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“WARNING: Don’t spend another dime on any copywriting courses or books until you read every word on this page…”

“How I Launched a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business with NO prior Experience. And How You Can Too”

Freelance copywriting is a dream job. You set your own hours, can work from home and get to write for living. But you have a  LOT of challenges to overcome. For this reason, most people fail to turn their freelancing dream into a reality. This is why I’ve decided to reveal my insider secrets on exactly what to do to accelerate your freelance growth and profits.

Freelance copywriting is surely one of the best ways to make a living. I personally now earn $100 for a single email, $150 per web page and even $1,000 or more for short sales letter (in fact, the real pros get paid that much for just one page).

With such high rates of pay and job satisfaction, it’s no wonder 1,000s of people are eager to take the leap from full-time employment into freelance copywriting.

But unfortunately, many FAIL in their first year.


Because they didn’t know how to overcome all the hurdles you face launching a freelance business. This includes:
Developing your copywriting knowledge Creating a portfolio of samples that will win over prospects Design and develop a professional looking website, and not one that screams“cheapskate!“ Working out what to charge when just getting started Knowing where to find clients willing to pay you a fair rate for your work (hint – it’s not on freelance bidding sites) Making sure you get paid (and this one is critical in today’s economy) How to turn one off projects into ongoing sources of revenue, vital for long-term success
These are all challenges most, if not all, copywriting courses don’t tell you about. Instead they just give you a basic grasp of copywriting skills then leave you to try and solve them on your own. For this reason, most newbie copywriters STRUGGLE for years in the freelance trenches, with no clue how to climb out and be on the road to success.

I know how hard is to get started

When I started my freelance business, I had only a few samples, no existing clients and a very basic understanding of what copywriting was all about.

I struggled for YEARS until I was profitable. There were many times I worried about where the next project and paycheck would come from, or whether to give up altogether and resign myself to a soul draining j.o.b again.

But thankfully, over time, I was able to devise systems for finding high paying clients, processes for turning COLD emails into HOT leads and to turn one off projects into ongoing sources of revenue.

I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the struggles and sleepless nights I went through. So I decided to reveal ALL my insider secrets on getting a copywriting business up and running without any previous agency or marketing related experience.

I can help you avoid all the mistakes I made that delayed my success by years.

Better yet, I can help you to accelerate the growth of your skills, client base and bank balance so fast that you can be profitable in months, and getting paid MUCH more than other writers just getting started.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Matt Ambrose and I have been running my copywriting agency, The Copywriter’s Crucible, for the last decade.
Over this time, I’ve managed to:
Grow a client list that includes major international brands, such as Siemens, Technicolor, Deutsche Post and Sage Grow my fees from $0 to $600 per day, and rising Be listed among the top 100 copywriters in the world and be included on direct response legend Bob Bly’s referral list Interviewed by leading UK copywriter Andy Maslen for his own book on starting a copywriting business

I’ve achieved this with no prior copywriting or marketing experience. All I had was a History and English degree and a desire to live by my wits and wordprocessor.
So if you’re thinking of escaping the soul draining corporate world, to sidestep from a career in journalism or to earn a part time or fulltime income from home, I can show you how to do it.

What copywriting courses don’t tell you

While there are plenty of great copywriting courses out there, such as by ‘[grizzled veteran’ John Carlton] or the [highly rated AWAI course], they all have the same serious flaw: NONE of them explain how to grow a profitable copywriting business.

They may help you to improve your persuasive writing skills. But they WON’T show you how to find high paying clients, how to submit winning proposals, how to make sure you get paid and all the other vital steps you must take in building a successful freelance business.

Get ANY of these steps wrong and you won’t just delay hitting profit by a few months or years. You may CRIPPLE your business from EVER succeeding at all.

My guide gives you a roadmap to freelance success

My eBook ‘How to Start a Freelance Copywriting Business’ enables you to gain all the tactics, strategies and knowledge I developed when launching my own freelance career from scratch.
It provides you with tons of valuable insights about finding and attracting clients, writing copy that sells and growing your skills so you have the potential to join the top copy dogs earning six figures or more.

Better yet, it explains how to avoid all the pitfalls that prevent most from succeeding. This makes it an essential roadmap that will guide you from day one on your path to personal profit and career fulfillment.
How much to charge when just getting started How to convert queries into paying projects The untapped places to find clients that most copywriters ignore The tactical way to raise your prices How to grow a portfolio without any clients How to write brochures, websites and every other type of copy that will delight clients and keep them coming back for more
My eBook is supplied as a downloadable PDF, which you can be reading and getting new ideas from in minutes.

This is just a sample of what it covers. Heck, it reveals so many trade secrets that I may just be creating competition for myself.
But now the book’s finished I don’t want to see it left gathering virtual dust on my hard drive when it could be helping you gain your freelance copywriting dream.

Gain ALL my copywriting knowledge for a fraction of what I’d charge in person

I charge $100 per hour for one-to-one consultations. This includes people who want my advice on switching from journalism, starting a freelance business from scratch or already have some marketing knowledge but don’t know how to make the jump into freelancing.

My guide provides you with all the advice I give to these people and MUCH more more for a fraction of what I normally charge.

In fact, at $9 my guide costs less than 6 minutes of my consultation time.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

My eBook is supplied with a full 100% money back guarantee. If the advice doesn’t help you to fast track your skills development and income in the first 60 days, you can get your purchase refunded, no questions asked. I’d rather you got your money back to spend on other resources and find your own route to success.

Discover how to find high paying clients and how much to charge

My advice on pricing, finding high paying clients and the process of writing emails, web pages and sales letters will help to ensure you’re getting paid a fair rate for your work. This will help you to be profitable quicker and not settle for the poverty inducing wages offered on freelance bidding sites (where most newbies struggle for years on soul sapping projects).

So give yourself the BEST possible start to your new career as a freelance copywriter. Download my essential guide today and discover the insider secrets that will ACCELERATE your business’ success and help to make your freelance dream a reality in months, not years.


Yours sincerely,
Matt Ambrose


P.S. My copywriting guide reveals all my insider secrets to launching a profitable freelance copywriting business without ANY prior experience. It’s packed with all the tactics, strategies and processes I’ve used to grow my own copywriting business and can fast track your own path to profit.

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