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want to sell designer handbags?

want to sit at home all day?

I made over $340,000 in my 1st year!

Now I am Rich ! see how I did it..........

Dear Friend, Welcome to ImportBrandShop.com! Your search for authentic handbags is over, we have the direct no middle man suppliers you need to get your business rolling!

 Have you ever wanted to sell authentic handbags? Or buy authentic handbags for yourself? Well I have done them both! I have worn the most glamorous handbags and I have sold authentic handbags. During my first year of selling authentic handbags I earned over $28,000 per month. That's right A MONTH!

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Who am I? How I Made Money...

I am the neighbor that you never see leave the house, but when we do leave I am driving my new Mercedes Benz Convertible. You may think that I make a living illegally, but I am smarter. The internet is the new way to money and life. I work about 2 hours a day, shop & watch television the other 22.People have always asked me "What do I do for a living?" But today I will tell you...

What Do We Do?

I broker designer handbags through Ebay and Ecommerce Websites. I never have to leave my house and I make over $500,000 each year. To make a long story short, I have mastered the art of selling designer handbags online. I have money invested and money saved. So now I will share my knowledge with you, because I was once you. Looking to get started....

You'll get the lowest wholesale prices, most recent designer handbags, and methods to sell. I will teach you exactly how I made money and I will not ask for any of your profits. Although I recommend selling on Ebay or through a website. You can open a retail store or market door to door the choice is yours.

[CLICK HERE TO SEE PROOF OF MY EARNINGS](http://importbrandshop.com/proof.html)

What Are Your Potential Earnings?

Now these stats are my own earnings. What you earn will depend on how you sell and your markups. Typically I only sold handbags that netted me a profit of $250 per item or more. This is what some people make in a week! So here's the profit breakdown:

$250 per handbag profit

x 5 bags sold each day

$1250 net profit/day

 We offer our proteges' the most up-to-date database for sourcing suppliers of authentic designer handbags. Our team of researchers comprise of successful web business & retail owners that have sold handbags all over the worldwide. At Import BrandShop you will always find the latest and discontinued styles at a wholesale price. With locations across the globe in Eastern Europe, USA, UK, and Japan, Brandshop has a loyal following of designer brand connoisseur resellers.

What Will You Get?

We will give you the suppliers you need to make money with online. All you need to do is create a Ebay store or website and start selling. Since we have the connections with foreign designer brand factories worldwide, we allow our clients to purchase direct from the factory. To become our partner and protege, we will charge $19.95 per month, to secure your lifetime membership with Import Brandshop. [Click here to begin your secure registration.](http://www.importbrandshop.com/join.html)[](http://www.importbrandshop.com/join.html)

Sample Products

2007 Spring Summer
Belted Logo Messenger Bag
Wholesale Price: 198.26  
](http://diabro.net/product_info.php/products_id/4203) [ CHLOE](http://diabro.net/product_info.php/cPath/193_22/products_id/5784)

Mini Paddington Bag (Muscade)
Wholesale Price:  280.87 

](http://diabro.net/product_info.php/products_id/5267) [ BALENCIAGA](http://diabro.net/product_info.php/cPath/193_22/products_id/5784)

2007 Spring Summer
Giant City (Rouge)
Wholesale Price:  302.61


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