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Learn EXACTLY What to Eat and WHEN to Eat It!  

For a limited time only you get access to all four eBooks and the ability participate in up to SIX fat loss challenges per year so you can see results that last.  

We wrote each of our four eBooks to answer the specific questions we get every day from our 15,000 paying members and over 1 MILLION monthly blog readers.  The eBooks are concise, and to the point.  

They're packed with pre-built meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and step by step guidance on how to Eat To Perform!  Here's just a few things you will learn...

Determine Your Caloric Needs -   Learn how much you should be eating on a daily basis to set the foundation for your success. Planning Meals - The composition of your meals will change depending on whether it's pre-workout, post workout, breakfast, etc.   Shopping - You will need a steady supply of the RIGHT foods on hand at all times. We'll show you what to buy.   Meal Prep - If you get some cooking and storage done in advance, you'll have food ready whenever you need it, in the amounts you require. At that point, all you've got to do is eat it! Storage and Portioning - Once you've got everything cooked, you can organize it into containers for meals at work or at home. Portion meals based on convenience!

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100% LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee.  Secure checkout.

With over 915,000 Facebook fans and over 1 MILLION monthly blog readers, our methods are proven with Games athletes and every day WOD'ers.

But we preach the same approach no matter who the reader is.  This one sentence sums that up:  

Better workouts lead to more muscle and less fat. 

Maybe even more important is adding an appropriate amount of food around the time you exercise.  This leads to better workouts, and ultimately that IS the goal of working out. 

This is also the best formula for burning fat and keeping it off for good.

We've taught millions this practical approach on our blog and over 15,000 people have read our materials and received 12 months of support inside our members only forum.

Our readers range from top Games athletes to every day people like you and me.  

Here's what a few of them had to say...

"I’ve gained muscle and lost body fat. My strength goes up every week. I have a much healthier relationship with food. My body is well fed and well nourished.

My kids see me eat, a lot. I’m not hungry all the time. I understand how to use metabolic flexibility. I’m an active member of the ETP forum and love helping others stay motivated!"

Catharine Adams
Eat To Perform Member

"When I started working with the Eat To Perform team it just took things to the next
level for my training and I came in 18th at The Games."

Dani Horan 
Two Time Games Competitor & One of the FIRST ETP Members

“I started ETP on july 22nd 2013 unsure, and apprehensive of changing my diet from strict paleo of 100 carbs or less a day to eating well over 300.

I didn’t really take a before picture because of the uncertainty of what I was getting myself into, but said what the heck... try it... if it doesn't work you can always go back (which you couldn’t force me back with a shotgun now) but I ran across this photo of Memorial Day 2013 and knew I had made some body comp changes but didn’t realize the difference until I looked at the memorial day photo and one i took this weekend..9 months later..!

Have said this many times ..but thanks ETP!” 

Barry Page
Eat To Perform Member

Here's what you'll learn inside your materials:
How to make so called "off limits" foods work in your diet How to design your own custom meal plans and shopping lists A practical approach to better align your diet with your workout for maximum results and performance And much, much more!  

We're absolutely certain our four eBooks will help you.  So certain, we offer an iron clad LIFETIME money back guarantee...

Over $700 of Value For Just 4 Payments of $19.95

Here's What's Included In Our BEST Deal Ever...

Met Flex eBook

This eBook was written by Dr. Mike T Nelson, PhD. It has put sustainable fat loss methods at the fingertips of over 25,000 people and now it's yours.

$79.95 value

Meal Planning Guide 

This eBook gives you a practical, step by step approach you'll actually stick with. Say goodbye to your extreme diets, and say hello to a sustainable approach!

 $14.95 value

Flexible Eating Guide 

This eBook is a collaboration between Dr. Spencer Nadolsky and the Eat To Perform authors. It's packed with simple tweaks you can make to your diet for results you see in the mirror!

 $19.95 value

The Recipe Guide

This guide is packed with over 35 Met Flex Friendly, delicious recipes (nutrition info included)! You don't have to give up your love for great tasting food to get the results you want!

 $9.95 value

plus you get 12 months of support inside the science lab and access to 6 Fat loss challenges!

49 / Month Value

Need your food log reviewed?  Check! Wondering how many carbs to eat? No Problem! How about advice on your workout routine? You're COVERED!

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You get immediate access to your downloads for just $19.95. After that, you pay just three more payments on a monthly basis for continued support, access to challenges, and more!  Lifetime Money Back Guarantee as well!
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100% LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee.  Secure Checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I eat Paleo only? What if I do the Zone diet? What if I don’t eat dairy?
Whatever diet you prefer we believe in eating adequate amounts for your athletic activities. What do we mean by that? Macronutrients – calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrate. We also believe that how you eat should be somewhat flexible. Could you do this 100% anything? You probably could, but we don’t believe that is the best path forward mentally. The idea that any one thing you do can harm you in a big way is too limiting mentally. Most of us eat a diet of mostly whole foods with eating for joy moments. If you want to call that Paleo, Zone, or whatever, that’s cool by us as long as you are eating appropriate amounts to fuel your workouts.

If I have this medical condition ______, is Eat to Perform right for me?
We are not medical doctors, so for specific issues you should consult with your physician. That being said, there are no calorie restrictions, no off-limit nor required foods, no required supplements. We advocate for mostly whole foods and enough to fuel your body for workouts, so we feel as though it is a good fit for almost everyone who is active.

Is this guide for me if I am already “lean”?
Yes, however, we are not a diet site / guide. We focus on eating to perform, and as a result, you should end up with gaining muscle and ultimately losing fat. If you have a lot of fat to lose we are a great solution for sustainable weight loss, but you need to understand this is not a quick fat loss program. For most people those quick-loss programs end up in an endless stream of rebounds and confusion. We teach you the “WHY’s” of the foods you eat and help you find what works best for you.

How long after I buy does it take to get materials?
Instantly! You should see a “Thank You” page after your purchase with the download link(s) on it. You will also be emailed your personal download link right away as well.

Is this a hard copy or eBook?
Currently we only offer an eBook (pdf) format.

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100% LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee.  Secure Checkout.

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