific Religious Practices

Religious literature

Religious objects

This REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners regarding their Freedom of Religion while serving time. DIRECT DOWNLOAD

7. FREE Bonus E-Book: “Example State Prison Orientation Handbook”

Intake Process

Unit Classification

Standards of Behavior

Safe Prison Ideals

Disciplinary Procedures and Rules

This example REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners regarding usual State Prison Rules and Regulations. DIRECT DOWNLOAD

8. FREE Bonus E-Book: “Rules of Use of Force on Prisoners”

Historical Perspective

AELE’s commitment

Mandatory reporting by correction agencies

Defining use of force

Legal presidence

This REPORT will educate the prisoner and the family of prisoners regarding use of force while serving time. DIRECT DOWNLOAD


DIRECT DOWNLOAD – Delivery Within Seconds!


[]P.S. If you’re serious about learning more about prison for yourself or someone else, then I’ll be real serious with you – you owe it to yourself to get these immediately…

P.P.S – Remember…you have my 100% Risk Free 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee –  I’ll refund your money… and we can still be friends. [Yes, I Want To Place My Order Now!]


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