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Business Launch For Beginners

Learn how to build a profitable business, one step at a time.


Only $297

What's included in the course?

Module #1: Product Validation

First, you'll understand the 3 core elements of a successful online business. Then you'll learn about product validation and how it is used to guarantee you will make money before you put time and money into a product idea. You'll generate a list of ideas, then run them through product validation filters, finally building a micro "test store" to begin taking orders (even if you don't yet have a product to sell).

Module #2: Growth & Online Marketing

When you get to module 2 you have a fully validated product idea. You know it will make money (and you've already made your first handful of orders). Module 2 is all about growth. You'll learn all about marketing online, SEO, pay-per-click ads, and how to scale your business.

Module #3: Optimization

Some people are happy with a little extra income each month on auto-pilot. But some people want to turn their businesses into money-making MACHINES, and that's what Module 3 is all about. You'll learn the elements of an optimized sales process framework, the fine points of SALES and PERSUASION, and using A/B testing to optimize every element of your business.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the Business Launch for Beginners course.

25 video lessons (5+ hours of video content), broken up into micro-lessons.PDF supplements, case studies, and copy-and-paste templates for your business.Watch me launch a new business from scratch and record every step.Bonus content section with extra weekly videos, guides, and templates.Access to the Inner Circle, a closed Facebook group with other course members and online entrepreneurs.100% money back guarantee.Free Shopify 2-week trial membership and test store.Launch your first online business with a proven strategy that will guarantee you will make money (forget about the "launch and hope" strategy that most people use!)Automatic free access to all My Product Launch webinars, calls, and special online events.

My Story

I left my 9-to-5 job to travel the world. I'm living my dream and my online businesses pay for everything.

Click here to read my story.

[]My name is Matt and I'm an online entrepreneur. I've spent the last few years building online businesses, including a handful of e-commerce sites (Custom Game Source, North South Promo Products, Timber Bamboo to name a few), and an engineering consulting services business (Manufacturing Business Overhaul). My latest project is My Product Launch, dedicated to helping others build the life of their dreams with online businesses.

I'm living my dream, but I didn't start out here. A few years ago I was at a regular 9-to-5 engineering job, day-dreaming about traveling the world. I was comfortable, but I realized that my life was passing me by, and I just couldn't wait another day to jump on a plane and get out into the world. So I quit my job and decided to I would somehow make enough money online to pay for my travels.

I didn't know much at the time and I made every mistake imaginable, but little by little I figured out how things work. I learned why some businesses become money-making machines while most never make any money at all. I learned how to find out which products would be profitable, and how to make sales before I had any inventory.

I learned a lot of little tricks and, even more importantly, I learned the fundamental processes that I have used over and over now to create brand new income streams out of "thin air", build new businesses to meet my financial goals, and grow my existing businesses to sustain my lifestyle and create wealth for me on "auto-pilot" while I focus on other things.

My "field office" in Costa Rica.

Now I spend several months each year in Argentina, several in my home in California, and a few months each year traveling (last year we spent a month in Costa Rica). This is my dream and my online businesses made it possible.

You can live your dreams too. The first step is to figure out what exactly you want. Is it an extra $1000/month to pay down the mortgage? To replace your current salary so you can spend time with your family and coach your kid's baseball team? Or maybe you want to travel like me, and spend a few months a year on an island...whatever your goals, I am 100% sure that you can make them reality. You just have to decide to start the journey, then follow the process until you arrive.

I created this course as a guidebook for that journey. I have helped many of my own friends achieve their own goals and build profitable online incomes using the exact same methods and process. The only thing holding you back is your decision to act. Join me and take your first step on the path to the life of your dreams.

What are other course members saying?

I struggled for months to make sales with my original site. After going through the product validation module, it was like I was shown the light. I realized that I was trying to sell a product to a market that didn't exist!

After going through the entire series step by step, it all just became so obvious. I can't tell you how good it feels to make that first sale, and then watch the numbers just grow! We're doing $10k a month now and growing steadily, thanks to the Business Launch for Beginners course and the community.

Jon Melvin [RCFibers.com]

I can't tell you how valuable this experience has been for me. My life has literally transformed in the last two months thanks to this course.

I'm actually making sales and I feel like I have a completely new power over my life. I can't recommend this enough!

Gaby Las Heras CheAmor.com

Join The Course Today Only $297

I won't keep the price this low for long. The truth is I can charge a lot more for this course, because I know the value is much greater than the price.

Compare this price to the cost of my personal coaching (starting in the thousands of dollars) or the cost of an MBA (in the tens of thousands of dollars) or even the cost of starting a business that fails (which happens to 80% of new businesses).

Your investment in this course will get you the benefits of my personal coaching...in fact, it's the same process I put my new clients through, regardless of industry or experience. In addition, the practical knowledge that you'll gain from this course will put you ahead of most business school students. Why? Because you're not going to spend your time learning theories and reading about others' businesses...you'll learn solid, proven principles and immediately put them to work on your own business. The income from your profitable business will validate your initial investment (not to mention the costs save by avoiding the mistakes that almost everyone else makes with their first businesses).

So sign up now before the price goes up, and take the first step in your journey to financial freedom!


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