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"How I Took A Bunch Of Broke And Suffering Punters, And Transformed Them Into 'Master Traders'... Who Not Only Strike Winning Bets Like Clockwork... But Who Also Turn Every Trade They Touch Into Pure Gold...


And, How You Can Cash-In Too... Right Now!"


"There is absolutely nothing out there that  compares to this groundbreaking "football trading" course - that takes even the most novice of punters and transforms them into "Master Traders" all through careful and extensive guidance in a simple step-by-step process!"

 - Josh 

Fellow Punter,a


If have been betting even a week, then you know real well how important it is to have "solid" and "proven" strategies that work!...If you want to win as a punter!

 But Please: When it comes to betting "systems"... I do not have to tell you that there is entirely too much crap out there!


For serious punters, it is frustrating to invest in betting "systems" only to be disappointed by more bogus information time-and-time again...


Rest assured: This is very much UNLIKE anything you have ever seen before - and this is "REAL" insights and "REAL" strategies... that any serious punter needs!


Now, understand this: Even if you are a Master-Professional at betting on football, you will get much more value from this opportunity, than you have EVER received anywhere else!


In fact, even if you are Master-Professional you will still wonder where these methods have been hiding your entire life!


And, if you are a beginner... well... lucky you!


You get to begin on the right foot - right from the start!  You get to save a tremendous amount of money by not having to waste your cash on the wrong bets or trades...


You get to save money by not buying the bogus "systems" that just don't work...


You get to start out correctly, by learning the right strategies for cashing-in like clockwork!


So, when I say, "lucky you!"... I mean what I say!


You see, regardless of where you are at, you are about to receive golden strategies, step-by-step instructions and the best possible advice anyone in your shoes could ever ask for.


I know: Those are big words and bold statements coming from me.  However, you will quickly understand why Football Trading Profit is the best money can buy (period!).


I am very confident and absolutely sure, that your decision to get your hands on Football Trading Profits will be one of the very best decisions you ever make! There is no reason to delay, start right now and get your own copy of this stellar program, right this minute!


£57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

No risk!



   There's NO Empty Theoretical Nonsense Here!



You will instantly find that this program is straight-to-the-punch and jam-packed full of profitable information and advice and strategies...


Here read this from someone who has already received the program:


This Is Priceless!


"First of all, let me tell you about myself so you know why this guide has value for me (and you).


I'm sort of a "self-taught", betfair trader. I've spent a lot of time and nerves just looking at the odds.


I have only read a few manuals on betfair trading, but I must say that comparing to this one, all others are just too weak.


In most cases, traders will make an ebook containing information that everyone can get with very little work and time invested.


Basically, only telling you about how betfair works, what's laying, what's backing etc.


If you're lucky you'll get to read about a strategy that just doesn't work :).

What's even worse is that they'll make you pay a lot of money for this weak information.

This is NOT one of those guides. There's no empty theoretical nonsense here.

You get the basic information on how to trade, as an introduction, BUT you get 4 strategies that work. In my opinion, this is priceless. I was amazed.

I know what you're thinking. "If it works, then why would he sell it?".

Well, I've read the manual and I'm thinking the same thing. Why would he give away strategies that will make up for the price of the manual in just a couple of football games?


I still can't figure it out... I'm actually thinking Joshua must have done something wrong in his life and he's trying to make up for it now. :)"


Nikola Visnja, Serbia


As you can see from Nikola, this program is top-shelf!  It is very much unlike anything else out there...


Believe me: You are in good hands!



Step-By-Step Instruction!



In case you are new to all this, I will start you out with step-by-step instructions on the basics of betting exchanges so that you fully understand all the "ins-and-outs" of it.  I will show you exactly what to do and how to do it...


If you are new, this is highly recommended as it will save you a ton of time, money, efforts and frustration!


I will cover in detail:
  What a betting exchange is   How a betting exchange operates   Crucial concepts you need to know   Everything you'll need to profit   The best betting exchange websites   How we will use betting exchanges to make money   Plus so much more!

You will have an expert's grasp of absolutely everything you need to know about betting exchanges and more!


If you can point-and-click, then you have what it takes to learn and utilize this Football Trading Profits to make yourself serious money!


Again, if you are a beginner, you absolutely need to understand all of this crucial information!  It will serve as the foundation for the advanced insights and methods and strategies, revealed in Football Trading Profits!

If you are not a beginner that's great, too. It just means it will be an even shorter space of time before Football Trading Profits has you cashing-in like clockwork!


Are you starting to see how powerful this is?


Tips, Strategies And Valuable Insights!



If you are serious, then you are most likely getting pretty excited about Football Trading Profits.  I mean, there's nothing out there like this.  Most punters out there have no idea this exists at all...


You are in a perfect place to get a massive "edge" on everyone else.  

"Great Job!"

"Football Trading Profits is explained well , has examples, and prepare the
trader to any case that comes.

I myself paper traded with the first and the
third systems described. I got all my 7 trades correctly , which brought a profit of over 160 units.

I will definitely want to test it live now.

Great Job on the guide!"

Arnon,  Israel.

Your income can skyrocket, and then your friends and family will wonder (or beg) you to tell them what you are doing!


It is extremely rewarding and very valuable to win like this... time and time again! 


In fact: Most serious punters already scrolled down the page and purchased Football Trading Profits!  I'm quite certain that this is precisely what they have been waiting for!


If for some reason you are not ready to grab this opportunity right now, which you'd be crazy not to... make absolute sure that you dive into my newsletter...


It will provide you with a wealth of valuable tips and insights, where any one of them can produce serious winnings for you. Sign up now and you willll also receive a free copy of my guide to finding those elusive value bets: 'Football Betting 101'! 


Gain Your Winning Edge From

The 'Profitable Punter Newsletter'

Right Now And Recieve A Free Copy

Of 'Football Betting 101'!

First Name: Email:
 I hate spam as much as anyone and genuinely value your privacy.
 For this reason I will never s send you spam.
That's a firm promise and a commitment.




Make Your Investment Back With

Just A Couple Bets!


As Nikola said in his testimonial, you can make your investment back within just a trade or two!


That is absolutely true and a realistic statement!


You will see for yourself once you are inside!  In fact, here are a couple of screen shots showing profits I've made, taken from some of the real examples I use in Football Trading Profits:


As you can clearly see in those profit shots, I know what I am talking about!


However, you have not seen anything yet, read on...



Are You Making Common Mistakes...

And Losing Your Money!



I see the same common mistakes time and time again with punters.  I read about them on forums, blogs and hear about these mistakes all of the time...


There is something inside me that wants to reach out and grab these folks who have no clue whatsoever, and show them the way!


Why do they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again?  I guess most people out there are fine not knowing how to win...


I guess most people out there are fine not having a clue what to do or how to do it.


Listen: Don't be one of those people.  You have an incredible opportunity staring you right in the face this very moment!  Take advantage of it, or just don't bet.


It's that easy.  If you are serious, then you need this (period).


Here is a case study of a common problem I see often...

Many punters will see that Manchester United are near the top of the Premiership - and that Wigan are close to the bottom.
So, Manchester United are dead certain to win right?


This kind of thinking is very wrong. Instead, punters should be seeing everything through percentages!

For example: What is the likelihood that Manchester United will beat Watford?  Is it 80%, 90%?

If the odds being offered to bet on Manchester United seem to be generous in relation to these percentage values, THEN, you might have a worthwhile bet!

Then again, this kind of betting is very time consuming and is still VERY hard to profit from in the long run... and that is why 98% WILL FAIL!


Football Trading Profits reveals exactly how you can get around this huge obstacle of needing to find value bets... and still make tons of profit! 

It will show you exactly what to do and how to do it...


Forget looking at percentages, or anything else that sounds like hard work. There is are much easier alternatives that very few punters will ever know about... 
 You are about to get your hands on a Master Betting Package that will show you profitable trading strategies and the simple fool-proof selection process to identify the games that will make you money!

 Now, are you finally seeing how tremendous this program is?  Are you seeing that this is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill betting system?


Can you see that proven strategies and selection methods are what you need?

Well, what are you waiting around for then... Get Your Copy Right This Second!
£57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

No risk!




Stop Losing All Your Money On

Ridiculous Mistakes!



Listen: Football Trading Profits will save you time, money, energy, frustration. Instead of making ridiculous mistakes you will be making serious money!


All you need is the RIGHT methods and strategies! This is your chance.


Here are some more problems I see all of the time punters... Please: make sure you are not making the same mistakes!
Not trading out at the right time Letting losing trades ride as bets Over thinking trades and bets Getting distracted Losing discipline Using strategies that just don't work
Generally not having a clue as to what they should be doing!

If You Want To Make Money From Football...


"Hi Josh.

I have been reading your blog and strategies with interest for the last 6 months and I am delighted you have finally released your excellent ebook!


If people want to make money from football on Betfair, they need to buy your Football Trading Profits ebook!"


Gavin, UK


There, you have a few pointers above for free.  You need to stop losing money, when you could easily be making money instead...


 One of the very best ways to make yourself a handsome income, is to refrain from making the same mistakes 98% of all bettors make!


By not making those ridiculous mistakes, you will be ahead of the game -- plus you will be partly on your way to joining the 2% who actually make money!


It is not that hard, once you have all the right information and strategies!  It's all about information and strategies.  Information and proven strategies are Power!


All the power will be yours and you will become a trading phenomenon if you take action and get the Football Trading Strategies... right now!



Advanced Strategies & Methods!



Now, the most cherished sections of Football Trading Profits are the little-known strategies...


Many punters who get their hands on these strategies will feel like a kid in a candy store!  Like I said before, if you are serious, then this is absolutely for you!


The strategies I teach you are second to none!  I have been obsessed with betting on football games for a long while now, and I can honestly tell you that these strategies can make you a hefty income almost instantly!


You will instantly say to yourself, "Ah Ha! Now that's the type of method I need to execute at once!"...


Even football betting experts will be saying "Where have these methods been my entire life!?!"...


You are going to get 3 profitable strategies I use to bank profits left, right an centre!                                                                                                                             

Steal these strategies away from me and...

 Launch yourself ahead of the 98% of punters who lose and fail!  Follow these strategies to bank massive profits!  Learn to forecast, captalise and profit from huge price shifts!  Discover the hidden and untapped markets to trade on for easy cash!  Fine tune your strike rate to 85% and beyond!  Have your friends pleading with you to reveal the secrets behind your incredible football trading successes!  Become an 'Master Trader'!  Plus so much more I can not even list here without giving away the integrity of the systems!

These advanced strategies can make you serious money hands down!


Again, your investment in this program can easily be replaced with just a trade or two with these strategies!


Why wait, [get it now here](http://1.Clotty.pay.clickbank.net)!



Trading Calculator!


To make profiting from these strategies even easier, you will recieve my advanced trading calculator. It effortlessly performs all of the maths behind each trade, so you can spend your time on better things.                                                                                    

Believe or not, this piece of kit is the brain behind my profitable trading operations! For a whole bunch of reasons it is going to be paramount to your football trading success...

1. First or all, the maths behind the trades takes too long to work out alone.

2. Secondly, one small mistake will result in an error that could wipe out all your profits. (I've done this before and it is not pretty!)

3. Third, it will take your focus away from the actual trade itself. (Remember, we discussed earlier how getting distracted was one of the basic mistakes many losing punters make)

4. Finally, you are a punter... not a mathmatician. If you're anything like me, you want cash...not calculus!


Not only are you getting my guide with written instruction, insights and killer strategies... but you are also being given my very own custom-designed trading calculator, which has been revamped and is now more powerful than ever! 


Now how good is that?                                                                                                               

Video Instruction!



I will walk you through utilizing my strategies with 2 real life videos, that show you step-by-step how to execute some of these techniques!


I will show you (through video) 2 of the strategies using a live example of a trade I performed and discuss what you need to know about them to profit handsomely!


I walk you through as I perform these strategies right before your eyes...


Videos are extremely valuable in learning these processes.  You get to watch them over and over again, until you have the strategies and insights down tight!


Talk about value for money!


Not only are you getting my manual with written instruction and insights and methods... but you are also being held by the hand and shown through VIDEO!


How powerful is that?


Here is some feedback from a man who owns his own betting forum, and knows this game inside-out:



Great Systems!


“Great systems and advice, you would have to try hard to lose money with these strategies”

Brian Binns

[ Download Now!](http://1.Clotty.pay.clickbank.net)

Earn A Consistent Tax-Free Income!


"Football Trading Profits is an essential guide if you are looking to make regular betting exchange profits and can bet in a sensible and systematic manner.

"The guide shows you how to pinpoint the most profitable televised football matches in just a few minutes – and with the number on in-play football matches each week you really are spoilt for choice!

"The easy to follow strategies show you exactly how you can earn a consistent tax-free income from these matches without the need for hours of research and perhaps more importantly, how you can extract as much profit by risking as little as possible."

David Walker
Webmaster, [www.betbonus.co.uk](http://www.betbonus.co.uk)


[ Download Now!](http://1.Clotty.pay.clickbank.net)


The 4th Strategy!


Yes, that's right!  There is a fourth strategy that you MUST know about.  This strategy is extremely innovative and completely secret. There is a reason my close friends and I named it 'the Trader's Secret Weapon'...  it is just that profitable! 


In fact, I thought long and hard about if I should include this in this program or not...

You will absolutely fall in love with this strategy... and your friends will beg you to teach them!

 I trust that you will be able to handle it.  If not, you have 3 other top-notch strategies that should pull you in some serious income...


However, if you implement this secret 4th strategy, you can take your winnings to an entirely different level!


Seriously, this is the strategy to use to really ramp up your earnings!


 I cannot go into detail as to what this strategy is, but I'm crystal clear revealing this strategy in Football Trading Profits... and you will just have to see it for yourself!


I certainly do not want to ruin the surprise, but I can tell you that this will separate you even further from all the punters out there who continue to lose money...


Join the microscopic portion of Master Traders - the type of winner most punters could only dream of being like!                                                                                          

£57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

No risk!




Why Am I Providing These Secret Strategies?


Simply put, there is more than enough liquidity to go around for all of us on betting exchanges.  Just think about it... we're talking millions of pounds!


I'm getting requests from people asking me how they can make money from their gambling all of the time!  Why wouldn't they?  As soon as they hear how well I'm doing, they are all over me...


You'll experience similar reactions from those who find out how well you are doing!


I've finally decided to relent and let the cat out of the bag!  This is your opportunity to capitalize on my years of trial-and-error. You get to save yourself tremendous time, energy and money!


Plus: You get to make a hefty sum utilizing these killer strategies! You would be crazy to pass this up (period!)...


How Much Money Will You Need To Start?


You can start with as little as you like... Even £50!  You can earn handsome profits and build up your betting account!  You can work your way up - until you are trading with serious cash and making serious profits!


You could be a 'Master Trader' in no time... with a big bank roll to trade with!


What If You Don't Know Anything About Football?


It surely helps to know a thing or two about football.  However, it is definitely not a requirement...

What If You Can't Watch Football Games On TV?
This is absolutely not a problem as you won't need to be watching the game live. Simply having an internet connection is fine. 


What If You Tried Systems In The Past And They Didn't Work?


Well, that is because 99% of what's out there is terrible, ridiculous and not worth your valuable time or money! 


I can assure you that this program is 110% different.  You can rest assured that you are getting the very best, most accurate, "real", and profitable strategies out there... anywhere!


Isn't that about as powerful as it gets?


Can Anyone Do This, Josh?


Yes!  Absolutely!  Anybody can make money from this - whether they are new to betting or an experienced professional...


Everything is explained and is easy to understand.  There was a lot of work put into this and I can tell you, both beginners, professionals and those somewhere in the middle were kept top-of-mind from start to finish!


It does not matter what level you are at currently, you stand to make an incredible amount of money from this program!



If You Are Serious About Making Money

Through Football Trading, Then You

Are About To Receive The Very Best

Insights And Strategies Available

Anywhere... Right Here And Right Now!



Just think, you are mere moments away from getting your hands on this incredible package that makes earning profits from trades second nature!


You are about to separate yourself from most of the people out there who lose, lose and lose...


You will be part of the 2% who actually make money!  You will be able to replace your investment in Football Trading Profits right away - within just a trade or two!


It is an absolute MUST for anyone who bets or trades on football!


You will save yourself time and money and frustration!  You will quickly rise up the ranks and start finally making a hefty income!


Your friends will wonder what you are doing to cash in so often!


It is time for you to stop losing, stop wasting your time and money, and START winning!


I stand behind this program 100%.  I have put a ton of time and energy into Football Trading Profits so that you will rave about it!  I want you to be fully satisfied EXCITED about your new strategies and insights!


To prove to you how serious I am about this program, here is my unconditional money back guarantee!


100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not fully satisfied with this program, then I will give you your money back without any questions, hassles, jumping through hoops, or anything of the sort - whatsoever!

8 Weeks!

You have 8 whole weeks to make sure this is BETTER than I say it is!  That's right.  You have two full months to digest this program, soak up the strategies and see for yourself how great they are!

If at anytime you do not feel that this is what I say it is, I'll get you your money back immediately!

Do you know what this means?  It means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

It means you can win your money back with just

a few trades!


It means you have no risk whatsoever!  Your investment is in this program is fully protected 100%.  I assure you this will be the greatest betting investment you have ever made!


Do yourself a huge favor... and get your copy of Football Trading Profits instantly... even if it is 3am in the morning!


  £57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

                                    100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

                                  No risk!




I stand behind my money back guarantee fully!  I assure you, if you are a punter, it is paramount you get your hands on this program!


To make the deal even better for you, I have decided to include - for a limited time only - a couple of my most prized possessions!


That's right.  There is enough value in this program to make you your investment back many times over!  However, here is your chance to really rake it in!

Right here, right now Football Trading Profits can be yours for just £57!

 If there is one thing I know, it is that this program is definitely worth way more than my asking price!  I mean, there is not much out there that compares.  And, you can make your money back so fast, it is not even funny...


In fact: This program pays you to get it!  Where else can you find something of this caliber for this low investment?


Here are the TIME-SENSITIVE BONUSES included to seal the deal for you!  These bonuses make this an offer you just cannot pass up.  Everything you need is here waiting for you to take action!



Time-Sensitive Bonuses!



The Secret Strategy - RRP £47

In the past, the following strategy has been used to make a handful of shrewd sports traders thousands of pounds. At one stage, I even thought of expanding on this report and selling it separately for £47.


However, when I created Football Trading Profits my number one goal was to offer maximum value to everyone who purchased my guide and, mainly because of that, I’ve decided to include this cash-pulling strategy as one of my bonuses.


It's also quite important that you know the sport involved in this strategy is not football.


Bookies Worst Nightmare - RRP £97

The method I outline here is a fool-proof method of earning hundreds, if not
thousands, of pounds.


I'm not exaggerating when I say that the bookies are going to hate me for revealing this cunning tactic to make easy cash at their expense.


In fact, this brief report alone is worth more than the cost of Football Trading Profits.


If you apply what it contains, YOU will recover all of the cost on this guide and have lots of cash to spare... Guaranteed!

Full Support And Communication!!! (RRP - £127)


You will recieve support, feedback, interaction and guidance for executing these strategies and more inside a live forum. This is only for people who have purchased this program...

Your private access to this forum is paramount and this "access" is worth the price of Football Trading Profits alone!


I'm serious: You will get to discuss which games to trade on with me personally and more...


This is a special arrangement with a forum owner, and your participation alone could make you a killing!


Honestly: Can you imagine what you are in for?  You would be insane to pass this opportunity up!




You are just a few clicks from getting your copy of the Football Trading Profits package! You are moments away from gaining private access to support and interaction with me personally!
You are only moments away from discovering everything it takes to make serious money trading!

I cannot see how any punters in their right mind, would pass on this.  The bonuses alone are worth as much (or more) than the price of Football Trading Profits!

I have worked extremely hard putting this together for you, and I'm absolutely certain that you will be thrilled...

Warning: You may not be able to sleep tonight - or the next few nights!

Get ready to make some serious money and I will see you inside!

Get Your Copy Of This Incredible Program Right Now - And Shave Off Years Worth Of Frustration, Time And Money!


Start Making Big Money Right Now!



Important Notice:

In The Near Future This Low Price Of £57 ($107) Will Be Raised!


***Hurry! This Low Price WILL Go Up!***




£57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

No risk!



See You Inside!




PS - Do not continue losing money, wasting time, and wasting effort... jump on this program right now!


PPS - I would not jeopardize my reputation as an expert in this field.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You have a 100% money back guarantee that is iron-tight! 


PPPS - With full support and customer service and interaction in my forum, you will find out what games to bet on, and participate in discussions on actually executing these methods and strategies!


You would be absolutely insane to pass on this, so Jump In

right here and right now! 

£57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

No risk!




"Thanks, Josh, for the FOOTBALL TRADING PROFITS system.

I was impressed with the straightforward explanation of the methods and thought the third technique particularly, was very original and highly effective.

I have traded successfully on three matches this weekend using this method and made nice profits already.

Still trading small but will move up now I have gained
confidence. Thanks again."

Terry, UK.


Don't wait, take action, make money!
£57 ($107)

[Download Here!](http://1.clotty.pay.clickbank.net/)

Even if it's 3am in the morning...

Price is rising soon!

100% Guaranteed for 8 full weeks!

No risk!





Gain Your Winning Edge From

The 'Profitable Punter Newsletter'

Right Now And Recieve A Free Copy

Of 'Football Betting 101'!

First Name: Email:
 I hate spam as much as anyone and genuinely value your privacy.
 For this reason I will never s send you spam.
That's a firm promise and a commitment.
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