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"This is a great program that you have going on, its really amazing!!! The speed reading has helped me alot especially since my exams are near by :)
Well What I would like to know is how I could improve my short term memory ... because it seems to be losing on me."
Ariba Siddiqi,
(A Happy Customer Of The 5 Minute Learning Machine)

"Great Program. Big Help."
Denise Kosters
Bexhill, East Sussex
United Kingdom

"Enjoyable and fun! Knowledgeable and useful information. Keep up the great job!"
Noel jenkins
Fort Langley, Vancouver

Intensify Your Focus, Strengthen Your Concentration And Enhance Your Memory…


“New Audio Mind Control Program Lets You Boost Intelligence… Release STRESS... Access Instant RELAXATION... Master EMOTIONS... Increase BRAIN POWER... Think SHARPER... Improve MEMORY... Raise Your MOOD... & Even Sleep Like A Baby!”
Best Part: Is you will be able get all this and more, Just by listening to an MP3 for 15 minutes!

From Warren Banks


Dear Friend,

It's true...

You really can Increase BRAIN POWER, think SHARPER, reduce STRESS and Improve MEMORY all from just listening to a special recording.
While that may sound a little far-fetched, I will explain everything.
So take a few short minutes and read this web page.
Because you're about to discover some amazing things.
I know this because I've spent over 8 years now looking at programs covering everything from IQ, brainwave entrainment, personal development programs, seminar, CD, DVD, visualization, affirmations... and just about everything under the sun!
Let me ask you...
Do you find it hard to focus on a single task for very long?
Is your mind always daydreaming and wandering?
Have you ever felt like you’re walking around in a fog at least part of your day?
Have you ever gone to bed at night and struggled to get to sleep?
If you answered YES, to any of these, then listen up.
What I'm going to tell you in this letter is very important, and will explain how you can take control of your brain and bend it to your will.
You will be able to put yourself into whatever state you choose.
Focus, Increase BRAIN POWER, Think SHARPER, reduce stress and Improve MEMORY and even prepare yourself for sleep…

Are You Trying To Make Yourself Smarter By Reading Books?

Are you trying to make yourself smarter through traditional methods like reading and mediation:-
Reading books is great but it doesn’t help you with your focus & concentration or tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.
If you look at meditation, it is a practice in focusing our attention and being aware of when it drifts, this actually improves our focus even when we’re not meditating.
It has a lasting effect that comes from regular bouts of meditation.
The more we meditate, the less anxiety we have, and it turns out this is because we're actually loosening the connections of particular neural pathways.
Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands studied both focused-attention and open-monitoring mediation to see if there was any improvement in creativity afterwards.
They found for those who did open-monitoring meditation, they performed better on a task that asked them to come up with new ideas.
But to get these kind of benefits from either focused meditation or open – monitoring meditation takes hours of practice to master the techniques.

Years Of Meditation Or A 15 Minute Audio?

I’m going to show you how you can get the benefits of these kinds of meditation but not from years of practice… but from listening to 15minutes of an audio recording!
I am going to show you exactly how you can “upgrade your brain” so that you can easily absorb any information, skill or talent, and improve every skill that you already have.
Once you know how to use your brain for peak efficiency, you can learn anything...you just have to let the knowledge get soaked up.

How to Wake Up the Dormant Parts of Your Brain, So You Can Experience Amazing Levels of Understanding and Focus

The traditional methods of upgrading your brain for super-human levels of genius involve hours of daily meditation and other disciplines designed to force the brain to adapt to extreme circumstances.
While that approach does eventually work, wouldn’t you rather skip all of that suffering and get straight to the good stuff?
Yep…me too...
Fortunately, science and modern technology have developed a way to impart the peak brain states experienced by seasoned meditators, Buddhist monks and top level athletes to anyone smart enough to use an MP3 player…
The technology is called Brainwave Entrainment, and it literally flips the “on switch” in the other 90% of your brain that has been sleeping.
Are you wondering how this can possibly work?
Here is a brief explanation…
Brainwave Entrainment guides the brain into a specific frequency using computer generated rhythmic pulses of sound.
By exposing the brain to special computer generated tones that are pulsed at a specific frequency, the brain will synchronize its own electrical impulses to that same frequency.
This means the brain becomes “entrained” to (matched to) the specific frequency of the pulses, which gives you the ability to choose the primary frequency you want to experience in your brain.
By guiding your brain into higher (faster) frequency brainwave patterns, you can experience the kind of “whole brain functioning” that was once only available to natural born geniuses.

Induce a Profoundly Deep State of Relaxation and Meditation With Almost No Effort

By guiding the brain into deeper (slower) frequency brainwave patterns, you can induce a profoundly deep state of relaxation and meditation with almost no effort.
4Hz brainwave is associated with sleep, so a 4Hz sound pattern can be used to reproduce the sleep state in your brain.
The same concept can be applied to nearly all mental states, including concentration, creativity, relaxation, motivation, plus many others.
It can even act as a gateway to exotic or extraordinary experiences such as deep meditation and even “lucid dreaming” or ultra-realistic visualization.
This means YOU can begin to effortlessly experience the benefits of years of meditation in just a few weeks.
There are four different types of brainwave patterns
Beta are the most rapid type of brain waves and can produce concentration, arousal, alertness and rapid brain functioning.
When your brain is in beta you are wide awake and generally this mental state most people are in during the day.
Alpha brainwaves produce relaxation, stress relief, stimulation of the immune system, and an ultra receptive mind for accelerated ‘Super Learning’, self hypnosis and mental re-programming of the mind and more.
Theta brainwaves produce increased creativity, extreme relaxation, increased memory abilities, deep stress relief, and access to the subconscious for highly effective mental re-programming, hypnosis and also super learning (similar to alpha but on a much deeper level).
Delta brainwaves create deep healing of the body and cause the release of human growth hormone into your system (great for reversing the effects of ageing!)
By using brainwave patterns you can alter your brain frequencies to produce the state you need with just 15minutes of listening!

You Can Easily Take Control Of Your Brain!

It frustrates me to see people struggling to concentrate, to get focused, It frustrates me to hear of people struggling to get to sleep at night. When the answer isn’t in pills or just accept that you must have something wrong with you.
The simple answer is you’ve got to get control of your brain frequencies
Your minds racing and your thoughts are all scattered and you can’t focus for more than a few minutes and then your mind wonders.
Does this sound familiar?
All you have to do is bring your brain frequencies into the correct range and your ability to focus will SKYROCKET!
To get to sleep at night, All you have to do is bring your brain frequencies into the correct range and your mind will slow down and your body will begin to relax.
I know how demoralizing it can be to struggle to focus… to spends hours on a subject and get very little done.
You wonder what's wrong.
You wonder if you're good enough.
Listen. I want to give YOU the unfair advantage, so you can have laser focus at the flick of a switch, to be able to Think sharper, and increase your brain power so you’re working things out much faster…
Remembering facts & figures in half the time you were before.
So I decided to sit down and put together 5 specific recordings that you can switch on anytime you need and within 15 minutes be in the exact state you need.
Need to focus no problem just play the recording
Need to go to sleep no problem just play the recording
Need to increase creativity no problem just play the recording
And you won't - and can't - get it anywhere else.
I call it ….

"Audio Mind Control"

Audio 1. FOCUS
Focus module consists of a track that helps you have Laser Focus so that you can have 100% focus on whatever task is in front of you to complete.
You can use these tracks with your eyes open while you work, so you can be incredibly productive while entraining your brain for maximum power.
This 30 min tracks can be used with or without headphones, while you do any activity that will benefit from your operating from a state of relaxed, laser focus.
Brainwaves in the low beta area have been found present in people when in a focused state of mind.
The sound of chirping crickets has also been shown to help focus the mind. Here we have combined the two, giving us a unique experience which can aid in concentration.
Audio 2 Creativity –
The creativity audio uses tones in theta and alpha ranges. These wave forms have been found present in highly creative people such as artists and musicians.
They help the mind disassociate itself from the normal everyday beta state and enter a more dreamlike state of mind. This is where the magic of inspiration happens
Audio 3 Intelligence –
Mid to high beta entrainment has been shown to improve students test scores.
In 1999 Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D reported in the Journal of Neurotherapy an increase in a group of students GPA’s when they were exposed to beta waves. This increase even continued to rise after treatment had finished.
Audio 4 Meditation –
A deeper state of alpha is found in meditation. This is where the mind begins to quieten itself.
Although there are many different levels of meditation, with some of the most experienced meditators going down into theta and even delta, this audio takes you into a low alpha.
This is enough to have an insightful meditative experience
Audio 5 Relaxation –
Generally when in a relaxed state of mind you will be in the alpha state. This is when you are in a good mood and generally just chilling out. It is highly desirable state to be in as you are not too drowsy and not too alert. Just chilled.
One thing is for sure, you will love experiencing for yourself how powerful these deep levels of entrainment feel
You also get

The Amazing Science Behind The Power Of The Mind (Manual)

Manual runs through
What brainwaves are
Alpha brain waves – gateway to power of mind
Beta brainwaves – your everyday waking conscious
Theta brainwaves and subconscious mind –
Delta brainwaves - insight and intuition
Benefits of slower brainwave patterns
Science behind power of the mind
By the time you read the main manual, and listen through the audios YOU will become a master of quickly controlling your state.
I'll take you by the hand and teach you the techniques that took me over a decade to discover and perfect.
Just follow my lead and you're all set.
Here's what you're going to discover with the “Audio Mind Control” program
• Long lost Einstein mind technique called ‘thought experiments’ lets you turbo charge your problem solving and skyrocket your creative thinking.
• The first thing you must learn about mind power
• What Beta brainwaves are & why they are so effective at turbo charging your brain power
• What Alpha waves are and how they increase focus and boost memory retention
• Why Theta waves increase creativity and deep meditation
• An easy way to put yourself in the right state of mind whenever you choose!
• How to know when you’re in alpha?
• Sleep like a baby every night no matter how hectic your day!
• How you brains Beta waves are making you feel stressed out, I’ll show you how to take control n eliminate stress
• Simple trick allows you to take control of that little naggin voice inside your head
• How To Become An Instant Zen Master (don’t bother with years of training n practice just plug into theta brainwaves n access your subconscious in just 15 minutes!)
• Why all 4 brainwaves are needed to fully master your mind
• A secret way to instant relaxation
• How anyone can improve their memory with brain wave patterns
• Quick trick to improve focus & concentration with brain wave patterns
• Simple way to increase your vitality and enthusiasm
• How to use brainwaves to fight off colds n coughs without ever using pills!
How's that for an amazing "sneak peek" at the secrets you'll discover?
And the above is just a small (very small) taste of everything the program covers.

Is This The New YOU?

Can you imagine yourself in a few months from now, being able to use laser like focus, getting in a deep state of relaxation and meditation with almost no effort?
Effortlessly experiencing the benefits of years of meditation despite never mediating in your life!
Increasing your mental processing speed at will, learning new information and skills faster than you ever thought possible!
Does this sound great to you?
If your answer is YES!
Then I invite you to sit back and imagine how great it would feel to absolutely know that you could learn anything easily and quickly ...
Be smarter and think sharper than everybody you know...


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