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Learn the Secret to Winning at online blackjack


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Who Taught you the rules?

If you have played any amount of blackjack at all, you will answer the following without even thinking about it: Dealer shows a King and you have 15 - Hit or Stand? Dealer shows a 7 and you have a 16 - Hit or Stand?

Where did you learn these rules? If everyone knows these rules and they work so well - why are the casinos still in business and why aren't you on a beach somewhere living off your winnings. Because these tried and true methods do not work - Never Have, Never Will. These methods of playing blackjack were taught by the casinos to people like us to try and convince us that you have a shot at winning. Sucker!
Many online casinos actually print out for the players reference, a chart that shows when to stand and when to hit. And we actually use it. Sucker!!

Make the Casino the Sucker!

Look, I was a sucker too for too long. Played blackjack by the hard and fast rules and still did not walk out the door any richer (or smarter). Then one day, I decided to use my talents as a math and computer science geek to figure out how to collect on some of that fat loot from the casinos. What I discovered was amazing. You will never look at blackjack the same way again - Guaranteed!

You will never sit through another losing session - Guaranteed! You will play blackjack at online casinos and consistently make money - Guaranteed!

 My Guaranteed Secret to Blackjack will bring you the extra income you have always been looking for. I have used this method to increase my wealth to unbelievable heights. Card counting helped put the winning odds in the players favor, but with 6 deck shoes -you need a notebook to keep track (frowned on by the casino). And at online casinos they reshuffle the deck every hand, so forget counting cards. This method puts all of the edge right on your lap.



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