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Total Courses Worldwide --- 31,548 courses Worldwide Export Golf Equipment --- 3.9 billion dollars Worldwide number of golfers --- 57 million Global new course openings past 10 yr --- 7,300 courses Average price of USA fairway home --- 600,000 dollars Number of range balls hit in US 2005 --- 700 million

Free Guide:

“Golf Swing Tips”

With our guide to getting a proper golf grip, you will find a number of great golf grip tips that will transform the scores you achieve on the golf course every week. You can learn the proper golf grip in no time at all, and see results the next game.

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Golf Club Repair Made Easy

Friends, if you're looking to repair, refinish or customize a set of golf clubs then you have come to the right place.  This is the official site of the popular e-book "Golf Club Repair Made Easy".  We will teach you do-it-yourself techniques for making custom golf clubs.

But that's not all we have here. If you're looking to improve your golf game, putting, driving or mental state out on the golf course then once again you have come to the right place. Nowhere else can you receive so much useful golf information than right here. 15 books in all including two audio books.  Folks, keep reading and I promise, you will not be disappointed.


Golf Club Repair Made Easy by Randy Hawkins
Presents "The Ultimate Golf Package" which now includes 2 Brand New Audio Books!

Just look at the wonderful books included in this brand new package!

Golf Club Repair Made Easy - Easy to follow golf club repair book and much more From the Ground Up - How to Shoot in the 70's Golf Swing Tips - Golfing Guide for Beginners Bringing Your Golf Scores to Life (How to lose several strokes off your game quickly and easily) Golf Fitness and Nutrition Guide How You can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis The Amatuers Guide to Golf How to Buy a Golf Club (Audio book) Maximize Your Golf Potential (Audio book) Golf Scorekeeper (Keep track of your best rounds) [BUY HERE](order.html) - "The Ultimate Golf Package".  All for one low price
That's not all folks. Just for purchasing "The Ultimate Golf Package" we will throw in 5 bonus golf instruction books absolutely FREE.
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What is inside the popular e-book "Golf Club Repair Made Easy"?

Simply stated, you'll find everything you need to know about golf club construction, golf club repair and golf club maintenance. I'll walk you through simple tasks, like replacing old golf club grips or refinishing golf club heads. You'll also learn how to custom fit a whole new set of golf clubs, COMPLETELY!  From selecting the correct golf club shafts, through assembling your new golf clubs from scratch. And there's more. As we all know, there's more to golf than just a great set of golf clubs. So, Golf Club Repair Made Easy is more than just a golf club repair manual.  I've also included professional golfing tips on the long game, short game, and putting. There's even a chapter about the various games your foursome can play, during your next round.
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Buy with absolute CONFIDENCE

Your Price for the "Golf Package" just $9.95! Less than the price of a decent grip.

Can't see the purchase button? [Click Here](http://1.cole2002.pay.clickbank.net/) to purchase Golf Club Repair Made Easy and The Ultimate Golf Package!


Golf Club Repair Made Easy is an electronic book, that you can download, immediately, upon the completion of your purchase. Simple point-and-click technology guarantees ease of navigation, and gets you quickly where you want to go. No time consuming searches required. And, you can print only the pages you want to take to your work area.

You're covered, comprehensively.  From purchase through successful project completion.
PROJECT SUPPORT if ever needed, you get help directly from the author. FULL REPLACEMENT if lost or damaged, the book will be replaced, no charge UNCONDITIONAL REFUND if dissatisfied, your money back, no questions asked.
Do I need a costly workshop???

Even if you have no tools at all, you can buy everything you need, for around $50, maybe less, to complete ALL of these projects:

Replace Golf Club Grips Replace Golf Club Shafts Replace Golf Club Heads Refnish Golf Club Heads Lenghten or Shorten Golf Club Build your own custom golf club set
What about the cost of golf club parts? Am I REALLY saving money?

Not only can you save money but you can make money as well by repairing your friends golf clubs or building customs golf club sets for your friends or maybe even setting up your own golf club shop. The opportunities are endless.

As you know, it's easy to spend $1,000 or more for a good, factory built set of clubs. But, when you purchase your golf club shafts, golf club heads and golf club grips separately, you can build your own new set of custom golf clubs, to your personal specifications, for much, much less:
Metalwoods (steel golf club shafts).............from about $20.00 Metalwoods (graphite golf club shafts)........from about $30.00 Irons (steel golf club shafts)......................from about $13.00 Irons (graphite golf club shafts)..................from about $23.00
You do the math. It's not rocket science. The parts for your basic set of 3 woods and 7 irons custom fitted to you can be purchased for:
About $150.......................with steel golf club shafts About $250.......................with graphite golf club shafts
Of course, you can spend more for golf club "upgrades". But, when you consider that custom built golf clubs, from the pro golf club shops, start at $175 each.....you'll be getting a lot of "whack" for your hard earned bucks, when you do it yourself, with Golf Club Repair Made Easy.

Will these e-books run on my computer?

System Requirments
All books are .PDF files and require the free Adobe reader.

Payment Information

Payments can be made with any major credit card. After payment is received, you will be directed to the download page so don't logoff after paying. After downloading just follow the simple instructions.

Your Price for all this just $9.95! Less than the price of a decent grip.

[ ](http://1.cole2002.pay.clickbank.net/)
Can't see the purchase button? [Click Here](http://1.cole2002.pay.clickbank.net/) to purchase Golf Club Repair Made Easy and The Ultimate Golf Package!

Once again thanks for visiting "Golf Club Repair Made Easy".

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