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Confident Lover | Become the BEST Lover she's EVER had!
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Confident Lover

Become the BEST Lover She's EVER Had

Video Course

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Become the BEST LOVER She’s Ever Had!

This Enlightening, In-Depth 8-Part Video Course
Will Reveal SO MUCH MORE Than You Thought You Knew
About The Beautiful and Fascinating Female Sexual Anatomy

Learn How to Give Her the Ultimate and Most Exquisite Pleasure
And You Could Easily

Experience the BEST SEX of Your Life!
Get an intimate and expert tour of the beautiful female sexual anatomy. Transform your sex life from a robotic bodily act to an emotionally engaging and physically empowering journey. In this engaging 8- part video course I will teach you everything you need to know about a woman’s mind-body-spirit, and learn how to connect with women on a deeper level. All it takes is the desire to learn more and the willingness to implement and practice what you have learned.

The truth is, any man can become a Confident Lover and learn how to give and receive exquisite pleasure.

Experience the Results of 10 Years of Researching The Female Body and Female Sexuality


I’m Christina and for more than 10 years I’ve been exploring sexual health, sexual pleasure and the art of lovemaking.

I believe in the law of authenticity and I share everything from my heart, and the foundation of my teachings is a result of my own life’s experiences.

I’ve helped couples develop the mind-blowing sex lives they’ve always wanted and have advised men throughout the world to become confident and better lovers.

This is why I’ve made it my mission to educate men about the wonderful female sexual anatomy in a fun, factual and simplified way, by revealing all the truths and dispelling all the myths.

This, along with my passion to share my knowledge and inform others about how to enjoy all the sexual wonders of a woman’s body, inspired me to create my Confident Lover Video Course.

My Goal: Eliminate All Sexual Taboo

In just 1 hour, I’m going to help you learn everything you need to know about a woman’s body and how to give her exquisite pleasure.

I’ll be giving you a woman’s first-hand perspective of the beautiful female sexual anatomy so you can learn how to transform your sexual experience into a mutually-satisfying, emotionally and physically energized journey.

This 8-part video course gives you all the knowledge you need to help you become a Confident Lover, who knows how to give and receive erotic pleasure.

Does Your Love Life Leave You Unfulfilled Wondering What You May Be Missing Out On?

[]Ask yourself a few questions then… Do You
Lack sexual confidence with women? Think she’s faking her orgasms just to please you? Feel unfulfilled, isolated, ignored and alone after sex? Worry that you aren’t giving your partner enough sexual pleasure? Lie awake wondering why that amazing spark just isn’t there anymore?
Do yourself, and your partner a BIG favor:

Take Control of Your Love Life Today. Become an Informed, Skilled and Confident Lover!

All you need is the information, and the expert guidance of a woman whose passion is to enhance your knowledge and improve your sexual awareness and pleasures, by eliminating taboos and sharing only absolute fact.


Video 1: FEMALE SEXUAL ANATOMY – Simplified, Fun and Engaging!

What does the penis and vulva have in common? Do you know the difference between her vulva and her vagina? The importance of building anticipation and creating the wetness effect. The most responsive areas of a woman’s breasts and how they’re connected to her vagina. Her Sexual entrances, how she feels when you enter her and the psychological, emotional and physical importance to her. The four phases of an orgasm and how a woman’s body changes in each phase.
Video 2: PC MUSCLES – Least Explored and Most Important!

What can PC muscles and Thailand possibly have in common? The importance of the PuboCoccygeus Muscles, also known as the “Love Muscles”, how they enhance vaginal gymnastics, and how to develop them with Kegel Exercises. How to introduce a woman to these muscles by taking a “hands-on” approach. Increasing her potential to orgasm and ejaculate by using one simple technique.
Video 3: THE CLITORIS – Nature’s Multi Layer of Mystery!

What does the penis and the clitoris have in common? Where are most women’s responsive spots located? Can a woman really have multiple clitoral orgasms? Tease her to bliss by caressing a certain part of the vulva. Master the three common movements women use to masturbate. Learn how to massage the stem of the clitoris and awaken the entire clitoral network. Discover the best positions for giving her clitoral orgasms. This powerhouse of pleasure is comprised of three active parts – do you know what they are?
Video 4: THE G-SPOT – It’s NOT a Myth!

Have you ever wondered why this pleasure area is called the G-Spot? Surprisingly or not, the G-Spot is NOT a 20th century discovery. Where is the most sensitive area of the G-Spot? What does this pleasure area look like and feel like? Why your fingers are great exploratory tools in the beginning. Step-by-step instructions on finding her G-Spot and properly stimulating it. Learn how to properly stimulate her G-Spot with your penis and find out which positions give you the best access. Why most women feel the need to urinate when their G-Spot is being massaged.
Video 5: FEMALE EJACULATION – It’s Most Definitely NOT a Golden Shower!

What is female ejaculation? Where does it come from? What’s contained in the liquid? Dispelling female ejaculation myths. Different combinations and responses. Can women ejaculate without G-Spot stimulation? How to guide her into gently surrendering to the experience. Testimonials of five women and what they have experienced during female ejaculation.
Video 6: THE A-SPOT – The Garden of Love!

Most men and most women have never heard of this area. A-Spot orgasms are so deep they overpower every other orgasm. Learn its exact location and how to stimulate the A-spot. Stimulating the back of the A-Spot will give her a heightened sensation that is almost overwhelming because it’s completely different to any vaginal sensations she’s felt before. The best part about the A-Spot is there are no special techniques. All it requires is your touch in the right area to set off the fireworks. Why your loving touch is needed to awaken this area. Heard of the Two-Finger-Tango? Learn all about it to give her a double dose of pleasure!
Video 7: ORAL PLEASURE – Every Artist was First an Amateur!

Learn how to communicate with your tongue like an artist. After all, variety is the spice of life and the combinations are endless. Having a talented tongue requires an understanding of what you have in front of you. Discover the Three P’s of a talented tongue and why Oral Pleasure is a two-step treat. Why licking the clit in the beginning can be painful or annoying for most women. Building intimacy while making her feel comfortable and safe with you. Ten different areas you can lick before reaching her clitoris. Three common mistakes men make. A simple pressure point orgasm trigger. Triple stimulation and one sensational feeling. Have you heard of the “I-zone”? Pleasure lick vs. Camera Angle. Don’t change your S-I-R when she’s close to an orgasm. A talented tongue offers women unimaginable pleasure, so learn how to use it like an artist!
Video 8: ANAL PLEASURE – Much More Than You EVER Imagined!

Why anal sex should never hurt. How to properly arouse the anal ring. Best positions for penetration and stimulation. Learn how to stimulate the G-Spot and the A-Spot through the anal canal. The anal canal is highly sensitive, so imagine the exquisite pleasures she will feel through proper stimulation. Why patience, guidance and arousal are so important for a woman to experience incredible anal orgasms, and the importance of relaxing her PC and sphincter muscles.
You Get ALL 8 Videos PLUS My Complimentary 80-Page E-Book (with bonus chapter called Her Hidden Hotspots)

[] [][

] FOR JUST $97!

For just $97!]

I encourage you to get your copy today and begin your journey towards becoming the Confident Lover you’ve always wanted to be.

Course will be available in .mov format.

Course link will be delivered immediately to your email for immediately download after successful payment.

Here’s what some very happy folks have to say about how Confident Lover has helped them:


Confident Lover Will Transform Your Sex Life Too!

And because I’m so confident that YOU will become a very happy Confident Lover once you get your copy, I’m giving you my unconditional:

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

To become what you’ve always wanted to be, and more!

You get an entire 60 days to learn and practice, and if you’re unhappy for any reason within this time, I will gladly issue a refund, no questions asked. Remember Gentlemen, you only live once and life is way too short to be spent wondering and unsure. Why settle for mediocrity and let self-doubt, misinformation and bad habits sabotage your love making skills?

Get Confident Lover today and become much more than you ever thought you could!

For just $97!]

I wish you an abundance of Love & Pleasure,
Christina Antonyan

PS: I look forward to hearing YOUR success story!

Become the BEST Lover She’s EVER Had!

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