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The Trading Formula : The last every guide you'll need to profit from the British Horse Races

Ever since the dawn of Sports Betting, "nobodies" have been releasing useless systems into the market. Systems which lost you money & taught you nothing.
It's a fairly simple reason. No one takes time out to analyze
what they have infront of them...
this system revolutionizes the industry.

Continue reading if YOU:

Spent hundreds of pounds on useless systems which never worked.
Lost tons of ££ on racing tipster services which left you in the red.
Wondered why 1% of Betfair users are rolling in the money.. & you have nothing?

Fellow Betfair Punters,

What you are about to learn here is revolutionary to the Sports Betting world.
For years now, people have tried to master Betfair. They have all tried it, to get wealthy.... and i'm quite certain that YOU are one of them. Unfortunately - or fortunately, which ever way you want to look at it, virtually nobody succeeds.
Well... about 1% of us succeed...

ESPECIALLY.. on the British Horse Races!

Betting exchanges are made up of millions of punters gathering from around the globe, betting against one another. Now if 99% of these punters are losing their money, the micro group of about 1% are raking in everybodys elses money. They are making thousands of pounds EVERY SINGLE DAY

There WAS nothing anyone could do about it... that is... up until now...

EVERYONE uses the same old methods. Methods which are posted in forums and present in every other method out there! You can't even put them to use anymore because everyone uses them!
What I present to you here is a "glimmer of hope". An "opportunity". Some may call this the "Pandoras Box" of all racing systems. This system combines inside information which is sitting right there infront of which will enable you to produce MASSIVE PROFITS every single day that you use it.

After a few weeks of "Grinding" it out on Betfair... brand new methods began to appear.
Methods which I KNEW were completely original... and oh, how right was I...
Maybe you are...

One of those people who have worked hard all their lives in a dead-end job and only have "Average", or less, to show for it.
A student, paying their own way through College or University and need that money!

They say that money is the route of all evil... Whoever said it obviously didn't have any.


Never before, has a system such as this, been released, or even developed. Everybody buys those "part and parcel" systems which give the same useless information, just written in different wording.. bringing you the same unwanted, money grabbing results. They are padded with fluff and useless information which you already know.

"The Trading Formula" gives you a different perspective on EVERYTHING.

Now, you're still probably thinking... "what on earth is this system all about"?

Well let me give you a glimpse into, what could be, your wealthy future.

The British horse races are run throughout the afternoon... everyday. This means that there is plenty of time, every single day, for profit making. Most systems require you to have betting bots. For the Trading Formula, all you need is an internet connection.

You have 3 option when it comes to betting

and of course... Trading, which is a combination of the above two.

By analzying some SIMPLE information, basically handed to you on a plate by Betfair, this guide will encompass everything you need to know in order to making MASSIVE daily profits on Betfair.

I will teach you the SECRET techniques to:

Trade like a WIZZARD - Profit on ANY horse before the race even begins!
Back at high odds!
Lay virtually "risk free" horses for massive profits. The laying method is PHENOMENAL. No form guide required for it! It is magnificent.
This guide incorporates many methods compiled into one massive Horse Race Profiting guide.

Before I forget, this is a problem which involces most punters who use Betfair...
Betting Banks, Why would anybody want to risk large amounts of their cold hard earned cash on betting, with so much risk.

This system takes that into consideration - £30..... yes, thats all you need to run this system.

I could sell each system separately, but they are ALL included in the package. Secrets never seen before are just a few minutes away from being on your desktop!

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