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About Freelance Writing Affiliate Program

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These are the products you can sell on your own website and earn a full 50% on each and every sale.
How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal that $ells!
Learn how to put together a proposal that sells your book even before you write it!
Sells for only $19.95

Product Number: 1

YOU Can Make Money Writing eBooks
You can increase your income with eBooks - learn how to write and sell eBooks now.
Sells for only $15.95

Product Number: 6
Freelance Writer's Glossary
Discover  the 48 essential  terms every freelance writer must know and increase your potential income.
Sells for only $5.95

Product Number: 5
60 Tips for Getting The Writing Done
60 specific tips to help you get your writing done, today, tomorrow and forever.

Sells for Only 15


lower = better; 1 = best

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