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When you see guitar chords right along side piano chords, something clicks in
your brain...

Once you grasp the relationship between the two, you will play both instruments with more authority

I was totally amazed when...

    ...I realized that lots of people don't know that piano chords and guitar chords are the same. It's obvious to those who play both instruments, but not so obvious to those who only play one of them -- especially if they don't know chords very well.

      But chords are chords no matter what instrument they are played on, and the musician who grasps that fact is miles ahead of those who don't.


      Because once you know guitar chords, you can pick up piano chords in a hurry. Or once you know piano chords, you can pick up guitar chords in a hurry.

      It's really a shame that more pianists don't also play the guitar, and vice versa, because it's so each once you know chords and chord progressions.

     For example, take a song such as "Yesterday", or "It Was a Very Good Year", or "Up Where We Belong", or "We Are The Champions" -- it really doesn't matter. Every song has a form -- a structure of chords that occur over and over again.

     And once you know that structure -- let's say the chord progression of a song is D -- A7  -- G -- D -- Bm  -- Em7 -- A7  - D -- then all you have to do to play the song on another instrument is to learn the fingering of those 5 chords! You could probably do that in an hour or so -- you won't be great, but you'll at least be in the game.

     And guess what?

      Once you learn that chord progression in one song, you'll discover that countless other songs use the same chords in almost the same progression! Which means, of course, that you can apply what you learned on the first song to hundreds of other songs later!

      And this "side-by-side" chord chart is designed to help you learn those chords in a hurry! If you play piano, just take the chords you already know and learn them on the guitar. If you play the guitar, then take the chords you already know and learn them on the piano.

     It's that simple!

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 The Side-By-Side Guitar & Piano Chord Finder!

[ ](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net)

(This is a tiny picture -- the actual size of the Chord Finder fills the entire screen!)

The Side-By-Side Chord Finder shows all these types of
chords for both guitar and piano:
All Major Chords
All Minor Chords

All 7th Chords

All Major 7th Chords

All Major 6th Chords

All Minor 6th Chords

All Minor 7th Chords

All 9th Chords

All Minor 9th Chords

All 11th Chords

All Suspended Chords

All 13th Chords

All Diminished Chords

All Augmented Chords

All Diminished 7th Chords

And 15 more -- 32 different types of chords -- in all 12 keys -- 384 different chords for BOTH guitar & piano!

[ ](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net)

[ ](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net)

Once you see guitar & piano chords side-by-side, you'll pick them up in a hurry on the other instrument!

     It's a funny thing, but once you SEE piano chords along side guitar chords, they start to make sense -- you'll see a logic to chords that you've never seen before. If you play guitar, you'll begin to  understand piano chords -- they will become obvious to you, so you can play them on both instruments instead of just one.

You'll also see the chords on the music staff -- that will forever connect the chord with the chord symbols on both instruments!

     Lots of musicians don't read music, but play by ear instead. That's great and wonderful, but it doesn't hurt to also be able to recognize a chord written on sheet music. When you see the chord printed on a staff, you will begin to associate it with the guitar chord symbol and the piano chord symbol.  So you will be learning to sight-read music without even trying.

[ ](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net)

A lifetime of piano & guitar chord education -- right on your computer desktop for the price of a cheap night out!

     If you went to a guitar teacher or a piano teacher, it would take months to cover all the chords -- and even then you would only be learning them on guitar or piano -- not both. But with the side-by-side guitar & piano chord finder, you have a lifetime of chord knowledge on both guitar and piano for just a few bucks. Do yourself a favor and order now by clicking on the order button below before you forget it!

Note: This wonderful  chord chart software will not work on a Mac -- sorry! But it works great on any PC.

 [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE ](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net)

[ ](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net)

PS You can download this wonderful "Side-by-Side Guitar & Piano Chord Chart" to your desktop right now and begin using it right now, even if it is in the middle of the night! Click on the order button above or [ here](http://1.gsgolf.pay.clickbank.net).

Copyright 2007 by Garth Shinn

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