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Please see service details below. I pride myself on delivering the best quality tailored services to both my in person and online clients. Please respect my limited availability.


One to One & small group training 

For more information regarding my one on one & personal training & small group training (up to 3 people) please contact: [laytonfitness@gmail.com]

I currently train clients in and close to Norwich (Norfolk). I currently offer in house training, or where ever is convenient e.g. garden, local park etc. I will provide all of the equipment.

[rob testimonial] from [James] on [Vimeo].

Online Services:

Skype Consultations

This is a great opportunity for people to speak to me directly, and ask me any nutrition or training related questions that are specific to them. I offer 30 minute and 60 minute consultations.

Email: laytonfitness@gmail.com for more details and prices.

Bespoke online training and nutrition plans & continued coaching and support.

Chasing the physique you desire, can often be overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating due to lack of results. My premium online services, provide detailed and tailored training and nutrition plans along with expert guidance to move you closer to your goals.

My goal, is to provide you with a simple and easy to follow plan that you can adhere to, this under no circumstances will be generic. The plan will be tailored around your lifestyle, preferences and most importantly your goals.

Coaching spots are limited. I’m after serious people who are looking to put the work in, to make a change. If this is something you are interested in then details on how to apply are below.





Online client: Aston Villa Goal keeper Jed Steer.

“I started working with James as I was worried my body wasn’t recovering as quickly as it could be. And I was right! James has made valuable changes, identifying areas to improve in my day to day diet, but I can still eat the foods I enjoy. I had always been conscious about eating too much and gaining weight, and that was causing me to not eat enough, with my muscles not recovering properly and actually losing muscle mass. Since working with James he’s helped me set realistic targets, supporting me throughout, and I’m seeing and feeling the great results. I’ve been eating more, gaining muscle mass, recovering properly and my body fat is the lowest its ever been.. a win win situation in my eyes!! The nutrition plan James has come up with is easy to follow, understand and implement . I’ve not changed my training or the gym work I’ve been doing, the only thing I’ve changed is my diet.. I didn’t realise that my diet alone would make such a difference.

Thanks James, top man.”- Jed Steer





Above; one of my online clients after 11 weeks weeks progress. Top left picture week 0, top right picture week 2, bottom left picture week 6 and bottom right picture week 11.

Here is a short caption from Charlotte explaining her experience:

“I was a classic ‘fitness class cardio addict’ and was definitely working harder not smarter. However I knew I had to change as I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. As I’m a control freak I was initially apprehensive to up my calories and decrease my hours of cardio as James had prescribed, but after only one week I was seeing results and all my fears demolished. James put together a really comprehensive but easy to follow training and nutrition plan and I’ve seen great results (strength and fat loss) every single week. He was always available to rapidly answer queries/concerns via email or text. He gave me really positive feedback every week to keep me motivated. My only regret is that I wish I’d started training like this years ago.”


How does it work?
You will then submit to me your goals/ complete a lifestyle questionnaire/ current training regime (if any)/ 3 day food diary/body part measurements, weight, height, pictures (optional) etc. which are all disclosed within my questionnaire.  After this is completed I will then create a training plan & nutrition plan specifically tailored to meet your goals.  The plans are created in a 10 tab extensive spread sheet alongside an addition PDF docnument explaining everything you need to know :
Tab 1: This will be the tracking sheet. Written in here will be all of your starting measurements (e.g. waist), your weight and your strength on certain exercises. This sheet will be numbered, depending on the package length you have chosen, therefore I can compare progress on a weekly basis and make changes accordingly.
Tab 2: This is the training tab, a specifically tailored designed training regime with exercises, repetitions, sets along with a cardio protocol (if required) will be included here.
Tab 3: This will be the nutrition plan. On this tab I give your macro nutrient break down (protein, carbohydrates, fats), calorie targets, fibre targets, the number of meals will be based around your lifestyle and your goals
Tab 4: This is where I will be give you an example meal plan, already calculated from the macro nutrient/calorie and fibre targets on the previous tab. The meal plan will not be generic, I will fit in as much of the foods you are currently eating (seen from your food diary) this will make it much easier for you to implement.
Tab 5: This is an extensive food list with foods I recommend consuming, I have also taken the time to have broken down the protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre numbers included in each food, so it is easier for you to pick and choose foods from this list, and select the quantity according to the macro nutrient/ calorie and fibre targets I have listed on tab 3.
Tab 6: This is a food diary for you to update weekly for me to overlook, to keep you accountable and to make amendments if necessary.
Tab 7: This is a tab for me to make any necessary changes to either training or calorie/macro nutrient changes, to make sure you continue to progress.
Tab 8: This is a tab for you to add any extra notes weekly, any questions about anything.
Tab 9: This is the progress pictures tab, pictures are added thought-nightly to further measure progress.
Tab 10: This is a supplementation tab, with supplements I recommend for you depending on your goals etc.
This spread sheet comes accompanied with a PDF document explaining everything, including fluid intake, how to track their food intake using applications that make it easier for the client, timing of meals are all discussed etc.
Each week you will then email me your current weight and every other week you will email me your weight/measurements/pictures (optional).
This will then allow me to make any needed adjustments to your plans so we continue to move you towards your goals, as well as keeping you accountable.

Within the package I currently offer unlimited email support to answer any questions you have and to help educate you throughout the process.

This service is targeted towards fat loss clients or hypertrophy clients (muscle gain).

(Limited availability).



The picture above is another online client David Eames. David’s goal was muscle growth and strength. The pictures on the right are after 6 weeks. Here is short caption below of David’s experience:


“I found out about Jimmy on Facebook and after a year of frustration with no muscle gains I decided to get in touch.

My gym routine was fairly unstructured and I struggled to gain muscle due to doing so much CV playing football and not eating right.

After sending Jimmy some stats about me he set up a fantastic workout routine tailored to suit my goals which were to gain strength and muscle mass. A food plan complimented this and I quickly saw gains. As well as getting stronger I generally felt healthier. As a shift worker I found night shifts easier to cope with and was hydrated all the time.

Although I found it tough calorie counting, I stuck to the key principles of Jimmy’s programme and am genuinely amazed by the results.

As well as being a top bloke, Jimmy is professional and efficient. Knowing he was only an e-mail away made the whole process so much easier and it’s clear to see why he’s doing so well in this business.

Thanks for everything mate!”


One off training & nutrition plans

These plans are created exactly like my online coaching plans, tailored to suit your goals. The only difference is, they do not include the weekly check ins (& amendments made by myself if necessary) & the continued email support.


 What’s the next step?

I appreciate you will have some questions to ask, so I offer a free consultation via e-mail. We can discuss your lifestyle and schedule to see how the program can be made to work for you, and I’ll then, based on previous experience, make a prediction of the progress I expect you could achieve in the time frame package you have chosen. If you like/agree with the prediction I’ll then send over pricing information.


For more information & prices for my personal training & online services, please email: [laytonfitness@gmail.com] 


Your location does not matter. Consultations take place via e-mail.



The picture above is online client Marcus Lainton after 8 weeks working with me. Below is Marcus’s experience working with me:


“I have recently finished an 8 Week Fat Loss Programme with James and without a doubt it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Before contacting James I was a little apprehensive about getting a coach as I thought that I would be alright going it alone, however, I could not of been more wrong. Throughout the 8 weeks I have learnt so much, not only about myself and body, but also about training and nutrition, all of which is down to James. He always took time to explain everything thoroughly, as well as the science behind the changes we were making. James’ approach to the industry is a breath of fresh air, putting a lot of the ‘fitness myths’ to bed which has been extremely eye opening and beneficial to me. As well as being very knowledgable, James was also easy to get along with and was always there when I needed that extra push to keep me going! It has been an absolute pleasure working with James, I have achieved amazing results with my physique, as well as improving my overall knowledge of training and nutrition massively. James has an excellent career ahead of him and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Anyone thinking of working with James should definitely give it a go, if you are prepared to put the effort in then it will be a decision you won’t regret.

Thanks again for everything mate!”


P.S I am getting increasingly more busy of late, as well as I have few other projects on at the moment. Therefore my prices will be going up again very soon, as I have stated above I am limited to work with a small group of people at one time. Contact me today to enquire about availability and to see if you are a suitable fit for one of my programs.


I offer a satisfaction guarantee  with all of my services. I am so confident with the quality of service that I provide. If your are not satisfied, I will give you your money back.


Contact laytonfitness@gmail.com




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