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"50,000 years ago, the stunningly simple way our ancestors effortlessly stayed thin and fit"

Move over Kraft Foods… there's a new king of the dinner table.  

New research has revealed that some long-neglected food options at the grocery store are our ticket to delicious meals, fit bodies, and great health… that last well into our golden years.

 Dietary Devolution?

Have you ever wondered why in 2015 A.D., you and practically everyone else in America is struggling to get your diet right?  

Kind of a strange problem, isn't it? Diet isn't exactly rocket science, it’s just about the opposite! Our ancestors who didn't even have wheels or fireplaces were mostly thin and fit without even trying.  

So where did we go wrong?  

3 leading scientists reveal the secrets of their research into this very question…

 Early humans and their natural thinning secrets

Studies have shown that Paleolithic diets tend to create a "triangle of dietary magic" in the body. Eat the right foods, and problems go away. Not just waistline problems, but even diabetes, heart attack and stroke risk as well!  

It's a big claim, and one backed by the recent University of California San Francisco School of Medicine study that found that "even short-term consumption of the Paleolithic diet improves blood pressure and glucose tolerance, decreases insulin secretion, increases insulin sensitivity and improves lipid profiles."  

How does such a simple change of diet produce benefits that literally ward off harmful diseases like diabetes and excess weight? 3 PhD researchers with a keen interest in this very question set out to uncover the secrets behind the Paleolithic landmark results.  

Dr. Loren Cordain, Dr. William Davis, and Dr. Weston A. Price would soon find themselves uncovering the body's keys to fitness and health that predated doctors, nutritionists, and even farming… yet produced hard bodies of athletic quality.

 The food pyramid hoax

Relying on old, discredited advice the USDA is unwittingly selling our health short. Proof:  

According to the work of our 3 PhD researchers -- confirmed by many follow-up studies on the subject -- the USDA Food pyramid is the cause of many modern health ills. Take the base of the pyramid, the 4 to 8 servings of grains recommended to us each day. 

 More and more people continue to buy into the idea of eating meals loaded with carbohydrates from cereals, pasta, and other sources of nutrient poor grains -- which were mostly inedible during ancient times. 

It should be no surprise that we are now seeing allergic reactions from some people who regularly ingest grain based products. 

An allergic reaction triggers when the body detects an undesirable foreign entity. Gluten triggers this response in many people… Is this something you want to put into your body?  

 Think gluten intolerance only affects others? Think again.

Almost all allergies have a spectrum of responses, meaning many more people are affected at some level, even if they don’t show an allergic response.  

Early humans didn't cultivate grains until a few thousand years ago when they discovered wheat and rice. And while those early farmers enjoyed a cheap source of calories that they could rely dependably on, year after unpredictable year… they were likely giving up some of their natural healthy habits to get the stability of crop cycles.  

If you thought grains at the bottom of the food pyramid were bad, wait until you see the top.  

Oils? Cookies? Other processed junk?  

It's time to relearn what our ancestors knew from a young age -- the true foods that were meant for healthy people.

 Fish, chicken, meat… fruits and vegetables too!

Know why these foods are special?  

Here's a hint: they've been around as long as your genes have. You literally evolved to eat them. But something's holding you back. You feel as if you can't get away from all the cereal, ice cream, and other foods you've grown to love.   

Good news, my friend. This common issue is the very FOCUS of the 15 Week Paleo Body. 

 As a weight loss diet, Paleo is basically uncontested these days. What makes our program different is the unique week by week structure that teaches you exactly what foods to eat so you won’t have to guess anymore.  

Oh ya – you get to continue to enjoy the foods you already love!  

Here's why such detail and systemization is critical for you to get a lean, sexy body that stays fit and healthy into old age: 

Picture Your "Dietary Life" Right Now

You go to the grocery store planning to buy the best foods for you and your family. But between the genetically modified produce aisle MSG laden carb products, and all those other processed junk items, it feels almost impossible to eat clean.  

Too many temptations, such little guidance (unless you're a millionaire who can afford a private chef).  

The supermarket has become something of a giant corporate machine, designed to get us all hooked on high profit, brand-name products at the expense of our family's health.  

The 15-week Paleo Body is the only solution we know of to this modern cancer that is the profit hungry artificial food industry. Our program cuts through all the clutter and gets to the actual good stuff that amazingly still exists in that same grocery store filled to the brim with junk.

The 15-Week Paleo Body


 In the 15-Week Paleo Body, you'll learn the foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors used to live with a level of fitness that almost NONE of us have anymore (And during harsh conditions, these people had to eat WELL). If you thought that Paleo meant a life of restriction or having to give up your favorite foods, be prepared to be amazed. The 15-Week Paleo Body is a literal buffet for the taste buds. We teach you how to eat foods that you actually ENJOY and LOOK FORWARD to. How's that for a diet plan you can live with? Your body's begging you to eat it for a reason -- we show you when and how to listen.  At the same time the program guards you against all the processed junk and other fillers designed to trick your taste buds without giving your body the benefit it needs to stay fit.
Perhaps the best benefit of all of The 15-Week Paleo Body is that you can keep repeating our meals as long as you'd like. We've structured our course into a 15 week program. Based on our numerous clients who've gone through the program, you'll see results in as little as 9 to 15 weeks!Expect to lose pounds of flabby fat off your midsection. Love handles are simply wiped away clean, as the program shapes your diet and exercise habits for minimal effort, maximum bodily transformation!

 “Ok, it works -- BUT I don't know if I can stick with it.

I mean, I've tried other diets and failed!”

Dr. William Davis, one of the lead researchers, actually studied this phenomenon in-depth and here's what he found:  

Conclusion: Diet is only as good as they lifestyle you put it into.  

Most diets completely neglect this concern. Which is why they fail. But The 15-Week Paleo Body comes with lifestyle supportive bonuses to help you slowly, incrementally, and easily morph your lifestyle in a way that allows you to continue using the program for 15 straight weeks – onto the rest of your life.  

Here's what you'll be getting in addition to the

core program:

 Energy-Focusing Action Steps: Identify the key action steps you'll take through each phase of the program. We keep things simple, so you don't have to balance your plate with 15 different action items. You'll have as little as 1 and as many as 3 to keep you on track for real-world change.  The 15-Week Paleo Body recipe book: This powerful reference contains delicious Paleolithic meals proven to create lean, fit bodies in our ancestors without complex interventions from doctors and nutritionists. In short, Paleo meals just work, and this will be your go to Bible.  Two-week meal plans paired to two-week exercise plans. Both of these take all the prep time and decision-making out of the equation, giving you the to do list for walking the path to a healthy lifestyle. These are what literally make the 15-Week Paleo Body "Idiot Proof" for anyone, impossible NOT to succeed with.  The DIY meal and exercise planner. One of the core principles found in the 15 Week Paleo Body that you just won't find anywhere else is the learning structure that builds the foundation to help you fly solo well after you finish the 15 week course.And Many More ...

 Get the entire 15 Week Paleo Body System for one low price of just $47

That's right, that's about the price of one month of gym access to change your life forever using the staple diet that people have always depended on to stay healthy and fit.  

A diet that the USDA has completely neglected, and most Americans have simply forgotten (to the detriment of their waistline).  

The principles are here, easy to follow, and very accessible.  

And when you buy today for just $47, you'll have instant access right after you complete your order. You'll receive a PDF download link on the next page allowing you to download the full 15 Week Paleo Body program and access it on your computer or mobile device.

Reserve your copy now as this limited time offer of $47 will end and the price will go up after launch week 11/16-11/22. 

  A final word of advice from the program authors

  The research specialists who assisted in putting this program together wanted you to keep one thing in mind: Avoid the food industry's smoke screen.  

Stop listening to Kellogg's commercials and McDonald's ads trying to fool you into eating healthy through their fake, processed options.

 Ignore the supermarket ads that try to trick you into buying fortified products instead of all natural.

Our ancestors ate well because they didn't have these distractions getting in their way. The 15-Week Paleo body will help you make smarter decisions, not for the food industry, but for yourself and your family. We look forward to helping you make a transformation in your life that lasts into your golden years.  

Wishing you the best in health and fitness

The team at 15-Week Paleo Body


 60 days of dietary revolution – or your money back!

 We guarantee that you're going to have a leaner, sexier shape after following The 15-Week Paleo Body program, or your full money back.

If at any time within the next 60 days you don't feel like you're getting results from the program, contact us via email letting us know, and you'll receive your money back for the program.

This is our way of showing you that The 15-Week Paleo Body works for individuals just like you -- no questions about it and absolutely no risk to you.

Your download will be in a PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is recommended to view the program.

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