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First A College Scholarship and Now a Pro Contract!

"Hey Rali,

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for Introducing me to the Go Basketball Pro System and allowing for my basketball Dreams To come True.

You First helped me get a Division 1 College Basketball Scholarship to TCU which I can Not Thank you Enough. But Know You have Helped me Get A Pro Contact Over In Brazil.

Again Thank you so much....

Your basketball system is so pro found and effective I can NOT BELIVE you have even Shared the secrets you posse and allow it to be so easy to get your remarkable system.

I know that I am well on my way to getting in the NBA and to be honest I owe it all to you.

Without your knowledge and expertise I would Just Be another regular average Basketball Player.

Hope you are having great success, I will see you in A few Months when I Come back down to Miami.

Judson Stubbs
Professional Basketball Player
Former Division 1 All star

If You Do Not Understand English, He Basically Said
he wouldn't Even Have a Career and I helped Him get
A Division 1 Scholarship and Now a Pro Contract!



What Does the World’s “Undisputed vertical Jumpexpert” have to Say About the sickest Professional Basketball Improvement Course on the planet?

Hey Rali,

Just wanted to let you know it took me nearly 7 full days to get all the way through your entire GoBasketballPro system.

I gotta tell you... when I first heard about you, I thought: "Is this guy serious? I mean everyone thinks they've got a "mad" program for ballers."

But you really shocked me.

Your system is easily the very best thing available to any basketballer. In fact, I'd go as far to say it's the back-door key to the pro's. I can't believe you've put it all down - kids that pick this up are really going to soar far ahead of their competition.

Even some of my private NBA clients were dazzled by what you had inside - they'd never seen it before!

I have a rep for only supporting the number 1 people - and

GoBasketballPro gets the stamp as the number 1 basketball product I've ever seen.


If I could say something to a kid thinking about buying it, I would say...

You can't afford *not* to have it.

It's that important to your basketball future.

Get yours now!

Luke Lowrey
Creator of the Double Your Vertical Leap system
The World's Undisputed #1 Vertical Leap Expert http://www.theverticalproject.com


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From the Desk of Rali Todd

Professional Basketball performance Coach

Hi, this is Rali Todd....

You Might have seen me on T.V., read my articles on the web, or heard about me from a fellow athlete, friend or coach. But... one thing can be certain: you probably haven't heard of me from the world class athletes and pros I Work With.



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I transform ballers from exactly where they are, and turn them into all state high school, division one, or professional ballers... using very unique, proven and hardcore researched principles, that have never been released to the public and that were not even known but to a select few until about 5 years ago, and have been closely guarded under lock and key ever since...


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Now this is flat out amazing...

Just a few days ago, we had over 100 of my clients update us on their progress of using our professional basketball enhancement system to my office in Miami, Fl. Guess what we found?

The average increase in shooting was 45%, the average increase in scoring was 86%, the average connection with a college or pro scout was three every week, and the average increase in vertical leap was 5 inches, all in less than three months.

I have copied some of the progress reports straight from my email so you can see for your self some of the unbelievable results my ballers are getting.



From: Ray Hartson
Date Started: Jan 21, 2007

Oh my God, I just wanted to say that I can not believe what has happened to my game, I literary went form being the worst player on my high school varsity team to being the talk of the town. I have had 4 college recruits from big time division 1 schools contact me in the last two weeks, and I am only a junior. This is huge for me because my parents really do not have the money to send me to college and I really want to continue playing after high school. It is really amazing how my game has improved and I owe it all to you and your incredible program. Now I know why the pros are so good, it’s the type of training they have and the knowledge of someone like you. Thank you so much.


From: Ben Chez
Date Started: Feb 21, 2007

**Two back-to-back 40 point games**

I just finished my high school basketball game where I finished with 40 points, last game I also finished with 40 points. I made school history with back-to-back 40 point games. This is really going to make it possible for me to pursue my career and play college basketball. I can not believe how perfect your system is, it is really remarkable. Every aspect of it is so right and you start to notice the things you were doing wrong when you get taught how to do them right. You are truly a genius. Thank you


From: Ramsey Jones
Date started: Jan 2, 2007

I looked at this site for over one month, and then one day I finally decide to give it a try, I thought what the hell, I have tried everything else, might as well as try this to. I have spent the last two years shooting 1,000 jump shoots a day, spending two hours in the gym, running miles and miles and have seen some improvement but not what I thought I was going to see. And then I tried the best basketball enhancement program ever put on this green earth.

In just a little over 5 weeks I went from shooting 43% to 79%, I even had one game where I made 14 shots and did not miss any My coach now calls me the most efficient basketball player he has ever seen. It is truly remarkable, I thought that since I was putting in so much time and effort that I was going to become an insane baler, but after I went threw the whole Go basketball Pro system, I realized that you can train smarter and not just harder. I was doing everything wrong. Every one I meet kept on telling me to shoot as much as I can, run a lot, and spend a lot of time in the gym, so that is what I did. But boy was I wrong. I am now actually training less than what I was before but have seen my results improve 100%. Not to mention I just got a scholarship to the university of M*******. NBA, here I come. Thank you for allowing my dreams to come true.


The point of me showing you this?

It's to let you know that casually increasing your shooting 45% in less than three months and becoming the most dominate basketball player on the court using my extremely effective system is not only very possible and easy.... It's actually so possible and easy that you will probably improve even more than what the averages are.

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Rali Todd Creator, Go Basketball pro.com



From : Rali Todd

Professional performance basketball Coach

Date :

Subject: Dominate the hardwood, or YOURS Free


I dropped 26 My First Division-1 Game!

Yo Rali,

man just wanted to let you know how my first D-1 GAME WENT.

I just got done playing and couldn't wait to write you so I could share with you how well your program has worked for me.

I just dropped 26, and had 8 assists and 4 steals. Pretty good considering it was my First D-1 GAME.

And it is all because of you and what you have taught me threw the Go Basketball PRO System. I'm just glad I got to your system before It was to late!

It's funny because everything you are teaching is exactly how the game is when you get to this level and the pros. It's like I already know what is going to happened before it actually does...

What a difference it has made in my game and knowledge of the game. It has thought me exactly what I needed to get to this level and continue to be an elite level baller where ever I go.

Especially considering my size, I thought it was going to be nearly Impossible to ever play any kind of college ball. But with the knowledge and tools that are in your system I truly believe anything is possible for me now!

Again thanks, and your 2 second shoot drill has helped me out tremendously on getting high quality shoots off as fast as possible because the college game is 100X faster then anything I have ever played In.

Talk to you soon!

B**** M*****
B*******University Starting Point Guard
Student of The Go Basketball Pro system


If You still Do not understand English, He also just said
that My Professional System made it possible for him to drop
26 points, 8 assists, and 4 steals in his very First D-1 Game!


Rarely do you find a product so complete as in Rali Todd's GoBasketballPro.com.

I mean what good is a first rate basketball game without the ability & know how to market yourself to professional & college coaches, agents, scouts and so forth.

The days of buying 10 different products and piecing them together are over because GoBasketballPro.com is here!

Virgil Aponte
Former WNBA Strength Coach
"The Stair Exercises Guru"
Brooklyn, New York

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What do you choose?

You see, what makes my program so Effective is the same reason that separates myself from all those other watered down, out of date , wannabe gimmicks out there.

The only real way you dramatically improve your game and become an elite level baller is by focusing, and high tuning all the aspects of the game, not just one or two of them.

My program not only guides you step-by-step how to improve your shooting,
ball handling, rebounding, defense, and other vital aspects of basketball, but it also incorporates the athletic improvement side that all sports requires, like increasing your speed, agility, footwork, running mechanics, injury prevention, vertical leap and many more.

You see, all you really have to do is ask yourself one question?

Would improving my vertical leap really improve my ball
handling, or shooting?

If you know anything about basketball, you would know that the obvious answer to this question is NO! While improving your vert might help you I other areas, like rebounding, it necessary will not make you a better basketball player, at least not like the pros!

Where other programs have failed in their efforts to turn ballers in to elite level athletes, we have excelled.

This is the only enhancement program you will ever find, anywhere, that covers every vital aspect of the game as detailed and as effective as the Go Basketball Pro basketball developmental system.


I wanted to tell you that after barely getting the porgram and just skimming over it, i used just a couple of the things mentioned and scored 23 points, only using a couple of the things mentioned!

It is so great. I am going to mop up everything in this program.

Thanks SO much,


Here's another example.


In all my years of coaching, playing and being around the game I have yet to come across a anything that shows you exactly how to get recruits and teams to be interested in you.

It's amazing; arguably one of the most important aspects of the game (getting exposure) has been completely neglected for years.

What are you just suppose to pray for someone to hear about you and fly over 5,000 miles to come watch your game just because they have nothing better else to do. well if you're waiting for that, good luck.

Bottom line, unless you are like a Lebron James, or Kobe Bryant, that will never happen! But how do you get exposure and publicity, because after all, the best basketball player is nothing unless people and I mean the right people know of him. Think to yourself how many ballers are out there that are very good but will never do anything with basketball.

You might be one of them! And its not because you are not good enough, its because you have never been taught how to MARKET yourself correctly to the top college and pro scouts to have each one of them beating down your door for you to consider the team they work for!

Well, if you are thinking to yourself.... I do not know how to do that! Your In Luck! Today is the day that you will discover all the secrets that they have been hiding from you forever. today is the day that you will finally reveal your basketball potential!



Why would you waste your time and money
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Why settle for buying 8, 10, 15 DVD's or manuals that all cover one aspect of the game when you can get an all in one system that is easy to follow, extremely effective and proven to develop dominate ballers.

Every program out there always only focus on one aspect or the other. But what about all the other important stuff, what about the other things that you need to learn to improve your game.

They really can't be serious are they?

Improving your speed will sure help you on the court, but do you really think that that will help you improve your shooting, or ball handling. And while improving your shooting will take your game to the next level, will that increase your athleticism?

No, basketball is a sport that requires for you to master all the aspects of the sport, not just one or two of them. While great athletes can be successful they will never be dominate unless they develop fundamental basketball skills.

That's what I have put together with the Go All pro basketball training system:

an detailed, step-by-step, effective basketball training system that anyone could use to unlock their real basketball potential and turn those hoop dreams into reality. This cutting-edge e-book package has revolutionize the basketball training industry forever, and has placed a very high bar for other programs to follow in the future.

Rather than go on for hundreds of pages detailing all the benefits of this System, I've decided to list some highlights of what you'll find throughout these jam-packed basketball training programs:


*Hold That Thought*

Sorry to Interrupt you, but I just got the new batch of baller reports
and you are not going to believe the results these ballers are getting!


Not "Just any product- I'd say It's the greatest Advance
In basketball developmental History"

The breakthrough of this program is that it enables every talent level hoops player to improve and learn...

With so many of this big companies out there, most of the information that is available is just a bunch of S***.

The Go basketball pro system is really a work of art, and it is by far the first of its kind to mix together the athletic essential improvement along with the fundamental skill improvement. It is truly the complete package.

If this Can't get your game to an elite level.. nothing ever will.

Coach Chris Maley
HS basketball Director





Got a Pro contract in only two weeks


I just had to let you know first. as you know I have played fours years of division basketball at ***. I thought I was going to have a chance to go play ball overseas after I was done, but I was clueless where to start to get in touch with the teams over there. I stumbled on your program about 4 months after I was out of school, no contract, no confidence and desperate.

After following your program for only two months I got my first call to go to brazil to play for a pro team. my first contract and I owe it all to you. I now know the inside secrets the pros have been using forever to elevate their game and get all the exposure they ever needed.

Jud Klien





I bought your training manual just to prove it wrong ...
But now I’m the best
Basketball player in my county and am on my way to a
division one basketball scholarship

Hey Rali,

Sorry to say, but I first bought your training manual to prove it wrong and show that there was no way you could back your guarantee of turning anyone into an insane baller…well, I was completely wrong.

After using your guaranteed system for three months and two weeks, I quickly became the best known baller in my city and county, I quickly started to fill the newspaper up with headlines of my great success, I soon had every kid in my school cheering my name and asking me for autographs. I thought that was incredible, but when the first college recruiter showed up to one of my games to watch me I knew that your system truly worked. I can not thank you enough for sharing this information to all the balers in the world. You have really given hope to a lot of kids. Thanks, see you soon.

Anthony Johnson




There is A Lock that is preventing you form unleashing your game to extreme levels….

And I have The Key!

Introducing The Only No BS, Ground
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Go Basketball Pro

Over 350 Jammed packed, over
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The Professional Basketball Developmental System

Above is the complete step-by-step course that will turn all your hoop dreams into reality. Transform into a heart-thumping, jaw dropping, Crowd pleasing Baller...

The critically acclaimed Go Basketball Pro system is now
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Aren't You Tired Of Seeing all these other ballers
get all the publicity and fame,

Why don't you add your name to the ultra-
exclusive list of ballers that have been guided on
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system ever created!


Hey Baller,

I'm back to explain to you more about this unbelievable program, and I kid you not, this is the real thing.. So Listen UP! The only unfortunate thing behind the program is that when I eventually did discover the answer to the endless mystery of dramatically changing a players skill and athletic performance, the ball had already stopped bouncing for me...

But as a hard worker, and hard gainer, I was still fortunate enough to "accidentally" dominate the hardwood for four solid high school years.

When I say “accidentally" I mean that I really did not know the true secrets to shooting over 75%, or how to really develop mad handles.

But what I did understand was that it was possible for me to get better and If I studied enough, went to enough camps, and played other ballers that were better than me, eventually I would find the secrets...

I enjoyed a wonderful career, averaging 28.6 points per game, 8 assists, and 4 steals.

I made all county two out of four years and started on varsity every game.

Where my career ended is where most programs have failed. You see as I stated before, you need a complete basketball program, not one that just improves your shooting, or vertical leap, but one that focused on every aspect. Improving on every aspect of the game is when you will truly become an elite baller.

I suffered a third degree ankle sprain my senior
years and Am still having to deal with it today.

I had gone threw a strenuous off season program that really focused on increasing my vertical leap and strength. And do be truly honest, the program worked...

I had increased my vertical by six inches, and was lifting double in the gym than what I have ever lifted. but, while my strength and power had increased my ability to stabilizes my feet and landing had disappeared, and the first time I was stuck in a position in a game where I had to jump high my body could not handle itself and there I was on the ground in tears.

So not only did I have a sever injury but my coaches, and trainers just told me to ice it and it would be fine. Well it wasn't just fine.

After about two weeks of staying off my feet I returned back to action only to sprain it again. I want eight weeks of restraining it every two weeks, and then after that the other ankle started to sprain.

And all they kept telling me was that there was nothing I could do about it except surgery and that I would just have to live with it.

Let me tell you, the advice they gave me was completely wrong, and there are things that you can do about injuries.

That's why we have put together a special chapter included when you get the Go Basketball pro improvement system completely dedicated to athletic movements, injury prevention, and knowledge of how muscles, joints, and ligaments work.

This chapter alone is worth what the whole program is selling for.


Vince burke, a genius, has contributed to the project informing ballers of everything they need to know about athletic disorders and injuries. he has had extensive work with pro, college and high school level ballers, and has been known to know more about this topic then anyone else in the field. he has even come up with his own body assessment called the map, which will guide you threw everything you need to know to identify weak links and things you need to work on.... I wish I would have had this information when I was in high school.

When coaches, trainers, or parents tell you that you can not do anything about injuries besides ice and rest, do not take their word for it. In Vince’s audio interview he also discusses how to prevent injuries in the first place before they happen. Again, Man if I only had this Info a little earlier in my career.

In my effective basketball developmental course, "Go Basketball Pro", you will find and discover all the secrets, tips and skills that are taught in the NBA and other pro leagues.

Just think, if you start learning the secrets used in the pros Now, before you even get there, what would your game be like when you play against high school or college ballers. Amazing!

My system is so effective, so productive and so secretive that I'm actually forbidden (legally) from telling you all of the pro, college, and high school organizations that use my system because...

They are nerve wrecked that their
competition will get a hold of this system
and turn all their ballers into lethal,
unstoppable weapons to beat them

So lets take a sneak peak and reveal everything you will get and learn from the most effective professional basketball enhancement system...

Program One-"The Beginning"- By Rali Todd

This is where it all starts. I will lay the ground work and the essentials that is required to becoming an elite Ball player. I will reveal my best secrets, tips and facts that I have been using for the past five years to turn basketball players in to champions.

Here is just a little of what you will learn in this chapter:


The best to basketball success checklist: without this checklist you are dead in the water. you will learn exactly what it takes to get to the next level.

The three most controversial basketball myths and if they are true. these are the three myths that float around the basketball world all the time.

The secrets to becoming a complete basketball player. coming straight from the pros, you will learn exactly what they try to accomplish, and how they turn into complete ballers.

The difference between basketball and every other sport out there. it is crucial to now exactly what your sport demands and what you need to work on.


Program Two- "The Essentials"- By Rali Todd

This is where we really start to get rolling, I will discuss
these topics on top of revealing some amazing secrets
the pros have been hiding since the beginning.


How to perform a correct lay up and get to the basket in one dribble. I will take you threw step-by-step, the mechanics, footwork, and importance of getting tot he basket in one dribble.

The missing link to all basketball players. what are players are doing completely wrong and if you fix it you will explode your whole game to another planet...

The pound dribble. if you still dribble the ball the way you did when you were in elementary or middle school you are going to have a lot of turnovers. in the NBA they practice the pound dribble and that is why they all have such good ball handling.

The two most important drills in basketball that no one uses but the successful ballers out there. You have never seen these drills, but they are on of the main reasons why the players in the league are so good.


Program Three- "How to Transform Your Offensive Game
Into a Sufficient, Explosive, and Instantly become an Unstoppable Force!"
by Rali Todd



If you love scoring and really want to become an unstop bale force, then you must learn secrets that are proven to work. this chapter will go over every aspect on the offensive side including:

4 secrets to unstoppable scoring

3 keys to offensive explosion (straight from one of the best Pro developmental coaches in the business)

Learning how to move without the ball and add at least 5 points to your current scoring average.

Establishing good position so the defense doesn't even want to guard you.

The one thing that has killed a lot of NBA players and how to fix it.

How doing one simple, yet extremely effective thing will get you so wide open you won't believe it. (I can guarantee you do not do it)

The worst bad habit in basketball and how to make it one of your great asset, instead of making it the reason the coach benches you.

The 3 keys to beating someone of the dribble. This is exactly what they have taught in the pros for years and it has transformed a lot of good ballers into all stars.

Shoulders to hips, learn what all great players do and how you can copy from them.


Program Four- "Developing Rock Solid Strength and
Explosive Power to Dominate the Court and Let Your
Presence Be Known!"- By Mike Kozak

One of the most important aspects of basketball training is developing strength and power you can use on the basketball court.

If you are one of those ballers who goes in the gym and does a bodybuilding routine to look good, you are hurting your performance and possibly jeopardizing your career... SO STOP!

You need to develop basketball strength and also improve and maintain your quickness. There is a reason why bodybuilders do not play sports... because they can't, and if you want the same, continue to do your one muscle a day body building routines.

Mike Kozak is a genius when it comes to developing strength in basketball players they can use on the court.

Here's what you will unleash in his Ultimate weight training for serious ballers!

How to build basketball strength the correct way how to prepare for a intense vertical jump program to ensure you do not get hurt.

Exactly how to improve technique and flexibility, eliminate movement errors, develop a sound base for work tolerance, and start building muscle.

Exact sets and reps of a complete four month training program, this is unbelievable, he reveals all his secrets on how to pack on some serious strength really quick.

Complete exercise description dictionary. Every exercise has a picture outlining each one so you do not have to guess what it looks like.

Special notes and tips to maximize your strength and power gains.



Dear The Best Basketball program Ever Created,

I Can not believe all the secrets, tips and information you have revealed in your basketball developmental program, I am so used to reviewing a program and then still being left with hundreds of questions... but that was the exact opposite after I was done with yours. I have now helped six high school basketball players unlock their game and help get them to the collegiate level. I just wanted to say thank you for coming out with the only sports training program that really covers it all and has very effective information.

Coach Hicks



Program Five- "How to Really Improve Your Basketball Speed, Agility, Mechanics and Footwork"- by Will Haskell

Will Haskell is the WNBA Chicago Sky Performance enhancement coach and is widely know for developing and improving insane athleticism in great and not so great natural athletes.

He sets the records straight in this chapter on what it really takes to improve your athleticism, speed, agility, footwork and other keys to help you dominate the hardwood with ease!

Here is what you will discover and unleash in this Priceless program Will has released:

The Dynamic warm-up if you are still sitting around in a circle with your other teammates and stretching before practice and games STOP! You are hurting your performance and increasing your chance of potential injuries. Learn the correct way to warm up dynamically and really prepare your body for intense action.

Athletic stance and defense awareness is very crucial to becoming a unstoppable force on the court. And will is the correct guy to learn the proper techniques and secrets from. He details the proper mechanics and some unknown secrets to the correct footwork and form to ensuring you are never out of position.

Linear and lateral movement- I can beat anything I have that you have never been taught how to move on the court. If you have never been taught how do you plan on being good at it? learn secrets from one of the best in the industry to moving Correctly!

One of the most overlooked aspects of sports in general is the stopping or the deceleration phase as we like to call it. But what most athletes do not know is that over 80% of sports injuries happen on the deceleration phase. Learn how to decelerate with control and efficiency so you do not set yourself up for injury and you can recover faster then anyone else on the court.

The secret key to changing direction that almost know one knows, but will does. he has been using these secrets to develop world class athletes and pros. if you are not the fastest on the court and do not find yourself being one of the better athletes when you go up against top notch competition then you must study this chapter day and night so you can become the most efficient athlete on the court every time.

Learn from someone who has helped some of the best athletes and ballers become even more dominate and unstoppable. Discover the step by step system Will has developed to help pro ballers become the best athletes on the court, night in and night out!


Program Six -The Complete Guide to an Amazing Vertical Jump (The Only Resource You'll Ever Need to Get Freaky Hops!)
By Jimmy Smith

Want to really know how to flat-out jump and explode out of the gym?

Jimmy smith from www.jimmysmithtraining.com has contributed this amazing program that reveals how to really improve your vertical leap, the correct and safe way.

Sit back as one of the best Jump Experts Guides you along the way to jumping out of the gym, and skyrocketing for alley-oops, slam dunks, and Tips Ins.


Program Seven- "Using the Athlete Express System to Develop Court Power and Stable Balance"- by Rick Karbiaok.
Rick is an amazing new trainer that has hit the industry hard and revealed a new yet extremely effective way to become the best athlete on the court.

His athlete express system will have you pumping out power and dominating the court in no time.

He reveals his most kept secrets and finally sets the record straight on how to truly be the best overall athlete every time you step on the court.

Unleash your true athletic ability and develop explosive court power and unshakeable balance using different training devices like the kettle bells.


Program Eight- "The Last One Standing" How to Become the Best Conditioned Baller on the Court!
By Rali Todd
In this ground breaking chapter you will discover the essential ingredients to becoming the best conditioned baller on the court.

If you are running mile after mile to improve your conditioning level...STOP! All you are doing is hurting your performance and setting yourself up for a career ending injury.

In this chapter I will reveal my 15 most effective game lasting conditioning drills including my secret superman workouts that I personally use with the pros to get them in the best shape of their career!

These drills have never been released to the public until now and you can bet they are the most effective basketball conditioning drills on this planet.

I will also share with you an important lesson a great coach once shared with me and it has changed all of my players lives. You are not going to believe how powerful this is.

Be The Last One Standing Starting Today


Program Nine- "Lock down defense" Lock Down the Best Offensive Player on any Team and be Known as the Most Tenacious Defender!
By Rali Todd
One great way to ensure you will get a lot of playing time and could possibly get a college scholarship or pro contact is by being a awesome defender. There are a few guys in the league right now that make a living purely on defense.

In this revealing chapter you will discover exactly what it takes to becoming a unstoppable force.


I will reveal my 3 Lock down Defense Rules that are
guaranteed to stop any offensive weapon.

Here are some more secrets that will be revealed in this program:

How players like Bruce Bowen and Raja Bell guard offensive powerhouses that are 100% more athletic but some how seem to guard them perfectly.

The most important thing about being an awesome defender (that only the pros know and you don't)

How to study your player and know exactly what he is going to do before he does 90% of the time.

The number # 1 mistake all bad defenders do and how to make sure you do not so it.

This chapter is simply jammed packed with the most effective, up-to-date defensive miracle secrets that you are going to be amazed on how much stuff there is to learn about defense and how simple but yet so effective this secrets are. You will be well on your way to becoming the best defender every time you step on the court, Period!


Program Ten- "Shooting Secrets of the Best Shooters In the World!"
By Rali Todd
The best basketball players in the world simply know how to flat out shoot the lights out! And I know their secrets!

Every aspect, secret and tip you would ever have to know to improve your shooting 50% and become the deadliest shooter on the court is outlined and detailed in this chapter. This chapter alone is worth thousands and could be the small kept to unlocking your basketball dream!

Here is what you will unleash in this program:


The number # 1 most important aspect every great shooter has that you must have to shoot lights out!

One crucial aspect every shooter in the NBA is taught and how you can start doing this today to be an amazing shooter.

Where your shoot starts from and how important it is to have this exact aspect of shooting.

Exactly how you should hold the ball to make 90% of all your shots. Perfect from, rotation and spin to ensure you make more shoots in the game.

Detailed, outlined checklist for superior shooting. without this you are dead in the water.

The Perfect Follow Through and exactly how you can train yourself for perfect muscle memory so your follow threw looks perfect and the same every single time. (This is a secret even the pros do not know or teach)

Learn the 2 second shoot drill that is taught in the NBA develop the quickest, lethal releases.

The 3 crucial points to the "ready on the catch"

The true Blueprint for making all your Free throws!

The most dynamic, effective shooting drill you will ever find!

The biggest, most kept shooting secret that they will never release because it will turn any player into a lethal shooter!

The Biggest Secret Ever Released on how to handle and deal with Referees.

If you do not think that you would simply be amazing if you
knew all these secrets then you just do not know anything
about basketball at all.

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new you and destroy your competition Today! ](bonus-surprise.html)


Program Eleven- "Ball Handling secrets and drills exposed! Dribble the rock under control!"- By Rali Todd
Developing mad handles is something all ballers should try to develop. If you
have crazy ball handling skills, you are almost sure of making a team. the best basketball players on the court or always the ones that can dribble the rock under pressure and under control.

Learn some of the best ball handling secrets and drills like the following:

Discover the pound dribble they teach in The NBA. This little aspect alone will transform your game.

Watch as I reveal my Top Ten Crazy Ball Handling Drills that are flat out guaranteed to develop mad handles in any baller.

Discover the Most important tool you can use to help make the ball become apart of your hand and body!

Learn Pro drills like the Penny Pick up, Full court killers, three ball dribble, and the one hand one leg drill.

The one secret that will explode your whole game threw the roof.

And Much, Much more...


Program Twelve- "Putting it all together to Dominate the Hardwood with Ease!"- by Rali Todd
Wrapping things up to ensure you are well on your way to becoming a dominate, unstoppable force on the court.

Here we will lay the groundwork for what it is going to take form you to become Dominate and take your game tot he new level. I have been there and done it, seen it first hand, and I know exactly what it takes to get there.

There is only one way to ball real hard and become
unstoppable, and I know exactly what it is. And now you
can learn form the best!

Don't Be left behind!



And when it came to the Audio Session class portion of the program, it feel nothing short of amazing!

I sought out some of the worlds most knowledgeable and successful basketball masterminds I could find.

I still can not believe I was able to talk them into providing some of the best basketball tips and secrets that are the same secrets that are used to produce life pumping basketball legend's.

It's all there, the very Life-Changing Program could and would make all the difference between you forgoing a mediocre career, or a dominate, do whatever you want, amazing career.

The choice is yours... but you have now been provided with an answer to accomplishing any and every hoop dream you have, the question is: are you ready to dominate the hardwood and explode your game to a new dimension?


You could be...

In Nightly ESPN Top ten plays,
endorsing your own Signature
Kick's, while living the basketball
dream playing In the Pros!

If you want to do that, you'd better continue reading to see all of the secrets and information that are revealed in the Audio Class Sessions...



Audio Class Sessions

Session # 1- "How To Become the Best, Most Efficient Shooter Every Time You Play! Plus Secrets to Improving Your Shooting by 50%" By former NBA Player
Coach Ron (The Shot Doctor) Perry
Coach Ron "The Shot Doctor" Perry did not receive his nick name for nothing. He is truly a genius when it comes to the teaching and science of making every shoot.

He played In the ABA, and NBA for various teams like the Floridians, the Knicks, the Pacers and others. He Knows first hand how to develop the sickest Shoot. And I got to interrogate him for a full 40 minutes.

He revealed some of his most kept secrets on how to train and become the best shooter on the court.

He revealed:

His four Most important aspects to a perfect jumper

The most important thing on working on your shot

The most crucial aspect you must have to become a great shooter

A true Blueprint for shooting Success

The worst habits most shooters have and how to fix them

Secrets to developing a quick, accurate release

Free throw success checklist 3 point shooting success checklist

The easiest, most effective analogy for shooting that you will never forget and it will help you make 90% of your shots.

Exactly how to correctly hold the ball, to help make all your shots.

What it takes to Get to the Pros

And Much More...

Break all the myths and confusion once and for all
and learn the true battled tested secrets of shooting
lights out and becoming the best shooter on the court!


Session # 2- "What It Really Takes to Dominate and Destroy Your Competition and Explode to the Next Level!"- by professional basketball coach Darren Weisman of Got Game
Coach Darren Weisman has been in the trenches turning hoop dreams into reality for a solid seven years now. He truly is amazing. I have personally seen him take the worst kid on a team and turn him into a first team all county superstar.

He is known by many as the Fundamental artist.

Here is just a little recap of what he reveals in his Audio Supercharges Session:



What it really takes to leave your game on the floor and skyrocket to the top

The number one rule you must follow if you want to ball real hard, real fast!

How to leave your opponents helpless and dying to have your talent.

The Blueprint secret for basketball dominating and how it can explode your game.

How to realistically become the best player on your team and have thousands of fans coming to cheer you on!

What you should develop first and how it can make or break your game.

What you should develop last, and save for a rainy day.

The difference between and all-star, and a star that is always on.
(this tip alone will destroy your competition).

And even more All star tips coming straight
from A pro Expert!



Hey Rali,

.... What an amazing job you have done for the basketball world, and all the people that have helped contribute to the project, what a great thing to see.

Let me be the first of the pros to tell you that even your info and tips can help any level baller, I have been playing in the NBA for a solid 13 years and have seen it all, but your program really takes it to the next level. I have been coached by some of the World's best basketball coaches and trainers and can truly say that this program is exactly what will take any one's game to new heights, keep up the good work, see you When I come down to Miami this summer!

Xxxx Xxxxxx

NBA Player

* name withheld as per legal requirement



Sessions # 3- "Unleashing Your Athletic Ability, Blow Past ALL of Your Opponents and Put Them In a Head spin"- by WNBA Performance Enhancement Guru Will Hasskle!
Will haskle, the Sports Performance Guru for the WNBA Chicago Sky Has been working with ballers for over 10 years and knows exactly how to improve athleticism in any Baller.

After only 5 minutes of being on the call with him, I knew we had a Smash Hit. He Held know Back and revealed all his secrets on how to become the most pro found, dominating force on the Court.

He broke all the basketball training myths including the truth on conditioning and what all the ballers are doing wrong and how it is preventing them from becoming an eye popping athlete.

Here are just some of the Pro Training secrets that were Revealed In or Interview:

The exact training program that will has developed train his elite level pro ballers and turn average athletes into athletic Freaks.

What all the athletes are doing wrong and how it is holding back all your potential and setting your self up for a career ending injury!

The truth about How Injuries most commonly happen and how you can avoid 90% Of Them.

Exactly How to Develop Blazing Game Speed and Blow past your Competition.

The Correct way to develop powerful Basketball Strength and get the most out of your workouts!

How to incorporate an all-In-one Complete Training Program to ensure your Success.

What The Main Focus Should be For Any Training regiment and how it will improve Your Overall Game Dramatically.

The Real Truth about ACL injuries and how you can almost get rid of them once and for all!

The Most Important training fundamental that you must incorporate into your workouts or you are Doomed Forever!

What you can learn from Foreign Players and Their Training programs to develop the most efficient training Program Alive.

And that is just A little Bit of what this Amazing interview reveals.



Session # 4 - "Pro Secrets Exposed- Exactly How to Structure Killer Workouts and Training Programs To Mimic The Studs In The Pros and Develop Lethal Weapons To Knockout Your Opponents!"- by Rali Todd
You Will Not believe what was Revealed in this interview !

I got ripped apart By My Good old Buddy Mike Mahon as he made me reveal every last drop of secret I have. If you get hold of this "Miracle" Hotcake audio session it will forever change your life and Your Game!

I can not believe I revealed and answered all the questions he asked with the exact answers and tips I Use Everyday to Develop Pro Ballers.

Check out all the secrets Revealed in this Session:

The Exact workout Regiment I use, Time duration, exercises, tips, everything.... I Held nothing Back!

The Most efficient productive way to Structure your workouts so you get 100 times the workout in half the time!

The Best, 5 most effective killer moves to leave your opponents in the dust and Please the crowd!

The three change of direction moves, how to use them and when to use them.

The two most important drills I Use as Warm ups that will just Enhance your game so much you will not believe it!

The Missing Link To all basketball players and how you can make it your most lethal weapon!

The Most crucial component every basketball player does completely wrong and how it just kills their game!

My Favorite, Top 5 Killer Finishes to scoring every time you attack the basket.

One aspect that will literally Add 4 inches to your game instantly.

My amazing Baller circuit Workouts I use to develop the sickest talent!

And that was all just in the first 45 minutes, the interview went on for a total of 88 minutes!



Session# 5 "Pro Secrets and Tips That Will Develop a Solid Game and Help You Explode Your Game Straight to the Top!"- by WNBA Star Stacey Dales
Learn exactly what it takes to get to the Pros and how to develop
a flawless, unstoppable game that will simply Blowtorch your competition!

Stacey is One of the Premier Stars In the Up and Coming WNBA. She has Dominated Threw out Her Career, including her College days at The University of Tennessee, and now With he WNBA Chicago Sky.

She Knows Exactly what it takes to Get to the PRO Level and how to Destroy Your Competition Along the way.

I still can not believe I was Able To Convenience Her to do the interview where She would be revealing her tightly Guarded Secrets that she has been using for years to Become an Pro All-Star Baller.

How good would you be if you knew all of this?

The Most Important Fundamental skill you need to Develop so your competition doesn't take advantage of you.

The Number 1 Thing that has helped Stacey Dominate and Destroy the hardwood.

The Exact Workout and training program Stacey Uses to Stay on top of her game and develop Head Turning Skills!

The Most Important Aspect you need to Have In order to Play professional Ball (It Is Not What You think)

How to Stay On Top of your game night in and night out!

The Biggest Mistake you can make on and off the court that will just Ruin Your Game!

Step-By-Step Analysis of Stacey’s Practices and what She spends the Most Time Practicing and what she spends the least Time Practicing.

And A lot More Secrets That I have Sworn Not to Talk
About except To the Vip Go Basketball Pro Members and



Session # 6- "Basketball Developmental Secrets Exposed to Develop the Most Complete Game!"- by NYU Star Zack Gordon
Current NYU Star Zack Gordon Has developed one of the Sickest Most Dominating College Game I have Ever Seen. And It’s Not By Luck.

I have Been Personally working With Him For Over 4 years Now and have Turned Him Into One Of The Most Feared College Players Around.

He Went from Making First Team All State in High School to being the best Player on His College Team.

He Is Well On his way To A Pro Contract And now you can learn All the Secrets and Tips That he has used and learned from me to Unleash His skills and potential and becoming Feared in the eyes of Many!

Zack left it all on the phone and discussed all of these topics:

The Most Important Thing you must know to making the transition From high School ball to Intense College Hoops Smoothly (This is where most ballers fail).

The Secret that Zack uses to know what his opponents are going to do before they even do it. (This is a Secret they do not teach you in Recess!)

Zacks exact Basketball Developmental program and how he uses it to Continually Improve his Game.

Setting your self up for success. Exactly what Zack Has learned from playing a lot of ball that has changed his game tremendously and how he sets himself up not to fail.

Zacks Exact weight training program that has helped him put on 20 Lbs of pure Basketball strength and power in less then 3 Months.

The life as a College all Star Athlete and how to prepare yourself and Focus on your Goals. (This one is absolutely Huge)

Dominate the college Game today and learn from someone
who is in the trenches leaving His dominating legacy along
the way!




Session # 7- "The Shocking, Real Truth about Dominating and Playing College Ball!"- by FAU Head Assistant Coach
Mike Balado
FAU Head Assistant Coach Mike Balado is one of the most intelligent, experienced basketball coaches In the industry.

He Just Simply Knows How to find, and develop raw talent. I have been great friends with him for a few years Now and He Always Impresses Me with His Basketball IQ.

Learn exactly From one Of The Best Division 1 Coaches In all Of Basketball as He Explains What It really takes To Playing and Dominating Division 1 Basketball.

Here is what’s Inside This remarkable Interview:

The biggest Difference between D-1 and High School and how you can gain an Edge By working on them ahead of time.

Exactly What it Takes To Get To The D-1 Level!

How to continually Improve Your Game so you will always be the BEST!

How to give yourself the best chance to succeed!

The Biggest Myth In Basketball

The 1st thing that all College Coaches Look At in determining if you fit their Program

The Worst Bad habits that Frustrate Coaches and Give Them Migraines!

One Tip That will simply get Coaches Spreading your name around to Hundreds of other coaches!

How to Determine If You Can Play Pro Ball!

How To Prepare For your Future In Basketball And Ensure Your Success!

Why some players make it to the NBA and why some Never Will. (This is a Bomb Secret)

The Exact Guideline to Getting Recruited

The Most Important Components To Develop In Basketball

How To Prepare Your Mind And Body To Be Prepared For D-1

The Most Important Thing to have To Play and dominate the Pros

The Two most important things you must have to getting a College Scholarship and ensuring you do not ride the bench the whole season!



Session # 8- "How to Market Yourself Correctly to Have Recruits and Scouts Beating Down Your Door and Attending All Your Games"- by Pro Recruiting Coach Kevin Agee
This is Truly the Missing Link To every basketball Player. I have always said the best basketball player in the world will never do anything unless people, and I mean the right people know of him.

There is truly a lack of information out there on how to get massive exposure, recruits, scouts and teams attending your games and knowing about you, and how to market yourself correctly to those teams to ensure you get a Scholarship or a Pro Contract.

That was until Kevin Agee spilled the beans in my interrogation with him. Kevin is one of the most sought after recruiting Coaches in the whole basketball community. He basically gives ballers just like yourself the opportunity to allow their hoop dreams become Reality.

This Interview alone is worth what the whole
program is selling for.

Unleash the secrets that they will never tell you about scouting, recruiting, exposure and how to ensure a college scholarship or Pro contract has YOUR NAME ON IT!

It Doesn't really matter how good you are if you do not know the tips and secrets to market and advertise yourself to the team or School you want to play for!

Wouldn't You Like to Know These Life Changing Secrets:

Exactly Where and When Recruits Go Out looking for new players to Play For there Team.

One simple Tip for you to know what teams are looking for and if you would be a good fit!

What Every basketball player does wrong when trying to get scholarships or contracts.

How to get your name spreading Like Wild fire to truckloads of Coaches, Teams and organizations!

The easiest way to get a hold of coaches and teams so they remember you forever!

How to get coaches and teams Referring you and talking about you to all there great contacts!

That's not all, but you're going to have to be one of the
lucky Go Basketball Pro Students to get a hold of the rest of
the Lethal secrets that are Held Captive in this Interview!


You simply have out thought ever other program in the world


I can not believe what you have done with your basketball developmental system. It should really be illegal for anyone else to launch any other program regarding basketball development ever again. I have been working on the pro level for 10 years and even I did not know some of the secrets that you revealed in these programs. I am grateful to see someone of your knowledge and experience sharing all of your stuff with others like me, most guys that know any of this would hide it all to themselves and just the players they work with, but you are truly unique and special. thank you again for all that you have done for the basketball society.

D** N*****




I wish I had Go basketball Pro Growing Up…




 I love your energy! You are a very ambitious individual with a tremendous work ethic.

I love your products and the knowledge that you are bringing to the game of basketball. It is evident that you are a student of the game. The little things that you pick up on- that many people over look, are key points to the game of basketball. That's why you're a great teacher. 


I wish I had access to products like Go Basketball Pro and Deadly Basketball Mistakes growing up as a young athlete. Keep up the passion Rali!


DeAndrè Austin

Professional Basketball Player (Overseas)

CEO and founder of GRS Athletic Apparel




Session # 9- How to Master The Art and Science of Human Performance To Become A Flawless Baller With Dr. Vince Burke

Vince Burke is The Man Many dominate ballers Run to when they need to improve their athleticism, rehab and fix an injury, eliminate risk of injuries and get their body moving like a efficient, flawless unstoppable well-oiled machine.

He is truly a genius, and when it comes to athletic performance, he knows it all.

Here is what you will unlock in this 1 hour “Top Secret” class:


How to get rid of all sports injuries once and for all

The number one reason why ballers get injured and how you can take care of the problem once and for all.

How to maximize your strengths and take care of your weaknesses.

The exact test Vince uses on all of his Pro athletes to discover missing Links that deflate your game.

How to properly take care of an injury to ensure it never comes back.

What all ball players are doing wrong, and how they are setting them selves up for a career ending injury.

One simple, extremely tip that will eliminate 99% of ankle sprains so you can dominate the hardwood without any road blocks.

The real truth on developing strength you can use as a powerful weapon on the court.

The easiest way you can ensure a injury-Free career and play competitively for tears to come.

There’s much, much more, but you have to Grab my
Go Basketball Pro System to Reveal the Rest!




Session # 10 Developing a Well-Oiled, Flawless Scorching Machine That Will Leave Your Opponents Helpless and Dazed!
By Pro Coach Mike Mahon

Want to now how to leave your opponents helpless and afraid of playing you because they will get embarrassed?

Listen to this interview and that’s exactly what will happened!




What all dominate ballers do, that none of the bench warmers do.

What separates an ordinary “15 minute a game” hooper from a “ Talk of the town” 30 PPG ALL-STAR King.

Exactly how to read defenders so you can set yourself up for a crowd pleasing play.

One drill you can do any where, any time to Improve your shooting 50% and develop and automatic Deadly shoot.

One simple tool you can implement in your game to separate your self from all the wana-bee bench warmers.

How to avoid the career ending mistakes that will just vanish your dream of
Dominating the Court.

The Most kept secret that Stud ballers have used to develop a powerful, envied game.

Leave your opponents helpless with the Only Pro basketball system that guarantees your success Today!




Times Running out, and you are not getting any better just sitting there Reading this….

So the Only Remaining Question Is

Are “You” Next?

Go Basketball Pro

The Professional Basketball Developmental System




You can now see for yourself why this is the proclaimed
most effective basketball enhancement resource on the planet!
It is simply put...



The most comprehensive, proven Information Ever
released on exactly how to Dominate the hardwood
and play your brains out!

And when your order and download your copy of "Go Basketball Pro: The Professional Basketball Developmental system" today, you will not only possess all the pro secrets, drills, and tips in over 350 pages long and over 12 hours of secretive behind the scenes interrogations.


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Plus, if you [order now](bonus-surprise.html) I'll include the following free bonus gifts:

Fast Baller Action Bonus:

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Go Basketball Pro Live tela-coahcing Seminar:

A 8 class tela-coaching seminar where I will be guiding you along Step-by-step to ensure your basketball success and growth (Special Guest Appearances by some of the TOP ballers, trainers and coaches in the pros) While on the Call, you will be able to submit questions for us to answer. You Literary have your Own Pro Coaching teaching you everything you need to know to dominate and destroy your competition.



Fast Baller Action Bonus:
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FREE BONUS #2 (Value $750.00)

30 Minute Pro Phone Consultation With Yours Truly- That’s right, you get  a full 30 minutes with me alone, for you to pick my brains apart on all the questions, confusion and info you need to distinguish yourself as a Insane “ Talk of the Town” Baller.



Fast Baller Action Bonus:
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FREE BONUS #3 (Value $697.00)

Basketball Video Critique

You will be able to send me some footage of games , practices and other clips of you playing and I will watch it, critique it and send you a fool detailed report on what your doing wrong, how to fix it and other secrets that will get you over the HUMP!

Just think how dominat you would be if you had your own private Coach telling you step-by-step how to fix your game and dominate your brains out!



Fast Baller Action Bonus:
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FREE BONUS #4 (Value $150.00)

Deadly Basketball Mistakes Audio Interrogation With Former Fresno State All star Deandre Austin-  Deandre was well on his way to the pros before he made some game destroying mistakes that preventing him from living  a fabulous pro career. Listen as I grill him and he reveals all the mistakes he made and how he would do it differently now that he knows what coasted him his once in a life time opportunity.

[BUT YOU MUST BE ONE OF THE FIRST 2,500 TO ORDER... ](bonus-surprise.html)


Fast Baller Action Bonus:

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Super Limited Time Baller Bonus #1 ($87.00 value)

Luke Lowry’s Single Most effective Exercise Report

Luke is the world’s heavyweight Vertical Jump Champion, He is simply known as the “Double YOUR Vertical Leap” Secret Weapon. Pro’s Run to him when they are in bad need of A Vertical Jump Tune UP!

 Lucky for you he has bee kind enough to share his Top Secret Single most effective exercise to having your jumping out the gym and Throwing in down ON someone’s face.

You will not believe what is in this report, it is simply put the Most effective, up to date,” if you don’t have it your competition will be jumping over your head real soon” Vertical jump Information on the planet.

Start Jumping out the gym today!

Super Limited Time Baller Bonus #2 ($87.00 value

The 10 Most Common Ugly Mistakes that Hold basketball players back From Unleashing Their natural Talent Report.

This report alone will jumpstart your basketball success and take your game to new levels.  I have Put together the 10 most common, deadly mistakes that almost every baller does that has just ruined their game. I can guarantee you do some of them!

This could very well be my most valuable tool, and could be the difference to help taking your game to the level you have hoped and dreamed of.

This is the ultimate fine-tune tool because it means Improving your game 100% is only a mouse click away!


Super Limited Time Baller Bonus #3 ($24.95 value)

The Ultimate Agility Ladder Guide By Tony Reynolds

Tony Reynolds is a mastermind when it comes to training all aspects of performance for athletes.He has put together an amazing agility ladder guide to improve your footwork, hand eye coordination, agility and athleticism. This guide will take you through some of the best agility ladder exercises that he uses with his very own athletes.

He even reveals how you can make your own agility ladder for pennies and be just as useful.


Super Limited Time Baller Bonus #4 ($67.00 value)

Strength Training Manual By Tony Reynolds

 This manual introduces you to 3 dimensional strength training and his over 20 pages long filled with exercise, facts, descriptions and much much more. This will allow you to produce more strength while you are training that will easy and effectively convert over tot he hardwood.

There are over 50 exercises described and outlined along with complete sets, reps and routines. This is the ultimate resource for building explosive power to help dominate the court.

Super Limited Time Baller Bonus #5 ($67.00 value)

The Ultimate Stair Exercises For Power Development By Virgil Aponte.

...The Simple, efficient way to add
inches to your vertical!

 This amazing report Shows you how to gain massive strength, power and add inches to your vertical by using a unique training method with stair exercises.

This jammed packed 47 page e-book is full of new and effective training concepts and exercise that will immediately make YOU A better athlete. Improving your vertical is a benchmark for basketball players and Virgil is the ultimate conductor to do so.

Super Limited Time Baller Bonus # 6 ($47.00 value)

The Ultimate Smoothies For Athletes E-Book

This smoothie recipe e-book for athletes has over 120 of the best tasting , nutrition fulfilling smoothies on the planet.

As an athlete you must make sure that you are replenishing your body with the right amount of all the essential nutrients your body looses during a strenuous workout or practice. And what better way to do so than to get a stomach pleasing smoothie. Here are just a few of the recipes you will find in this e-book.
Total Value of
Bonus Gifts = Over $2,300




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Dear Rali and the GoBasketballpro.com team,

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 Having a copy of GoBasketballpro is similar to having your own personal staff of recruiters, player agents, individual skills coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and motivators all rolled into one.


Let me tell you the price for having all those things is astronomical but the value you will get with this product is priceless. If you want to be a baller, it would be a disservice to your game not to purchase this product. Just applying one or two tips from this program will change your game, but applying all the sections methodically and developing the winning edge that only Gobasketballpro can give you will change your life.

So what are you waiting for ?


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Mike Mahon , CSCS, Board Certified Gym Therapist,
Basketball Performance Coach
High Octane Fitness
High Octane Hoops


How Much Does This
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The real question is not how much it cost or if you can afford it… the real question is can you  afford not to get this exclusive’ behind the scene secrets” and how much is it going to cost you if you don’t get this information?

It might cost you your career and your dreams of dominating the hardwood if you don’t act on this right now!

Think about this. How much is it worth to finally reveal your true potential and turn those basketball dreams into reality? How different would your game be like if you discovered…

  The Inside secrets of the most dominate ballers in the pros and how they develop their  unstoppable game and skills to All-Star baller status.

 How to get truck loads of Pro and college scouts beating down your door, attending your games and stuffing your mailbox full or contracts and scholarships with your name on it.

 How to skip over all the deadly basketball mistakes, decisions, road blocks and false starts,   start to develop the pro fundamentals and learn the secrets for winning, dominating success.

3 keys to offensive explosion (straight from one of the best Pro developmental coaches in the business)

The one thing that has killed a lot of NBA players and how to fix it.

How players like Bruce Bowen and Raja Bell guard offensive powerhouses that are 100% more athletic but some how seem to guard them perfectly.

 Exactly how you should hold the ball to make 90% of all your shots. Perfect from, rotation and spin to ensure you make more shoots in the game.

  A true Blueprint for shooting Success

  How to realistically become the best player on your team and have thousands of fans coming to cheer you on!

  One aspect that will literally Add 4 inches to your game instantly.

Exactly What it Takes To Get To The D-1 Level!


I suppose you could follow what every other baller out there is doing  and make it up as you go along, buy some over priced joke DVDS,  and Books, and use the old “trial and error method”…

But why not Legally “Cheat” your way to the top and take advantage of this once in a life time baller opportunity?

Just because other ballers have failed and struggled to figure out all the secrets and what it really takes to Develop a killer game, doesn't’t mean you have to go threw the same agony and pain.

Your getting access to over 350 overfilling Pro “short-cut”  secret pages and  over 12 hours of magical “ back door key” audio interrogations with some of the “ know it all’s” in the basketball world…

In just a few weeks from now, your basketball dreams could become reality and you will be well on your way to becoming one of the “studs” in the Pros…

And why stop there, not only do   some of the ballers in the pros become great basketball players, but they also become “picture perfect, “House hold name” successful  icons, and are helping people all over the world…

They dominate “on and off” the court!

Don't Waste Time Trying To "Figure Out" What
You Can Download Instantly ...

I already know that from experience, it's impossible to just "figure out"...

If you're serious about tapping into your full basketball potential, you can download the recordings and ebook listen to them over lunch, plug in the tips and next morning start FEELING WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE AN ALL-STAR, CROWD-PLEASING-DOUBLE FIGURE POINT PER GAME UNSTOPABLE BALLER--by the very next day.

I flat-out defy anyone to show me a more Effective Pro Basketball training program you could USE without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

I'm confident you can destroy all your Wannabe All-Star Competitors and bring in the kind of results you've only heard about before today.

Save $100!
The information contained in this product can be worth literally tens of thousands of hours, money and the difference between you achieving your goals and going on to endure a wonderful all star career. If you’re really serious about dominating the court and destroying your competition I ask you to invest only $497 , $397, $297, $197, $117!

That's a savings of over $100 (the price is soon going up to $217).

Think about how many hours of frustration you will save by avoiding all of the common mistakes a fellow baller has made.

We’ll instantly send you to your Download page so you can start learning the battled tested pro secrets right now after your payment is processed.

Don’t worry, the download process is simple and easy, we have taken the liberty of upgrading the download process so it is very fast and easy...

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Matt Valdez St. Thomas University

"Thanks to the Go basketball pro training system I have begun to fulfill my dream of playing division 1 college basketball and am now given the chance and opportunity to take my game to another level and possibly play professional ball one day. This system is truly amazing, I wish I would have found it earlier in my career when I was in high school, who knows what would have happened then. Thanks Rali for giving me the necessary tools I need to fulfil my basketball dreams."

Matt Valdez St. Thomas University


Brett Heiman Lasalle HS



Let me start by saying that before enduring the Go basketball pro Training System, I had been cut by my team in 7th grade, 8th grade, and 9th grade. I found the Go Basketball Pro Training System the summer of my freshmen year and decide to follow threw with the program and tried it out. Not even 6 months later I was starting on my high school basketball team and was one of the major players. since this time I have made honorable mention and have transferred to an elite basketball program in my area and am already getting looked at by division 1 and 2 schools. I don't know what I would have done with out this basketball developmental program. I just wanted to say thank you for turning me into an elite baller and changing my life around.

Brett Heiman

Lasalle High School


Five Star Basketball Coach Darren Weisman

Rali, you have done it again, your training modalities, exercises, and programs are truly remarkable. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of the project and dream. You are truly a remarkable coach and program. It is pretty clear that this is the most effective basketball program ever put together and that is something to be very proud of. keep up the good work and will be seeing you soon.

Coach Dareen Weisman




Try the whole system

Risk Free For 60 Days

You don’t have to decide now if this program is for you…

[Grab your limited professional basketball system now](bonus-surprise.html)

Completely go through and investigate the whole program, all 350 pages and over 12 hours of audio interrogations for 60 days.

I Want to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for and want to remove all the risk from your part in ordering this system.

At the end of the 60 days, if you do not feel amazed, shocked, dazzled and on your way to dominating the hardwood with the information in my exclusive system…

Simply email me asking for a refund.

And I will give you 100% of your money back, no hard feeling, no hassles; no hoops to jump threw…

The only question you will be asked is what you didn’t like about the product and why you want to return it…

That’s it, is that fair or what?

We part as friends, no hard feelings and you get all of you money back!



Iron- Clad, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!


My personal Commitment To YOU…


I Was hanging out with one of the Most Lethal Weapons in the pros the other day, and he simply reminded me that my program was, “Life-Changing”, and easily the boss of all bosses and king of all Kings.  He simply said it’s like comparing Apples to Oranges… they don’t even come close!

So To Be Frank, If One of the Sickest, most dominate ballers in the league tells me that, I know I have a goldmine under my noise and that my program is Over-proven and for sure battled tested.

I KNOW THAT if any baller got a hold of my Professional system, their game would Improve TEN FOLD and it would forever change their life.


So I am Completely Confident that my system is the key to unlocking your Basketball potential…

And I have no problem Issuing you a 60 day, no questions asked, better then risk free Money back Guarantee..

If you're not 100% thrilled and delighted with the product... 

Just ask for a refund and we'll send you every penny of your money back. 

It's that simple, and the risk is 100% on our part... not yours.


Is That Fair Or What?


Rali Todd

Creator Go basketball Pro training System






Remember… YOU have 60 days to [test drive](bonus-surprise.html) my unbelievable system to decide.


And when we say we take all the risk, we  really do and we remove all the risk for you to decide if my Professional program is the right fit for you.


Here’s how:

If you were a dishonest baller, [you could order your copy of Go Basketball Pro,](bonus-surprise.html) Copy it and then return it for a full refund…


And we would be the innocent victim of a “digital Theft”.


But were placing our trust in YOU, and believe that you wouldn’t even come close to doing such a thing.


I believe that most ballers are hard working, trustworthy, respectful and far from a thief, I believe that you are waiting for the ultimate basketball program to come along so you can have access to the tools that are required to achieving your hoop dreams.


That’s why I have issued this “better then risk free” Unconditional money back guarantee!



VIP Baller Access Acceptance form:


 I’m ready to finally discover what it really takes to dominate the court and develop my game like the studs in the pros. Please Send me my Copy Of The professional Go Basketball Pro Training System so I can learn the secrets, drills and Info that is used to produce heart thumping, unstoppable ballers, so I can enjoy the fame, publicity and Happiness that comes with being a Solidified baller.


I understand that I will order threw a secure server, and will at no time my personal information be made available to Go basketball Pro and their Staff. Once my order is processed, I will then be immediately directed to the download page where I can start investigating and going threw the whole Go Basketball Pro Training System.


I understand that by [acting now](bonus-surprise.html), I qualify for the Fast Baller Action Bonus… (if I’m One of the First 200 to order) The Go Basketball Pro Live Special Tela-coaching Seminar, 8 Classes jammed packed with top secrets, tips and Pro Guest appearances.


I Understand that I will receive Over 350 Over filing Pro Secret pages, and over 12 hours of never before released Audio Interrogations with some of the Most Knowledgeable Guru’s in the basketball world.


I further understand that I will also receive a free basketball video critique where I will be able to send in my tape, DVD, or highlights and have Rali look over my shoulder and guide me along the way to a successful, dominate basketball career. I will have my Very own private PRO Coach Dissecting my game and revealing all his dominate PRO Secrets.


I will also get the Free 30 minute Phone consultation with Rali where he will answer any and all of my questions… I get full Granted access to the One and Only “ undisputed” Pro basketball expert to help me in any and all of my basketball road bumps and Confusion.


I understand that I have 60 days to test each and every bit of information in the course -- and if I am not 100% thrilled with it for any reason, I can get a full and complete refund.


I also get game saving Deadly Basketball Mistakes Audio interrogating with Former Fresno State Star DeAndré犴鸹 Austin . This will instantly Improve my game and reveal some of the game destroying mistakes that have prevented some of the best talented ballers from getting to the league.


Important message: You are guranteed the incredible price of $117 now, but if you decide to pass off on this once in a lifetime opportunity, I am not sure when I will be raising the price. You might find tomorow that the price has gone up to $217. So if you're serious about taking your game to the next level, you better grab your system now!



I’m not stalling another second, I am going to [add my name](signup_dhw.html) to the ultra exclusive list of  Unstoppable Ballers that have been guided on what it really takes to dominate and turn hoop dreams in to reality.




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Why are you still reading this, what are you waiting for, no one has ever spoon fed you more then I just did on the secret formula to dominating the court, turning your hoop dreams into reality, and Becoming an unstoppable, Envied Stud…


You Have Nothing to lose… and you can start enjoying the greatness that  comes with being A dominating, unstoppable secret weapon teams use to win games and you can use to Live your dreams and take your game to the highest benchmark-The Pros!


Your Coach,

Rali Todd

Creator Go Basketball Training System



Jumpstart your career today, and receive the benefits of developing a “Talk Of The Town” Powerful Game, and thanks to the Better-Then-risk-Free 60 Day Guarantee- This offer is a No Brainer!



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