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How to break out of the rut that's taking you nowhere and create the life you're designed for!

Even if You're a Raw Rookie
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Using Simple Words and the Power of Persuasion

My Dear Friend, 

This may be the day everything changes for you.

The day you discover a legitimate, proven blueprint for redirecting the course of your career and begin living life on your own terms.

You are about to find out how hundreds of folks - people just like you - are building their dream life with one simple skill that almost anyone can learn

And how you, too - using this same basic skill - can transition from just working at a "job" into a true lifestyle business that harmonizes with your personality, fulfills your passion and allows you to earn a substantial living doing what you love.  

If you're like most people I know, you believe life should "feel" good.  

And it does... as long as you have time to focus on the things that matter - things that are important to you and that make a positive difference in your world.  

But it doesn't always play out that way.  In fact, it can be quite the opposite.

You grow up, get a job, marry, have kids, and before you know it you're caught up in a rat race with everyone else out there doing exactly the same thing you're doing.  

Until you wake up one morning wondering...

Whatever happened to the plans I had for my life?  All those things I intended to accomplish?  Where is that person I wanted to become?

If this sounds even remotely familiar, then I urge you to stop right now.  

Take a two-minute break - and answer this one simple question:

Are you living the life YOU want to live...

... or do you find yourself pulled along by random events... hung up in the mind-numbing routine of sitting in traffic, turning in spreadsheets, rushing the kids to soccer practice, grabbing a drive-through on the way home, flipping through the mail, watching a show or two and then collapsing into bed...

... only to force yourself up the next morning to do it all over again?

If you believe there's more to life than the relentless rat race you're running - 

Then you definitely want to keep reading! 

Because no matter... 
- where you live
- how old you are
- whether or not you went to college
- what kind of work experience you have
- or what your financial situation is

You have the same chance to create the life you want using what you are about to discover as anyone else reading this letter!

But before you get the wrong idea, let me hurry to say:

This is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme... and I'm no guru.

I'm just a real person who, after spending 15+ years in the financial services industry, found myself searching for a more meaningful career - something I could enjoy doing from home, on my own terms - that also carried the promise of great financial returns.

As part of my research, I discovered an opportunity that has not only been around for centuries...

... but one that offers more possibilities now than ever before!

For instance, here are a couple of examples - 

As early as the 1940's, after suffering a lifetime of adversity, a man by the name of Napoleon Hill used this skill to produce an all-time best seller.

And by the end of the Depression over 1 million copies of his book had sold, netting him quite a fortune in his later years.

Fast forward a few decades, and you'll find another man who was experiencing his own version of difficulties... trying to figure out where he was going to get the money he needed to pay the light bill and feed his family...

... when he came up with the idea to write a simple, 381-word letter selling coats of arms and reports about family names.  

That now-famous letter mailed to almost every household in America nearly 7 times over, and was responsible for growing his company into a $90 million empire!

And today there are more living legends than I can count who have made their fortunes from this one career path...

Namely, writing.  

Now, you may be saying...

"That's all well and good, but I'm not a writer."

Well, guess what.

Many of the same guys making a great deal of money in this field today weren't born writers either. 

And they didn't graduate from college with a degree in journalism or creative writing.

Heck... some of the most revered in the industry even failed high school English!

You see, the kind of writing I'm talking about - more specifically copywriting - doesn't require a college degree, perfect grammar or even a huge vocabulary.

That's because "copywriting" is simply conversational writing with persuasive intent.

In other words...

If you can have a rousing conversation with your best friend about a smart phone you recently bought... convincing her she needs to buy one too...

Then you could potentially write for a living!

It doesn't matter if you have no writing experience...

Because copywriting is a learned skill, using the same words we all use every day.

Words are just words for most people...

But for professional freelance copywriters, words are the tools responsible for their financial success and enviable lifestyle!

Still, they are just ordinary people who were once where you are now...

Their only advantage over you is they have successfully learned how to use the power of words to get what they want.

So whether you're a raw rookie and have no idea how or where to begin... or you've been toying with the idea of copywriting for a while now...

I'm here to show you the wide world of opportunity that awaits you as a freelance copywriter... and to make embracing that opportunity as easy and risk free as possible.

Like I said before, I researched this field thoroughly... and once I realized all the valuable benefits that come with being a copywriter, I decided right then and there to do whatever it took to master this craft. 

I made that decision a little over 5 years ago now, and today I enjoy all the benefits of a professional freelance copywriter's lifestyle myself.  
I work from home I set my own schedule I focus on projects I want to create - that express who I am and fulfill what I want to accomplish in life I decide what clients I want to work with, and how much I charge for my services I can spend time with my children and grandchildren whenever I want or whenever they need me... And my husband (and business partner) and I travel at will - without having to ask for "time off"

I love every aspect of my work - learning, creating and sharing information that offers solutions to people's problems.

I feel good about my life because my work lets me focus on the things that are important to me.  

And as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection, I can work from anywhere in the world.  Literally.

However, at the outset - when I made the decision to become a copywriter - I didn't have a clue how or where to begin.  So I found some online courses, and I signed up for one.  And another.  And then another.

Once it was all said and done, I'd spent close to two years - and quite a chunk of change - learning this new craft. 

In other words, I wasted a lot of time... and a lot of money... unnecessarily.

Which leads me to the reason I'm writing you this letter:

I truly believe this is THE best job in the world... 

... and I want you to have the chance to check it out for yourself - without any risk or obligation.

And you can - right now - for a mere fraction of the time and money it cost me.

More about that in a minute...

But first, let me explain why I believe copywriting is the absolute best career path in the world.

As I said before, copywriting is conversational writing with a persuasive intent... or the craft of using common, everyday words to "sell."

Now, in case you have a reaction to "selling," I'd like you to consider this:

If you've ever shared your opinion, presented a case or convinced someone to see your side of an issue, you have used words to engage in the process of "selling."

In the same way, a skilled copywriter - one who understands the power of persuasion - can get almost anything he or she wants in life simply by applying their craft.

He can use his word skills to sell his own copywriting services to business owners and companies who need to market their products... and get paid handsomely for his work.

She can use her copywriting knowledge to create information products and sell them online, building an empire of her own.  

Or use her writing skills to craft persuasive letters that create opportunities usually reserved for the rich and famous.

Copywriting is the key that opens a myriad of doors... Once you learn how to use the power of words
to persuade, you possess the key -
and you get to pick the door!

Look, I understand if you're skeptical.  I know there's a lot of hype out there.

But this is NOT hype.

Professional freelance copywriters really do make mad money.  (If you don't believe me, just try to hire one!)

And I'm dead serious about helping you get from where you are right now to living the life of a successful freelance copywriter.  

All I ask is that you listen to your inner voice.

And if any of this resonates with that voice - if somewhere deep inside you there's a longing to follow your heart... your passion... and your dream - then you're the person I wrote this for.

Maybe you've been looking for this kind of opportunity for a while, but you want something legitimate.  You don't have the time, the interest - or the money - to waste running down rabbit trails that only lead to a hole in the ground.

If that's the case, it's no accident you're reading this letter right now.  

Because copywriting is the ultimate leverage that enhances all other skills, strategies and tactics... 

Mastering this skill gives you power over your destiny... 

... the opportunity to create a true lifestyle business following your own blueprint, so you can finally earn a substantial living doing what you love.   

It doesn't matter if you can't see yourself becoming a successful writer right now.

All you need is a real desire to create a better life for you and your family, and you have an eye toward copywriting as the vehicle to get you there.

So, if you're still here... let's talk about the next step.

As I see it, you have two choices - 

You can do what I did.  Start looking around on the internet, collecting all the data you can, decide which course you think you should sign up for, and dive in.

And that may work for you.  But I found that process overwhelming.

You know what I'm talking about.  When you start collecting information from the internet, it's like dragging the ocean floor for treasures.

You will find some cool stuff, alright...

But you'll also collect a lot of throw-back.  And you'll likely get bit in the process.

Even if you're lucky and you land a reputable program (and there are good ones out there)...

... it will take a lot of valuable time to do your own research... it will cost a lot more... and it won't be as "hands on" as what I'm about to offer you.

Now, let's talk about your other option.

I'm a perpetual learner.  And I love to teach (as well as write)!

Since beginning my copywriting journey 5 years ago, I've learned a LOT.  I've collected a ton of resources.  And I've studied the greats in the industry.

I've worked for a number of clients, and like most people in this business - I've made some mistakes, hit some home runs... and figured out some shortcuts along the way.

And now I want to share what I've learned with you.

I decided the best way to do that is by condensing everything down to a simple, 3-step process. 

My goal here is to make learning the basics of copywriting and marketing as simple, straightforward and stress-free as possible...
all the while providing excellent training, invaluable resources and live support essential to success as a freelance copywriter

In order to accomplish this, I've included all the core principles of copywriting as well as how to launch a freelance business - everything you need to know to get up and running in record time - in this online course.

And I've made it very affordable.  

You can complete the course in your spare time.  You don't have to quit your current job - or spend countless hours in "training" - to make this work.  

All you need is a computer and an internet connection... and you probably have those already.  (I recommend you purchase some books along the way, but they aren't essential to completing the course.)

And most importantly - you won't be left alone, trying to find your way on your own. You'll be part of an interactive community, and I'll be accessible by email if you get stuck or have questions.  
So, now let's talk about the course:

"Three Simple Steps to a Lucrative Career in Copywriting:  
How to Write Like a Pro and Land Your First Client
in 3 Months or Less... Starting from Scratch"

My primary goal with this course is to take someone who's a complete newbie from ground zero to first paying client as simply... and as quickly... as possible.  

Everything you need to get your freelance copywriting business up and running is included in this step-by-step
easy-to-follow system

The course is divided into two main sections:

1) General basic overview

The primary text - a 46-page ebook that you receive immediately for download - gives you the "big picture" or "30,000-foot view." 

Here you'll gain a general understanding of what copywriting is all about as well as how to use your copywriting skills to establish your own successful freelance copywriting practice.  

2) 12 guided lessons

The second part of the course consists of 12 weekly lessons focused on what I believe are the key topics you need to understand, digest and implement each week in order to stay on track with a 3-month plan.  

(By the way, though the course schedule is set up on a 3-month time frame, you can certainly do this at your own pace.  If it takes you twice as long - or longer - that's perfectly okay!)

Each lesson is delivered to your email inbox at the same time each week, for 12 weeks. That way you don't even have to go to the member's area and sign in, unless you want to, in order to access your weekly lesson.

The lessons are presented in a consistent, easy-to-follow format, and include one related assignment each so you can implement and integrate what you just learned in that lesson.

Here's a list of the lesson topics, in the order you will receive them:

Lesson 1:   Overcoming Self-Doubt - The Biggest Obstacle to Your Copywriting Success

Lesson 2:   The Power of Intent - Seeing the Possibilities, Finding Your Uniqueness, and 
                  Mapping Your Course

Lesson 3:   The Fine Art of Selling - Developing a Marketing Mindset

Lesson 4:   Researching Your Prospect - Creating a 3-D Avatar

Lesson 5:   Researching Your Product - Features, Benefits and Hot Buttons

Lesson 6:   Grabbing Attention - How 20% of Your Copy Accounts for 80% of Your

Lesson 7:   The Psychology Behind Persuasion - Essential Elements of a Successful 
                  Sales Letter

Lesson 8:   Advanced Copywriting Techniques - Subtle Tips that Skyrocket Conversions

Lesson 9:   Determine Your Specialty - Niche it Down and Watch Your Market Value Soar

Lesson 10: Building Your Portfolio - It's Time to Sell Yourself!

Lesson 11: Open for Business - Making Your Services Visible to Your Market 

Lesson 12: Prospecting for Gold - Landing Your First Paying Client

But that's not all!

You also get...

Access to a Member's Only Area where you'll find additional resources, copywriting techniques, insider tips on how to land paying gigs, writing templates and all sorts of other treasures that will facilitate the learning process and make things a lot easier for you.  And if you don't find what you're looking for there, you can email me directly and I'll do everything I can to locate what you need as quickly as possible. Access to a closed Facebook community where you can connect and interact with others in your virtual class for additional support and camaraderie. Access to three live interviews with successful working freelance copywriters (one per month)... and the chance to have some of your own questions answered by them.

Most virtual copywriting courses start around $90 and top out at about $897.  And advanced training can cost upwards of $10,000 for an intense three-day workshop.

But this course won't cost you anywhere close to that amount.  My mission here is to give you the most value you've ever received with a product.  I want you to feel like it was worth far more than the minimal investment you made.

Besides, I don't want price to stand in your way.

I want this opportunity to be within reach for anyone who really wants it.

For that reason, I've decided to make this special introductory offer available for a limited time...

Right now you can secure your spot in this season's class and receive the entire course for an unbelievably low price of just $79!

That's right.  For just 79 bucks you get everything you see here... 

The 46-page primary text 12 weekly guided lessons Entry to a Members' Only area Interactive Facebook community 3 live interviews with successful working freelance copywriters

For less money than you'd gladly pay to treat you
and your significant other to a fine dinner out...
you can become a successful freelance copywriter!

Everything you need to start creating the life you deserve.  All in one place.

A hands-on, step-by-step guided program that takes you from raw rookie to a working paid copywriter in just 3 months.

All you need is the commitment and determination to know you want this... to realize that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is right in front of you... and to jump on it!

And one more thing...

In addition to everything you'll be learning... the invaluable resources that will be at your fingertips... the chance to interact with your peers along the way... the opportunity to gain insights from other successful copywriters... and email access to me whenever you need it...

I'm also offering a very generous Iron Clad 60-day money-back guarantee so you have plenty of time to try it on and make sure it's a good fit.

And if not, you will receive a full, unconditional refund.  No questions asked.

So there's absolutely no risk to you.

I am vested in your copywriting success.  

If you really want it... I will do everything I can to help you achieve whatever that looks like for you.  

Because if you have the desire,
you have the ability to achieve what you desire  

By simply learning how to use the power of words to get what you want, you can write your own ticket to a life of total freedom with enough money to finally give your family all the wonderful opportunities they deserve!


I expect that just about everybody reading this letter will want to jump on this incredible offer before it slips away.

Which will be soon.

Because once this season's class reaches capacity, it will be closed and this offer will be gone.

And the students who enroll in the next class... three months from now... 

... will be paying $297 - more than three times as much for the same information.

Now, I understand if you have some reservations, like...

"I can't imagine adding anything more to my over-booked schedule right now."

And I hear you.  

However, you know as well as I do that we all have time-sucking stuff that we make room for every day - stuff that really isn't necessary and has no long-term benefit.

Like surfing the web.

Or watching TV.

Or spending an inordinate amount of time just "hanging out" with friends.

Now, maybe that's not your life.  I can't say for sure.

I just know that if we REALLY want something, we make the space for it.

And I promise you this one thing...

Anyone who really wants to, can do this.  Even if you have a full-time job and are the primary breadwinner in your family.

Because I have made this as stress-free for you as I possibly can.

If you follow my simple, step-by-step system, it's a no brainer.  And as one of my students I will be in your corner to help keep you on track - as long as you do your part to make it happen.

"But what if I get started, and find out after a while that this isn't a good fit for me?"

No problem.

As I said earlier, I offer a very generous, 60-day money-back guarantee so you have plenty of time to make sure it's worth way more than the $79 you spent.

In other words, if this program doesn't exceed your expectations...
... you get your $79 back.  No questions.  No hassles.  No runaround.  

OK.  So here's the deal - 
You get access to all this:

The 46-page primary text, available as an ebook (pdf) for immediate download. 12 weekly guided lessons, including related assignments, specifically designed to deepen your learning experience, hone your skills and keep you on track to landing your first client in 3 months' time.  Each lesson will be delivered to your email inbox at the same time every week - as a reminder... and for easy access. Entry to a Members' Only area that includes a bucket load of resources, templates and other tools to facilitate your learning process. Interactive Facebook community for additional support and camaraderie.   3 live interviews with successful working freelance copywriters (one at the end of each month) and the chance to get your own questions answered by them.

All for only $79
AND an unconditional No Risk 60-Day Guarantee

I can honestly say this is one of the simplest - and most affordable - opportunities you'll ever have to change your life for the better.
[ I want my copy now! ]

So now that you know there's a straightforward, easy-to-follow system that takes you step-by-step toward the life you really want...

... the extraordinary future that's available to you as a freelance copywriter...

The next move is yours.  

Stop leaving your life to chance... 
Listen to your heart and begin creating the life you are designed to live!

You can choose to do nothing, of course.  And nothing will change.

Or you can quit making excuses... and begin creating the life you and your family deserve by taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity today!

I urge you to stop right now and make the choice that's right for you.

Just click the orange button below to get started immediately.  Once your order is approved, you'll be given full instructions on how to access the course.  

It's time to break out of the rut you keep digging
that's taking you nowhere... and become your family's hero

They'll be thrilled you did.  And so will you.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on the inside...

Committed to your success,

Susan Ruth
Freelance Copywriter, Educator and Author 

Grab Your Copy Of
"Three Simple Steps to a Lucrative Career in Copywriting" 
Now For Only $79
[ I want my copy now! ]

60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

Secure payments through Clickbank...

P.S. - Remember... the low introductory price of $79 only applies to students who enroll in this season's class. After that the price will jump to $297 and this incredible opportunity will be gone for good!

P.P.S. - Oh... and one more thing.  My Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee gives you a full 60 days to put everything I've told you here to the test and THEN decide if I've earned your money.

In other words - if I haven't exceeded your expectations in that length of time... I don't want your money!

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